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"Same ol Guitar Hero and Areosmith, but still remains enjoyable."

At first I was scepticle of picking up this title but after some nudging by a friend I decided to pick it up. Im not a huge fan of Aerosmith, but I do enjoy some of their titles. But in my opinion I didnt feel as though you had to be a huge Aerosmith fan to get all the classic Guitar Hero enjoyment out of this title.

The soundtrack, as you may have noticed from the title, is focused mostly around some of Aerosmith's more popular songs. But there are a handfull of songs done by various different artists such as Cheap Trick, Stone Temple Piolets and Ted Nuggent. To my surprise I have heard or known about almost all of the songs in this game, except for a select few in the bonus tracks, which is expectable from a Guitar Hero title. You may be asking, "So the songs are more well known than other Guitar Hero games, but how well do they play?".

And my answer to that question is as follows, its the Same ol song and dance but easier. Yes, if you're looking for another challenging Guitar Hero, this isnt the one you're looking for. An expert Guitar Hero player can breeze through expert with in a few hours, with the only real noticable difference being that the hammer on's and pull off's seem to be more like Guitar Hero 2. Some songs though also seem a little overcharted on expert, with Train Kept A Rolling be the most notorious, especially if you have played the Rock Band version. But for a new player to the series this would almost be the perfect one to start on because of the overall difficulty level. Also if your looking for new content, besides the songs, you wont find it in this game.

Most the characters, some guitars, styles and finishes are almost the same as in Guitar Hero 3, but people aren't playing this for the unlockables right? Izzy, Lars, Axel and the others are still present in the game and the collection of Gibson and unique guitars are almost identicle to Guitar Hero 3. There are however a few new characters, most of them from Areosmith, some new wacky looking guitars that are always fun to look at, of course there are new bonus songs, most of them being Aerosmith and Joe perry songs, and new videos (which are unlocked when playing through the career, but you still have to buy them from the vault if you want to watch them again). There are also new venues that follow Aerosmith's story told through the career. But almost everything else is the same in the game, even the menus, including the xbox live menu, just seems like deja vu, if you've played Guitar Hero 3 that is.

Overall, if you like the Guitar Hero series and dont really care what songs are on there pick this title up. But if you hate Aerosmith, dont pick it up for obvious reasons. The main reasons why this title didnt get a higher score is mainly because of the lack new content, the easy difficulty, which is both a positive and negative aspect, and another point which really has nothing to do with the game itself, the price. Because there isnt as much new content as a regular Guitar Hero, this game really doesnt deserve the $60 price tag, it feels more like an expansion than a new title. All those aside this game really is worth the title of Guitar Hero and is as fun as any other one in the series. Now go forth and ROCK!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/03/08

Game Release: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (US, 06/29/08)

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