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    FAQ/Walkthrough by thecrobar

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    Use control+F to navigate.
    1. Introduction..........................(1TI)
    2. Controls..............................(2CT)
    3. Gameplay..............................(3GP)
    4. Campaign Guide........................(4GD)
       Operation Desert Spear................(DRR)
       Operation Blood Feud..................(OBF)
       Operation Deus Vult...................(ODV)
       Operation True Heirs..................(OHZ)
       Operation Full Circle.................(OFC)
    5. Secrets...............................(5ST)
    6. Closing...............................(6CL)
    Hello, and welcome to my guide for Alpha Protocol. The purpose of this guide 
    is toprovide a guide for how to play the game along with some tips to get 
    throughthe game's main campaign. The guide is organized in to six sections: 
    you're in the introduction, the controls section lists the game’s controls, 
    The Gameplay section provides tips for general combat and how stuff works, 
    the main guide is the way through the game, and the secrets section covers how 
    to get trophies/achievements and character profiles. The introduction and the 
    closing section have contact information as well as some other information 
    about the guide. If you have any questions, you can contact me at 
    2. Controls...(2CT)
    Standard controls- can be customized and changed.
    LS Click.........Crouch
    RS Click.........Center Camera/Zoom
    R.Trigger........Fire Weapon
    L Bumper.........Skill
    R Bumper.........Gadget
    Y/Triangle.......Change weapon
    3. Gameplay...(3GP)
    This section covers the basic gameplay mechanics of Alpha Protocol, detailing 
    some of the finer points of combat.
    A. Classes
    The first thing you'll need to pick in Alpha Protocol is your class. Class
    determines what abilities you'll start with and what opportunities you'll have
    for leveling up during the game. There are six classes total:
    Soldiers start with ranks in gun combat related abilities, field agents start
    with stealth based skills, Tech Specialists focus on gadgets and shotguns, and
    freelancers let you pick your background. Recruit is a special option: it opens
    up special options in training mode, but you start with no experience or ranks.
    Beating the game with the Recruit background will open up the Veteran
    background, which starts with 3 ranks in each category for a total of 130 AP.
    B. Skills
    Every time you level up you will granted 10 AP, along with come extra points
    for any special tasks you might have completed since leveling (known as perks.)
    These are used to level up one of the game's nine different stats: Stealth,
    Pistols, Sub-Machine Guns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sabotage, Technical
    Aptitude, Toughness, and Martial Arts. Each stat offers different skills on
    level up responding to the appropriate stat.
    C. Guns
    There are four different guns to choose from in Alpha Protocol, each one with
    it's own strengths and weaknesses. 
    Easily the best gun type in the game. Pistols are accurate, but lack and real
    amount of stopping power. To make up for this, they're the only weapon that you
    can place a silencer on. That makes pistols almost silent, which allows you to
    use them without being found. The skill for the pistol allows you to freeze
    time and place a set number of shots before time starts again. This mostly
    makes up for the low power level, since you can simply pause time and shoot
    five bullets into a single enemy: while weak individually weak, they're
    powerful as a group. 
    When buying a pistol, look for accuracy above all else. Pistols should be used
    for headshots, so power really doesn't matter all that much.
    Sub-Machine Guns-
    Generally speaking, the worst gun in the game. They have large clips with a lot
    of ammo, but are weak and fairly inaccurate. Not to mention that they're nearly
    impossible to use stealthily. I'd mostly recommend avoiding them, but they can
    be useful for group battles. The skill for Machine guns is a brief period of
    infinite ammo.
    Look for power and large clip size when buying one.
    Shotguns are powerful close range weapons with small clips and lengthy reload
    time. They can easily kill enemies in a single hit if you're close enough, and
    the shot can be charged for increased damage and range. Even if a shotgun
    doesn't kill an enemy, it will often knock them down where you can finish them
    off. Very powerful, but not stealthy or useful at long range. The skill for
    shotguns will briefly fully charge each shot, which knocks down all enemies hit.
    When buying a shotgun, go for power over other stats. 
    Assault Rifles-
    Assault rifles are long range weapons, useful for sniping enemies at a distance
    or taking down approaching enemies. They are point for point the most powerful
    weapons in the game, but the require a few second charge to be even remotely
    accurate. Shots can be silenced with subsonic rounds, but they are extremely
    rare so this is usually not a valid alternative. They can be useful for
    fighting multiple enemies, but all enemies will hear the loud burst fire when
    it's used. The skill for assualt rifles provides a brief lock-on, guiding all
    bullets into the locked on target.
