How do i get into the 100 man melee?

  1. For some reason i can't do the 100 man Melee in the arena, and i have no idea why. I am level 75, i have beaten the final boss... i just got Final Gale. I have beaten the 30, 50 and 80 man melee with Yuri only. Can someone please tell me why? Do i need to beat them with other people?

    User Info: BeatNasty

    BeatNasty - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    i have been figuring this out too, i heard you need to do the Hunting Blades invitation at Keiv Moc, and Flynn's invitation in Aurnion, you also need to get the Fire Rose at Ehmead hill then go to Mt. Temza to see those scenes, then i heard you need to fight the 2 girls at Zaude where you killed Yeager but i did all that and those two still wont show up, the 100 man melee is supposed to be open after you beat them i think, so i also need to know what im missing

    User Info: smarty452

    smarty452 - 9 years ago

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  1. You need to get the three Letters of Challenge. One is obtained in Keiv Moc from the Hunting Blades if you visit around the last third of the game. Flynn will also give you an invitation if you talk to Flynn right before leaving for Tarqaron (which, if you've got Final Gale, you've done this). The final letter is obtained from Gauche and Droite by completing a certain quest. Head to the open area of Ehmead Hill that has several chests, and Raven should take a flower. Go to Mt. Temza after this and you'll get a certain item. Go to Capua Torim after this and walk around until you see the girls. They'll leave, and you need to go to where you fought Yeager in Zaude. Defeat the girls (be sure to use Repede to steal their items!), and the third letter is yours, and Nordopolica's 100-man melee is now open to you.

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  1. Actually at 1st i only do the 2 girls fight at Zaude to get it open. If u didnt get Flynn Challenge letter u wont get Yuri weapon Collosus and Armor at the end of Yuri 100 Men Melee. If u didnt get the Hunting Blades Challenge Letters u cant get Karol prize at the end of Karol 100 Men Melee.

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    Syamri82 - 9 years ago 0 0
  2. If you just want to unlock the fight itself all i did was beat 30 50 and 80 with estell and 30 with rita and it opened.

    User Info: keeth9999

    keeth9999 - 8 years ago 0 0

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