Abomination - Roars (voice)Jeffrey Parker
Betty Ross (voice)Liv Tyler
Bruce Banner (voice)Edward Norton
Ceres Leader (voice)Simbi Kali Williams
Emil Blonsky (voice)Tim Roth
Enclave Soldier/Stark Industries Hulkbuster/Bi-Beast Bottom Head (voice)Chris Edgerly
General Thaddeus Ross (voice)William Hurt
Hulk/Joe Fixit Hulk/Grey Hulk/Green Scar Hulk/Professor Hulk/Classic Hulk (voice)Fred Tatasciore
Iron Man Hulkbuster/Male Pedestrian 2 (voice)Stephen Stanton
Ironclad/Cop/Male Computer Voice (voice)Mitch Lewis
Male Pedestrian 1/Special Forces Leader (voice)Dave Wittenberg
ProducerDan Pettit
Rick Jones/Abomination - Speech (voice)Jon Curry
Samuel Sterns (voice)Tim Blake Nelson
Summervox/Minerva Leader (voice)Courtenay Taylor
Vapor/Ann Darnell/Female Pedestrian (voice)Rachael Macfarlane
Vector/Simon Utrecht/Jupiter Leader/Hulkbuster (voice)S. Scott Bullock
Xray/Army Soldier/Bi-Beast Top Head (voice)Keith Ferguson


Data and credits for this game contributed by Super_Steve38, BGoldTLE, xtmn8r, and oliist.

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