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    FAQ/Walkthrough by quijeros

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/20/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   TALES OF VESPERIA
                                  Written by quijeros
                             Version 1.0, updated 10/17/08
    I. Introduction
            A. Version History
            B. About this FAQ/Walkthrough
    II. General Information
            A. Controls
                    1. Universal controls
                    2. Town or dungeon
                    3. Field, on foot
                    4. Field, ship
                    5. Field, flying
                    6. Battle defaults
            C. Characters
                    1. Yuri
                    2. Estelle
                    3. Repede
                    4. Karol
                    5. Rita
                    6. Raven
                    7. Judith
            C. Basics
                    1. Battle system
                    2. Artes
    		3. Over limit
    		4. Fatal strikes
                    5. Skills
                    6. Strategy
    III. Walkthrough
            A. Chapter I
            B. Chapter II
            C. Chapter III
    IV. Extras
            A. Side Quests
    	B. Character Information
    	C. Items
    	D. Enemies
    V. Other Information
    	A. Credits
    	B. Legal Disclaimer
    	C. Contact
    ~ I ~~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    1.0 (10/17/08)  Initial version. Contains game information and complete
    This is the first guide I have ever written for a game, so bear with me.
    (Actually, it's the second; I wrote one for Braid but chose to never have it
    published.) This guide is intended to help you, the player, get the most out of
    Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360, and there is a lot. If you are lost in the
    story, find your place in the walkthrough to get to the next step. If you want
    to know more about the game's plentiful extra content, it has its own section
    or you can find it in the walkthrough. Use this guide to your heart's content.
    In the first version, only basic information and the storyline walkthrough are
    included in the guide. More will be added in time. For any suggestions, check
    out the contact information at the end of the guide.
    ~ II ~~~~ GENERAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Left stick                      Move
    Start                           Pause
    Y                               Menu
    Menu controls are given at the bottom of the screen.
    Right stick                     Turn in increments
    D-pad left or right             Turn in increments
    A                               Talk, check, enter or exit
    B                               Walk
    X                               Sorcerer's Ring
    Right bumper                    Extra gestures (changes depending on party
    Left stick push                 Call Ba'ul
    Right stick                     Rotate camera
    Right stick push                Reset camera to north
    D-pad left or right             Turn in increments
    D-pad up or down                Zoom in or out
    A                               Enter location, board ship or check search
    B                               Walk
    X                               Change mini-map (corner, overlay or none)
    4. FIELD, SHIP
    Left stick push                 Call Ba'ul
    Right stick                     Rotate camera
    Right stick push                Reset camera to north
    D-pad up or down                Zoom in or out
    A                               Enter location, disembark on shore or check
                                    search point
    X                               Change mini-map (corner, overlay or none)
    Left bumper                     Rotate camera to the left
    Right bumper                    Rotate camera to the right
    Left trigger                    Move in reverse
    Right trigger                   Move forward
    Right stick                     Rotate camera
    Right stick push                Reset camera to north
    D-pad up or down                Zoom in or out
    A                               Enter location or drop on ground or water
    X                               Change mini-map (corner, overlay or none)
    Left bumper                     Rotate camera to the left
    Right bumper                    Rotate camera to the right
    Left trigger                    Move in reverse
    Right trigger                   Move forward
    6. Battle defaults
    Right stick                     Shortcut arte
    D-pad right                     Trigger Over Limit Lv. 1
    D-pad down                      Trigger Over Limit Lv. 2
    D-pad left                      Trigger Over Limit Lv. 3
    D-pad up                        Trigger Over Limit Lv. 4
    D-pad left or right (casting)   Select target
    Back during menu                Change player status (manual, semi-auto or
    Start during menu               Change playable character
    A (+ left stick)                Arte
    B                               Basic attack
    X                               Guard
    Y                               Menu
    Left bumper                     Delay cast
    Right bumper                    Target nearest enemy
    Right bumper hold + left stick  Select target
    Left trigger                    Free run
    Right trigger                   Fatal strike
    NOTE: The button mapping for battles can be changed from the Configs screen
          under the Save & Load section of the menu. I generally map attack to A
          and arte to B for consistency with other games in the series.
          Also, there are extra controls for skills and other game mechanics. Those
          are covered in their respective sections.
    Each character in the game has his or her own contributions to the party. The
    best idea is to mix up the party often to level them up equally and get used to
    playing with all of them. In certain situations throughout the story, party
    members will leave so that you will be forced to use other characters. Try them
    all out and find which character suits you best.
    1. YURI
    A ruffian from the capital's lower quarter and the main character of the story.
    Justice is his creed, and he bases all his decisions on it.
    - Capable of chaining extremely long combos
    - Physical attack is high
    - Fairly quick movement and attack
    - Able to heal himself through an altered arte
    - Magic defense is extremely lacking
    2. ESTELLE
    A runaway princess from the capital. Never having been outside the castle, she
    lacks any common sense but acquires her knowledge from books.
    - Full range of healing and recovery artes and status buffs
    - Has some decent attack spells
    - Highest all-around defense
    - Physical attacks are moderately slow
    - Spell incantations are long
    - Attack spells only carry light attribute
    - Lowest HP
    3. REPEDE
    A tough dog who was saved by Yuri and Flynn after his previous owner died.
    Although he keeps distant from most everyone else, he has a stifling weakness
    for the children.
    - Quickest fighter in the game
    - Decent physical attack power
    - Low clearance so that many enemy attacks pass over him
    - Disadvantaged against flying enemies
    - All-around defense is low
    - Significantly less combo capability
    - Low TP
    4. KAROL
    A wishy-washy guild hopper from Dahngrest. Though he's so young, he has big
    dreams of running the world's largest guild.
    - Incredible attack power
    - Has healing and recovery artes
    - Defends adequately all-around
    - High HP
    - Incredibly slow, both in movement and in attack
    - No decent combo moves
    - Low TP at the start
    5. RITA
    A genius blastia researcher from the underground city of Mordio. Having been
    surrounded by research all her life, she acts tough but has trouble expressing
    her feelings at times.
    - Highest magic attack
    - Has a wide range of spells at her disposal
    - Can hold her own in hand-to-hand combat
    - Resists spells well
    - Weak against physical attacks
    - Has trouble targeting with projectile spells
    - Low HP
    6. RAVEN
    A mysterious agent from the guild town, Dahngrest. Initially, his motives are
    unclear as he seems to pop in and out of sight and sometimes misdirects the
    - Ranged attack
    - Quick healing arte
    - Moderately nimble around the battlefield
    - Lowest defense of all characters
    - Falls short in close quarter combat
    - Weak magic power
    - Lowest TP
    7. JUDITH
    A desirable Krityan girl from the secret town of Myorzo. She enjoys fighting
    and expresses her emotions audially, but often not visually.
    - Excellent aerial combo skills
    - Moves speedily around the field
    - Wide array of strike artes
    - Not ideal for comboing with other characters
    - Lowest magic defense
    Tales of Vesperia makes use of the Evolved Flex-Range Linear Motion Battle
    System. Enemy encounters are chosen by the player, save for some situations
    (i.e. boss fights, scripted encounters, enemy blocking the path).
    - Attacks and other actions happen in real time
    - Consumable items can be used at any time during the fight
    - Equipment, artes, or strategy can be changed at any time during the fight
    - You can escape all enemy encounters except for bosses and scripted encounters
    - Your character moves in line with the targeted enemy
    - You can use free run (LT) to roam the battlefield
    - Use basic attacks and strike or magic artes on the enemy to damage them
    - Each basic attack that staggers the enemy recovers 1 TP
    - String attacks and artes together to build up a combo on the enemy
    - While enemies guard, damage inflicted reduces by 50% and the combo counter
      does not rise
    - Depending on attack power, you can break an enemy's guard and draw them into
    - If attack power is low, the enemy will be protected by a transparent shield.
      Although damage is not mitigated, the enemy will not stagger and the combo
      counter does not rise
    - As with guard, you can break an enemy's shield as well
    - Each attack has a chance of stunning the enemy, no matter what attack power.
      During stun, enemies cannot act until acted upon
    - Some human bosses can use magic guard. As with yours, it doesn't guard
      against physical attacks
    - Most of the information from enemies about guarding, staggering and
      stunning applies to your team as well
    - If a character's HP drops to 0, then he or she will get knocked out. Use a
      Life Bottle or Estelle's Resurrection or Regenerate to restore his or her HP
    - Some enemies' attacks can inflict status effects on your character. These can
      either wear off or last forever, even after the battle is over. Use recovery
      artes or bottles to negate the status effects
    Status Effects:		Symbol			Condition
    - Poison                Green bubbles           HP drops over time
    - Contamination         Purple bubbles          TP drops over time
    - Weakness              Half-filled blue bar    Drops maximum HP by half
    - Paralysis             Yellow lightning bolt   Nullifies random actions
    - Sealed artes          Red x over a star       Cannot use any artes
    - Sealed skills         Blue x over a star      Effects of all equipped skills
                                                    are nullified
    - Petrification         Gray stone              Cannot perform any actions
    - Sleep                 Blue z                  Cannot perform any actions for
                                                    a limited time or until
    - Charm                 Charm                   Randomly changes button mapping
    - Physical attack       Sword                   Increases or decreases physical
    - Physical defense      Armor plate             Increases or decreases physical
    - Magic attack          Staff                   Increases or decreases magical
    - Magic defense         Cloak                   Increases or decreases magical
    - Revivification        White feather           Automatically resurrects from
    - You gain experience, Gald, LP (for learning skills) and grade after almost
      every battle
    - Enemies often drop items and materials for synthesis after a battle
    - You can cook shortcutted recipes following a fight if you have sufficient
    - Experience from battles goes toward leveling up your characters
    - With every new level, all stats increase
    - Each character receives a new title at levels 20, 60 and 100
    - The maximum level is 200
    2. ARTES
    Artes are the so-called "techs" of Tales of Vesperia. Simply put, they are
    the special moves or spells in the game. Each person has his or her own set
    of unique artes that actually do a good job of expressing the different
    personalities. For example, Raven's artes have odd names that fit his persona
    of mystique, and Karol's sound and look cheesy or childish to go along with
    his tween, bumbling air.
    As with any other RPG, these artes serve a number of different specific
    purposes. The main categories of the artes in the game are as follows:
    - Damage: to deal a great amount of pain to a target
    - Combo: to raise the combo counter higher
    - Healing: to restore HP or bring a character back from K.O. status
    - Recovery: to cure a character from physical or magical ailments
    - Buff: to increase the stats of other characters
    - Projectile: to attack a target from a distance
    - Area of effect: to bring the hurt or the heal to a cluster of targets
    Initially, each character begins with a couple of rudimentary artes. These are
    called base artes or, in the case of magic, novice spells. As you level up and
    progress through the game, characters will start learning more sophisticated
    moves called arcane artes and intermediate or advanced spells. Initially, you
    can perform a chain consisting of the basic attack combo to a basic arte to an
    arcane arte. One of my favorite combos is using Yuri's basic combo followed by
    Shining Fang and finishing with Dragon Swarm. Try different combinations and
    see which ones you like the most.
    When equipped with certain skills, it is possible for a character to learn an
    altered arte, which is a variation of an arte that is either extended or fused
    with a certain attribute. All you need to do is perform an arte and, with the
    right skills equipped, the altered version will be uncovered. You can even
    permanently learn these altered artes; just cast the original arte 100 times
    or the original spell 50 times with the required skills. For example, equip the
    Chain skill on Yuri and have him use Azure Edge to uncover the Azure Storm
    altered arte.
    Unlike the base arte, the altered artes cannot initially be connected to other
    types of artes. However, there are skills that each character can learn to
    chain different types of artes together.
    Each arte incurs an amount of tech points, or TP. The more advanced one is, the
    higher the TP cost. Naturally, arcane artes or advanced spells will cose much
    more than base artes. In general, use whatever artes you wish, but do not use
    up all your TP on the weeny enemies. Instead, save it for the big baddies.
    There are two other kinds of artes, burst and mystic. Those two will be
    covered in the next section.
    Over Limits are a unique power-up in the Tales series. They can turn the tide
    of battle in or against your favor, depending on who uses it. While it doesn't
    necessary increase your attack power, it enhances your abilities and allows you
    to use artes that aren't normally available.
    The Over Limit is unlocked for battle in Halure after reviving the tree. Adecor
    and Boccos actually teach it to you without intending to. By attacking or being
    attacked, the Spirit Gauge on the right gradually fills up. When it reaches the
    top, you gain an Over Limit to use. Initially, you can only fill up the Spirit
    Gauge once, but throughout the game you will receive or synthesize items that
    can fill the gauge up to four times.
    To activate the Over Limit, press a direction on the d-pad. During this time,
    your character will glow a specific color depending on the level activated.
    There are four levels of Over Limit that you can activate, depending on how
    many times you have filled up the Spirit Gauge. For example, you can only
    trigger a Level 2 Over Limit if the gauge meter reads "2." The d-pad directions
    for the different levels are given in the Battle section of Controls.
    Each level of Over Limit provides your character with a special trait on top
    of those granted from the lower levels:
    1               Blue    Able to continuously chain basic attacks and artes
    2               Green   Increases damage dealt on downed enemies
    3               Orange  Removes TP cost for all artes
    4               Red     No damage or stagger from enemy attacks
    Also, the higher level the Over Limit, the longer it lasts.
    Along with that, using an Over Limit gives you a chance to use a Burst Arte.
    Unlocked after fighting Adecor and Boccos in Heliord, the Burst Arte is a
    stronger attack to use against the enemy. To trigger one, cast either an
    Arcane Arte, an Altered Arte, or at least an Intermediate Spell and hold your
    arte button. Immediately concluding the Burst Arte, you can continue attacking.
    Get the timing right to chain several Burst Artes in a single Over Limit
    Even more powerful than Burst Artes are the almighty Mystic Artes. These
    attacks pause all other action on the screen and allow you to pummel one or
    more enemies in grand fashion. In order to perform one, a character must have
    the "Special" skill equipped and be in a Level 3 or 4 Over Limit. Cast either
    an Arcane Arte, an Altered Arte, at least an Intermediate Spell, or a Burst
    Arte and hold the basic attack button to trigger it. The last hit of whatever
    arte you used must connect with the targeted enemy for it to work (only if it's
    an attack arte).