    When buying an assault rifle look for a combination of power and recoil.
    D. Clearinghouse
    Clearinghouse is where you purchase guns and modifications for them. Accessed
    by computer, clearinghouse can also provide you with intel on future missions.
    New intel and items can be added to the store by forming positive relationships
    with the various factions and people in the game. 
    E. Conversation
    Sneaking and shooting are not the only options in Alpha Protocol. You'll often
    have to talk with various people in the world and make choices according
    between professions, aggressive, and suave responses. Other options will often
    be available, but they're situational. People will respond to you based on what
    you say, and you will eventually build up a reputation for your mannerisms over
    time, and different people will respond better to different types on 
    F. Intelligence
    Intel is information about the various groups and people in alpha Protocol.
    Some of it is useless, and some of it will get you extra information and open
    up new options in dialogue. You get intel from a variety of different sources:
    you can buy if from the clearinghouse before a mission, find it in missions, be
    given it by people, or find it through conversation. It is recommended that you
    buy all dossier information in the store, since it can open up new avenues in
    4. Guide... (4GD)
    This section covers the guide for how to get through the main game. A few tips
    before starting:
    At the onset of the game, pick a gun that isn't the pistol you want to use for
    the whole game. You don't have to use the pistol, but it's the best gun in the
    game so it's highly recommended. I'd recommend the assault rifle/pistol or the
    shotgun/pistol depending on your preferences. Pistols are very powerful in this
    For skills, there are a few lines that are better than others. 
    Similarly, if you want to get all of the achievements possible you need to play
    the game at least twice, once as a recruit. I'd recommend playing the game as a
    recruit the first time around: the extra experience you get isn't really a
    whole lot more for other classes, and the Veteran is an amazing class for a
    hardcore playhtrough of the game. If you want everything, you need one
    playthrough where you should try and make everyone love you and one where you
    need to make everyone hate you, so decide at the start what you want to go for.
    (See the secrets section for more info.)
    Around a quarter of the way through the game it will shift to being non-linear,
    and you will be able to choose what missions to do in what order. I recommend
    visiting each safehouse at this time and picking the conversation missions.
    This gets you a lot more items in the store with very little effort. 
    As far as money is concerned, always investigate every single area of the
    mission. Some of the random drops can sell for a ton of money, and there are a
    surprising amount of duffel bags with cash in them out there. For that to spend
    your money on, good guns are the first thing you should try and go for. 
    With that in mind: PRICE DOES NOT EQUAL QUALITY. You don't need $150,000 guns.
    It's actually just as fine to get cheaper versions with a focus on certain
    stats instead of the super expensive guns. Buying intel and saving for good
    armor is much more important in the long run, since guns are decided much more
    by your aim with them than their stats. Even then, high level guns only have a
    few points more than regular ones. It isn't worth the extra $100,000. 
    More detailed dossier information is available on characters in the secrets
    section, but there will be spoilers. 
    A. Graybox...(GBX)
    You wake up in the middle of a strange facility, having no idea what happened
    to you. Welcome to Alpha Protocol. Graybox is a tutorial mission: the first
    portion is mostly just getting used to how the conversation system works along
    with the stealth, shooting, and minigames for hacking and the like. Follow the
    instructions Mina gives you over the radio: escape the room and make your way
    through the rest of the facility, learning to play it as you go. 
    You'll eventually learn that all of this was a manufactured challenge, and that
    you were never really in any true danger. From here you can technically
    complete the mission whenever you want, but it's a good idea to take the
    training missions offered by the three handlers in the facility. 
    Stealth training is nearby, in the door to the right. The handler inside,
    Parker, likes people who respect him and get to the point quickly. Complete the
    course fast enough and he'll offer you a second job: sneak back to the medical
    room and collect some data off the clock. This mission is simple and
    straightforward, but it's a god idea to avoid the guards if possible since your
    stealth rating won't be high enough yet to go unnoticed. Do well and he'll
    reward you and like you even more.
    Mine Tang is in the middle room, the woman who helped you “escape”. She's
    pretty easy to please: don't be too sexist (though suave options are often
    okay, avoid using them exclusively) and compliment her, along with being
    professional, and you'll max her relationship in about an hour of play time.
