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"Mass Effect 2 + Xbox 360=Best. Game. Ever."

Mass Effect 1 was a classic 360 game and is well worthy as one of the best. Then, Mass Effect 2 came out and it turned out to be the not just the best RPG out there, but the best GAME out there as well. And it still is. This review is going to tell you why nothing compares.

Story 10/10
You play as Commander Shepard, an alliance marine. You start to work with a human only company known as Cerberus, who kind of have a dark past. They send you to figure out why whole human colonies are vanishing without a trace. After discovering the threat, you must assemble a strong team to stand a chance against a powerful enemy. You must also gain your squads trust in order to survive the final battle.

Game play 9.5/10
The game play is fun and addicting. Plus you have a variety of weapons and powers (depending on your class) and same with your individual squad members. You also have something called squad points, these points upgrade your powers and even unlocking new ones. There is also a variety of enemies and same with their health bars. (health, armor, barriers or shields) Pretty much every level has a boss or a tough opponent to face, something most games today don't have.

Graphics 10/10
Now, this game is outstandingly beautiful, everything seemed to be so well done. There is also no lag or glitches to worry about. Graphics don't usually make a game good, but graphics this good is something more than worth bragging about.

Sound/audio 10/10
The audio in Mass effect 2 is fantastic and every line is so well written, it makes the story so much more perfect. With amazing audio the game still allows you to skip through it, but it is so awesome that you don't want to do that. The sound effects are what you would expect from any game with guns. The conversations are in your full control and you have choices that will affect everything in the game. These choices are paragon or renegade. Paragon is when your a hero and a good person, while is when your a jerk to other people. These choices will affect how your Shepard looks, how your team mates act around, the ending of the game and what Mass Effect 3 will look like since you can import your Mass Effect 2 save file and all your choices will cross over affect the next game.

Overall score 10/10
Mass effect 1 was outstanding, but Mass effect 2 lived up to the name as the best video game ever made, actually no, it's more than a video game, it's more like a movie.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/06/11

Game Release: Mass Effect 2 (US, 01/26/10)

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