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    Achievement Guide by stryker115

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    Tales of Vesperia Achievement Guide
    Tales of Vesperia, like most Tales games, is designed to be played 
    through multiple times.  You will need a minimum of 2 playthroughs to 
    get all Achievements but Low Level Challenger, and another playthrough 
    up through the end of Chapter 1 to complete all of them.  Use your 
    first playthrough to enjoy the game and pick up what sidequests/events 
    you can, as even going for Speedster you can still pick up 
    sidequests/events you missed on your first playthrough.
    If you want to make sure you don't miss any events, I recommend Kouli's 
    excellent event guide at http://ameblo.jp/koulinovesperia/.  Following 
    this guide carefully will ensure you don't miss any items or titles on 
    your first (or second, if you're already playing) playthrough.
    For Secret Missions, I would HIGHLY recommend doing them all on your 
    first playthrough, as attempting to do them during a Speedster run with 
    10x exp may be frustrating and increase the time it takes to get 
    through the game. Note that while the achievements unlock immediately, 
    there is a title for Yuri that you can only get if you complete them 
    all in a SINGLE playthrough.  
    For all but the first and last Secret Mission you will get a small 
    scene with the word "Great!" appearing to indicate you completed the 
    requirement (Secret Mission 12 is an exception, as you will need to see 
    the "Great" twice).  If you do not see this scene, you will not get the 
    completion upon winning the fight.  Completing the Secret Missions also 
    awards you with valuable items.
    Special Note about Secret Mission 16:  You MUST get the item to 
    complete this during a certain period of time.  Make sure you sleep in 
    the inn in Mantaic and get the Mother's Memento BEFORE going to Myorzo 
    for the first time.
    I've listed the achievements in the order they're shown in the Xbox 
    Guide, which isn't the same order they're "numbered" in based on the 
    achievement icons.
    Normal Achievements
    Too Much Free Time (20 points)
    Accrue 100 hours of playtime.  You can choose to carry across your 
    Records from the Grade Shop on subsequent playthroughs if you don't get 
    it on your first.  As soon as the played clock hits 100 hours, the 
    achievement will unlock.  If you manage to complete everything else 
    quickly or just want this achievement, you can leave the game on and 
    time will continue to accrue.
    To Points Unknown (10 points)
    Fly 100,000 km.  This is a very long distance in the game world, and 
    even after doing everything else in the game you will likely have to 
    leave the game on with your characters flying across the map 
    repeatedly.  This does NOT carry over on an EX New Game.  In my case, 
    it took 10 hours of leaving it on while flying around after completing 
    almost everything else.
    Grand Battles (10 points)
    Kill 1,000 enemies in battle.  This one should come naturally during 
    your first playthrough, most likely during Chapter 2.
    Jackpot (10 points)
    Win 100,000 chips in the Nam Combanda Isle gymnasium.  You can randomly 
    earn chips in the capsule machines, but poker provides the easiest way 
    to earn chips.  The key to winning large amounts of chips is to take 
    every double opportunity you're given. Eventually you can get a streak 
    of several doubles going, which will reward you with thousands and 
    thousands of chips.
    Piggybank (10 points)
    You will need to have 10,000,000 gald at one time, as this achievement 
    is NOT accumulative.  Depending on how patient you are, you can buy 
    gels at Nam Combanda Isle and sell them at Yumanju to earn roughly 
    175,000 a trip. 
    The EX Dungeon has chests with upwards of 150,000 gold in them, so it's 
    a good source for money as well.  I recommend getting this on your 
    second playthrough, as by that point you'll have multiple Blue Sephiras 
    (which stack) and will most likely have learned Happiness 3 on your 
    characters (which also stacks).  This strategy coupled with the double 
    gald Grade Shop ability make it much easier to reach the total.
    If you're still short, keep in mind this achievement does not affect 
    anything in the game.  You can get close enough, sell everything you 
    own to hit the total and unlock the achievement, and then reload.
