Should I rescue or harvest little sisters?

  1. Overall, do you get more ADAM if you harvest or recue all the little sisters?

    User Info: stranger094

    stranger094 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Actually, Sinclair doesn't mention the huge rewards you receive for your patience. Similar to the first Bioshock, when you harvest a Little Sister, you will net yourself some instant ADAM at the price of her life. What Sinclair doesn't know, however, is that rescuing several Sisters will earn their trust and happiness, and you will receive a notification for Eleanor that they have placed a gift at the Gatherer's Garden in the stage you are currently in. These gifts consist of gratuitous amounts of ADAM, money, and most importantly, Tonics that you can not find anywhere else in the game! The best course of action, therefore, is to follow this routine:
    Kill the Big Daddy
    Adopt the Sister
    Gather ADAM from two bodies
    Rescue her at one of the Vents
    When you rescue all of the sisters in the level, the Big Sister will show up to duke it out with you, which is a great opportunity for research and more ADAM (from the Big Sister's corpse).
    When you rescue three Little Sisters, one of the freed Sisters will trot on over to a Gatherer's Garden and leave you a small Teddy Bear filled with your gifts. The tonics in these will help GREATLY when you gather more ADAM from corpses throughout the game!

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Other Answers

  1. Sinclair himself tells you that harvesting nets you more adam (but it will give you the "bad guy" endings).

    User Info: Redbore

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  2. HARVEST ALL, Leave no one alive, let no one survive. I haven't seen the "good" ending, but the "bad" ending is BRUTAL. In Bioshock 1, I would save all the little sisters, except 2, so I could get teddy bears with adam and tonics, and still manage to get the "bad" ending.

    User Info: Thermador446

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  3. Well, it actually comes out to a fairly even number either way. You initially get 80 less adam per sister if you save them, but after the 4th you get a tonic that reduces the gap to 40 less adam per sister. After 8 sisters you get another tonic that lets them harvest faster, which makes the onslaught of splicers alot easier to deal with (though by this point they shouldn't be a huge issue for you). You also get about 350 or so (maybe more) adam from the presents the sisters leave you, and there are three or four gathers (Right at the end of the game) that you don't rescue/harvest after, so if you've been on the good route you get the extra 60ish adam from the tonic.

    Short answer is that by the end of the game it will be neck and neck for which one actually earns you more Adam, with rescuing possibly winning out, but early game will be alot easier if you harvest because you'll get the extra adam right away.

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  4. It will even out give or take a bit. You just have to wait longer if you rescue them all. Also, if you're going for achievments one of them is to rescue all the little sisters, along with some other stuff I don't remember.

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  5. I definately would save them. The two tonics you get proud parent and I forget the other one but they make adam gathers a little quicker and you get a little more adam from gathers. Those help a lot IMO. Also you get gifts at the gatherers garden on the teddy bear again too. You'll have plenty of ADAM and I think the tonics are well worth it. I did not do it for the ending but rather the tonics.

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