How do I beat (duke third form)?

  1. Okay the werid thing is that i never fought his thrid formi only got to his second and beat him why is that.

    User Info: steveboblarry

    steveboblarry - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Are you asking how to beat him, why he showed up, or both? I'll try and answer as best I can anyway.

    His third form appears when you have collected all the Fell Arms for all your characters. As for fighting and beating him, it's like a beefed up version of his second form. He teleports, hits fast and hard, a bit more so than the second transformation. The basic strategy exists for most boss fights though. Try and get him into a corner and attack him with everything you've got. If you hit hard and fast enough, you should be able to stall him and get big damage on him very quickly. Your favorite team should be fine, but I think Yuri and Rita should never not be in your party during a boss fight. Rita's very helpful with keeping enemies in place. When all else fails, level up. Being around level 70 should be more than enough, just keep an ample supply of healing items.

    User Info: ExireHG

    ExireHG - 8 years ago 0 0

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