    They Call Me... (30 points)
    Acquire every title for every character.  This is the most difficult 
    achievement and you will need to complete both Item Nerd and Monster 
    Nerd, as each award a title.  
    Character Study (10 points)
    Watch every skit.  Your current progress for this is shown in the 
    Records screen, and there are roughly 500 skits.  You will see 
    indicators for them in the bottom left of the screen, and they appear 
    for everything from cooking to story events.
    You can unlock all skits in the Grade Shop, and they will be available 
    to view at Nam Cobanda Isle.  They will be in a green color indicating 
    they haven't been watched yet.  If you don't want to watch each one at 
    that point, you can press Start to skip them but still get credit for 
    watching them.  Certain skits are very easy to miss, so this will be 
    the way most people will end up seeing them all.
    No More Grinding (10 points)
    Reach the maximum level, 200.  Only one character in your party needs 
    to reach level 200 for this achievement to unlock, but most likely all 
    characters will be around the same level at that point.  This is 
    actually easier than it sounds with the 10x EXP ability from the Grade 
    Shop, especially when going through the EX Dungeon.  Each boss will 
    give a few hundred thousand experience, meaning a few runs through it 
    (which you'll need anyway) will cap your characters.	
    Map Nerd (50 points)
    Uncover the entire World Map.  This means there can't be ANY gray spots 
    still on your map.  It is possible to leave very small areas 
    unexplored, making it look like you have discovered everything but not 
    unlocking the achievement.  Pulling up the World Map from the menu can 
    help illustrate any little gray areas, and if that doesn't work then 
    leave this achievement for last.  You may end up finding the missing 
    spot just flying around playing the game.  If you want to start a new 
    playthrough but haven't completed the map, make sure you carry it 
    across using the Grade Shop.
    Monster Nerd (30 points)
    Complete the Monster Book.  This means that every enemy must be listed, 
    and all of them must have their information shown (no ???? entries).  
    Use a magic lens on every new monster you encounter, and you will 
    gradually work toward this.  Make sure you stock up on Magic Lenses in 
    every town you visit.
    It is possible to miss this achievement for a playthrough by missing a 
    scan on something you only fight once, which includes bosses, certain 
    event fights (Capua Nor near the beginning, for instance) and certain 
    time sensitive monsters (the knights in Baction, for example).  If a 
    fight is split into two parts (like Zagi or Baitojoh), you need to scan 
    BOTH.  If you are unsure if you have the scan, use your target button 
    to see if the monster shows health information under the name.  If it 
    doesn't, you don't have the scan.
    Make sure you carry across your Monster Book to your next playthrough 
    if there are any you miss.  You will need to clear the EX dungeon and 
    the 200 man melee to complete the book, as they enemies you can't fight 
    anywhere else.  You will also need to clear the 100 man melee with most 
    of your characters, as some of them fight different bosses there.
    Item Nerd (30 points)
    Complete the Collector's Book.  You aren't actually given the book as 
    part of the story - you pick it up in Rita's house after your first 
    meeting with her.  Any item you acquire, whether through synthesis, 
    purchasing, or finding, ends up in the book.  There are several hundred 
    items in total, and many of them are completely missable if certain 
    sidequests aren't done.  
    Make sure you NEVER sell any weapons, as virtually every weapon can be 
    synthesized into other weapons (some several times), and you will need 
    a record for all of them to complete the book.  Like the Monster Book, 
    the Collector's Book can be carried to another playthrough through the 
    Grade Shop.
    Little Mad Scientist (10 points)
    Synthesize 20 items.  These do not need to be different items, you can 
    synthesize an Apple Gel 20 times and get this achievement.  You'll be 
    synthesizing so often during gameplay that this should come naturally.
    There have been reports that synthesizing more than one item at a time 
    (i.e., synthesizing 3 Apple Gels at once) will glitch this achievement.  