    Complete her firing range course with a high enough score (accuracy is the most
    important stat here, so aim carefully) to get a mission where you need to shoot
    Darcy in the nuts.
    The third and final handler is Sean Darcy. He's a joker and sees himself as
    competition to you, and will appreciate it if you return the favor. His
    training is tech based, and when you complete it he offers you a special deal.
    This is the hardest of the special missions: you have no weapons, and you need
    to deactivate three alarms. The best way to do this is to use shock traps to
    take out the first wave of guards, then sneak into the larger room and hide
    behind a pillar.  Deactivate one of the alarms, which will summon more guards.
    Toss out some shock traps to disable the guards, then manually deactivate the
    second alarm. The use a second radio mimic to end the area.
    With all three done, talk to Westridge in the interrogation room. He likes to
    cut the bull and hates smart asses, so respond professionally (though suave and
    aggressive responses can sometimes work too.) He'll give you your mission
    briefing and send you on your merry way to Saudi Arabia.  
    B. Operation Desert Spear...(DRR)
    Once at the safehouse you'll be briefed by Westridge. He'll let you know what's
    going on and you can earn some points if you respond
    professionally/intelligently. After that, it's time to check out your email and
    clearinghouse for any guns or intel you think you'll need. Then pick a mission
    and head out, the order doesn't matter here. 
    Special Note: After two missions, the final mission will open up. You can take
    it at this point, but you should complete the third mission opened first to get
    some gear/cash.
    I. Bug Al-Samad Air Field
    Type: Stealth
    Take out the guy in front of you, then sneak around the camera. Climb up the
    building to the left, then drop down on the other side. Head to the nearby
    building and pick the lock to get in. Grab the stuff inside then move to the
    top floor, where you can jump across the fence to the next area. Open the door
    on this building and take the ladder to the bottom when it's clear. There are
    two soldiers in here you should kill, which will lessen security on other
    missions in the region.
    From here head across the way to other warehouse and take out the guards. Grab
    the items, then head to the roof and take the zipline down to the next area.
    Moving carefully through here, take out the first guard at close range and then
    the one in the tower with some careful aiming. The final one should be easy.
    Take the lower door into the next warehouse, which has two guards. Remove them,
    then head across the ground outside, avoiding the guard in the turret and the
    one on foot. Take out the guards in this warehouse, then climb to the top and
    use the zipline to get to the final area. 
    Head inside the closest warehouse to find a weapons stockpile. Plant a bomb to
    destroy it, then grab the items all around the warehouse. Move outside,
    avoiding the turret, then head along the left side of the building and take out
    the guard. Head inside and wait for the guard to come downstairs, then take him
    out. Remove the guards from the middle floor, then head downstairs for some
    extra intel. Finally, return to the stairs by the entrance and head up to the
    top to plant the bug and complete the mission.
    II. Meet Nasri the Arms Dealer
    Type: Stealth
    Your first task is to get through the gate. Use the aggressive stance: it gets
    you through unnoticed. Head through the door on the other side, which takes you
    into an alleyway. There are three guards here: you can either take them down
    fast, or sneak around through the door to the right of the alley. Either way
    you should investigate the buildings for supplies. Continue forward and you'll
    soon come to a wide open area patrolled by guards. Head to the left and pick
    the lock, then go down the stairs and take out the guard. Hop over the gap and
    move into the alley with the boxes. 
    Once the guard patrolling the center of the area moves on, head outside and
    left into the nearby door. In here there are some items to pick up and a safe
    to crack. Wait for the guard to come around again, then quickly move along the
    building to the left to escape. Head all the way to the end of the alley,then
    up the staircase to the top of the tower. Look at how the guards are positioned
    in the area below, then drop down. 
    From here, wait until the guard to your left gets close enough to your ledge to
    take out with a pistol. This should eventually alert the guard on the structure
    near the other side of the area. When he comes to investigate, kill him. Move
    along the left side of the courtyard when the area is clear and up the ramps
    into the building. Drop down to the lower level, then enter the room behind you
    for some goodies.
