Where can I find all of the fell arms?

  1. I have sorcerors ring lv. 5, the spear and the sword fell arms i need to know the other 5 fell arms locations

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    sephiroth171717 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here let me help. Listen, im going to give you the exact locations and how to get them.
    ill start with Karols since its the first one I remember, now if im correct you should already have Abyssion from the elder at the home of the Krytians.(jellyfish in the sky) and the spear from the rock outside the air krene.
    so to get Karols, go to the Quoi woods, back at the beginning where Estelle fainted and had the bitter fruit, look on her face was priceless. now near the exit their should be a patch of Ivy. the level five sorcerers ring should be able to burn it,(note im pretty sure it dosent have to be level five to do this). then you should see a bed off beautiful flowers with a giganto monster, the Chimera Butterfly. directly behind it, by a tree, is a chest containing the fel arm for Karol. now Raven's Nebilim, should be where you first meet Duke, at Keiv Moc, also where Raven joins up with you for the first time. right before the scorpion boss in front of the air krene at the end of the trail, their should be burnable bushes shortly before it when walking on the trail of tree roots. past them is a chest containing Nebilim. now Estelle's is easy, basic just travel down the mountain at Relewiesse, where you first defeat Khroma and meet Sylph. just stick to the left, its in a chest you couldnt get to before that you could only get to now because of the sorcerers ring. now Rita and Repedes are fairly easy to find once youve found the trail, thats the hard part. In Tarquron, you will notice in the big room at the start, with the huge crystal in the backround, and monsters in tubes. that their are a lot of places you cant go. well this all changes when you complete Tarquron. near the top, on tthe second run up the stairs, (basicly near Zagi final fight) their are doors slightly open, their should be a door that will lead you to a room you have never been, basicly from this direction, you head downward from the top of Tarquron. until you reach the bottom and complete the puzzle with the sorcerers ring burning the nets and raising laters. you will see a huge pod, with a giant enemy in the middle of the room at the very bottom of Tarquron. their are chests to the left and right of him, each containing Uroboros, and Susanoh. Thats all the fel arms, from yours truly, the tales of master, hope that helps! from:Yuri ;)

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Other Answers

  1. 1)Estelle's, Mercurius, is at Relewiese Hollow on the Weccean Continent. It is in the area after the save point.
    2)Karol's, Glasya Labolas, is at Quoi Woods. Look for the burnable bushes and beyond them are a giganto monster and the chest for the fell arm.
    3)Raven's, Nebilium, is at Keiv Moc in the second area.
    4 & 5)Rita's, Uroboros, & Repede's, Susanoh, are at Tarqaron in the same room. In the cave area after you fight Zagi, activate all of the blastia in there, about 10, don't go up the staircase at the end of the area. Backtrack to the chest that had an empress dress in it. There should be a path near there that leads elsewhere. Just follow the path from here and it should eventually deposit you in a reddish room. This room should have two chests with the last two fell arms.

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