    If that happens to you, starting another playthrough to get to the 
    point where you can synthesize should be fairly quick.  Choosing not to 
    carry across "Crafting Skill" in the Grade Shop may reset this total as 
    Back Up Plan (10 points)
    Activate every save point in the game.  Note that you don't actually 
    have to USE them, just "activate" them by stepping on them.  Many save 
    points disappear or change as the story progresses, so make sure you 
    use each one as you see them.  In particular, Aurnion counts as 3 
    different save points at various points, so make sure you get them all.  
    Note that this must be done in a single playthrough, consecutive 
    playthroughs reset which save points you've used.
    Vesperia master (0 points)
    Earn every other achievement in the game.
    The Hit that Keeps On Hitting (20 points)	
    Achieve a 100 hit combo.  This becomes fairly easy once you get Mystic 
    Artes and Super Chain abilities, as Yuri can chain Shining Dragon + 
    Brutal Fang + chained artes + BA + MA for a LOT of hits on his own.  If 
    you don't get this during the game, you can use the "Rita Grade 
    Farming" technique.
    Secret Achievements
    Eureka! (10 points)
    Synthesize a single item.  Like Little Mad Scientist, there seems to be 
    a glitch that will cause you to miss this achievement if you synthesize 
    more than one item at a time.
    First Strike (20 points)
    Execute your first Fatal Strike.  You earn this ability during Chapter 
    1, although at first it will be difficult to do in non-boss encounters 
    as you will most likely kill monsters before they become strike-able.  
    To execute a fatal strike, one of the three bars (shown under the 
    monster's name when targeting it) must be depleted, then it must be hit 
    with an arte of that color. You can deplete the bars using normal 
    attacks of the corresponding direction or artes of the corresponding 
    color.  You can check in the Artes screen to determine what artes 
    correspond to what colors.  
    Yuri using Brutal Fang will quickly cause a Fatal Strike indicator to 
    appear, and many of Rita's advanced spells hit enemies multiple times.  
    Note that the fatal strike bar does not take damage into effect at all, 
    so using Minimum Damage skills will allow you to execute fatal strikes 
    very easily without killing the enemy.  
    Big Game Greenhorn (20 points)
    Kill a Giganto Monster.  You will most likely run into your first, 
    Hermit Drill, in the Weasand of Cados.
    Big Game Hunter (50 points)
    Kill all 9 Giganto Monsters.  More than likely you will need to come 
    back to certain areas later to kill them, as some of them (like Brutal 
    and Brucis) may be way above your level when you first see them.
    In order of level the monsters are:
    Hermit Drill - Weasand of Cados, first area along the lower path.
    Medusa Butterfly - Sands of Kogorh, on the left side after passing    
    through the oasis.
    Pterobronc - Mt. Temza, crater near the entrance, will appear only 
    after acquiring Ba'ul.  You will also fight him as part of the Guild 
    Quest events.
    Chimera Butterfly - Quoi Woods, enter from the northern side and burn 
    the bush a little way in on the right.  You will need the level 4 or 
    higher Sorcerer's Ring.
    Poseidon - Enduring Shrine of Zaude, right after fighting Yeager.
    Fenrir - Erealuman Crystalands, take the long side path to the right of 
    the path leading down to the aer krene where you fight the boss.
    Brutal - Overworld, appears north of Deidon Hold.  You see him the 
    first time after passing through the Blade Drifts, but will most likely 
    want to fight him after your party has reunited.
    Griffin - Overworld, east of Yumanju.  If he's not up, try sleeping in 
    an inn and coming back.
    Brucis - Egothor Forest, along a winding path to the south of the save 
    point before going into the cave.  You will probably want to come back 
    to fight him later, as he may be 10 or more levels above you when you 
    are there for the story.
