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"The sole reason why hell froze over... err, I mean why the Xbox 360 got sold out in Japan!"

If there's one thing that makes Tales of Vesperia THE game to get for RPG fans who owns Xbox 360, it's the fact that this is the game that made hell freeze over... err I mean this is the game that turned Japan's Xbox 360 scene from "collecting dust on the game store shelves" to a hot item that sold so well there are virtually no more Xbox 360s in stock anywhere. Shouldn't that be enough reason for "Tales of" fans to buy the game? In any case, this won't be much of a review if I just ended it there, so I'll continue:

This game probably has the best use for cel-shaded graphics for a next-gen game seeing as when I first saw the intro, I found it a bit hard to tell which is in-game graphics and which is an anime cutscene! Although that doesn't really hold much weight compared to the graphical prowess of other games, this is probably the only true demerit of the game, because otherwise, this is a magnificent game!

One thing that I feel the "Tales of" series has a definite edge over RPG series, it's the fun, real-time, combo-driven battle system. As mentioned in my other reviews of "Tales of" games, this is the series that makes me look forward to the next battle, and am intentionally going into one because of one thing that makes games something you look forward in playing: it's FUN! The heated, intense battles, the combos! The battle system for this game is the best and most refined of all the "Tales of" games too, given its status as its current flagship game of the series! This alone puts other RPGs to shame with their unexciting, boring battles that rely too much on flash and graphics (you know those games).

It's also quite a treat that the skits are now voiced! I actually love the skit system. It is a very interesting way to explain a lot of minor and a few major aspects of the story of each character, world, event, etc. without creeping into the main storyline's scenes themselves (seeing as they are optional to view). This both allows a person to understand more of the story or play through the game with little interruptions!

Speaking of the story, each character plays a major role to the story, unlike most games where the "hero" or "heroine" are the only ones that matter since the rest of the characters are extra fighting bodies that are just there. You definitely know something deep is rooted for each of your pary members, which makes the story fleshed out and gives this sense that you really need to know what's up and what's in store for everyone later.

Although story-wise, I'm not sure on whether Tales of Vesperia is better than Tales of the Abyss or vice-versa since I haven't finished Tales of Vesperia late (My 360 broke a couple of days before I got the copy mailed in to my house. Argh.). I still look forward to this game!

After having said what I think needed to be known, I could not contain my love for the series much longer! I LOVE THIS GAME! If I have all day, I'd lay back and play this game all day, just like I did with Tales of the Abyss! It's a no-brainer that "Tales of" fans should get! As for the rest of the fans, they simply could not do wrong on purchasing this game for their Xbox 360s! And for RPG fans who are planning to get a 360, this is the very first game you should get! Oh and be sure to get the Special Edition of the game if you can. You'll see later on heheh...

Did I mention before that I love this game? Magnificent!

A rating number is no way to rate how much one loves or hates a game, but if I had to rate this game with my personal rating, it would be 11/10! (For it is beyond awesome for me!). Otherwise, it's 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/20/08

Game Release: Tales of Vesperia (US, 08/26/08)

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