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Reviewed: 05/05/09

Most Funderrated Game of the Year

So, after a long hiatus, another LOTR game finally comes out! Not only that, it has Battlefront style gameplay. Since Pandemic couldn't get the rights to do Battlefront 3, they shifted to the next big nerd franchise over: Lord of the Rings.

This game is very ambitious with what it tries to do, and it almost works perfectly. This isn't the next Resident Evil level game or anything, but it is quite enjoyable if you don't expect the world of it.

Graphics/Sound 7/10
Okay, so the graphics aren't all too great. They could probably be ps2 graphics in all honesty. But, you can at least make out what everything is and see your character clearly.

The backgrounds are decent looking and everything just looks okay. Not horrible, not great just okay.

Story 8/10
The story is basically just ripped right from the movies. But, Pandemic also added in a what if scenario that is just: what if frodo failed to destroy the ring?

Sauron reclaims it and you get to play as the forces of evil decimating all in their path. Pretty cool, and it's fun to play as orcs for a change.

Gameplay 8/10
This game seems to have a lot of bases covered. You can choose between 4 different classes just like battlefront, and can play as Heroes when the option is available.

So, basically the formula for the game is: you start a battle, fight your way through the battlefield while earning "victory points" which can be obtained by killing enemies and capturing command posts. You win when you get a certain number of points.

The warrior class is your basic sword wielding soldier. You can do different types of slashes and use special moves. The archer can only use arrows and do one kick move to the enemy.

The scout can turn invisible and has two knives to attack with. The mage can shoot lightning (which is reminiscent of the shock trooper's gun in battlefront 2) and attack with his staff.

There are three modes of play: War of the Ring, multiplayer and instant action. war of the ring is basically a campaign mode where you fight through the different levels to reach the end.

Multiplayer lets you go online or play slit screen. Instant action is just if you want to make a playlist of your favorite levels and go through them.

Replayability 9/10
This whole game is basically built around replayability. The story mode is just to give you a taste of all the levels, and then you can pick it up and do instant action whenever you feel like it.

There aren't too many unlockables, you are just playing for fun. Which is fine, you don't need anything extra to enjoy the game.

Overall 8/10
LOTR Conquest is a game you will either love or hate. If you like games like Star Wars Battlefront or Dynasty Warriors you will probably enjoy this game. Don't expect it to be the best game you've ever played, because you will be disappointed.

If they make a sequel, I have a feeling it will be much better and more embraced by the gaming community. But, as it is, the game is good clean fun and there's nothing wrong with that...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (US, 01/13/09)

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