How do you rejoin Alpha Protocol or join Halbec?

  1. Hi I was just wondering if anybody new how to join Halbec or rejoin Alpha Protocol? I have the guide for the game but its useless worst stratagy guide ever.

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  1. **spoilers**

    For rejoining alpha protocol i dont believe there are that many specifics. My first playthrough i had relatively high rep with Leland, but not with any of the other alpha protocol employees (i had a negative handler bonus with nina). During the final mission I talked Marburg into not getting invovled, let Mina die, killed Darcy and Parker, then executed Leland. Stille got the achievement for reconciling with alpha protocol and destroying halbech.

    For halbec you need to have high rep with Leland, not sure of exact #, before final mission accept his offer, and after dealing with westfield dont betray Leland.

    You didnt mention, but there is a third option for an endgame achievement, Thorton Inc. For that one I didn't execute anyone when given the option, allied with Surkov, have high rep with Leland and Marburg. In my game I chose to join halbech then betray them, but it may be possible to get it if you refuse halbech... not sure.

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  1. I'm sitting at the end of the game and haven't completed it yet... but from what I've read, joining Halbec is as easy as getting Leland's rep up (he loves the Professional response line). After going through the dialog with him at the beginning of the "Endgame" mission, he will offer you the choice to work for him.

    Getting back into Alpha Protocol's good graces is a bit more difficult it seems, I haven't seen anything definitive. Most say you have to have Leland offer the deal then reject it, and I'm sure having Parker with high rep is what the triggers are dependent on (so when you get the chance to concact him, you can persuade him to join you.)

    Sorry if it's all a bit vague, maybe someone who had the endings can elaborate. This game needs some serious FAQs written about the character connections.

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  2. I had a good rep with Parker and talking with him I was able to convince him to help me but by betraying AP, not me helping them. Would have to play through it a bit more in order to be sure just how to convince him but it seems like that would be the triggering point to rejoining. He is the oldest member within the program.

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  3. This is very easy- so easy I cant seem to avoid stopping halbeck and not AP. Basically just kill or arrest Leland and dont kill Westridge. Easy for me since I cant get Westridge to appear in the endgame. Yeah its that easy

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  4. **Possible Spoilers**

    Based on what I've read here and my first 2 playthroughs this is what I can derive...

    My first playthrough I elminated both. In that playthrough I tried to get everyone to like me. At endgame Leland offered me the job and I slammed his head on the table. Then I convinced Parker to betray AP. I found out Scarlet was an assassin working for Halbech, and recruited her to my cause. I rescued Mina, then pressed on, I had Parker on my side so I didn't have to fight him. Just his goons, but I had Scarlet sniping and G22 helping in the fight. The Darcy and helicopter fight were the same. The end battle was with Westridge, and I arrested him. Somehow ending both Halbech and AP.

    The second time through I used mostly Aggressive stances and killed innocents. Lelend/Marburg hated me. SIE was on my side instead (she works for but hates Halbech and Marburg). This time I told Parker to F off, didn't rescue Mina (remember she was a mole against AP) plus I didn't have G22 support (a counter intelligence agency). Darcy and the helicopter fight played out the same but at the end I battled Leland and killed him (very brutally). That time I got the ending of ending Halbech but saving AP.

    Just starting my 3rd playthrough with the intent of joining Halbech.

    SO... destroy both, get your counter intelligence agencies and "enemies" on your side. I.E. Don't kill Saheed, Get G22 on your side. Attack Lelend/refuse job offer. Get Parker to sabotage AP.

    Destroy Halbech, kill off anyone who's a threat to AP. Intelligence agencies(G22), rogue agents (Scarlet/Mina), and piss off Parker so he tries to delete AP files instead of keeping them for the purposes of exposing AP. I also blackmailed Halbech with most of the emails found throughout the game (which also nets the most profit from such emails).

    Destroy AP. Gain Lelands trust and he will offer you a job in the end. Take it.

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  5. It's entirely dependent on your answer to Shaheed as to whether or not you are prepared to betray your country. That's it.

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