    Though this may seem like a great advantage against your foes, take note that
    all the bosses and Giganto Monsters after learning about Over Limit in Halure
    can use them. They cannot be staggered and can attack continuously, although
    your attacks will still render full damage. At a certain point in the game,
    almost all human bosses will have unique Mystic Artes at their disposal as
    well, so watch out!
    An exclusive edition to the battle system in Vesperia is the Fatal Strike.
    Learned in Caer Bocram, these attacks require you to "knock an enemy off-
    balance" so that you can hit it with a finishing blow.
    Really, the Fatal Strike system is quite simple.
    Downward        Blue up arrow           Juggle an opponent in the air
    Horizontal      Green right arrow       Knock an opponent backwards
    Upward          Red down arrow          Slam an opponent into the ground
    Hold the right bumper to see each of the FS meters for a targeted enemy. Each
    arte or directional basic attack has an attribute corresponding to an FS. This
    attribute tells which of the meters the attack will drop. Note that the action
    of the arte corresponds to the direction of the FS (e.g. Yuri's Azure Edge cuts
    across the enemies, so naturally it drops the green horizontal meter).
    Continue inflicting attacks of a certain FS attribute against an enemy. When a
    meter is near empty, an enemy will flash the color of the FS. Once the meter
    has reached the bottom, use another arte of that attribute. A glyph will appear
    around the enemy followed by the symbol of the FS in the middle. When the
    symbol appears, press the Right Trigger to perform it on the enemy. Against
    normal enemies, the FS means an instant kill. It doesn't finish off bosses as
    definitively, but it still deals a considerable amount of damage.
    Both the downward and upward FS, if performed successfully, give positive
    status effects to all characters. Plus, each FS grants bonus EXP, additional
    grade, more LP and extra items at the end of a fight. Combined with Burst
    Artes, Fatal Strikes are the most effective way to farm grade in this game.
    5. SKILLS
    The Tales series always changes up the skill system from game to game, and this
    one is no different. As opposed to some of the more recent entries in Tales
    (e.g. EX skills from EX Gems or AD skills from Capacity Cores), the characters
    in Tales of Vesperia learn various skills by equipping weapons. They range in
    usefulness from completely worthless, like Rise Attack in my opinion, to Holy
    Grail status, such as the coveted Glory skill. Every character is capable of
    equipping 100+ different skills. To me, skills are what make the subsequent
    run-throughs of the game worthwhile, so do not underestimate their capability.
    Most weapons, either main or sub, have skills that are embedded in them. In
    order for a character to learn them, naturally, they have to use the weapons in
    battle. Every skill requires a certain untold number of linking points, or LP,
    to unlock. The more advanced skills need more LP, and higher-level enemies will
    distribute more LP at the end of a battle. After the LP threshold is reached,
    the skill becomes part of the character and is usable even without its
    corresponding weapon.
    To equip skills necessitates a certain number of skill points, or SP. Again,
    the quantity of SP required depends on a skill's awesomeness. Characters only
    receive one or two skill points per level, so pick skills carefully. If you
    want a power hitter that wants to knock the wind out of enemies with each hit,
    go for the strength, magic, or heavy hit skills. If you want a comboing
    master, try the combo plus, super chain, and tension skills. Even some
    seemingly pointless ones are actually gems, like the half, quarter, and
    minimum damage skills.
    There are numerous other skills weapons that you cannot find in treasure or buy
    from a store. Check out the synthesis option whenever you can and see how many
    extra weapons you can forge. Most of these weapons require another weapon to
    make, so it's not necessarily a good idea to sell off old weapons when they
    become obsolete. Furthermore, some key skills cannot be obtained from weapons
    but require certain sub-events in the game to unlock.
    After the first run of the game, you can choose to have all skills incur an SP
    cost of only 1. While the grade cost is high, it is definitely worth it for
    maybe the third or fourth playthrough. Also, make sure to carry over skills or
    at least all items after you complete the game once, as it is a pain to gather
    up all the weapons and learn the skills all over again.
    One of my biggest beefs about this game is the lack of competence of the
    AI-controlled characters. At least you have some ample control over their
    actions during battle. The Strategy interface allows you to do just that.
    Strategy lets the human character give directions to the computer characters
    during battle. You may want them to perform differently based on who is on the
    active team, whether the fight involves normal enemies or boss enemies, whether
    they should go all out or take a breather, and so on. You can toggle between
    three custom strategies or a character-specific strategy during a battle. You
    can do this by bringing up the menu, holding LB and pressing the direction of
    the mapped strategy on the left stick or d-pad. The character-specific one is
    always mapped to the down direction.
    You can edit the strategies by selecting the appropriate option in either the
    normal or battle menu. Pressing A changes what strategy corresponds to the
    selected direction. Y allows you to edit the starting formation of the party,
    and X opens up the Edit Strategy interface. This is where the meat and potatoes
    of your options come from. You can tinker with the options yourself and develop
    strategies that fit your fighting preference.
    Just as a suggestion, I use three different strategies depending on the
    situation. Each option applies to every character unless otherwise noted.
    DEFAULT: TRASH - for normal enemies
    - Target	Different Enemy
    - HP            Moderate
    - TP            Use 25%
    - Action        Heal (Estelle, Raven), Cure (Karol), Magic Artes Only (Rita),
                    Up To You (Yuri, Repede and Judith)
    - Position      Free Move
    - Item          Watch TP (healers use healing artes regardless of TP level)
    - OVL           Do Not Use
    - FS            Aim
    BOSS - for bosses or Giganto Monsters
    - Target        Different Enemy
    - HP            Endure
    - TP            Full Artes
    - Action        Same as TRASH
    - Position      Free Move (Yuri, Repede, Karol and Judith), Keep Distance
                    (Estelle, Rita and Raven)
    - Item          Watch TP
    - OVL           Do Not Use
    - FS            Aim
    DEFEND - for trying to complete a specific Secret Mission or during a boss's
             Over Limit
    Only options that matter:
    - Action        Defend
    - Position      Keep Distance
    For DEFEND, I use the right stick to shortcut other artes if needed.
    For the heck of it, I set the starting formation to front and center just
    because it looks funny beginning the battle bunched up.
    More information will be added to this entire section in subsequent versions,
    so stay tuned.
    ~ III ~~~~ WALKTHROUGH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    In this walkthrough, I have chosen not to reveal any information pertinent to
    the storyline so as not to spoil anything for anyone. The entirety is divided
    into three different chapters to coincide with when you receive the storyline
    achievements. I have divided the information in the walkthrough into several
    different sections:
    LOCATION NAME           Name of the place to go next
    TREASURE:               Lists any treasure or hidden items in a given location
    NEW ENEMIES:            Lists new enemies encountered in a given location if
                            you're keeping up with the Monster Book
    WONDER CHEF:            Gives the recipe, disguise and location of a Wonder
                            Chef in a given area
    BOSS FIGHT              Gives basic and useful information about a boss fight
    **********              during the story
    GIGANTO MONSTER FIGHT   Gives basic and useful information about an optional
    *********************   Giganto Monster fight
    SUB-EVENTS:             Lists any optional events available during a point in
                            the story
    The Imperial Capital
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Apple Gel             x1      Yuri's room, cabinet behind the bed
    - Magic Lens            x1      In front of Mordio's manor, in the potted plant
                                    to the right
    - 100 Gald              x1      Mordio's manor, left mantle
    - Magic Lens            x1      Mordio's manor, right mantle
    - Adecor
    - Boccos
    - Head towards the fountain in the center
    - Go up the path and head to the left. You'll receive the Wonder Log
    - Continue up the stairs to the Royal Quarter
    - Approach the manor on the left
    - Enter through the window left of the entrance
    - Go upstairs and try the door on the left
    - Exit the house and fight Adecor and Boccos
    - You'll end up in the Zaphias Castle afterward
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Apple Gel             x1      Yuri's cell, back wall
    - Magic Lens            x1      Prison, behind guard's post
    - Holy Bottle           x1      2nd room, crates at the bottom left
    - Orange Gel            x1      2nd room, crates at the upper right
    - Life Bottle           x1      Angel room north of the 2nd room
    - Cape                  x1      Angel room north of the 2nd room
    - Egg                   x1      Dining hall, fireplace
    - Life Bottle           x1      1st hallway, top of stairs to the left
    - Apple Gel             x1      2nd hallway, at the entrance
    - 200 Gald              x1      2nd gated hallway, right side
    - Orange Gel            x1      Flynn's room, armoire
    - Apple Gel             x1      Flynn's room, chest
    - Holy Bottle           x1      Flynn's room, left cabinet
    - Life Bottle           x1      1st gated hallway, left side
    - Apple Gel             x1      Statue room
    - Orange Gel            x1      Statue room
    - Life Bottle           x1      Sewer, to the right
    - Magic Lens            x1      Sewer, to the right
    - Apple Gel             x1      Sewer, to the left
    - Holy Bottle           x1      Sewer, behind boxes
    - 200 Gald		x1      Sewer, to the left
    - 150 Gald              x1      Sewer, behind boxes
    - Orange Gel            x1      Sewer, to the right
    - Knight Fencer
    - Knight Lancer
    - Zagi
    - Ratwigle
    - Unlock the prison cell
    - Check the chest outside the prison gate for your equipment
    - Proceed through the next room to the upper left
    - Defeat the guards
    - Head through the hallway to the north. You can restore HP and TP in the
      dining hall to the right
    - Go south through the next hallway to Flynn's room on the right. You'll
      encounter your first boss
    BOSS: Zagi
    - He can string together attacks well
    - His Falling Leaf breaks Yuri's guard consistently
    - About halfway through the fight, the mysterious girl joins the fight
    - Keep the girl protected at all costs to complete the Secret Mission
    SECRET MISSION 1: Defeat Zagi while protecting Estellise from Zagi's attacks
    - Continue to the south and head west
    - Go north in the next hallway. Estelle will official join the party when you
      reach her room
    - Proceed north and down the stairs
    - Run down the hallway and to the room to the south
    - Move the statue to unveil a passage
    - Defeat the Ratwigles in the encounter link
    - Head south to the exit. Move the boxes to get the treasure
    - You'll end up in front of Mordio's mansion
    - Return to the Lower Quarter
    - Exit to the south and travel north on the field to Deidon Hold. You'll
      receive a going-away package, and Repede will join you
    - Filifolia Bud
    - Minicoid
    - Tuliper
    - Wolf
    - Stop at the King of Adventure Travelers' Lodge on the way to Deidon Hold
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Milk                  x1      Above Guard Station, right boxes
      Egg                   x1
    - Apple Gel             x1      Above Guard Station, chest
    - Magic Lens            x1      Tents, crates
    - Orange Gel            x1      Tents, crates
    - You'll receive the Battle Book upon entering the town
    - Go towards the northern exit
    - Head to the southwest
    - Exit back to the south
    - Travel west to the Quoi Woods
    - Talk to the man atop the Guard Station to the left
    - Bee
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Apple Gel             x1      Right of main path
    - Iron Circlet          x1      Up from main path
    - Magic Lens            x1      Clearing
    - Bread                 x1      Clearing, south bushes
      Egg                   x1
    - Hard Mail             x1      On main path
    - Cape                  x1      On main path
    - Life Bottle           x1      On main path
    - Orange Gel            x1      Down from main path
    - Mandragora
    - Filifolia
    - Axe Beak
    - Head to the clearing to the northeast
    - Continue in the general northeast direction
    - Karol will join the party
    - Exit and continue northeast to Halure
    - Thinossus
    - Treant
    - Chirpee
    The City of Blossoms
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Apple Gel             x1      Inn, in the second room on the left
    - Magic Lens            x1      Halure Mayor's Residence, behind the tree
    - Life Bottle           x1      In the grass at the base of the tree
    - Talk to Estelle to the west
    - Approach the large tree
    - Go to the General Store
    - Talk to Karol
    - Return to Quoi Woods
    - Eggbear
    - Backtrack to find Nia Fruit
    - Backtrack further and defeat Eggbear to receive Eggbear Claw
    - Return to Halure
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Nectar Bottle	        x1      Underneath tree roots, after restoring the tree
    - Holy Bottle           x1      Underneath tree roots, after restoring the tree
    - Talk to the mayor (the balding old guy) to receive Luluria Petal
    - Synthesize Panacea Bottle at the General Store
    - Return to the base of the giant tree
    - Head back to the Halure Mayor's Residence
    - Exit and go east to Aspio
    The Sealed City of Scholars
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Apple Gel             x3      Big book in front of the Inn
    WONDER CHEF: Salisbury Steak
    HIDDEN: As a radish west of the guard post
    - Enter the building to the west of the guard post
    - Exit this building enter the shack to the northeast
    - Check the diagram, the bookshelf, the blastia model, and the pile of books
      last. Rita will join the party
    - Exit Aspio and continue east to the Shaikos Ruins
    - Climb the ladder of Rita's Hut and check the pile of books to the right to
      receive the Collector's Book
    - Also, check the dresser behind Rita's bed
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Magic Lens            x1      Outside, right side
    - Orange Gel            x1      Outside, right side, hidden behind wall
    - 800 Gald              x1      Outside, right side, hidden behind column
    - Life Bottle           x1      Oustide, left side
    - Half Guard            x1      Outside, back end
    - Amber Cloak           x1      1st underground area
    - Leather Boots         x1      1st underground area
    - Apple Gel             x1      1st underground area
    - Ohka                  x1      2nd underground area
    - Chain                 x1      2nd underground area
    - Long Sword            x1      2nd underground area, requires activation of
                                    extra blastia
    - Great Axe             x1      3rd underground area, hidden behind block to
                                    the left
    - Stiletto              x1      3rd underground area, requires activation of
                                    extra blastia
    - Orange Gel            x1      3rd underground area, to left of boss stage
    - Polwigle
    - Ribbit
    - Bat
    - Merfish
    - Golem
    - Goliath
    - Go to the statue to the left and head underground
    - Check the blastia to the south and use the Sorcerer's Ring on it
    - Go across the newly formed stairs to the next area
    - In the 2nd area, shoot the blastia in the back behind the pillar
    - Shoot the next blastia from the new stairs
    - Cross the new stairs and shoot the blastia below to access the last treasure
      in the area
    - Exit to the north to the 3rd area
    - In the third area, shoot the blastia underneath the stairway on the right
    - Cross the new bridge and shoot the blastia across the gap
    - Shoot the stationary Golem to the north and defeat it to access the treasure
      chest above
    - Activate the blastia on either side of the large blastia in the middle
    - Run up the new stairs to meet the boss
    BOSS: Goliath
    - He attacks just like any other Golem-type, just with extra range and greater
    - At some point, he'll start charging up his X-Buster arte. Run behind him and
      hit the glowing spot on his leg to down him
    SECRET MISSION 2: Downed Goliath by attacking its Achilles' heel while it
                      charges X-Buster
    - Go back to the 1st underground area for fight and a scene
    - Exit the ruins and return to Aspio
    NOTE: You can't access the stairs to the south past the gate above. Instead,
          wait until late in the game for an earthquake to occur and the gate to
          break open
    - Go to Rita's Hut to wait for her
    - Return to the center area to rejoin Rita
    - Exit Aspio and return to Halure
    SUB-EVENT: Check the blastia in Rita's hut again
    - Adecor
    - Boccos
    - Talk to Rita near the base of the tree
    - Return to the entrance to fight Adecor and Boccos and to reunite with the
    - Exit Halure and travel northwest to Ehmead Hill
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Francisca             x1      Some of these treasures are difficult to
    - Poison Bottle         x3      explain where they are. Be patient and search
    - Melange Gel           x1      for all of it!