    Smarty-pants (10 points)
    Answer the Tales Trivia questions correctly at Nam Cobanda Isle.  Start 
    this event by talking to the Kowz standing behind a desk across from 
    the poker table in the gymnasium.  He will ask you to gather five 
    books, located in:
    Heliord, Chevalier's HQ in the back room
    Mantaic, Inn along the back wall
    Aurnion, HQ on the dresser on the left
    Halure, Mayor's House on the dresser on the left
    Capua Torim, Fortune's Market HQ, bookcase behind the guard on right
    After returning to him, he will ask the Tales Trivia questions as part 
    of Karol's test.  The answers are:
    September 30, 1998
    Raine Sage
    Presea Combatir,
    Ishtar turned to stone
    Speedster (15 points)
    Complete the game in under 15 hours.  This is most likely impossible on 
    the first playthrough, but fairly easy with Grade Shop perks.  Make 
    sure you get 10x Experience, carry across all of your items, can carry 
    99 Holy Bottles and set the game to Easy.  Avoid all non-boss 
    encounters when possible (using the Holy Bottles) and hold X+A to 
    quickly skip through dialogue.  You will more than likely finish in 
    around 10 hours if you don't do any sidequests you missed.
    Ahhh, Memories (30 points)
    Clear the EX Dungeon.  This dungeon is not automatically unlocked after 
    beating the game.  To enter it, you must take the following steps:
    BEFORE completing the events at Zaude, fly to Pharoeh's Crag and enter 
    the portal there.  Talk to the sage in the farthest back house, and 
    choose to rest there when asked.
    After completing the game, load your clear file and go back to Yormgen 
    through the portal at Pharoeh's Crag.  Talk to the sage again, and he 
    will give you a book.  Fly to Dahngrest to see a scene about an 
    earthquake, then fly over the Yurzorea continent (where there used to 
    be mountains) to see a scene as you pass over the entrance.  You can 
    then land near the portal and enter the dungeon.
    The dungeon has multiple paths and many monsters you will need to 
    catalog if you are working on Monster Nerd.  At certain points of the 
    dungeon, you will be able to exit completely, but you will have to 
    enter at the same point every time with everything reset.  To complete 
    it, you must acquire 15 or more Fake Gald and use that to go through 
    the black portal after fighting either Duke Memory or Alexei Memory.  
    You will then face the final boss of the EX Dungeon.  
    Fake Gald is awarded randomly after killing bosses or found in chests, 
    and you will be given one the first time you enter the dungeon.  Note 
    that to open the treasure chests in each area, you must kill enemies in 
    that room first.  As it is random, it may require several runs through 
    here to get enough to complete it.  I recommend going through the EX 
    Dungeon on a playthrough with 10x EXP, so you can go for the max level 
    achievement as well.  Completing this dungeon is one of the 
    requirements for unlocking the 200 Man Melee at Nordopolica.
    Recovered the Aque Blastia (100 points)
    Earned at the end of Chapter 1, after defeating Barbos.
    Ended Alexei's Ambitions (150 points)
    Earned at the end of Chapter 2, after defeating Alexei.
    Defeated the Adephagos (200 points)
    Earned at the end of Chapter 3, after defeating Duke's second form.  
    The achievement will unlock after the credits are complete.
    Bunny Guild Member (10 points)
    Acquire all bunny guild attachments and wear them for 5 hours.  You get 
    these accessories from the Bunny Guild Leader, the old man standing in 
    the back left corner of the Union HQ entry in Dahngrest.  He will award 
    you with different attachments as you obtain titles, with all of them 
    being available with roughly 80% of all titles earned.  You will know 
    when you have earned them all when you get the Black Bunny Ears 
    attachment for Yuri.
    You will need to equip the bunny ear attachments on Yuri, Judith, 
    Estelle and Rita and then continue playing for 5 hours.  Note that 
    anything that switches your party (like the Coliseum battles or story 
    events) will reset this timer, so it is best to leave this until near 
    the end.  The achievement will pop after 5 hours of having them 
    equipped without your party changing.
    Low Level Challenger (10 points)
    Complete Chapter 1 by defeating Barbos with everyone in your party 
    under level 15.  This is impossible without the 1/2 EXP ability from 
    the Grade Shop.  Like Speedster, avoid all random encounters using Holy 
    Bottles and you will most likely beat him around level 12.
