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"Mass effect 2 rules but has it's flaws... *Spoilers* 9.0 / 10"

Mass effect 2 is to say the least, an extremely impressive game. With that being said, lets get on with it.

Graphics - 10 / 10

The game looks so beautiful! Stunning details, and some scenes just take your breath completely away! The detail on a characters face is so real, it makes you feel like you're really there.

Sound - 10 / 10

The sounds are great, voice acting is superb. Adding yet again onto the feel of reality in the game.

Game Play - 8.5 / 10

Well for me this is where I feel a LITTLE let down. Before this game came out, I spent my entire day on the mass effect 2 page on bioware's site. Watching videos over and over as they said they improved everything. While there certainly made most things a lot better, they made a few things a little less enjoyable to me. First off, the rpg aspect, well I feel that I was at least compelled a little to grab levels to get new skills in mass effect 1. In this I sort of don't care. In this game every skill starts off costing 1 point, then goes up by one point every level you put into it. So a skill will cost 1 point for one level in it, but two for the second level. All the way up to four, when you're at four you are able to evolve your skill to make it stronger in a certain area. I like how you can evolve skills when they are at the fourth level but.. It's not the same.

I dislike the ammo system. In the original game your gun overheated after being fired enough, you never had to reload. In this you have to reload which not only makes it so you're unable to shoot for as long, but you also run out of ammo for your favorite guns at awkward times. That being said, I may be a huge rpg fan. But I've been known to play some gears of war here and there. I love what they did with the combat system, the guns feel like they're doing damage. The biotic powers can now curve around objects, making biotics very fun to play. There's nothing like sending an eclipse soldier floating then sending him flying to his bloody doom.

Exploration - 9.0 / 10

In this game you are allowed to travel to different "clusters" on the map, which offer multiple additional areas contain 2-9 planets on average. Although that sounds like a lot, only one of the planets you are usually allowed to land on, and sometimes not even one. While I did hate the mako with passion from the first game. I did like how exploration was open ended. In this you just run through shooting things for the most part. Although to it's credit, the side quests areas are for the most port Gorgeous. The stories are also in most cases good.

I do like how they made it so now you have fuel, flying in between areas in the galaxy costs you some fuel, sometimes cutting a journey a little short because you need to fly back to the fuel depot. To me that reinforces the rpg aspect of it.

Story - 9.5 / 10

Well to start off being honest, the story in both mass effect games are exactly original, the reapers and collectors are good and original ideas. The rest however has been done here or there. But the game makes up for that by being very intense! What I mean by that is, you are at most points in the game very emotional. When you discover Garrus in the Archangel dossier mission. It shocked me and since he was probably my favorite from the first, it was a pleasant and very enjoyable surprise.

Overall 9.0 / 10

This game is certainly worth buying! Although it's role playing aspects are not as great.. The conversations are life like, the game play is excellent, it's far beyond it's years in so many ways. Mass effect 2 won't disappoint fans from the first game, so long as you didn't play this first game for the role playing aspects only.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/02/10

Game Release: Mass Effect 2 (US, 01/26/10)

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