    - Scarf                 x1
    - Life Bottle           x2      Along the main trail
    - Tama-hagane           x1      Above save point
    - Orange Gel            x1      At top of hill
    - Armet Helm            x1      Clearing near end of trail
    - 2000 Gald             x1      Clearing near end of trail
    - Holy Bottle           x1      Clearing near end of trail
    - Giant Beetle
    - Seasidey
    - Basilisk
    - Chirpee
    - Gattuso
    - Gattuso Cub
    - Run up the hill to have Karol and Repede rejoin the party
    - Run north to learn about the billybally plant. Remember this for an upcoming
      boss fight
    - Take the eastern path and run up past the save point. You'll encounter a boss
    BOSS: Gattuso
    - Eliminate the cubs first to make the fight easier
    - Have Karol and Estelle in the party to have two healers, especially to
      recover against poison
    - Target the billybally plants and attack them to have them release pollen.
      Try stunning Gattuso with this for a tactical advantage
    SECRET MISSION 3: Learning from Karol's experience, you used the Billybally
                      plants to stun Gattuso
    - Run up the pass to get a view of the ocean
    - Reach the end of the trail to learn about camping
    - Exit to the field to the left and continue northwest to Capua Nor
    - Return to Halure after Karol and Repede return and talk to the mayor at the
      base of the tree
    - Check the gravestone along the cliffside
    - Return to Halure again after the gravestone and speak with the couple near
      the entrance
    - After exiting the trail, run back towards the broken blastia
    - Floating Filo
    - Green Roper
    - Thief
    - Sorceress
    The Port Town
    - Lett
    WONDER CHEF: Sorbet
    DISGUISE: Yellow duck across from the ferry booth
    - Run down the alleyway in front of the Fortune's Market and fight the Letts
    - Meet Karol, Rita and Repede at the Inn entrance
    - Go inside the Inn and meet Flynn and Estelle in the left room
    - Exit the Inn and go to the Magistrate's Palace to the northwest
    - Leave Capua Nor
    - Speak to the man at the window in the back of town and win either Dice Game
      to earn the "New Dice Master" title for Rita and a Gel Set
    - Rhybgaro
    - Explore the ridge to the south to find the Rhybgaro
    - Defeat the Rhybgaro and return to Capua Nor
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    Paralysis Ward          x1      Left of the entrance to the Magistrate's
                                    Palace, in the bushes
    Panaces Bottle          x1      Left of the entrance to the Magistrate's
                                    Palace, in the bushes
    - Head back to the inn to speak to Flynn
    - Return to the Magistrate's Palace
    - Run left around the entrance and head down
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Leather Whip          x1      Room B
    - Knight Sword          x1      Room B
    - Gladius               x1      Room C
    - Kotaro                x1      Room D
    - Mat                   x1      Outside, underneath stairs
    - Black Basilisk
    - Black Wolf
    - Black Rhino
    - Black Bat
     ^   -
     |   |
     -   -   -
     -   -   -
         -   -
         -   -
    A - Starting room
    B - Knight Sword, Leather Whip
    C - Prisoner, Gladius
    D - Kotaro, Small Key
    E - REQUIRES SMALL KEY, Small Wolf Key
    - Proceed through the rooms in alphabetical order
    - To obtain the keys, defeat the enemies in the specified rooms
    - Head upstairs after reaching room F
    - Once outside, run north to board the ship
    - Bandido
    - Zagi
    - Defeat the group of Bandidos, and get ready for a rematch
    BOSS: Zagi
    - Same Zagi, but stronger to accommodate your increased skill
    - Use Rita's water spells to take advantage of his weakness
    - Get to the side of the boat with Yuri and wait for Zagi to use Cyclone Shot,
      Victory Light Spear or Savage Flight. When he is above you, activate the Over
      Limit to knock him overboard
    SECRET MISSION 4: Lured Zagi to the side of the ship and knocked him overboard
                      to cool him off
    - After defeating him, you'll be transported to Capua Torim
    - Poison Bottle		x1	Left of the western house
    - Mat			x1	Inn, left room, top dresser
    - Magic Lens		x3	Inn, left room, right dresser
    - Life Bottle		x1	Inn, right room, left dresser
    - Lottery Gel		x1	Right of the eastern house
    - Holy Bottle		x1	Crate on second-story balcony of lighthouse
    DISGUISE: Blue fish in front of the lighthouse
    - Head inside the Inn and in the room to your right
    - After exiting the Inn, talk to Raven to the east
    - Exit Capua Torim to the west and head northwest to Caer Bocram
    SUB-EVENT: Spend the night at the Inn
    - Crab Man
    - Thornwigle
    - Howler
    - Tortoise
    The Fallen City
    NOTE: This dungeon is separated into four different terraced levels
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    Paralysis Bottle        x3      1st level, to the right
    Epee                    x3      1st level, to the left
    Straw Hat               x3      1st level, to the left
    Mat                     x1      1st level, inside center house
    Orange Gel              x1      1st level, inside right house		
    Password Clue 1         x1      1st level, inside right house
    Limit Bottle            x1      2nd level, inside 1st floor of center house
    Magic Lens x3           x1      2nd level, inside 1st floor of center house
    Apple Gel               x1      2nd level, inside 2nd floor of center house
    Cocktail Dress          x1      2nd level, inside 2nd floor of center house
    King Sized Belt         x1      2nd level, inside 2nd floor of center house
    Apple Gel               x1      3rd level, in front of right house
    1000 Gald               x1      3rd level, inside upper floor of right house	
    Password Clue 2         x1      3rd level, inside lower floor of right house
    Purple Ribbon           x1      3rd level, inside lower floor of right house
    3000 Gald               x1      3rd level, to the left (contains Seed)
    Life Bottle             x1      3rd level, inside upstairs house
    Paralysis Bottle        x1      3rd level, inside upstairs house
    Mat                     x1      2nd level, inside left house
    Magic Mist              x1      2nd level, inside left house
    War Axe                 x1      2nd level, to the left
    Holy Raven              x1      3rd level, inside center house
    Orange Gel              x1      3rd level, inside center house
    Tsurugi                 x1      4th level, to the right
    Password Clue 3         x1      4th level, inside upper floor of left house
    Lamellar Leather        x1      4th level, inside upper floor of left house
    - Strange Bat
    - Spikkit
    - Seed
    - Dreaded Giant
    - Run forth and climb down the ladder to the left
    - Use the Sorcerer's Ring to activate the blastia and unlock the doors
    - Enter the rightmost house and obtain the Password Clue 1
    - Activate the blastia in the middle with the Sorcerer's Ring and use it to
      reach the 2nd level
    - Enter the house and ascend to the second floor
    - Use the transport blastia outside and move to the left to reach the 3rd level
    - Head to the left to learn about Fatal Strikes
    - The transport blastia here leads back to the 2nd level where more treasure
      can be found
    - Once on 3rd level, enter the house to the right and descend the stairs to
      obtain Password Clue 2
    - Climb the ladder in the middle house and move forward with the transport
      blastia to reach the 4th level
    - Go upstairs in the house here to find Password Clue 3
    - Use the pink flowers to jump back down the levels and return to the middle
      house on the 2nd level
    - Go down both sets of staircases to the blastia door
    - Use the clues obtained to enter the password and unlock the door
    NOTE: You cannot enter the password until you get all of the clues.
    BOSS: Dreaded Giant
    - The fight starts with only Yuri. Repede, Estelle, and Rita each enter at
      different intervals
    - Make sure not to use water spells against him. Use preferrably Rita's Fire
    - Whenever the Dreaded Giant rears back and pounds his chest, try to attack
      his hind legs to down him. Try using a spell like Stone Blast since his
      shield often prevents Yuri or the others from attacking
    SECRET MISSION 5: Downed the Dreaded Giant when it reared back and left itself
                      wide open
    - Run back outside to regroup with Karol
    - Head back to the entrance where you'll be escorted to Halure
    The Rising City
    WONDER CHEF: Fish with Miso Sauce
    DISGUISE: swinging ghost in the back room of Chevalier's HQ
    - Exit the Chevalier's HQ and speak to Flynn to the west
    - Go towards the Inn where Adecor and Boccos will teach you Burst Artes
    - Enter the Inn and spend the night
    - Check the blastia in the center of town
    - Speak to Flynn in the back room of the Chevalier's HQ
    - Run back outside to observe a cutscene
    - At the Inn, talk to Karol in the hallway, and then return to the room
    - The next day, go back to the right to speak to Alexei
    - Exit the city to the west and head to Dahngrest
    After speaking with Alexei:
    - Talk to the armored man next to the barrier blastia
    - Enter the Chevalier's HQ to find one of Yuri's friends from the knights
    - Speak to the Wonder Reporter on the deck to the right of the Inn's entrance
    - Spend another night at the Inn
    - Return to Caer Bocram and head to the lake at the left
    The Den of Guilds
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Panacea Bottle        x1      Tavern "Sagittarius", left chest drawer
    - Orange Gel            x1      Tavern "Sagittarius", left chest drawer (2nd
    - Apple Gel             x1      Tavern "Sagittarius", left chest drawer (3rd
    - Holy Bottle           x1      Tavern "Sagittarius", right chest drawer
    - Dark Bottle           x1      Tavern "Sagittarius", right chest drawer (2nd
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Tavern "Sagittarius", right chest drawer (3rd
    - Beetle
    - Zinc
    - Bronze
    WONDER CHEF: Minestrone Soup
    DISGUISE: Golden frying pan with a chef's hat in the first room of the
              Guild's Union HQ
    - Go towards the center of town
    - Run back towards the entrance and defeat the monsters here
    - Head northwest to fight the Red Eyes and repair the barrier blastia
    - Try to go the the Guild's Union HQ to the north
    - Leave Dahngrest out the west and go to Keiv Moc
    - If you have enough titles, speak to the man in the upper left corner of the
      first room of the Guild's Union HQ. Earn more titles throughout the game and
      return to this guy periodically to earn attachments for your party
    - Filihelia
    - Grasshopper
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Chain Whip            x1      1st area, below tree trunks
    - Bastard Sword         x1      1st area, below tree trunks
    - Estoc                 x1      1st area, tree trunk area
    - Orange Gel            x1      1st area, tree trunk area
    - Weak Bottle           x2      1st area, upper path
    - Rabbit's Foot         x1      1st area, upper path, on a tree trunk
    - Poison Bottle         x2      1st area, on the main path
    - Lemon Gel             x1      2nd area, to the right of the main path
    - Limit Bottle          x1      2nd area, on main path, contains Seed
    - Mind Bottle           x3      2nd area, on main path
    - Leaf Bat
    - Trifid
    - Gigalarva
    - Raven will join the party at the beginning of this dungeon
    - At the first intersection, head to the tree trunk area to the left for Karol
      to learn the Bug Breath arte
    - Head further left for a scene with Raven
    - After paths join back up, head down to continue on main path or go left for
    - In the 2nd area, head to the glowing area to face a boss
    BOSS: Gigalarva
    - This boss has long range and attacks that damage severely. Have healing
      spells shortcutted
    - Once again, having more than one healer in the party is a good idea
    - Set Rita to cast Fire Ball to exploit its weakness
    - Later on, the Gigalarva will stick its stinger in the ground to regain HP.
      Use Raven's Serpent arte to plant a trap in the ground where its stinger is
      to blow it up
    SECRET MISSION 6: Raven used Serpent to set a trap for the Gigalarva and
                      prevented it from healing itself
    - Head back to the 1st area for a scene
    - Exit and return to Dahngrest
    NOTE: There are several areas blocked off by off-colored green bushes. Return
          to Keiv Moc when you have a Sorcerer's Ring capable of burning them.
    - Honker
    - Head to the Guild's Union HQ to the Audience Room in the back
    - Go back to the center area. Yuri will separate from the rest of the group
    - Return to the Union HQ and go left into the Prison
    - Run back to the center area then to the right to reunite with the others
    - In the following events, Yuri will disband again from the rest and end up
      in Ghasfarost
    The Tower of Gears
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Life Bottle           x1      1st floor, back side
    - Melange Gel           x1      1st floor, back side
    - Specific              x1      1st floor, back right room
    - Magic Lens            x3      1st floor, back right room
    - Pineapple Gel         x1      1st floor, front left room
    - Life Bottle           x1      1st floor, front left room
    - Battle Suit           x1      2nd floor, back side
    - Leather Coat          x1      2nd floor, back left room
    - Orange Gel            x1      2nd floor, front left corner
    - Crescent Axe          x1      2nd floor, front side
    - Holy Bottle           x3      Outside, top floor, left side
    - Rivet Belt            x1      Outside, top floor, right side
    - KuramaV               x1      1st gear level
    - Orange Gel            x1      1st gear level
    - Blue Dragon           x1      2nd gear level
    - Wizard Horn           x1      2nd gear level
    - Holy Cloak            x1      3rd gear level
    - Spike Hammer          x1      3rd gear level
    - Smash Bow             x1      Top level
    - Lemon Gel             x1      Top level
    - Halberd               x1      Top level
    - Thief's Cape          x1      Top level
    - Warrior Symbol        x1      Top level
    - Bandido
    - Soldier
    - Witch
    - Horse Raptor
    - Scissorbeak
    - Gear Golem
    - Barbos
    WONDER CHEF: Salad
    DISGUISE: White and blue pinwheel on the 2nd gear level
    - You'll fight a group of 8 Bandidos to begin and then be transported to a
      holding cell
    - After teaming up with Judith, head to the left room to get your equipment
    - Go up to upgrade the Sorcerer's Ring to Level 2
    - Talk to the vendor to the right if you need supplies
    - Use the Sorcerer's Ring on the right switch to gain access to the 2nd floor
    - Go outside to rejoin the rest of the party
    - Climb up the ladder and go inside to enter the gear section
    - There are three levels, each being four floors tall
    - In each level, shoot each of the golden gears with the Sorcerer's Ring to
      increase the aer flow in the middle
    - Once the aer reaches the top of each level, the stairs leading to the next
      level will lower
    - Some gears will initially be blocked off by gates. Activating other gears
      first will lower these gates or extend platforms to unreachable gears
    - Head all the way up the last level and up the elevator to confront a boss.
