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"One of the best Tales games, if not RPG's made"

When I first saw a video of Tales of vesperia, I was a bit curious as to how this game would eventually turn out. It appeared to look like Tales of Symphonia, which was an outstanding RPG for the gamecube. Finally, when they released vesperia in stores, I went out and purchased my own copy and began playing my new game. This game not only is my favorite RPG game next to the likes of Mario RPG and Final Fantasy 7, but I'd say it is better than most of the games I have bought for the 360 in awhile.

Here's what I'd rank everything in the game.

The graphics are absolutely outstanding. For a game which has anime style graphics, they have amazing appeal. The animations are very well done and the characters all feel different. The backgrounds and environments look very polished and keep you intrigued throughout the game. Also, the use of artes in battle look awesome, which makes you want to use them frequently during your battles.

Whether you enjoy well done music or not, this game has a very nice soundtrack. The songs keep you entertained throughout the entire game, with varying sad, happy and angry songs. They keep the mood and definitely make vesperia more enjoyable. The sound effects are interesting and set this game apart from many other 360 games.

For what it is, an RPG, it has astounding gameplay. The way you battle is rather interesting as it's not a turn based but instead a action battle sort of thing. The way your character interacts outside of battle is very well done as most RPG games are now. Other than that all I can say is the gameplay is just amazing!

The story is just great. It keeps you interested throughout its entire span, which is good because you don't want an RPG to be boring or have a dreadful story. I found the plot was very original but I won't give it away in case you haven't played it yet. The way the game has the characters all have different personalities and qualities that appear again and again in the game is always great. Apart from all that, the story is flawless and keeps you engaged until the very end of the game.

You can unlock achievements, customize your control settings, do side quests and other stuff after you complete your game as well as play on a different difficulty. If you found normal easy or whatever you can change it whenever you want. There really isn't much else to say but this game should have you going for more than 50 hours unless you decide to just rush through it. Even so, it might take you awhile to get through it.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone wanting a great RPG experience on the 360 console. I'd say this is one of the few on there right now that is worth getting along with lost odyssey and some others. If you aren't one for RPG games, perhaps renting it first will suit you better. Overall this game is a solid 10/10 as an RPG and as a great game with little to no flaws, except for perhaps the voice acting :)

Overall: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/02/08

Game Release: Tales of Vesperia (US, 08/26/08)

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