Review by thedarkpp

Reviewed: 09/25/08

Tales of Vesperia - Just the game the 360 needed!

Tales of Vesperia is the latest game in the ongoing Tales of series. It is the tenth mothership title (or major installment) in the series and Tales of Vesperia also marks the tenth anniversary of the Tales series in America. Tales of Vesperia definitely lives up to the expectations and greatly exceeds them. The game is full of interesting characters, has a deep and long storyline, excellent graphics, a battle system that is totally user friendly and at the same time is very advanced for the veterans, and enough side quests to keep you busy and having fun for a long time.

The characters in Tales of Vesperia are arguably some of the best yet. Yuri Lowell (the main character) is just the character the series needed; he is not 17 or 18, he is not trying to be a hero, and he seems to be just a normal kind of guy. At 21 years old he is the oldest Tales (main) hero to date. Estelle the heroine, is another lovable character that has a lot of depth in her character. The other characters include Karol the games quirky kid who has enough energy to run around screaming for days, Rita the so called genius mage with an attitude problem, Raven the mysterious and hilarious old man, and Judith the games obvious fan service character that actually has a personality and an interesting back story. This leaves me with one more, Repede, the dog. Repede is an interesting character for the Tales series because he is the first non-human proportioned (basically the first dog) that is a playable character. One of the best aspects about Repede which Namco Bandai needs extreme congratulations for is that he does not talk, he is just a "normal" dog.

The graphics and environments are again the best the series has had to date. Now of course graphics aren't the game and are some of the least important aspects of what makes a game good, but they do help and in Tales of Vesperia's case they help a lot. They are some of the best cel-shaded, anime styled graphics any game has had to date and really shows what the Xbox 360 is capable of.

The story is a good one for a Japanese RPG. It might not bee as strong as the character development but it does it's job in sucking you into the story and wanting to know what happens next. I won't go into it as to not spoil anyone that hasn't already played or beaten it yet, just know that it is one of the series best.

The battle system which the Tales series is one of the things the Tales series is most known for is an upgraded version of the battle system for Tales of the Abyss. It is NOT a turn based RPG, you have full control over your character and can move around freely in battles doing whatever moves you want. The A.I. can be a little iffy at times but for the most part they do what you want to do and help out a great deal.

Tales of Vesperia is one of those games that if you don't have your game collection feels incomplete. It is definitely a game for all types of people that all 360 owners should at least check out.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Tales of Vesperia (Special Edition) (US, 08/26/08)

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