    BOSS: Barbos
    - Nothing special about this guy. Attack and retreat when necessary
    - Reinforcements will continue to come across the bridges after you defeat
      them. Destroy each of the supports to retract the bridges and prevent anyone
      else from entering the battle
    SECRET MISSION 7: You took out the bridge supports, thus keeping Barbos from
                      calling out more of his thugs
    - Rogue
    - Spinosaurus
    - Just return to Dahngrest after defeating Barbos
    - Approach the Imperial Knights, and then rest at the Inn
    - After all of the ruckus, leave Dahngrest and head back to Heliord. You'll
      stop and set up camp halfway there
    - Speak to each of the other party members, including Repede. Talk to Repede
      again to get rested
    - Continue the rest of the way to Heliord
    - After leaving Dahngrest, immediately reenter
    - After leaving Dahngrest, return to Ghasfarost and enter the holding cell to
      the right on the first floor
    - Titane
    - Yeager
    - Book a room at the Inn
    - Head outside the Inn and talk to Judith to the left
    - Go outside and head towards the center of town
    - Talk to the guard to the south
    - Return to the Fortune's Market to request a dress
    - Collect 1 Soft Tail, 1 Basilisk Scale, and 1 Small Bird Feather and give them
      to the merchant
    - Return to the center of town
    - Visit the Chevalier's HQ and reunite with Rita
    - Go to the center and take the lift down to the camp
    - Go through and face Yeager and his minions
    BOSS: Yeager
    - Yeager is weaker than most of the bosses you've faced so far
    - Take out the Titanes first, and then concentrate on Yeager
    - After leaving Heliord, make your way to Capua Torim. Raven will catch up
      along the way
    - Get a room at the Inn
    - Speak to each of the group members before talking to the Innkeeper (Judith
      is outside the northwest exit)
    - Head down to the docks to get a ship. Speak to Kaufman and set sail towards
    - Predafish
    - Travel for a bit and then fight the Predafish that try to board the boat
    - Continue traveling southwest to encounter the Atherum
    - Return to Capua Torim and run up the dock to begin the Dog Map side quest and
      earn Repede the "Fated One" title. It's best to do this near the end of the
      game, since not all the field locations are available yet
    The Ghost Ship
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Trident               x1      OUtside, on main deck
    - Ogre Sword            x1      Outside, up the stairs to the left
    - Seal Bottle           x1      Outside, atop the crow's nest
      Limit Bottle          x1
      Specific              x1
      Treat                 x1
    - Orange Gel            x1      Hull, in the 1st large room
    - Life Bottle           x1      Hull, in the 1st large room
    - Seal Bottle           x1      Hull, right of the 1st large room
    - Magic Lens            x3      Hull, right of the 1st large room
    - Snipe Xiphos          x1      Hull, in the 2nd large room
    - Takemikazuchi         x1      Hull, right of the 2nd large room
    - Specific              x1      Hull, left of the 2nd large room (contains Fake)
    - Rice                  x1      Hull, left of the 2nd large room
      Dried Seaweed         x1
      Salmon                x1
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Hull, in the 3rd large room
    - Holy Bottle           x1      Hull, right of the 3rd large room
    - Pineapple Gel         x1      In room leading from crow's nest
    - Melange Gel           x1      In room leading from crow's nest
    - Mat                   x1      Hull, along 2nd party's path
    - Orange Gel            x1      Hull, in the 4th large room
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Outside, on top of the cabin
    - 4000 Gald             x1      Captain's room, left bookshelf
    - Seal Bottle           x1      Captain's room, middle table
    - Pirate Hat            x1      Captain's room, right shelf
    - Holy Symbol           x1      Outside, stern
    - Hawk
    - Aquates Assassin
    - Anchorgeist
    - Poltergeist
    - Fake
    - Select two other party members to accompany Yuri and Repede, and then board
      the Atherum
    NOTE: Make sure to take one healer and leave one behind. The three characters
          that stay on the Fiertia will have to board the Atherum as well
    - Descend the stairs to the right and run through the next three hallways
    - Ascend the two sets of stairs in the large rooms
    - Take the door on the left and run down the hallway
    - For the 2nd group, climb up to the crow's nest and run down the large column
      that fell
    - Climb down the ladder, and then go through the second door
    - Follow the next two hallways to reunite with the 1st party
    - Run up the stairs and check the red box on the desk
    - Defeat the ghosts and exit to the left
    - Descend the outside of the Atheron and board the Fiertia
    - Make your way southwest to Nordopolica
    Use the Fiertia to take care of a number of side quests at this time.
    - Go to the Noble's Quarter in Zaphias, and then speak to Shel again next to
      Mordio's Residence. Return to the Public Quarter and speak to the woman on
      the bench surrounded by children. Yuri will learn Tiger Blade and receive the
      "Kingdom Celeb" title
    - Speak to the man in Deidon Hold next to the Store Room and complete the
      warehouse puzzle here
    - Head to Halure and talk to the person next to the Inn for Raven's Arrivederci
    - In Halure, speak with the children at the base of the tree to receive the
      Veil for Estelle
    - North of Halure, go to the traveling Inn and spend the night with them
    - Travel to Capua Nor and talk to the woman next to the Inn to receive the
      Seafood Ricebowl recipe
    - In Capua Nor, follow the northwest path and speak to Sicily to learn the
      Vacance skill and earn the "Twilight Dreamer" title for Raven
    - Cross to Capua Torim and complete the warehouse to the northeast
    The Coliseum City
    - Erungar
    - Jugem
    - Johann
    - Flynn
    - Zagi
    - Spider
    - Thunder Bat
    - Agaric
    - Death Mantis
    - Hawk
    - Wirbel
    WONDER CHEF: Kebab Sandwich
    DISGUISE: A chef hat trophy in the southeast corner of the stair room of the
    - Enter the coliseum and speak to the man at the top of the stairway to the
    - Head back to the Inn and spend the night
    - Exit the Coliseum to the south and run down the stairs
    - Find Regaey at the bottom of the stair room
    - Speak to the middle lady at the counter to enter the tournament
    - Defeat Erungar, Jugem, and Johann
    - Survive in the fight with Flynn as long as possible, as it will get
    BOSS: Zagi
    - Zagi's combos are harder to break out of. Often if knocked down, it's best to
      stay down instead of using the Recover skill
    - Zagi is also capable of paralyzing his foes. Have Estelle's Recover or
      Karol's Nice Recovery Smash shortcutted for fast action
    - Have Rita, Estelle, or Raven cast magic artes on Zagi. This encourages him to
      use his Blastia Suction arte. Although this heals him when inflicted with a
      magic arte, if he uses it too much the blastia will explode. This prevents
      him from using certain artes
    SECRET MISSION 8: Let Zagi absorb too much energy, destroying his Bodhi Blastia
    - Defeat 2 sets of monsters in the arena
    - Return to the entrance of the Coliseum to reunite with Judith
    - Head south to catch up with Repede
    - Exit Nordopolica to the west and head northwest to a mountain cave
    - Speak to the man standing in front of the cauldron after exiting the Fiertia
    - Talk to Master Drake on the path to the Coliseum
    - After staying at the Inn, listen to the people chatting to the south and
      return to the Inn to learn the Shining Eagle arte for Yuri
    - After staying at the Inn, ascend the stairs towards Natz
    - Squirrigle
    - Death Mantis (if not encountered in Nordopolica)
    - Hawk (if not encountered in Nordopolica)
    - Wirbel (if not encountered in Nordopolica)
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Seal Bottle           x3      1st area, on main path
    - Limit Bottle          x1      1st area, on main path
    - Mighty Guard          x1      1st area, below main path
    - Verbena               x1      1st area, past Hermit Drill
    - 8000 Gald             x1      1st area, past Hermit Drill
    - Spike Bow             x1      1st area, right of main path
    - Aquamarine            x1      2nd area, below main path
    - War Harpoon           x1      2nd area, below main path
    - Avenger's Scroll      x1      2nd area, on main path
    - Jiraiya               x1      2nd area, above main path
    - Spine Ripper          x1      2nd area, right of main path
    - Silver Circlet        x1      2nd area, below main path
    - Simple Tent           x1      Boss room
    - Etain
    - Thunder Bat
    - Beast Bear
    - Spider (if not encountered in Nordopolica)
    - Hermit Drill
    - Pteropus
    - Leader Bat
    - Magic Bat
    - Attack Bat
    NOTE: If you're high enough level, you can attempt to fight the Giganto Monster
          in the lower part of the 1st area. You can escape from Giganto Monster
          fights, so at least give it a shot.
    GIGANTO MONSTER: Hermit Drill
    - It's very strong at this level, so attack and retreat with caution
    - If it retracts into its shell, it can either coast along the ground or shoot
      out yellow rays, so watch out
    - The bubbles inflict sleep on those that they hit
    - Fight off the group of Red Eyes
    - The rest of this dungeon is straightforward
    - At the end, you'll see Regaey's "really real power" and encounter a boss
    BOSS: Pteropus
    - The main form of Pteropus is difficult to fight
    - Eventually, it will split into its individual bat components. Target the
      Leader Bat first, and then go after the Magic Bats
    - Defeating the Leader Bat will prevent them from reforming into Pteropus,
      making the fight easier
    SECRET MISSION 9: You defeated the Leader Bat and prevented Pteropus from
    - Exit out and run to nearby Mantaic
    SUB-EVENT: After exiting the caves, reenter and return to the air krene
    - Cactus
    - Green Spider
    The Desert Oasis
    DISGUISE: cactus with chef's hat next to rear building
    - Talk to the rest of your team members around town (Judith can be found out
      the left exit)
    - Head back to the area in front of the Inn to rejoin everyone
    - Spend the night at the Inn
    - Head to the lake in the back
    - Exit out the left to enter the Sands of Kogorh
    - Talk to the Wonder Reporter next to where you found the Wonder Chef
    - Spend another night at the Inn for Judith to learn the arte Moonlight Talon
    - Rest yet again at the Inn to receive the item Mother's Memento. It'll be
      important in a much later fight
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Flamberge             x1      1st area, SE corner
    - Stinger               x1      1st area, SW corner
    - Stone Bottle          x3      1st area, center
    - Limit Bottle          x1      1st area, NW corner
    - Mizuchi               x1      1st area, north end
    - Phoenix Guard         x1      1st area, NE corner
    - Rapid Shot            x1      Oasis
    - Air Stone             x1      Oasis, in water
    - Riot                  x1      Oasis
    - Silver Circlet        x1      2nd area, east
    - Lemon Gel             x1      2nd area, north end
      Pinapple Gel          x1
    - Striped Ribbon        x1      2nd area, SW corner
    - Flare Cape            x1      2nd area, center
      Aqua Cape             x1
    - Glowing Ribbon        x1      2nd area, NW corner
    DAYTIME                 NIGHTTIME
    - Firebird              - Blue Roper
    - Firebat               - Superstar O
    - Red Roper             - Ice Bat
    - Fire Spirit           - Ice Spirit	
    		        - Dryad
    - Medusa Butterfly
    NOTE: In the southwest corner of the second area looms a Giganto Monster,
          the Medusa Butterfly. Leave it be for now since you need to keep the
          water meter up during this dungeon
    - There are two large sections of desert with an oasis in between
    - Use the Sorcerer's Ring on the cacti to replenish water
    - Defeating the Cactus, Green Spider or any nighttime enemies restores the
      water level as well
    - It periodically turns to night, during which new enemies appear and the water
      level falls slower
    - Find the two lost parents in the northwest corner of the 2nd area
    - Meet a boss after the 2nd area
    BOSS: Outbreaker
    - Watch out! The Outbreaker strikes hard and has several devastating combo
    - Particularly near the end of the fight, it has a move that changes day to
      night and vice versa and heals itself
    - Its weak and resistant attributes reverse from day to night. Note which
      artes or spells to use
    - Attack the orb that appears during the transition to break it and prevent him
      from using the move again
    SECRET MISSION 10: Destroyed the core and prevented magic from inverting day
                       and night
    The Heartland Town
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Hourglass             x1      Inn, left dresser
    - All-Divide            x1      Inn, left dresser (2nd check)
    - Limit Bottle          x1      In front of inn, to the right
    - Simple Tent           x1      Deck
    - Strange Mark          x1      Sage's Residence, left wall
    DISGUISE: Wooden pin inside the inn
    - Exit the Inn to meet up with everyone
    - Speak to the girl on the deck to the north
    - Go north to the Sage's Residence
    - Speak to the others before talking to the innkeeper. Head to the south exit
      and return to the Sands of Kogorh
    NOTE: You can cross the Sands on the field, but there's some extra treasure and
          a Giganto Monster to finish off if you reenter
    Melange Gel     x1      Northernmost area, shrubs on the left
    Life Bottle     x1      Northernmost area, to the right
    - Find the Medusa Butterfly in the southwest corner of the north large area and
      fight it
    GIGANTO MONSTER: Medusa Butterfly
    - Its attack range is very wide. Keep the casters away at all times
    - Kite it around during its Over Limit when it targets you. This allows the
      others to move in and attack while its attention is diverted
    - Head back to the oasis area and use the green orb to warp to the southern
    - Spend the night at the Inn
    - Head to the lake to speak with Flynn
    - Leave to the right and return to the Weasand of Cados
    - Upon entering Mantaic, talk to the children in the northeast corner of town
    - After speaking to Flynn, head behind the Inn to the right and talk to the
      Kowz. Give him an Apple Gel
    - Talk to a man near the lake and then talk to a red-haired fellow in front of
      the Inn. Head to Capua Torim and enter the Inn. Return to Mantaic and speak
      to the redheaded guy again
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Sinclair Saber        x1      Entryway
    - Quietta
    - Knight Catcher
    - Knight Guard
    - Knight Halberd F
    - Knight Fencer F
    - Make your way back through the caverns
    - Pass on through the field to Nordopolica
    - Grain
    - Rye
    - Barley
    - Orge
    - Pepe
    - Ail
    - Rest at the Inn first
    - Speak to Natz at the top of the staircase
    - Enter the room at the end of the corridor to meet Belius
    - Run back down and fight off the hunting blades
    - Defeat more Hunting Blades in the arena, and meet the boss
    BOSS: Belius
    - Once again, large equals long range. Keep the party spread out
