Where can I find Dark and Red Star Gems?

  1. I just beat Belius and am now at Dahngrest and want to make the New Bohdi Blasti for Yuri.

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    FrZnChAoS - 8 years ago

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  1. Also if you are looking for other star gems

    Red star gem-Zadrack Island (appears when its windy)

    Blue Star Gem-Shaikos Ruins (has to be at night)<<----Only one appears so go in fight it, leave and then re enter the ruins

    Green Star Gem-The Forgotten Shrine, Baction

    Orange Star Gem-Sands of Kogorh (appears at night)

    Dark Star Gem-Southeast Weccea (has to be windy)

    Light Star Gem-Nam Cobanda Isle (appears at night)

    User Info: general1durahan

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  1. Dark Star Gems are dropped by Superstar D's which you can find on the southeastern most island on the world map.

    Red Star Gems I assume are dropped by Superstar R's; I have not found any myself but you can probably look in a monster FAQ for that information. I have found a few Red Star Gems searching at one of the island search points south of Dahngrest though.

    User Info: ZhugeSong

    ZhugeSong (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Superstar Ds are found in the southeastern portion of wecca when it's windy. You know you are on the right track when the greater skunkies show up.

    Superstar Rs are found on a small island around desier when it's windy. I forget the exact location, but i'm pretty sure it's one of those islands without a beach.

    PS: If you think that's hard, you'll be making holes in your walls when you want to get those blue start jems for those hourglasses.

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  3. Earn alot of money playing poker, and spam the $100 chip slot machine! I got 15 of all of them in like 20 minutes!

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  4. While the [Colour] Star Gems are dropped by their respective Superstar monster, I find it much faster and easier to use poker winnings and get them from the 100chip machine in Nam Cobanda Island.

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