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"Bioware, you amaze me once again"

Graphics (9/10)- The detail that Bioware put into the characters and the environment that take surrounds you is astounding. The animation and design of each character is unique and very polished. The varying terrain and environment has so much detail is so enthralling that I would find myself observing the small Pyjaks(creatures similar to monkeys) climb and run around while being shot at. The textures and lighting are exquisite, and noticed little pop up. The game also has a very cinematic feel to it that just adds to the overall experience of the game.

Story (10/10)- If I was just judging the story alone, I would give it a 9 because while it is a very good story, it is not the best I have ever seen. The factor that contributes the most in my opinion is the characters. Each character has a very unique story and are some of the most interesting characters I have ever seen in a video game. The story is very well polished, and has many side stories alongside the main story to keep you interested, even if you do not care so much for the main story. Bioware has succeeded in their goal of everything you choose from the first Mass Effect game affects the story in the second one. This impressed me throughout the entire game. In fact I highly recommend replaying the first game, just to see how many times it comes back to affect you in the second game.

Gameplay(9/10)- The powerwheel and weapon wheel are back once again, but there are also many other new additions Bioware has so thankfully added. Weapons no longer overheat, which was something that bugged me in the first game. Ammo is applied to the game in the sequel, which some may find bothersome, but I rarely find a trouble. The role playing part of the game is nearly perfected, as the universe is so massive and breathtaking that you will want to find every recruit and explore the far ends of the galaxy. Bioware also did away with the loading elevators, THANK GOD, and are instead replaced by varying animations with some helpful information that scrolls along the bottom of the screen. Interactive cutscenes are another nice addition. Giving the option to occasionaly save a life or take one, it helps immerse the player more into the game. The reason I am not giving gameplay a 10 is there is no co-op mode, which in my opinion would have gone very nicely with the squad members. With all the sidequest and exploration, there is a good 30 plus hours of gameplay, not including any replay of the game. The classes are back, but this time give you more of a variety of perks and each class is unique and very fun to play as.

Sound/Music(10/10)- The score to the game is incredible. The voice acting of each character is top notch and makes me want to listen to each character, rather than skipping each conversation by simply pressin the "X" button. With a famous cast of voices including Seth Green and Martin Sheen, the voice acting is great. The sounds of each gun and explosions are also very good, but nothing special compared to the voice acting presented.

Overall(10/10)-I do not prefer to give 10s because I always feel that there is a little impovement, but Mass Effect 2 deserves it. With a fun and immersive gameplay, outstanding character development, fantastic graphics, and music that will have you begging for more, Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games I have ever played. The choices that you are give throughout the game affects your game so much, that you will want to play it again differently or with a different class. When I wasn't playing the game, I would find myself thinking about the game. With the length of the game being very high and having an extremely high replayability value, Mass Effect 2 is a must buy for any serious gamer.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/02/10

Game Release: Mass Effect 2 (US, 01/26/10)

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