    - When the candles go out and Belius (Double) appears, target the candles and
      use Yuri's Destruction Field
    SECRET MISSION 11: You lit up all the candlesticks and eliminated the illusions
                       of Belius
    - Run back to the Fiertia
    - Judith leaves the party following an event
    - Talk to each of the party members
    - Pilot your way to the south shore of Tolbyccia
    - Run the rest of the way to Dahngrest
    SUB-EVENT: Go to Zaphias and enter Yuri's room
    - Stay at the Inn
    - Head southwest to the Manor of the Wicked. Karol stays behind
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Gothic Plate          x1      Foyer, armor suit
    - Lemon Gel             x1      Foyer, stacked crates in the back
    - 7000 Gald             x1      Foyer, junk pile
    - Grim Cardian          x1      1st floor, 1st room on left
    - Orange Gel            x1      1st floor, 1st room on right
    - Apple Gel             x1      1st floor, 2nd room on right
    - Panacea Bottle        x1      1st floor, end room
    - Holy Bottle           x1      1st floor, end room
    - Gothic Guard          x1      2nd floor, grandfather clock
    - Ruby Wand             x1      2nd floor balcony
    - Magic Lens            x5      2nd floor balcony, plant
    - Crimson Axe           x1      2nd floor, 1st room on right
    - Limit Bottle          x1      2nd floor, 2nd room on right
    - Stone Slasher         x1      2nd floor, 3rd room on right
    - Plomb
    - Fer
    - Go to the last door on the 2nd floor
    - Exit and return to Dahngrest
    - Go to the center of town
    - Find Karol next to the western tavern
    - Talk to Estelle near the entrance
    - Find Rita on the bridge
    - Once back on the Fiertia, find a shoreline in the middle of Desier next to
    - Head north on foot to Mt. Temza
    - Return to Dahngrest and sleep at the Inn to earn Karol's "Insomniac" title
    - Enter the Tavern "Sagittarius" and then exit
    - Enter the Taver "Sagittarius" again
    - Swordbeak
    - Druid
    - Axigle
    - Sand Thief
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Tent                  x1      1st area, left of main path
    - Red Sage              x1      2nd area, through crater path
    - Saffron               x1      2nd area, through crater path
    - Deadly Horn           x1      2nd area, right of main path
    - Lemon Gel             x1      2nd area, on main path
    - Crimson Phoenix +1    x1      2nd area, on main path
    - Treat                 x1      2nd area, right of the bridge
      Specific              x1
    - Melange Gel           x1      Krityan city ruins, on main path
    - Grand Scepter         x1      Krityan city ruins, on main path
    - Transform Bow         x1      3rd area, right of the main path
    - Aries                 x1      3rd area, on main path
    - Tribal Guard          x1      4th area, on main path
    - Limit Bottle          x1      4th area, above main path (contains Pandor)
    - Red Lavender          x1      4th area, on main path
    - Ever Blue             x1      To the left of boss battle area
    - Feather Coat          x1      To the left of boss battle area
    - Deadwreath
    - Heavy Bottom
    - Rabtor
    - Soya
    - Ail
    - Orge
    - Pandor
    - Tison
    - Nan
    - Make your way up the mountain to the Krityan city
    - Continue to the top where you'll meet a boss battle
    BOSS: Tison and Nan
    NOTE: Judith must be in the active party for this fight
    - This is a tough fight since there are two of them
    - Split up attack duties between Judith and one other character, preferrably
    - It's good to have two healers in this fight
    - Both characters use Mystic artes. Nan's is avoidable, but one character is
      guaranteed to get hit by Tison's
    - Preferrably take out Nan first since she can use healing artes
    - Watch for Tison's Dragon Blade: Advent and Nan's Rending Slash artes. After
      dodging them, hit them while they're stuck to knock them down. You must tag
      both of them to get the Secret Mission
    SECRET MISSION 12: Timed your strikes between Nan and Tison's attacks to knock
                       them down
    - Enter the cave and watch the transformation
    - Talk to everyone, then check the bed in the cabin to sleep
    - Take control of Ba'ul and fly to the crag in the middle of the Sands of
    Before visiting Phaeroh, there's plenty more tasks to complete
    - Go to Mantaic and speak to the Cowz again. This time, give him a Trident
    - In Mantaic, talk to the group of people sitting by the lake. Stay at the Inn
      and go back north
    - Exit Mantaic, reenter and head back to the Inn
    - In Nordopolica, head towards the Coliseum. After that, speak with Natz at the
      top of the stairs
    - In Nordopolica, the 30-, 50- and 80-Man Melee events have been unlocked
    - Enter Ehmead Hill from the west exit and head to the clearing beside the
      monster trail
    - In Ehmead Hill, return to the cliffside
    - In Ehmead Hill, go towards the broken blastia on the road
    - Go to Capua Nor. An event will occur if you have completed 50% of the Monster
    - In Dahngrest, speak to the woman in the center of town, and then talk to the
      lady in front of the Tavern "Crimson Stars." Head towards the Union HQ to
      earn Raven's "Ladies' Man" title
    - Stay at the Inn at Dahngrest a minimum of four times. There are four chance
      events here, and after the last one Karol will learn the Special skill
    - In Dahngrest, go to the Tavern "Sagittarius" and speak to the bartender on
      the right. Then talk to the woman in the Inn. Head to the southeast entrance.
      Return to the Labor Camp in Heliord and go to the wooden bridge. Then talk to
      the woman to the north. Give her a Small Bird Feather, and then return to the
      girl in Dahngrest
    - In Dahngrest, go to the Tavern "Sagittarius" and speak to the middle
      bartender for the Waitress minigame. Complete Level 3 for each of the five
      characters to get new costume titles for them
    - In Dahngrest, meet Kaufman at the Union HQ
    - After talking to Kaufman in Dahngrest, go to the Fortune's Market HQ in Capua
    - In Capua Torim, enter the Fortune's Market HQ again and talk to Kaufman.
      Return to Dahngrest and speak to the shop vendor in the right building
    - Head to Aspio and enter the west building. An event will occur if you have
      completed 50% of the Collector's Book
    - In the building in Aspio, check the bookshelf beside the vendor to obtain
      Hermes' Notes
    - After getting Hermes' Notes, rest at the Inn in Capua Torim for Rita to learn
      the Negative Gate spell
    - In Capua Torim, speak to the girl next to the Fortune's Market HQ
    - Run to the top of the crag
    - Take the party to Aspio
    - Make Judith the party leader and talk to the Krityan in the center
    - Go to Rita's Hut and rejoin the others
    - Exit Aspio and travel to Western Hypionia (the southern continent) to find
      Egothor Forest
    - Bunwigle
    - Peepit
    - Rasslebit
    - Erdas
    - Critis
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Panacea Bottle        x1      1st area, right of main path
    - Gaia Cleaver          x1      1st area, left of main path
    - Magic Lens            x5      1st area, on main path
    - Mythril Helm          x1      1st area, top of 1st hill
    - Tent                  x1      1st area, 1st blastia path
    - Queen's Whip          x1      1st area, left of main path
    - Limit Bottle          x1      1st area, left of main path
    - 3000 Gald             x1      2nd area, left of main path
    - Life Bottle           x1      2nd area, right of main path
    - 9000 Gald             x1      2nd area, left of forest path (contains Fake)
    - Turquoise             x1      2nd area, left of forest path
    - Mythril Circlet       x1      2nd area, right of forest path
    - Mythril Boots         x1      2nd area, on forest path
    - Overdrive Warrior     x1      1st area, right of forest path
    - Lavender              x1      1st area, end of forest path
    - Red Saffron           x1      1st area, end of forest path
    - Melange Gel           x1      2nd area, on main path
    - Clukkit
    - Filifolia Puff
    - Nuggethopper
    - Insect Plant
    - Knight Halberd A
    - Knight Bishop
    - Encounter the Imperial Knights at the first hill
    - Take the upper bridge to disable the blastia
    - Go back down and take the lower bridge
    - After the cave, head down the mountain and up the next one
    - Defeat the Imperial Guards and disable the second blastia
    - Fly Ba'ul towards the floating city
    NOTE: In the forest below lies the most powerful Giganto Monster, Brucis.
          Definitely leave him be for now and go around him to get the treasure
    The Home of the Kritya
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Barrier               x1      Pile of junk in front of large entrance door
    - Specific              x1      Chief's Residence, back right wall
    - Treat                 x1      Chief's Residence, back left wall
    WONDER CHEF: Cream Stew
    DISGUISE: Ice cream cone in the lower right corner of Myorzo
    - Go to the town's center
    - Enter the chief's residence to the north
    - Go to the empty house to the right
    - Head back to the entrance after Estelle and Raven leave
    - Go back to the town area and talk to people
    - Return to the entrance
    - Fly east to find a shrine
    - Talk to the man in front of the door below and complete the warehouse puzzle
    - After exiting Myorzo, reenter and rest at the empty house
    - Talk to Flynn here
    - Take Ba'ul to Hypionia, the southern continent, and search the middle of it.
      Here you'll find where Alexei has arrived
    The Forgotten Shrine
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Pineapple Gel         x1      Outside, near entrance
    - LIfe Bottle           x1      Outside, near entrance
    - Dark Bottle           x1      Entrance room
    - Lemon Gel             x1      Entrance room
    - Twinkle Star          x1      BF1, room A
    - Panacea Bottle        x1      BF1, room B
    - Holy Bottle           x1      BF1, room C
    - Lemon Gel             x1      BF1, room C
    - Limit Bottle          x1      BF1, room \ (first)
    - 8000 Gald             x1      BF2, room A
    - Wind Cape             x1      BF2, room B
    - Magic Lens            x5      BF2, room C
    - Kylin                 x1      BF2, room D
    - Lottery Gel           x1      BF2, room D
    - Simple Tent           x1      BF2, room !
    - Limit Bottle          x1      BF2, room E
    - Mermaid Cloak         x1      BF2, room F
    - Mythril Gauntlet      x1      BF2, room G
    - Melange Gel           x1      BF2, room H
    - Masakari Cleaver      x1      BF1, room /
    - 6000 Gald             x1      BF2, room I
    - Heal Bracelet         x1      BF2, room I
    - Panacea Bottle        x1      BF2, room I
    - Lemon Gel             x1      BF2, room I
    - Knight Warrior
    - Knight Bishop
    - Knight Halberd A
    - Knight Fencer S
    - Knight Lancer S
    - Rabbio
    - Uniceros
    - Drillbeak
    *-* \
      | |
      S M  <A
      | |   |
    C | *-/ *
    | |     |
    $ - Start room
    * - Empty room (no treasure)
    A-c - Treasure room
    S - Save point
    \ - Down to BF2
    / - Up from BF2
    M - Maze room
    < - Blocked passageway
    *-\ | 
    | | |
    B A \ G
    |     |
    C  <F-*-*
    |   |   |
    S  <* /-H
    |   |
    | D *-* E
    | |   | |
    \ - Down from BF1
    * - Empty room (no treasure)
    A-I - Treasure room
    S - Save point
    ! - Barrier room
    / - Up to BF1
    = - Boss
    - Enter the temple
    - Head down the ladder in the northeast
    - Navigate through BF1 down to BF2
    - Run through BF2 and go back up to BF1
    - At letter M is a dark maze. Falling will return you to room F on BF2. Falling
      three times will earn you the Magic Lantern (essential for Collector's Book)
    - After the maze, head back down to BF2
    - The end of this hallway leads to a boss
    BOSS: Schwann
    - He has mostly the same moves as his friendlier counterpart
    - Halfway through, he'll start casting his Mystic Arte, Blast Heart. It's
      avoidable but tough to do so if he's chasing you
    - If you do dodge his Mystic Arte, rush in there afterward to knock him down
    SECRET MISSION 13: Downed Schwann by attacking when he was clutching his heart
                       after his Mystic Arte
    - Call on Ba'ul and fly to the northwest toward Zaphias
    NOTE: Baction has several damaged walls, which you cannot destroy without
          Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 3. You'll receive it in the next dungeon but cannot
          return until a while later
    NOTE: Once you board the Heracles, you cannot exit again until you have
          completed the dungeon. Make sure that you have taken care of business
          before you head towards it. There is an item shop onboard the Heracles
          for essentials
    - In room B of BF2 of Baction, check the large statue in the middle
    The Mobile Fortress
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION:
    - Naginata              x1      1st outside area, just below starting point
    - Life Bottle           x1      1st outside area, 3rd tier down
    - Limit Bottle          x1      1st outside area, bottom tier
    - Holy Bottle           x1      1st Heracles area, 1st locked room
    - Reflex                x1      1st Heracles area, 1st locked room
    - Melange Gel           x1      1st Heracles area, 2nd locked room
    - Wonder Symbol         x1      1st Heracles area, 3rd locked room
    - Lemon Gel             x1      1st Heracles area, down right ladder
    - Pineapple Gel         x1      1st Heracles area, down left ladder
    - Dark Bottle           x1      2nd Heracles area, 1st room on left
    - Panacea Bottle        x1      2nd outside area, bottom tier
    - Treat                 x1      2nd outside area, 3rd tier up
    - Guardian Stamp        x1      3rd Heracles area, up ladder next to conveyor
    - Magic Lens            x5      Control room, lower right corner
    - Knight Bishop
    - Knight Halberd A
    - Murder
    - Blade Murder
    - Eon Raptor
    - Zagi
    - If needed, speak to Adecor to restock your supplies
    - Descend the stairs to the entrance of Heracles
    - Here, your Sorcerer's Ring will be upgraded to Level 3. Use it to break open
      some of the doors here
    - Run down the stairs and throw the switch on the left side
    - Go through the double doors to the 2nd Heracles area
    - Run right past the stairs to go back outside
    - Ascend the stairs to get above the 1st Heracles area
    - Go up the stairs to the left and push the box to the left
    - Destroy the blockade on the left with the Sorcerer's Ring and push the box
      over the edge, crushing the first barrier's power supply
    - Head down the stairs and use the Ring on the power supply below to disable
      the second barrier
    - Climb down the ladder next to the stairs and lower the next ladder below
    - Ascend the ladder to the left and drop one of the moving boxes onto the
      barrier power supply below with the Sorcerer's Ring
    - Climb back down and descend the ladder to the left
    - Stand about on the wires on the ground, face the boxes to the right, and drop
      a box on the power supply to remove the fourth barrier
    - Run all the way back up to the barrier passageway activate the switch there
    - Go back to where you were and drop down the next ladder
    - Use the lift control to bring the box to the upper level
    - Backtrack up the two previous ladders, go to the lift, and push the box off
      of the left corner to destroy the final barrier.
