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"The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, a game to rent, not to buy."

When I found about Lord of the Rings: Conquest and how the game was suppose to be like Star Wars: Battlefront series, except for having swords instead of guns, I knew I had to play it somehow. So I went out and rented it, and just after playing the game for a couple of days, I already feel like I have mastered it. Even though there was a big hype, the game got weak and very annoying.

Just like Battlefront, you get different troops to use through each level. The first troop you learn about is the warrior. The warrior is the type of fighter that you use to beat the stuffing out of your enemies. They are the fastest units and if they don't kill you they will weaken you. They can also throw a hand ax to hit far away enemies.Next are the archers, these are your basic far range units. They will take you down with their bomb arrows that are best shot at groups. Then they have poison arrows that slow everyone down who are unlucky enough to get hit by the arrow or are in the gas that is produced by the arrows. There last special attack is a multi-shot that shoots three arrows at the three closest enemies. They can also kick units who are too close to you. The third unit is the scout. These guys should actually be called assassins, all because they can turn invisible and they can kill you in a single stab as long as they are invisible and behind you. The scouts can also throw a bomb that can damage a group of enemies. The fourth unit is the mage. These guys use lightning attacks, that when charged up can chain hit three enemies. They can heal themselves and others around him. They have a push attack that can push all enemies away from you and damage them. Another attack is a fireball that will create a fire ring that will damage anyone inside of it. There last attack is a regular physical attack that will hurt people with your cane, then at the end of the three button combo a small version of the force push will happen. There last ability allows them to create a barrier that will stop all projectile attacks. The last type of unit is the troll (Evil)/Ent (Good). They are both the same, they have a sweep attack that hits all enemies, a circle attack that hits enemies in a small radius around you, a grab attack that kills an enemy in one hit and allows you to throw the corpse at random enemies. They also have an ability to heal themselves. The easiest way to take them down is to go behind them, jump on there backs and stab them. The biggest difference between the two is that ents will constantly burn if they touch fire. You can also play as some of the main characters from the movies when you get around 200 points, but once you die as a hero you can't get it back. You can also get animals you can ride and bastilas that shoot fire arrow. There are two types of game play, the mission battles and the instant action battles. Mission battles have you fighting through many hordes of enemies with only four lives, but after you beat an objective you gain a couple of lives. Instant action has you ether fight many hordes of enemies gaining points till you reach the target score, the other game is capture the ring. All you have to do is grab a ring and run it to the enemy base. The major problem with these types of battles is that you can get stuck in between some small random object, then you will get killed by an enemy. Another thing that can happen is if the ring or some kind of item needed in the mission battles falls off an edge it stays down there and you have to restart the whole entire match. The enemies some how sense what area you want to control and swarm you, killing you. While the enemies swarm your allies stand there to let you die.

The graphics of the game look like they started to make the game during the Xbox, but smoothed out the graphics when 360 came out. They do have semi realistic fire, but that is as good as it gets.

SOUND 4/10
The music of the game gets repetitive and annoying. In fact, during some levels the music will stop for a second then start back up. I usually Play my own music so I don't have to heard the same stuff over and over again. Then there is the leaders in the mission modes. When you play the good side's mission mode, the leader is sportive, while the evil side's mission mode, the leader is a jerk. They have you do things that take forever, or constantly gets you killed, ether way the mission leader starts talking at the worst time and insults you. Unfortunately you can't silence him so you will have to listen to his constant insults.

If you play the game nonstop, not trying to get the achievements, then it should take you around twelve hours to get through mission mode, five hours till you get all of the achievements, six hours till you get bored of instant action, and four hours till multi-player gets old.

This game is fun for a while, but soon it will get boring and you will have wished you never bought it. You should rent it first and if you really like the game, then you should buy it, but this is only if you really love the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/11/09

Game Release: The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (US, 01/13/09)

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