    Secret Mission 1 (5 points)
    Defeat Zagi without letting Estelle take serious damage.  If you hit 
    him often enough, he will most likely focus completely on you and 
    ignore her as she heals you.
    Secret Mission 2 (5 points)
    Attack Goliath's heel as he charges up his super attack.  You will need 
    to use Free Run to get behind him, then hit him in the heel when you 
    see him charging the attack.  It will take a couple hits to knock him 
    over, so using an arte that hits multiple times will help.
    Secret Mission 3 (5 points)
    Stun Gattuso using the plants.  Note that you will NOT get the scene if 
    you stun him at the same time you stun yourself or another party 
    member.  The easiest way to get this is to wait until he gets close to 
    a plant, then hit the plant with Azure Edge so you will not be caught 
    in the stun powder.
    Secret Mission 4 (5 points)
    Knock Zagi over the side of the boat.  One of the more difficult Secret 
    Missions, as you may accidentally kill him before completing it.  Note 
    that the battle area is a circle and you will need to be as close to 
    the walls of the boat as possible.  Then, you can either wait until he 
    attacks you with Light Spear and use Overlimit while he's above you 
    (which should knock him over), or get him close to the edge, knock him 
    off the ground yourself using an arte, then active Overlimit while he's 
    in the air to send him over.  I found Crushing Fang (the arte where 
    Yuri uppercuts the enemy) worked the best for getting him off the 
    Secret Mission 5 (5 points)
    Knock the Dread Giant over by attacking its rear legs while it's 
    standing on them.  It only stays on them for a brief period while 
    pounding its chest, after which it falls to the ground again.  Like 
    Secret Mission 2, it's best to use an arte/attack that hits multiple 
    times as soon as you see it rear back.  You will probably have more 
    luck using Free Run to get around behind him rather than running in 
    under him when he stands up.
    Secret Mission 6 (5 points)
    Use Raven's Serpent arte to stop the Gigalarva from healing.  If you 
    haven't synthesized the Moon Selector (which lets you switch controlled 
    characters in battle) you will need to control Raven the entire battle.  
    After you've damaged the Gigalarva enough (usually around 50%), you 
    will see it start moving over to the pond to attempt to heal itself by 
    sucking water out of it with its tail.  As soon as you see it start 
    walking over, quickly move into the middle of the pond and activate 
    Serpent.  This will drop a trap where Raven is standing, and if the 
    Gigalarva's tail hits the trap, you will stop it from healing for the 
    rest of the battle.
    Secret Mission 7 (5 points)
    Destroy the bridge supports to stop Barbos from calling reinforcements.  
    You can target the bridge supports like any other enemy, so quickly 
    eliminate them before focusing on the other enemies or Barbos.
    Secret Mission 8 (5 points)
    Allow Zagi to charge his blastia until it explodes.  Set your entire 
    party to defend and have Rita cast simple spells like Fireball.  This 
    usually causes Zagi to use his Blastia Suction ability.  After using it 
    4-5 times without being hit, you will get a scene that shows it 
    exploding and he will lose the ability for the rest of the fight.
    Secret Mission 9 (5 points)
    Kill the Leader Bat before Pteropus can re-combine.  After doing some 
    damage to Pteropus, he will split into several different bats.  Quickly 
    have your entire party target and kill the Leader Bat before killing 
    any of the others.  This will prevent him from reforming into Pteropus.
    Secret Mission 10 (5 points)
    Destroy Outbreaker's core.  During the fight, Outbreaker will attempt 
    to heal itself and switch day to night (or vice versa) by spitting out 
    its core for a brief period.  You can't target the core separately, but 
    using attacks that hit things in the air (like Judith's Luna Rondo or 
    Yuri's Savage Fang) will destroy it fairly quickly.  You will see the 
    orb change color as you do more damage to it, and you don't have to 
    destroy it before it changes the day/night cycle.  To quickly cause it 
    to spit out the orb, hit it with a fire spell at night or a water spell 
    during the day.