    - Head to the barrier passageway and enter the control room
    BOSS: Zagi
    - His artes have improved; some of them have multiple parts
    - Eventually, he'll use Poison Perfume so he can inflict Poison on the team.
      Use Karol's Nice Recovery Smash on him to get rid of that problem
    SECRET MISSION 14: Use Karol's Nice Recovery Smash arte to force Zagi to
                       recover from poison
    - Run back out and descend the ladder next to the stairs
    - Climb down the ladder to the south and exit back to the 1st Heracles Area
    - Reenter the double doors in this area
    - Go all the way down and fight off all the enemies guarding the Engine Room
    - Take the lift up in the next section
    - Run all the way around and head to the middle
    - Exit Heracles down to the right
    - After the following scenes, Ba'ul will be incapacitated for a while
    - Run northwest to Capua Nor
    - Go to the Inn to rest
    - Walk back outside, and then head inside and talk to Judith
    - Go outside and exit Capua Nor
    - Follow the coastline to the northeast to find the Blade Drifts of Zopheir
    - Limewreath
    - Bugle Beak
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Tabar                 x1      Near entrance
    - Panacea Bottle        x1      On main path
    - Melange Gel           x1      On main path
    - Lemon Gel             x1      On main path
    - Pineapple Gel         x1      South of main path
    - Limit Bottle          x1      On main path
    - Hades                 x1      On main path
    - Cure Bottle           x1      On main path
    - Falcon Needle         x1      On main path
    - Life Bottle           x1      South of main path
    - Diamond Guard         x1      Southwest of air krene
    - Body Paint            x1      East of air krene
    - Tent                  x1      North of air krene
    - Bloody Coat           x1      Eastern path from air krene
    - Limit Bottle          x1      South of northern path
    - Magic Lens            x5      On northern path
    - Pineapple Gel         x1      South of southern path
    - Seal Bottle           x1      On southern path
    - Psychedelica          x1      On southern path
    - Lottery Gel           x1      Clearing on southern path
    - Teethee
    - Boost Merfish
    - Rabbigo
    - Head north until the fish destroys the path
    - Backtrack to the east and continue
    - At the next fork, go north until the fish destroys the path
    - Return and head east again
    - Take the north path again at the split
    - Go back and to the east one more time after the fish does his thing
    - When you reach the air krene, Karol will have to fight the boss by himself
    BOSS: Baitojoh
    - Survive with Karol for a while
    - After the scene, the rest join. Karol will receive the Bravior sword and
      must be in the fighting party
    - Since Baitojoh flies, don't put Repede in this party
    - Watch the camera movement when it goes underwater. This hints to where as it
      will pop up
    - When its fin penetrates the ice, hit it to knock it out. Do this three times
      to get the Secret Mission
    SECRET MISSION 15: Hit Baitojoh 3 times during its Ice Edge attack and fished
                       it out of the water
    - Karol will be out of commission for the rest of the dungeon
    - Either take the north of south path out of the Drifts
    - Follow the coast and then go northwest to Halure
    - Tentacler
    - Go to the Inn
    - Head back towards the entrance
    - Return to the room at the Inn
    - After Yuri and Repede part from everyone, exit Halure and go to the Quoi
    - Head towards the center clearing. Everyone will rejoin you there
    - Exit the woods and go to Zaphias
    - Stop by Deidon Hold and speak to Duke above the Guard Station, where you
      first met him
    - Mandragora (Aersick)
    - Giant Bee (Aersick)
    - Axe Beak (Aersick)
    - Wolf (Aersick)
    - Egg Bear (Aersick)
    - Head through the Public Quarter up to the castle gates
    - Enter the Zaphias Castle
    TREASURE:                       AMT     LOCATION
    - Lapis Lazuli                  x1      Main hall, behind large statue
    - Spirit Bangle                 x1      Audience Chamber
    - Mystic Mark                   x1      Audience Chamber, on throne
    - Elder Cloak                   x1      Audience Chamber
    - Limit Bottle                  x1      1st Angel Room
    - Breaker Bow                   x1      1st Angel Room
    - Vagabond                      x1      3rd Angel Room
    - 15000 Gald                    x1      3rd Angel Room
    - Transform Bow +1-alpha        x1      Raven's prison cell
      Moon Guard                    x1
    - Knight Fencer A
    - Knight Lancer A
    - High Knight Bishop
    - Guilty Murder
    - Trans Murder
    - Go east and then north to the Dining Hall
    - Proceed southwest to the small garden
    - Head north into the main hall
    - Continue north to the Audience Chamber
    NOTE: To unlock the Sword Stair, you must activate four different statues
          throughout the castle in a specific order. If you activate one out of
          order, you must start the sequence over again
    - Exit back out and go to the passage to the right
    - In the Angel Room, use the Sorcerer's Ring on the statue
    - Back from the main hall, go down, left, down, and left again
    - Hit the statue here with the Ring
    - Return to the main hall and take the left passage
    - Use the Ring on the angel here
    - Back from the main hall, go down, right, down, right, and up
    - Activate the fourth statue here
    - In the Audience Chamber, use the Sorcerer's Ring on the final door
    - Run up the passageway to meet Alexei again
    BOSS: Estellise Part 1
    - She uses here same artes plus some altered ones
    - Just beat the crap out of her
    BOSS: Estellise Part 2
    - Only Yuri participates in this fight
    - If you still have Dein Nomos equipped or have learned the Bastion skill,
      use Crushing Eagle to cast a healing altered arte
    - Stay away from her during her Over Limit. She will use her Burst Arte and,
      unfortunately, can instantly heal herself
    - This would be the moment to use the Mother's Mememto you received from her in
    SECRET MISSION 16: Used the item, Mother's Memento, against Estelle
    - Go talk to the rest of the team members
      - Karol and Repede: in the Dining Hall
      - Judith: in the small center garden
      - Estelle and Rita: in the last Angel Room (next to the prison)
      - Raven: in the prison cell
    - Afterward, talk to the strange man in the large room leading to the castle's
    - Head back to the Public Quarter entrance of Zaphias
    - Exit Zaphias, call on Ba'ul, and fly to the middle of the ocean to Zaude
    - In Capua Nor, head toward's the Magistrate's Palace and talk to Duke
    - In Capua Torim, go to the harbor area. Sicily will outfit the Fiertia with
      the Salvage Crane, which can check Search Points in the water now. Also, the
      Fiertia will be able to travel through shallow waters
    - In Heliord, speak to the child near the blastia. Head to the east exit and
      defeat the monsters there
    - In Northern Yurzorea (the northwest continent), head to a locale in the
      middle of the forest called Yumanju. Head inside and speak to the lady behind
      the counter
    - In Mt. Temza, head forward a little for a scene with Raven
    - At Phaeroh's Crag, go to the phantom rift to return to illusional Yormgen.
      Head to the Sage's Residence and speak to the man there. Make sure to rest
    - In Mantaic, talk to the Kowz again and give him a Poison Ward, a Paralysis
      Ward, and a Stone Ward
    - In Nordopolica, complete the warehouse mission
    - In Myorzo, head to the Elder's Residence to receive the first of the fell
      arms, the Abyssion
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Barrier               x1      Outside, to the right
    - Panacea Bottle        x1      Treasure room
    - 15000 Gald            x1      Treasure room
    - 20000 Gald            x1      Treasure room
    - Moon Cloak            x1      Treasure room
    - Zaude Orb             x1      Treasure room
    - Life Bottle           x1      Treasure room
    - Special Gel           x1      Treasure room
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Treasure room
    - Splash Dress          x1      Treasure room
    - Pineapple Gel         x1      1st flood area, bottom left
    - Dunamis               x1      1st flood area, very back
    - Lemon Gel             x1      1st flood area, bottom right
    - Rare Plate            x1      Actual entrance room
    - Rare Protector        x1      Actual entrance room
    - Rod                   x1      Behind Poseidon
    - Mjolnir               x1      Behind Poseidon
    - Shiden                x1      Behind Poseidon
    - Red Orb               x1      3rd flood area, above ground
    - Lemon Gel             x1      3rd flood area, above ground
    - Melange Gel           x1      3rd flood area, on ground level to the east
    - World Charm           x1      3rd flood area, on ground level to the east
    - Asura                 x1      Entrance look-alike room
    - Death Contrast        x1      Entrance look-alike room
    - Watergunner
    - Lizardman
    - Gigafish
    - Jons
    - Knight Warrior A
    - Perfect Murder
    - Cuivre
    - Argent
    - Yeager
    - Poseidon
    - Alexei
    - Head around the main entrance to the right
    - Enter through the vent shaft
    - Run down the stairs and take the left corridor
    - Go to the right and collect all the treasure here, one of which is the Zaude
    - Return to the previous room and enter the center area
    - Place the Zaude Orb on the stand and use the Sorcerer's Ring on it
    - After flooding the area, go back and take the stairs at the bottom left
    - In this room, go through the north door
    - Get to the end of the hallway to finally face Yeager
    BOSS: Yeager Part 1
    - The first part is ridiculously easy
    BOSS: Yeager Part 2
    - After the middle scene, his attacks will be stronger
    - His Mystic Arte is unavoidable, so have Life Bottles ready
    - This Secret Mission is difficult to get. If you go on the offensive, he will
      guard a lot more. Try and break his guard, and right when he doubles over,
      get Raven to cast Rain on him to down him. What I did was set everyone to
      defend, use Yuri's Over Limit to spam Destruction Field until his guard
      broke, and shortcut Rain at that instant. Like I said, though, it's easier
      said than done
    SECRET MISSION: Made Yeager's heart explode by using Raven's Rain arte
    - Head into the next room and head to the right
    NOTE: There is a Giganto Monster in this room. You should be at an adequate
          level to fight it
    - He fights very similarly to the Goliath in the Shaikos Ruins
    - Wail on him as much as you can, but avoid at all costs during Over Limit
    - Continue through the right hallway into the next room
    - Walk up the stairs and push the stone pedestal off the bottom side
    - Push it next to the other pedestal in the water
    - Run back up and use the Sorcerer's Ring on the orb
    - Go up the bottom stairs on the right and follow it to the red orb
    - Stand on the left end of the platform here and activate the orb to lower the
      water level. If you don't stand to the left, you'll return to the ground
    - Head all the way to the left and into the next large room
    - Go downstairs and push the pedestal with the blue orb to the lower left
    - Take the pedestal to the west and push it all the way right and into the
    - Standing on this pedestal, activate the orb
    - Take the red orb from the chest
    - Use the Sorcerer's Ring on the orb here to open the gate
    - Head back to the right on the higher level
    - Place the red orb in the stand in the center
    - Use the Sorcerer's Ring on this orb to open the door below
    - Return to the left and go down the stairs
    - Exit to the right and reenter the middle room
    - Go through the big door and head down the stairs to the next room
    - Fight through the last blockade
    - Save and then go through the final door
    BOSS: Alexei
    - This fool is really tough!!!
    - Keep the group spread out, especially during his Over Limit. He has a Mystic
      Arte that has a large radius and is capable of wiping out your entire team
    - However, if your player is not targeted, the Mystic Arte is blockable
    - At any rate, if you survive the Mystic Arte, Alexei will let his guard down
      afterwards. Rush in there quickly, perhaps with Raven's Rain or Yuri's Azure
      Edge, and put him on the ground
    SECRET MISSION 18: Downed Alexei by attacking him when he was tired after his
                       Mystic Arte
    - Later on in the fight, Alexei will heal himself with Guardian Frost. Attack
      him at range to stop his recovery
    - If necessary, use an All-Divide. It will prolong the fight but make things
      much easier
    - Exit Yuri's house and head to the Public Quarter
    - From Ba'ul, head to Aspio
    - Head to the center area
    - Visit Rita's Hut for Rita to rejoin
    - Exit Aspio and continue to Dahngrest
    - Head to the center area to meet Karol
    - Enter the Union HQ to reunite with Raven
    - Exit Dahngrest and go back to the Blade Drifts of Zopheir
    Now that the gang is all back, it's time to take a break from the storyline
    - In Capua Torim, speak to Nobis at the port, and then go to the Inn in
      Dahngrest to talk to Rhianna. Go up Mt. Temza and check the area at the top
      to find the Everlight. Return to Capua Torim and talk to Nobis again to
      receive your payment
    - In Myorzo, go to the Elder's Residence and check the back wall. Estelle will
      receive the Bush Baby doll
    - With this, head to Aspio and give the Bush Baby doll to the Krityan for
      Estelle to learn the arte Astion
    - In Myorzo, check the back wall of the Elder's Residence a second time
    - In Mantaic, give the Kowz an Hourglass and an All-Divide
    - In Yumanju, pay the receptionist 300,000 Gald. You might need to sleep at an
      Inn first to trigger the scene
    - After that, sleep at any Inn and return to Yumanju. This time, pay up 600,000
    NOTE: If you don't have the Gald for this yet, you can do it at any time before
          the end of the game
    - In Dahngrest, talk to the guard inside the Fortune's Market 1 and collect the
      Stun Bracelet and (C) F Statue inside the store room. The Statue's relevance
      will become known later
    - In Dahngrest, talk to the right bartender in the Tavern "Sagittarius" and
      accept the job. Fly to Zaphias and speak to Leblanc in the Lower Quarter.