    Head back out and through the double doors. Take out the guards in this area,
    then advance to the larger weapons storage room beyond. Here you can either
    sneak around the left edge, moving up and down the platforms and avoiding most
    of the guards, or attempt to kill everything by using a nearby missile. This
    alerts the guards in the area, but does a lot of splash damage to the
    surrounding area. And kills a few of them instantly. Your goal is the room in
    the back right corner.
    Once there, head through the hall and open the double doors. The room is
    guarded by elite soldiers. Take them out with a full on rush: if you give them
    too much time they can overwhelm you, so use explosives or some firebombs to
    hit them before they can attack you too much. Head into the room at the top of
    the nearby stairs for some data, then the final room to find Nasri. You can
    either choose to let Nasri go or kill him. Letting him go seems to be the
    better option: you blackmail him and he pays you, and you can find your way to
    Shaheed with his information. 
    III. Investigate Weapons Stockpile
    Type: Stealth/Combat
    You'll start a ways away from the camp you need to get to. Take out the first
    guard, then climb the stairs for some cash. Take out the other two guards, then
    drop down the stairs and head around. Move through the canyon, making sure to
    dodge the singular guard, and you'll eventually come to a wide open camp of
    soldiers. When the guard just below you turns around, slide down the ladders to
    the ground and then climb the ladder that leads to his ledge. (You might need
    to pause for a minute on the ladder so he moves away.) Take him out, then head
    down the stairs at the end of the area near him. 
    Move across the open area when the guard is facing away. Take cover near the
    ladder, then climb up it into the next area when the above guard moves. Head
    around to the left towards the guard tower and take down those guards before
    moving up top to the radar dish. Take out the guard inside, then disable the
    dish. Take the conveniently placed zip-line directly onto the head of a guard
    far below, then head into the catacombs.
    Once inside, head down the tunnel. The underground area has a few guards,  but
    there's a lot of obstacles for you to hide behind. Take out the first few
    guards, then move on to the next are towards the cells. There are a few guards
    in this area, but's it's very easy to approach them from behind. Take them out
    and then break into the cell for some information. Once out, head into the next
    area. Take out the guards here, then activate the computer in the back. This
    will get you what you need, but will alert some guard to your presence. Take
    cover near by and kill them as they advance down the hall. They came through a
    close off tunnel, which you can use to pop out right at the entrance of the 
    Above ground your evac has arrived, but it's under fire from rockets. There are
    a few rocket troops on the upper levels of the area. Kill the one across from
    you, then head up above your current position to find another. There is another
    one in the ladder leading down to this area and a final one in the guard tower.
    Kill them all, along with any soldiers, and the chopper will land. You need to
    climb the fence near the twin guard towers on the right side of the area, where
    you can jump across to where the chopper lands. 
    IV. Intercept Shaheed/Missiles
    Type: Stealth/Combat
    This mission starts out where in the hanger where the weapons were located in
    the airbase mission. There are two guards immediately outside the door, one of
    them on a turret. Take out the first when he moves to the left side behind the
    truck, then move around the truck and take down the second guard from here.
    From here you should be able to take out the guard in the tower with some well
    place shots. From there enter the door behind the turret into the control 
    There are some guards in here, but they are easily taken care of due to being
    spread out. The based is stocked with goodies again, so visit the basement and
    the the closed off room on the right side to collect everything before moving
    towards the control tower. There is a guard on the stairs that can be taken
    down from far away, and two at the top that can carefully be taken out with
    stealth kills. Activate the computer and then head back down the stairs where a
    door to the next area has been opened by a guard. 
    Head down the hill outside near the crashed plane. If you can, snipe the couple
    of visible guards from where you are right now. Once down sneak around the left
    side and either pick the lock or use an EMP to get through when the camera
    swings away. There are two more guards near the gate, but they can easily be
    taken out. Move past the gate and up the path to find a base. You can gain
    access by going left and hacking the door or going right and tricking the
    guards into opening the gate. Left is better, but there are some items on the
    right path if you want them.
    Hack the door and head through, where there are a couple of guards patrolling
    the halls. Take them out and gather the items, then collect the items on the
    bottom floor. Head up the stairs and take out the two guards near the top. Use
    the nearby sniper rifle to take out the guards in the area below you, then grab
    the items up top and slide down the zipline to the center roof. Take the side
    door near the camera, which leads up a few floors and back outside. From here
    go inside the next door near a camera, where there is a switch to turn off the
    cameras. From the catwalk of this room, take out the soldiers below you and
    head down to the door in the back, which takes you to the final area.