    Secret Mission 11 (5 points)
    Light all the candlesticks, dispelling Belius' double.  After you 
    damage Belius to roughly 50% health, she will create a clone of herself 
    and extinguish the 4 torches in the battle area.  Quickly target each 
    one and use Yuri's Destruction Field ability to relight them.  They 
    only stay lit for a short period of time, so you will need to quickly 
    light them all at once.
    Secret Mission 12 (5 points)
    Knock Tison and Nan to the ground after their artes cause them to be 
    momentarily stuck.  Each of them uses an attack that will cause them to 
    momentarily get stuck to the ground - Nan's is a jump attack where she 
    crashes her weapon down into the ground, while Tison's is an attack 
    where he sticks his hands in the ground and summons up what look like 
    fire dragons.  There is a brief period after these attacks where you 
    will see them struggling to get free from the ground, during which they 
    must be hit.  You need to see a "Great!" for BOTH of them to complete 
    the secret mission.  I would recommend going for Nan first (as she 
    heals herself and does her attack more often), then eliminate her 
    before focusing on Tison's.
    Secret Mission 13 (5 points)
    Attack Schwann as he clutches his heart after executing his Mystic 
    Arte.  Before going into battle, make sure you have the Recover skill 
    equipped.  When you see Schwann go into Overlimit, be prepared for him 
    to use his Mystic Arte which will send your party flying.  Stand near 
    him before he executes it, and tap Guard as you're flying through the 
    air to quickly upright yourself.  Then, run to him and quickly hit with 
    him an attack.  Using Ghost Wolf or Azure Storm is good for this, as it 
    can reach him quickly.
    Secret Mission 14 (5 points)
    Use Karol's Nice Recovery Smash to cure Zagi of poison.  Obviously, 
    make sure Karol is in your party.  About halfway through the fight, 
    Zagi will activate a poison cloud around himself.  Quickly either 
    switch to Karol or order him to use Nice Recovery Smash near Zagi, and 
    you will remove the poison from him.  
    Secret Mission 15 (5 points)
    Knock Baitojoh out of the water by hitting its fin 3 times during an 
    underwater attack.  This must be done during the second part of the 
    fight, where your whole party is fighting him.  You will see him go 
    underwater, and shortly after his fin will appear.  You must hit it a 
    few times during that specific attack; hitting it one time each time he 
    goes into the water does not seem to work.  The damage you do doesn't 
    matter, so an arte that hits more than once (like one of Rita's spells, 
    i.e. Violent Pain or Stalagmite) can quickly get the job done.  If you 
    are having trouble, try using Shining Dragon with Yuri or charge one of 
    Rita's spells and hold it until it goes underwater.
    Secret Mission 16 (5 points)
    Use Mother's Memento to break Estelle's shield.  As I mentioned above, 
    this item MUST be obtained before going to Myorzo the first time by 
    sleeping at the inn in Mantaic.  During the second part of the fight 
    (where Yuri is alone), use the Memento on her.
    Secret Mission 17 (5 points)
    Explode Yeager's heart by breaking his guard and hitting him with 
    Raven's Rain arte.  This is the most difficult Secret Mission (at least 
    for most people), and there are various strategies for completing it.  
    Note that it must be done during the second part of the fight, where he 
    reveals his blastia heart.
    I recommend setting the game to Easy, as guard breaks seem to be harder 
    to do in higher difficulties.  When he reveals his heart, go into 
    Overlimit as Yuri and spam Destruction Field.  Take note of how many 
    times you have to hit him with it to break his guard - you will know 
    his guard breaks because you will hear a glass shattering sound, and 
    will see him scream and clutch his chest for a couple seconds.  When 
    you see him clutch his chest, quickly order Raven to use Rain (NOT 
    Rainsong) and if Raven is front of him, you will see the explosion and 
    get the mission completed scene.  Make sure you don't hit him while 
    he's clutching his chest, as that will remove the animation and put him 
    back into normal fighting stance.