      Then enter the Inn & Tavern "Comet" and speak to the woman at the counter.
      Then go to the Manor of the Wicked. Return to Dahngrest and speak to Yu at
      the southeast entrance. Return to the old Manor and fight off the Red Eyes.
      Go back to Zaphias, speak to the woman beside the Inn, and reject their
      offer. Then talk to Leblanc again by the fountain. Talk to the bartender in
      Dahngrest again to receive your payment
    - In Dahngrest, talk to the right bartender again to receive the Ghasfarost
      Basement Key
    - With this key, return to Ghasfarost and enter the first floor. Check the left
      switch and use the Sorcerer's Ring on it to get access to the basement and
      receive the False Dein Nomos and Limit Bottle
    - In Dahngrest, talk to the right bartender yet again and accept the next job.
      Then go to the Guild Union HQ and talk to the two men in the right-hand
      corner. Fly to Baction and head to BF1. Go north twice and use the upgraded
      Sorcerer's Ring on the left wall. Continue on this path to BF2, and then head
      down to the room next to the southeast corner of BF2 to find the Shovel. Then
      return to Markham at the Union HQ to receive your payment
    - While at Baction, go ahead and find the rest of the blocked treasure there
      with the Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 3
    - In Heliord, speak to the merchant at the Inn to make Judith's, Estelle's, and
      Karol's sexy outfits
    - In Capua Torim, head to the center area for a scene with Gauche and Droite
    - After the scene, return to where you defeated Yeager at Zaude to fight Gauche
      and Droite. If you beat them, you'll receive the Leviathan's Claw Letter of
      Challenge and the Divine Cannon for Raven
    - With the Letter of Challenge, you can begin doing the 100-Man Melee in
      Nordopolica, but you won't receive the full reward until you get two other
    - Return to Capua Torim and speak to the lady overlooking the water on the west
      side. Choose to donate 500,000 Gald to her and leave out the west end.
      Estelle will receive the "Noble Princess" title
    - In Mt. Temza, there is a Giganto Monster in the crater in the 2nd area. You
      can fight now if you want
    GIGANTO MONSTER: Pterobronc
    - He fights similarly to the Pteropus in the Weasand of Cados but cannot split
      his form
    - Fight him as you would any other Giganto Monster
    - While ascending Mt. Temza, you can use the Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 3 to smash the
      rocks blocking the rest of the treasure
    - In Zaphias, talk to Leblanc in the Public Quarter to get the "Imperial
      Knights Captain" title for Raven
    - In Zaphias, go towards the Royal Quarter
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Spirit Symbol         x1      Hit the glacier along the southern path with
                                    the Sorcerer's Ring, and then get the treasure
                                    on the eastern path from the air krene
    - All-Divide            x1      Hit the glacier along the southern path with
                                    the Sorcerer's Ring, and then get the treasure
                                    on the southern path from the air krene
    - Hourglass             x1      Hit the glacier at the end of the eastern path
                                    with the Sorcerer's Ring and again along the
                                    southern path. Collect the treasure on the
                                    clearing on the southern path
    - Electrifish
    - Ice Golem
    - Snow Spirit
    - Penguinist
    - Check the air krene here
    - The mini-game is easy; just press the corresponding button as it passes the
    - Based on how well you did, you'll receive all or part of Death Contrast
      +2-alpha, Dark Avenger +1, and Moonstone
    - Afterward, exit Zopheir and go to Nordopolica from the land entrance. You'll
      encounter a boss fight here
    - In Zaphias, go to the Royal Quarter to gain Yuri's "Dark Enforcer" title
    - In Halure, talk to the children at the tree for Estelle's "Fairy Tale Weaver"
    - Afterward, exit Halure and reenter and return to the tree for Estelle to
      learn the Force Field arte
    - In Myorzo, talk to the kid at the lower right to begin the Dragon Race
      mini-game. Clear Level 3 to obtain Krones' Dew for Ba'ul, and clear Level 5
      for Judith's "Super Dragon Rider" title
    - After completing Level 5, rest at the house and return to the kid. If you've
      completed over 100 Fatal Strike chains, Judith will receive the "Into the
      Sky" title
    BOSS: Daybreaker and Nightbreaker
    - The same as the Outbreaker in the Sands of Kogorh, except that there's two of
    - Don't use any weapons or artes attributed with fire or water since they have
      opposite weak and resistant attributes
    - It's best to have several healers, if not all four, in this fight
    - Exit the Coliseum
    - Talk to Tokunaga at the port
    - Fly to the Sands of Kogorh and find Phaeroh flying around
    - In Myorzo, go to the Chief's Residence and talk to the Chief
    - In Aspio, go to the stairs leading up to the center area. Rest at the Inn
      twice and return to the stairs. Rita will learn the Meteor Storm arte
    - Stay at the Inn in Dahngrest
    - After the spirit conversion, fly to the Erealumen Crystallands off the
      northern coast of Tolbyccia
    - Cornus
    - Crystal Spirit
    - Sworpion
    - Yellow Roper
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Right of main path
    - Sephira               x1      Left of main path, behind crystal
    - Melange Gel           x1      On main path, encased in crystal
    - Stun Talisman         x1      1st large clearing
    - Cowboy Hat            x1      1st large clearing, behind crystal
    - Rare Protector        x1      1st large clearing, behind crystal
    - Highlander            x1      Down from main path
    - Dark Avenger          x1      Right of main path, behind crystal
    - 25000 Gald            x1      Up from main path, behind crystal
                                    (contains Quadra)
    - Lemon Gel             x2      On main path
      Pineapple Gel         x2
    - Strike Eagle          x1      Down from Giganto Monster path, behind crystal
    - Spinning Drill Hammer x1      Down from Giganto Monster path, behind crystal
    - Sword Whip            x1      Down from Giganto Monster path, behind crystal
    - Saffron               x1      2nd large clearing, behind crystal
    - Basil                 x1      2nd large clearing, behind crystal
    - Red Savory            x1      2nd large clearing, behind crystal
    - Longinus              x1      Right of main path, behind crystal
    - Orochi +1             x1      Right of main path, behind crystal
    - Life Bottle           x3      On main path
    - Piment
    - Gingembre
    - Maize
    - Bre
    - Cheiron
    - Crystea
    - Quadra
    - Fenrir
    - Gusios
    - Another straightforward dungeon. Use the Sorcerer's Ring on the greyer
      crystals to break them
    - Head down to the air krene to face the Entelexeia
    BOSS: Gusios
    - He's got some new artes, specifically a wide-ranged water spell and Ground
    - He can also cause status effects such as poison and paralysis
    - The Secret Mission here is the same as in Caer Bocram. Like before, you need
      to break his shield before it will count. Use a spell or a multi-hit arte
      like Shining Fang to down him
    SECRET MISSION 19: Attacked Gusios's tail then downed him while he stood on his
                       hind legs
    - Exit the Crystallands and go to Relewiese Hollow on the southeast continent,
    NOTE: Another Giganto Monster resides in the large clearing to the east of the
          Gusios fight. You should be able to take it on without problems
    - He fights just like Gattuso from Ehmead Hill
    - Killer Bee
    - Roctoise
    - Skunky
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Forte Staff           x1      On main path (contains Pandor)
    - Bahamut's Tear        x1      Right of main path
    - Life Bottle           x1      On main path
    - Dragon Protector      x1      On main path
    - Kritya Circlet        x1      Right of main path, above
    - Hero Coat             x1      Right of main path, to the right
    - Death Slinger         x1      Right of main path
    - Pineapple Gel         x1      On main path
    - Alexandrite           x1      Right of main path
    - Sonic Cleaver         x1      On main path
    - Dragon Mail           x1      Above main path (contains Pandor)
    - Star Rod              x1      Right of main path
    - Limit Bottle          x1      On main path
    - Dragon Helm           x1      Left of main path
    - Melange Gel           x1      On main path
      Apple Gel             x1
      Orange Gel            x1
    - 40000 Gald            x1      Back part of cave
    - Tiredillo
    - Great Cockatrice
    - Killing Cupid
    - Strong Lizard
    - Roctus
    - Khroma
    NOTE: The enemies in this zone are killers, especially the Tiredillos and the
          Rocti. Make sure you are fully stocked in Life Bottles before you come
    - Travel down the mountain to a small clearing
    - Continue to the right down to the cave
    - Inside, you'll encounter the last entelexeia
    BOSS: Khroma
    - Khroma is definitely the hardest of the entelexeia
    - She seems to be able to break stagger more readily than others
    - Equip magic guard for this fight because the spells are hard to avoid
    - Watch for a move where Khroma flies then slams the ground. Block this and
      attack her as she gets up
    SECRET MISSION 20: Downed Khroma by timing your strikes between a certain group
                       of her attacks
    - Go back up to the clearing. You can call Ba'ul from there
    - Fly with Ba'ul to Capua Nor
    - Go to the rock formation on the Four Isles on southern Desier. You'll get the
      second Fell Arm, Zarich, and Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 4
    - Return to Quoi Woods and use the upgraded Sorcerer's Ring on the dry grass
      3/4 of the way through. Collect the treasure, which includes the third Fell
      Arm, Glasya Labolas
    - If you feel up to the challenge, go ahead and fight the Giganto Monster here
      as well
    GIGANTO MONSTER: Chimera Butterfly
    - Since you're over-leveled, it's less susceptible to breaking out of stagger,
      so hack away
    - Go to Keiv Moc and get the other treasure here as well. You'll find the
      fourth Fell Arm, the Nebilim
    - Return to Relewiese Hollow and collect the hidden treasure, including the
      fifth Fell Arm, the Mercurius
    - Spend 300 Gald at the Inn
    - After the scene, return to the left room of the Inn
    - Go out the south exit and fly to Northeast Hypionia
    - It's best to complete the Dog Map now since all the field locations have been
      revealed. Repede will earn the "Great Boss" title for it
    - Fly towards Zaphias, then head down to the Lower Quarter from the north.
      Lastly, go to the castle
    - Go to Nam Cobanda Isle on the northwest corner of the map and enter the gym.
      Talk to the Kowz at the table behind you, the Antlion in front of the
      capsule machines, the Antlion in front of the arcade machines, and the Kowz
      at the poker table
    WONDER CHEF: Vichyssoise
    DISGUISE: Wonder Chef cut-out behind the chip counter
    - In Nam Cobanda Isle, go to the Shoe Locker
    - In Nam Cobanda Isle, reenter the gym. You'll get Judith's "Legendary Gambler"
    - Exit Nam Cobanda and go to Yumanju. Speak to the man in the upper left corner
      to receive the Tiara
    - In Yumanju, use the toy dispenser in the upper left corner to get three of
      the Luxury Toys
    - In Zaphias, talk to Hanks for another Luxury Toy
    - In Nam Cobanda Isle, earn some Chips and spend them at the capsule
      dispensers. There are one Toy apiece at the 10- and 500-Chip ones and two
      apiece at the 50- and 100-Chip ones
    - After getting all the Toys, talk to the man in Yumanju again for Yuri's
      "Recollection Guardian" title
    - After completing the last task, talk to the Ant Lion Man at the entrance to
      Nam Cobanda. If you've opened at least 445 treasure chests, you'll get Yuri's
      "Treasure Hunter" title
    - In Nam Cobanda Isle, spend more than 250,000 Chips at the exchange to get
      Judith's "Poker Face" title
    - After getting Judith's title, speak to Kaufman in the Shoe Locker
    - If you've defeated all 9 Giganto Monsters, 
    - Flora Mantis
    - EX Rhino
    - Loewe
    - Aquicia
    - Wrath Nail
    - It's Yuri, Flynn and Repede for the medley fight
    - Afterwards, run out the south and fly to Nordopolica
    - In Nam Cobanda Isle, talk to the man next to the theater in the gym. You'll
      receive titles for four characters and get the Shield of Valor and Hero's
      Sword for Estelle
    - In Dahngrest, head north past the Inn. Then go to Mantaic about to the
      intersection. Head to Mt. Temza and defeat the Giganto Monster in the 2nd
      area. Return to Dyne at Mantaic to get paid
    - Get back on the Fiertia and go to Dahngrest
    - Enter the Don's Chamber at the Union HQ
    - Exit and go back to Northeastern Hypionia
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Specific              x1      Inn, rightmost bed
    - Treat                 x1      Inn, leftmost bed
    - Limit Bottle          x3      Aurnion HQ, dresser
    WONDER CHEF: Crepe
    DISGUISE: A scarecrow to the east
    - Talk to Flynn by the statue
    - Talk to him again at the entrance
    BOSS: Flynn
    - You don't have to win, but it's good for experience, a Secret Mission, and
      bragging rights
    - He's got a lot of artes at his disposal. See if you can spot them all:
      - Demon Fang
      - Dragon Swarm
      - Beast
      - Sonic Thrust
      - Sword Rain: Alpha
      - Tiger Blade
      - Demonic Circle
      - Demonic Chaos
      - Guardian Field
      - First Aid
      - Holy Lance
      - MYSTIC ARTE: Radiant Dragon Fang
    NOTE: In order to see Flynn's Mystic Arte, Yuri must attempt to do his Mystic
          Arte first
    SECRET MISSION 21: Allow Flynn to use every arte he could, including a mystic
    - Head back into town
    - Talk to the man in front of the Inn
    - After Karol's terrible naming suggestions, the town will be renamed to the
      land of hope: Aurnion
    - Fly to the tower in the sky, Tarqaron
    - Enter any of the other air krenes similar to the one in Desier to upgrade the
      Sorcerer's Ring a final time. You'll need it for the final dungeon
    - In Yumanju, talk to the receptionist. Talk to the rest of the teammates for
      all the characters' spa costume titles (except Repede)
    - In Yormgen, check the red box at the remnants of the Inn
    - In Mantic, give the Kowz a Silver Edge +1-alpha
    - In Mantaic, enter the Inn. Then go to the Inn in Dahngrest. Fly to Nam
      Cobanda Isle and speak to the two people to the northwest. Meet with Flynn at
      the Aurnion HQ. Head to the Royal Quarter in Zaphias and talk to the guard at
      the gate. Go to the east area of Capua Nor. Then travel to the Atherum and
      fight the monsters here. Fly to Caer Bocram and run to the first
      intersection. Talk to the man in the prison in Dahngrest and choose to feed
      him Okonomiyaki if you've learned it. Finally, return to Nobis in Mantaic
    - In Nordopolica, talk to the Wonder Chef at the port. If you've learned all
      recipes, then he will teach you the Mabo Curry recipe and give you the
      Cooking Battle Invitation
    - In Dahngrest, enter the Bistro Black Hole to the west. Your chosen entrant
      should have mastered all the recipes to get the cooking titles for everyone
    - In Dahngrest, talk to the cat near the southeastern entrance if you have
      completed 85% of the Dog Map
    - In Dahngrest, head towards the center area. Pick either choice to get the
      Infinity for Karol
    - In Dahngrest, head towards the center area if you've completed the last guild
    - In Heliord, find Sicily in the labor camp to get the Murakumo for Repede
    - Enter Keiv Moc to receive Karol's "Golden Soldier" title and the Letter of
      Challenge (H. Blades)
    - Enter Halure for a scene
    - In Halure, speak to Sicily by the Inn. He'll give you joke weapons for each
      character if you meet the qualifications
    - After completing the last guild job, go to Halure and head to the tree for
      Rita's Ivy Blade weapon
    - In Halure, speak to the mage on the way to the tree. If you've dealt more
      than 60,000,000 HP in damage, you'll earn Rita's "Seeker" title
    - Stay at the King of Adventure twice for Repede's "Shining Fang" arte, the
      Order of the Loyal Hound, and the "Ultimate Dog Warrior" title
    - In Zaphias, talk to the dog next to the Inn & Tavern. If Repede has completed
      the Dog Map, he will earn the "Great Boss" title
    - In Zaphias, walk past the benches in the Public Quarter
    - Enter Capua Torim for Karol to learn "Rending Drop"
    - Reenter Aurnion to receive the Letter of Challenge (Flynn)
    - Re-reenter Aurnion. If Raven has learned 100 skills or more, he will earn the
      "Shining Star" title
    - In Aurnion, head to the west side if you have talked to the cat in Dahngrest
    - In Aurnion, talk to Flynn. Yuri will learn "Final Gale"
    - In Aurnion, run along the left side of the blastia for Repede's "Tough Hound"
    - In Aurnion, talk to the doctor inside the Inn twice. Then talk to the man
      near the Inn. If the party has healed for at least 4,000,000 HP, then go
      towards the Inn for Estelle's "Dedicated Paramedic" title
    - In Aurnion, rest at the Inn for a conversation with the spirits
    - In Aurnion, rest at the Inn twice more for scenes with Rita and Judith
    - In Aurnion, rest at the Inn one last time for a scene with Judith
    - In Aurnion, talk to Drake to the northwest for Yuri's "Certified Soldier"
    - In Aurnion, talk to Drake in the northeast for Estelle's "Worldly Adventurer"
    - In Aurnion, make Rita the party leader and check the blastia in the center
    - In Aurnion, check the blastia again as Rita
    - Make Raven the party leader and enter Aurnion. Talk to Drake next to the
      blastia to learn Vanji Lost
    - After Judith's scene in Aurnion, go to Caer Bocram and enter the right house
      to get her Brionac spear
    - In Nam Cobanda Isle, enter the gym and talk to the Kowz behind the table to
      the left. Then, check the bookshelf in the back room of the Chevalier's HQ
      in Heliord, the bookshelf in the Fortune's Market HQ in Capua Torim, the
      cabinet in the Mayor's Residence in Halure, the left shelf in the Aurnion HQ,
      and the bookshelf in the Inn in Mantaic. Return to the Kowz in Nam Cobanda
      and answer the questions, correctly or not. Rita will get the "Miska Doctoral
      Degree" title
    The Ancient Tower
    NOTE: Tarqaron is divided into seven different levels, the top one being where
          Duke resides. There are also two different sides of the dungeon, a west
          and east side. You must completely ascend the west end before being able
          to descend the east end, which is accessible on the east side of Level 6.