    Once the scene is over, kill the guard in the tower near you. Take cover and
    then aim for the other guards in the starting area, with the one closest first.
    Once they're dead, move to the far side of the area where you can jump a gate
    to the next point. The next area divides into a low and high point, and it's
    near impossible to get through without being detected. Kill the enemies as
    quickly as you can, then head up the hill on the other side. Now it's time to
    be stealthy again: you need to kill the guy in the bridge, and you get some
    special items if you can do it unseen. Take out the first guard from behind
    cover, then move up when the coast is clear from the bridge. Kill the other two
    guards below the bridge and then run around the debris quickly to avoid being
    seen from the bridge. Sneak up on the guy and stealth kill him. Or, if he's
    seen you, shoot him in the head a few times. He fights like a slightly beefed
    up normal enemy, so the same tactics apply.
    After he's dead, Shaheed's convoy shows up. Grab the ammunition near the
    starting point, then take cover and kill the soldiers below you. Once they're
    dead slide down the zipline. You need to take out the truck with some missiles.
    There are plenty of missiles along both sides of the area: wait for a break in
    the gunfire and dash to a new missile. Aim and then repeat. Just don't take
    cover behind trucks, since they explode. 
    After the final vehicle is dead, you can meet Shaheed face to face. You have
    three options for dealing with him: kill him, arrest him, or release him. It's
    your call, but listen to what he has to say about where the missiles came from
    and then make up your mind.
    Killing Shaheed will break up his terrorist organization, making them much less
    of a threat throughout the rest of the world.
    Arresting him nets you some secret information, but he will ultimately die
    under US control. (Or get killed in a random missile strike...)
    Letting him go nets you a powerful ally and supplier, along with some secret
    information and a powerful friend. It also lets a terrorist go free, so take
    that for what it's worth.
    C. Operation Blood Feud...(OBF)
    Covers the missions taking place in Moscow.
    I. Contact Grigori
    Type: Conversation
    This mission is entirely conversational. Grigori appreciates people that aren't
    serious, and will respond well to suave responses that treat him nicely and
    joke with him. (He hates people that seem artificial or too stuck up.)
    II. Assault the Yacht
    Type: Stealth/Combat
    This is a pretty straightforward mission, but bring a couple of fire bombs
    along. Take cover against the back of the boat and move up into the central
    covered part once the coast is clear. Take out the guard in the middle of the
    room, then head below decks. Take out the guy in the john to the right, then
    carefully move through the living room area and take out the girl (be gentle.)
    There are two more guards here: take them out, then continue. Sadly, your
    target will decide to attack you more often then not. Thankfully it's all in
    close quarters and he goes down fast. Get the info from the computer
    This will spawn a wave of guards. Move back to the upper deck and kill anything
    you meet along the way. Get into the computer on the top deck to trigger a
    scene, which leads into a boss fight. Sis uses revolvers, which take a long
    time to reload. If you did what I said and brought some firebombs on the trip,
    then taking her out is a piece of cake. Toss one of them near her cover and it
    will take down her shield and take off about 1/3 of her health. Once that one
    wears off throw the second, which should take her down to almost nothing. At
    this point rush her if she isn't dead already and a few punches/kicks should
    finish the job. You'll talk to her and have the option to kill/spare her. 
    III. Meet With Albatross
    Type: conversation
    Albatross with vary greatly on how you dealt with Sis (this mission may not
    appear at all of you killed her, I'm not sure.) He will eventually offer you an
    alliance, which grants you access to new weapons in the shop and his assistance
    in subsequent missions.
    IV. Train Station Infiltration
    Type: combat
    Stealth really isn't an option during most of this mission. It takes place
    outside, and there's a lot of guards and very little cover. At the start of the
    mission you'll be greeted by Sie, a possible ally depending on how you handle
    the conversation. She likes to be treated a little aggressively: too nice and
    she thinks your a pansy. She'll offer to ally with you in exchange for not
    shooting her guards. She likes you to be a little flirtatious and suave, but
    still professional.
    The rest of the mission is mostly just battling through the train yard to the
    end. Kill the enemies that spawn, then move inside of the next building. Kill
    enemies until they stop spawning in here, then pick the lock on the gate to
    continue. In the next area you should kill the enemies in the building, then
    blow up the water tower by shooting the tank at the bottom of it. This kills
    most enemies in the area, and gives you enough of a distraction to take down
    the survivors.