    If it doesn't work, Raven may not have been in the right spot, or 
    sometimes it seems to cause an explosion even though he is no longer 
    clutching his chest (this may be because guard break lasts longer than 
    his animation does).  The other difficulty with this is that he may not 
    guard, but rather just stand there and get hammered by Destruction 
    Field.  It seems like most times, he will go into guard mode if you get 
    him in the blast radius of activating your Overlimit, then quickly run 
    to him and start using it.
    An alternative strategy is to make sure Raven has skills equipped to 
    boost Overlimit time, and control Raven.  As soon as the second portion 
    starts, activate Overlimit with Raven and spam Rain until his guard 
    breaks, and the next Rain will hit him causing the explosion.  This 
    method did not work for me, as he would usually run around or just 
    stand there getting hit by Rain without guarding.  Even when he did, it 
    seems hard to do enough damage with Rain spam to cause the guard break.
    Secret Mission 18 (5 points)
    Strike at Alexei as he recovers from using his Mystic Arte.  This is 
    very similar to the fight against Schwann (Secret Mission 13), and the 
    same strategy applies.  Note that each time he uses his Mystic Arte, 
    the time it will take him to recover is increased.
    Secret Mission 19 (5 points)
    Knock Gusios over by attacking its rear legs while it's standing on 
    them.  This is similar to Secret Mission 5 (for obvious reasons), with 
    the added caveat that he will NOT rear up on his hind legs unless you 
    have hit him in the tail enough to cause his tail to retract.  To hit 
    the tail, Free Run behind him and hit him a few times.
    Secret Mission 20 (5 points)
    Attack Khroma in the middle of her earthquake attack.  A couple of 
    Khroma's moves involve her flying into the air, then crashing back 
    down.  One of them will cause an earthquake that causes rocks to fall 
    over the battlefield.  When you see her flying into the air, quickly 
    get near where she will land, guard as she lands, then quickly hit her 
    with a multiple hit arte like Yuri's Shining Fang.  If you do this 
    whenever she flies into the air, you will get this fairly quickly.
    Secret Mission 21 (5 points)
    Allow Flynn to use every arte he has, including his Mystic Arte.  Make 
    sure you go into the fight with your Overlimit gauge at least at 3 (or 
    use limit bottles), then activate your Mystic Arte.  If you haven't 
    used a Mystic Arte yet, you use them by going into Overlimit 3 or 4, 
    hitting the enemy with an Arcane or Burst Arte, and holding down the 
    Attack button (similar to how you activate Burst Artes by holding down 
    the Arte button).  As soon as you activate yours, Flynn will counter 
    with his own Mystic Arte and cancel yours.
    After he uses his Mystic Arte, damage him to around half health so he 
    will attempt to use his healing abilities.  Then, simply defend until 
    he uses Holy Lance and the rest of his Strike Artes and you will see a 
    scene indicating you've completed the mission.
    Secret Mission 22 (5 points)
    Strike Zagi as he recovers from using Blastia Bane.  The timing window 
    on this one is smaller than others, so you will need to him very 
    quickly after he uses the ability (but not during it).  You will see 
    him reach his arm into the air and say "Come on Come on Come on!" as he 
    activates Blastia Bane.  Fortunately, it seems like the more he uses 
    it, the longer you have to hit him afterward.  Once you get a sense of 
    the timing of Blastia Bane, you will know when to attack him so you hit 
    him right as it completes but before he recovers.
    Secret Mission 23 (5 points)
    Defeat Duke using a Mystic Arte.  Note this means you have to kill him 
    during the Mystic Arte, not just use one during the fight, and this is 
    during his SECOND form, regardless of whether you unlocked the third 
    form by collecting the Fell Arms.  Depending on your level and attack 
    power, you will want to get Duke's second form down to around 25,000 
    health remaining and set everyone to defend.  Then, activate your 
    Mystic Arte (see Secret Mission 21 if you're unsure how) and make sure 
    it kills him.  If not, use some Limit Bottles and try again.
    Copyright 2008 Brian Rutherford.  
    This guide may not be reproduced without my permission.

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