          Getting to the top unlocks the left lift, and reaching the bottom of the
          east side unlocks the right lift.
          Also, you need the Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 5 to be able to complete the east
          side puzzle. In order to obtain it, check the Side Quests section
    TREASURE:               AMT     LOCATION
    - Holy Bottle           x3      Entrance, to the left
    - Dark Bottle           x3      Entrance, to the right
    - Magic Lens            x5      Level 2, left section
    - Terra Crest           x1      Level 2, left section
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Level 1, bottom right corner
    - Sacred Chain          x1      Level 1, upper right corner
    - Crusader 13           x1      Level 2, right section
    - Treat                 x1      Level 2, right section
    - Ancient Ribbon        x1      Outside, from Lv. 2 right section
    - Life Bottle           x1      Outside, from Lv. 2 right section
    - Specific              x1      Level 1, lower section
    - Magical Ribbon        x1      Level 1, lower section
    - Gungnir               x1      Level 2, middle section
    - Miracle Gel           x1      Level 2, middle section
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Level 2, middle section
    - Syrup Bottle          x3      Outside, from Lv. 2 middle section
      Nectar Bottle         x3
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Level 3, 1st area, to the right
    - Rune Mail             x1      Level 3, 1st area, bottom right path
    - Specific              x1      Level 3, 1st area, upper right path
      Treat                 x1
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Level 3, 2nd area
    - Lemon Gel             x3      Level 3, 2nd area
    - Warrior's Principle   x1      Level 3, 2nd area
    - Red Basil             x1      Level 4, 1st area, in bushes to the south
    - Life Bottle           x1      Level 4, 1st area, center
    - Miracle Gel           x1      Level 4, 1st area, center
    - Rare Boots            x1      Level 4, 1st area, center
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Level 4, 2nd area
    - Special Gel           x1      Level 4, 2nd area
    - Elemental Ribbon      x1      Level 4, 2nd area
    - Effecti Ring          x1      Level 5, 1st area
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Level 5, 1st area
    - Caladbolg             x1      Level 5, 2nd area
    - Energy Wand           x1      Level 5, 2nd area
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Level 6, to the left
    - Special Gel           x1      Level 6, center
    - Lemon Gel             x3      Level 6, near the entrance
      Pineapple Gel         x3
    - Panacea Bottle        x5      Level 6, to the right
    - Rune Jacket           x1      Level 6, to the right
    - Miracle Gel           x3      Level 6, to the left
    - Empress Dress         x1      Level 6, to the right
    - Glorious Guard        x1      Level 5 east, 1st area
    - Mumbane               x1      Level 5 east, 1st area
    - Red Chamomile         x1      Level 5 east, 2nd area
    - Milky Way             x1      Level 4 east
    - Kritya Coat           x1      Level 4 east
    - Terra Crest           x1      Level 3 east
    - Laurel                x1      Outside, from Lv. 3 east
    - Lemon Gel             x2      Level 2 east
      Pineapple Gel         x2
    - Golden Hammer         x1      Level 1 east
    - Miracle Gel           x1      Level 1 east
    - Prism Protector       x1      Ladder maze, left side
    - Special Gel           x1      Ladder maze, left side
    - All-Divide            x1      Ladder maze, right side
    - Limit Bottle          x1      Ladder maze, right side
    - Uroboros              x1      Red area, to the left
    - Susanoh               x1      Red area, to the right
    - Red Verbena           x1      Ladder maze, right side
    - Special Gel           x3      Red area, northern section
    - Meteorite Blade       x1      Level 1, after completing the ladder maze
    - Schwert
    - Grimza
    - EX Unicorn
    - Fantail
    - Gun Hornet
    - Silver Stag
    - Giant Mantis
    - Hysteric Purple
    - Zagi
    - Hammer Golem
    - Cannosso
    - Enter the large building
    - Head right and ascend the first set of stairs
    - Exit to the south
    - Head up the stairs to Level 3
    - Go up to the courtyard and head left around the ice to the next area
    - Ascend the stairs to Level 4
    - In the center area, hit the four marbles with the Sorcerer's Ring into the
      center hole
    - In the next area, ascend the stairs to Level 5
    - Meet Zagi in the center
    - He pulls out all the stops for this fight, including a Mystic Arte
    - He also uses an arte called Blastia Bane. He'll get tired afterward, so hit
      him and make him eat dirt
    SECRET MISSION 22: Downed Zagi by attacking him between his Blastia Bane
    - Go through the upper left
    - Continue up the stairs to Level 6
    - Hit all the blastia cores in this area to unlock the passage to Duke
    - Head up the stairs to Level 7 to meet Duke
    NOTE: Checking the left lift on Level 7 unlocks it, giving you access to each
          floor of Tarqaron again. You can return to Level 1 and exit out to
          prepare for the fight ahead
    At this point you can head to the east in Level 6 to travel the other side of
    Tarqaron. It's pretty much a whole new dungeon, but for more treasure and the
    rest of the Fell Arms it's necessary
    On the second level, there's a ladder maze that looks like an ode to the
    classic game Lode Runner. Try to navigate it on your own, but if you need help,
    I've taken the liberty of making a short walkthrough of it
    - Use the Sorcerer's Ring the net to the left
    - Descend the left ladder
    - Ascend the next two ladders to the left
    - Burn the net to the right
    - Ascend the ladder and burn the next net to the right
    - Ascend the ladder and then the right ladder
    - Descend the ladder to the right and burn the net on the left
    - Go back and cross the newly made passage
    - Ascend the ladder to the right
    - Ascend the next two ladders to the right, using the Ring on the right net
    - Go back down and climb up the new ladder to the right
    - Burn the net to the right
    - Climb back down, and take the first ladder down to the left
    - Exit out to the south
    - Descend the stairs
    - Check the two switches on the ground to unlock two passageways in the maze
    - Get the Susanoh and Uroboros from this area as well
    - Ascend the stairs to the left back into the maze
    - Burn the net to the right
    - Descend the ladder
    - Ascend the ladder to the left
    - Exit out to the south again
    - Check the switch to the right to unlock a staircase in the maze
    - Return and descend the ladder
    - Descend the two ladders to the right
    - Descend the stairs in the center
    - Ascend the stairs to the right
    - Check the chest to receive the Meteorite Blade and unlock the right-hand lift
    Before going to fight Duke, try and complete these tasks
    - Make Raven the party leader and equip his "Shining Star" title. Descend the
      east side of Tarqaron for a scene
    - Complete the east half of Tarqaron to obtain the Susanoh and Uroboros, the
      last two Fell Arms. When you get back on Ba'ul, a scene will trigger
    - After getting the Fell Arms, head to Aurnion for a scene. You need to do this
      to unlock Duke's final form
    - In Zaphias, talk to Ted in the Lower Quarter for Yuri's Claiomh Solais sword
      and "Hope of the Town" title
    Once you're ready, head back to Level 7 and approach Duke to trigger the
    final(?) boss battle of the game
    NOTE: If you plan on carrying all of your items and equipment over to the next
          run-through of the game, go ahead and remove all the equipment from the
          inactive characters and give them weak weapons. Equipped items, for some
          reason, do not carry over and will be lost in the next game
          Also, the dialogue just before and after the first part of the fight will
          change depending on who the party leader is
    BOSS: Duke Part 1
    - His first form is not that hard, but don't get comfortable
    BOSS: Duke Part 2
    - He has the ability to inflict random status effects on you. Use Amulets or
      Krona's Symbol to counteract this
    - His unavoidable Mystic Arte drops everyone's HP to 1. Use a treat with
      Raven's Love Shot and Estelle's healing abilities to recover
    - Watch his HP and finish him off with a Mystic Arte to achieve the last Secret
    - Finish him with Yuri's Mystic Arte with the Hit Plus skill used for an
    SECRET MISSION 23: Defeated Duke using a Mystic Arte
    NOTE: You'll have beaten the game at this point normally, but if you've
          collected all the Fell Arms and triggered the scene in Aurnion, you'll
          have to face his strongest form
    BOSS: Radiant Winged One
    - This is, undoubtedly, the hardest fight in the game
    - Use the Fell Arms only if you've accumulated enough kills in battle with a
    - It may be necessary to use an All-Divide to keep your party alive
    - Closer to the end, he'll begin healing himself extensively
    - Also, he'll unleash a monstrous Mystic Arte that will decimate at least one
      party member and heal himself significantly
    - This battle is all about endurance
    With that, the game is over! Congratulations!!! However, you can still
    accomplish some side quests after the end, and also you can start an EX New
    Game from the main menu using your endgame save
    Even though you've finished the story, there's plenty more to complete in the
    game. Load your endgame save and exit Tarqaron to complete all that's left
    - In illusional Yormgen, talk to the sage for the Legend of the Dark Blue
    - After that, head to Dahngrest
    - Travel to the west and enter the extra dungeon, the Labyrinth of Memories.
      Defeat the final boss, the Traitor to Heaven, to receive the final Letter of
      Challenge (Legend)
    - With all four Letters of Challenge and the 100-Man Melee completed by three
      different characters, the 200-Man Melee is now unlocked. Complete it with
      each character for powerful items and new titles
    - In Aurnion, talk to Flynn to the southeast. If you've accomplished all the
      Secret Missions in a single game, then Yuri will receive the "True Knight"
    - In Aurnion, speak with the knight in front of the Aurnion HQ. Bring him each
      set of materials he requires. To make him reappear, sleep at the Inn and exit
      and reenter Aurnion. After the last set, sleep at the Inn and reenter Aurnion
      to see the developed city and receive the King's Cape
    - In developed Aurnion, talk to the man in front of the warehouse to the north.
      Complete the final warehouse to get Karol's "Warehouse Master" title
    - In developed Aurnion, talk to Ioder to the west to receive Estelle's BC Rod
    - In Yumanju, equip everyone's spa titles and speak to the receptionist one
      last time
    - If you've visited every single town and dungeon in Terca Lumereis, rest at
      the King of Adventure Inn to get Estelle's "Curious Princess" title
    After this, return to Tarqaron and defeat Duke again to fully complete the game
    ~ IV ~~~~ EXTRAS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This section is currently under construction. I hope to add some content to it
    by the next version of the guide.
    ~ V ~~~~ OTHER INFORMATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    A special thanks to:
    - GameFAQs for hosting my first guide
    - Bradygames for Secret Mission information
    - Kouli at <http://ameblo.jp/koulinovesperia/> for important sub-event
    - Namco Bandai Games for making another outstanding Tales game
    This document is Copyright (c) 2008 Jeremy "quijeros" Quiros. All Rights
    Reserved. This document may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form 
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