    In the area after that you need to get to the crane at the far left. Sneak or
    fight your way up to it, where you need to activate it. It will take you down
    to the other end of the train yard, where you can jump off and head through the
    gate nearby. The final train yard is very large, but there's a lot of cover if
    you want to move through it stealthily. The weapons crate is in a train car
    near the center: you need to reach and then decide to blow up/send it to
    someone. You can choose to send it to yourself or Grigori: there's a mid-range
    weapon of each kind a few cheap mods for them if you get it, and Grigori will
    give you $30,000. You'll decide at a computer in the final room of the mission,
    but hacking it will open a door leading to a boss fight. He's not too tough,
    and the area is small enough to use grenades effectively. Consider him a beefy
    regular enemy like the last guy in Saudi Arabia. After he's done you'll meet
    Sie again. You could attack her, or just leave her to her own devices and have
    a potential ally later on.
    V. Intercept Surkov at US Embassy
    Type: Combat
    Intel: Purchasing the Sniper Rifle drop is highly recommended.
    Head across the field and talk to the guard. You can bluff your way through the
    gates with joking or demanding, and how you treated Surkov will have an effect
    on whether or not this works. (If he blabs you can get in, if he doesn't you
    can get in easier.) Once you enter the building, it will be attacked by the
    group you didn't ally with for the mission (VCI or G22 respectively.) Move
    across the main floor and then into the halls to the right, killing the enemies
    as you move. Take the elevator to the second floor and jump over the gap. Kill
    the enemies that spawn here and move through the offices. After a few more
    enemies there will be a turret on the other side of the door: destroy it, then
    move into that room to talk to Surkov. 
    After the conversation, move around the floor until you come to a room with a
    ladder and go up, grabbing anything you see along the way. At the top, there
    will be a camera. Move around it, then hack the nearby computer (this is
    important for later.) Take out the enemies at the end of the hall, then move
    through the gap they were near to find some computers you need to activate.
    After doing so, you'll need to navigate towards the elevators and head
    downstairs. You have to jump down the stairs themselves to get there. Jump to
    the bottom, unless you bought the rifle. If you got the rifle stop on the
    second floor and head through it. There's a door on the left side of the area
    that leads out to a ledge with it overlooking a courtyard.
    You'll need to defend the courtyard and Surkov from being killed. This is easy
    if you have the rifle, but pretty difficult if you don't. Stick close to Surkov
    and attack enemies when they come near him (they like to charge him for some
    reason) Take cover behind the fountain and don't let the soldiers surround you.
    After killing them all, the mission is complete.
    VI. Meet With Surkov
    Type: conversation
    Not a whole lot happens here. Don;t be a jerk, and the mission will end quick
    enough with Surkov giving you the data about who wants him dead. Time to head 
    VII. Assault Brayko's Mansion
    Type: Stealth/Combat
    Intel: The boss for this mission is one of the hardest ones in the game. It is
    highly recommended to have met Steven Heck in Taipei before this fight, which
    will allow you the option of buying Spike Cocaine. This will make the boss
    fight much easier. It's also highly recommended that you buy the dossier on 
    Depending on who your handler was this mission will either start with you
    crashing through the gates on a turret or sneaking in with a sniper rifle.
    Either way, kill all the guards outside and make your way inside the house.
    There are three guards to the left, two of which can be taken down from here.
    You'll need to stealth kill one. After they're dead open the door and take out
    the next three guards. Take the items from this room, then crack the door near
    the first three guards and open the safe inside. 
    Head back out to the main hall and enter the arcade. It will get locked down,
    forcing you to fight the guards inside. Take cover near the entrance and let
    them come to you: there's quite a few of them. After they're dead you can open
    the door on the other side of the room, which leads to a room full of guards.
    Move far enough down the hall and your allies will come in through the windows,
    and will most likely kill everyone else in the room. Head around the room and
    into the bedroom, where you can crack a computer to get the info you need and
    find some items. This opens a secret door which has a safe, as well as a
    stairwell to the upper floor. Don't bother with stealth up here, as it seems
    impossible, and just kill all of the guards. Move into the casino like area and
    get all the items, then head downstairs and back outside. 
