How do I complete the dog map?

  1. I know that you have to sleep in places for repedes influence to sperad and i have. I have covered all of the land and the other dog has some red and there is still some missing areas? why?

    User Info: Erickx777

    Erickx777 - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    If i complete the map what do i get?

    User Info: Syamri82

    Syamri82 - 9 years ago

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  1. IMPORTANT! When you get 50% and 85% dog map complete, there will be 2 animals that spawn in Zaphias and Dahngrest. A dog appears near the stairs leading to the royal quarter in Zaphias at around 50% completion and will give you a fluff ball (no idea what it does but seems to be significant to dog map quest). At 85%, a cat appears on the bridge in Dahngrest. YOU MUST TALK TO THIS CAT! After the event, the rival dog's territories will stop appearing. After this, fly to Aurnion and head over to the left side of town near a guard tower. Another event occurs where Repede challenges the rival dog outright (nothing is seen but Repede wins). When you get 100%, go back to Zaphias and head towards Yuri's room. Next to the stairs should be a dog if you have all 100% (if he doesn't appear, check your dog map at an angle so you can tell the bare spots from the blue). This was done without going to Labyrinth of Memories so you don't need to do that. You cannot get the Temza mountains, the island near Heracles, or Nam Cobanda Island until Tarqaron appears so don't worry til then. *NOTE: the blue bar does not touch the end with the rival dog's picture on it when you get 100% so don't worry if you think you might have more. Just look for the animals.

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  1. Look into your world map and go to the Field category. Once you're at end game and visited all places possible, there should be a total of 74 fields listed there. You have to sleep in all 74 area to do this.

    - Namco Island and a few of those Gentleman places will only open up after final dungeon shows up.
    - Two areas (the one next to Mt. Temza and the northern part of the glacier) requires Ba'ul to be able to land on ice before you can land on them.
    - If you didn't do the sub-quest for the bonus dungeon, that part of the map can only be covered if you sleep at the edge of the mountains surrounding it.

    Best way to do this is actually note down which areas you've already slept in, because if you didn't, the last few spots will be very hard to figure out.

    User Info: miyuki308

    miyuki308 - 9 years ago 0 0
  2. If i complete the map what do i get?

    User Info: Syamri82

    Syamri82 - 9 years ago 0 1

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