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"An outsatnding game not to be overlooked"

I have always enjoyed the Tales series ever since Tales of Symphonia came out. I have got to say though this is by far the best installment in the series out there.

The story is wonderful. It is a very deep story with lots of dialogue. The story starts out fairly simple but soon grows to an epic tale of government and corruption. Overall the story is good. The only problem is that some of the themes that appear in the story have shown up in other japanese rpgs.

The character development is very good. Each characters personality is brought to live through nicley done voice acting. The voices are good with only a few exceptions.

Though the story is good, my personal favorite part of the game would be the gameplay. You fight in real time, almost like a fighting game. The gameplay starts out simple with only a couple of moves(attack, gaurd, arte attack, and jump) but quickly evolves into somthing way more complex. There are so many aspects to the gameplay. There are overlimits, fatal strikes, buste artes, ect. Also in addition to these there are skills that you can obtain from weapons. These skills you can equip to your character to give them abilities such as changing the way characters attack, adding defencive maneuvers such as a back step or a magic shield, able to do special moves in air, increase the effectiveness of items, and much more. I just love the battles in this game. Some other RPGs the battles can get annoying and I wish I could altogether avoid the random encounters, but for this game I will run into the badguys just for fun. And when I really dont feel like fighting battles(wich is just about never) the game gives you the opportunity to avoid the battles.

The boss battles are fun. Usually there is some trick to defeat the boss or make the battle easier. They have also added things called secret quests to the boss battles. To get them you must fufil a certain condition while fighting the boss. It gives you an achivment and a item. I dont really like these thogh because often times I will feel bad that I missed the secret quest.

The graphics are nice, they do their job well. Most of the locations are beautiful with lots of detail. The battle areas though look kind of bland and not full of deatail.

I especially like the music. Motoi Sakuraba, one of my favorite composers, is a composer for this game. The tracks fit the enviorments nicley and the battle and field music changes periodicly so you wont keep hearing the same song. One thing that I was especially happy about was that they included a english version of the main theme song witch sounds great.

This game will take you a while to beat. You will probably be spending around 60 hours playing this, but if you do the side quests it will take you even longer. Many of the side quests help develop the characters and add to the story.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/30/08

Game Release: Tales of Vesperia (US, 08/26/08)

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