    You'll now have to make a choice: Brayko has been torturing the leader of the
    faction you're working with, either Sie or Albatross. You need to choose
    between saving them or going after the Halbech data. (Unless you're on Veteran,
    where you can do both.) If this is your first time playing, I recommend going
    after your handler. There is a piece of dossier information inside that you
    need in order to get the best ending for this mission. 
    If you choose the data, you have to go back inside the front door and hack a
    panel near the door straight ahead of you. (Why you couldn't do this earlier is
    a bit of mystery...) This lets you travel down to where Brayko's safe is
    located. Take out the turret, then hack the computers to open the door. Take
    all of the items in the next room and hack the safe to get the data. This will
    cause a wave of guards to come down the stairs. Take them out, then move to the
    house where Brayko is located.
    If you choose to save your handler, you can find them in the guest house. Hack
    the door, and you'll find a house full of a few different enemies. Kill any of
    the ones you see at the start from outside, then move in and clear them out one
    by one. There's ample cover, so this shouldn't be hard. Once you find your
    handler you can choose to leave them, kill them, or free them. After that,
    gather the items in the house (including the dossier) and head outside to where
    Brayko is located.
    You'll have to fight through a cramped hallway before the fight with Brayko,
    but that just means grenades work better. Gather the final dossier piece on
    Brayko at the end of the hall, then move inside to meet the crime boss. Brayko
    fights with SMGs from a distance, and they can tear you up. Don't stand out in
    the open when fighting him. Brayko will intermittently take cocaine during the
    fight and pull out his knife: this should be your cue to run the hell away. He
    can halve your health, and he's almost as fast as your running speed. 
    Your best bet for avoiding his charge is to circle around the center area, then
    run up to and jump off the stage. Don't bother trying to hit him here, since
    his cocaine makes him almost bulletproof for some reason. After his rush he
    summons a couple of goons and takes to the upper balcony. Kill the goons first,
    then focus on him. There are really only a couple viable methods to taking out
    Brayko: if you bought the spiked cocaine, he'll take damage whenever he snorts
    some of it. This turns the fight into a war of attrition, as he will eventually
    kill himself if you wait around long enough. If you don't have the coke, the
    aimed shots ability with the pistol always works wonders. Take down his
    shields, activate the ability, then fire a few shots into his head. Another
    option is to use fire: fire seems to hurt him when he's all hopped up, it's
    just a matter of setting him ablaze with phosphorous shotgun rounds or
    incendiary grenades. The final option, if you have none of those, is to wait
    for him to tire out and unload as much power as you can into him. He will stop
    summoning guards and moving to the balcony once hurt enough, which opens him up
    to more punishment from conventional weaponry.
    Once Brayko is down you'll have the chance to speak with him. What you want to
    pick here is the dossier option, only available if you've completed his (buy
    one piece, one piece in his guest house, one piece in the hall before the
    fight). It turns out he wasn't the one smuggling the weapons: it was Surkov all
    along. You can choose to kill him, spare him, or have him buy his life from you
    for a whopping $75,000. The money actually seems the best option, as characters
    will react as if he's dead and you'll get a ton of cash. 
    VIII. Prevent Surkov's Escape
    Type: Stealth
    Special Note: This mission is only available if you got the information out of
    Brayko using his dossier. 
    Thankfully,this mission is much shorter than the last one. Cracke the computer
    and the door at the start, enter the door, and move down the hall. Take out the
    singular guard, then move into the break room. Take down the one guard from
    here, then move into the next room and get the other one. Hack the email, then
    get the items from the small closet. 
    The next room has a lot of guards at odd angles, so it can be hard to take them
    all out and sneak through the room. If you've got a decent level in shadow
    operative, the room is small enough so that you can simply sneak along the left
    wall and not get caught. Even if you don't, sneaking along the left wall is the
    best way through the room. Taking out guards is bound to be noticed since
    they're tightly packed together, so don't try unless someone gets in your way.
    At the top of the stairs you'll meet Surkov. He'll either be nice or pissed,
    and to be honest I have no idea why he reacts either way. It could be the
    difference in killing/sparing Surkov, if you got here undetected, or whatever.
