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"One of the Best LOTR games yet!"

Lord of the Rings Conquest review:

Intro: Let me start off by saying that this game isn't for people who can't enjoy a game unless the graphics are top-notch and it had high production values, this game is only for people who can just enjoy a game for the fun not immersion. If you are someone looking for a good time then this game is for you.

Story 7/10 : Well this game has two stories a good one and an evil one. The good story (war of the ring) is basically the story of the three Lord of the rings movies, but the evil story (rise of Saruon) is what would have happened if Frodo was corrupted by the ring. The evil story is quite cool for being a what if kinda of thing. Although the story is only 8 hours long.

Graphics 6/10: Easily the worst part of the game! The graphics are pretty bad but not horrible, there is some nice shine effects on swords and armor.

Music 10/10: The music is outstanding most of the songs from the movie are here and played at just the right moment to go a feeling of epic-ness that suits the game perfectly! This game would not be the same without the music.

Gameplay 9.5/10: The meat of the game is of course in the game play and this is where this game excels. There are four different classes to chose from, warrior, archer, scout, and mage, and each play very differently and are a blast to play as. There is alot of talk saying the scout and mage are over powered, that is a lie, the scout has very little heath and can be seen when invisible, and if you get close to a mage all they can do is there AOE but then there defenseless. The game quite a few maps to choose from, like Helms Deep and Mount Doom. In single player the scout is almost useless but can be used for fetch quests.

Online 10/10: This is my personal favorite part, the online is a joy to play and is very addicting. The classes are balanced out here (the scout) and the 16 player online fits the maps perfectly. Now, many people complain that 16 isn't epic enough, well yes it does SEEM small but in actual gameplay it works fine and there's rarely an action less moment.

Conclusion: If you like FUN and Lord of the Rings then give this game a shot, download the demo!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/03/09

Game Release: The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (US, 01/13/09)

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