    I've played the game a couple times in almost the exact same way and it almost
    seems random. He'll offer you a deal to work with him. Accept the deal and
    he'll help you fight against Halbech, refuse and you'll have to fight your way
    through the rest of his guards and Championchik. Once you confront him again,
    you'll have the option to spare or kill him. If you choose to kill him and
    Brayko is still alive, you'll have one of the most badass scenes in the game.
    D. Deus Vult...(ODV)
    Taking place in Italy, Operation Deus Vult has you investigating what Halbech
    has going on there.
    I. Intercept NSA Intelligence 
    Type: Conversation
    You'll need to convince the swarthy looking owner of the gelato shop that
    you're there to upgrade the computers. You have the option to kill him from the
    start, but that leads to negative consequences later on. Tell him the
    passphrase and then say you're there to do upgrades for the best result in the
    mission. Also for Gelato.
    II. Bug CIA Listening Post
    Type: Stealth
    Bonus Objectives: Acquire Equipment.
    On the third floor there's a locked door, which has a lot of nice stuff behind
    it. One of these is a free silencer MK3, the best silencer in the game.
    Special Note: 
    During this mission you will face CIA operatives. Killing/not killing them has
    an effect on the ending, so use non-lethal takedowns or tranquilizer rounds.
    Hit the power near you right at the start. This will draw a guard downstairs.
    Knock him out and then move up to the lobby. This mission is easy after this
    point: just move up the stairs to the second floor and take out the two guards,
    then raid the second floor and hack the computers. After the second floor is
    clear move to the third, where there's only one guard. Raid the whole floor for
    some nice stuff, then check out the door to your final objective. It's locked,
    so you need to sabotage the air conditioning to draw the two guards out. Set
    the charge then hide in a safe corner. Take out the two agents, then hack the
    email in the CIA office. From here head back down to the first floor and be
    careful of the newly spawned guard. Take him down, then head outside to
    complete the mission.
    III. Assassinate Jibril Al-Bara
    Type: Stealth
    Special Note: How you resolve this mission determines what the missions will
    become available to you later on. The key difference ultimately ends up being
    whether or not a certain character likes you. 
    This mission is different from the rest, taking place entirely through a sniper
    scope. You need to identify the people by holding your scope over them long
    enough to upload the data to Mina. There are three people in the first area:
    one to the left and right, and one behind the gate. After identifying them
    you'll move to the second, which has three guards on the ground and two guests
    in the windows. The third and final area has four guards, which patrol along
    the two sets of stairs and the roads respectively. Al-Bara is here too, walking
    on the balcony in the upper left corner. Identify him once all the others have
    been found for a perk, and then choose what to do. I recommend not killing him.
    IV. Contact Jibril Al-Bara
    Type: Conversation
    Special Note: This Mission is only available if you did not shoot Jibril.
    Despite the above, you aren't meeting with Al-Bara. You're meeting with
    Marburg, the man who killed Al-Bara. He will basically just tell you to leave
    and not interfere, but we can't have that now can we? You should decide during
    this mission how you want to handle Marburg foe the rest of the game. Both ways
    offer some interesting plot points, but this is only true if he totally hates
    you or thinks you're amazing: anywhere in between will get you nothing. Be
    nice, straightforward, and professional to make him happy. Joke and be
    aggressive to make him angry. He will also get angry if you're friends with
    certain people.
    IV-2.Contact Halbech Representative
    Type: Conversation 
    Special note: This mission is only available if you killed Al-bara.
    Functionally speaking, it is identical to the “contact Jibril Al-Bara” mission
    svae for some minor changes in conversation.
    V. Contact Madison Saint-James
    Type: Conversation
    Have a short chat with Madison about information she knows. Be suave and
    professional to get her to like you more, and then offer to protect her. You
    won't regret it...
    VI. Investigate Marburg's Villa
    Type: Stealth
    Optional objective: There is a secret room in the garden which can only be
    found if you buy the map if the mansion. This allows you to get special intel.
    After the cutscene you'll need to choose a handler. Pick Madison for now. Punch
    out the two guards, and then get ready to take out a third one that charges
    into the room. Grab a suitcase of cash next to the bed, then move out into the
    hall. Ignore the guard at the end and roll to the other side of the hall. Pick
    the lock and enter the room, where you can grab some ammo and listen to a phone
    conversation. Head out to the balcony and walk over to the lone guard. Take him
    out then head inside. Pick up the items in this room and open the safe, then
    head into the hallway. Turn left, and when the coast is clear enter the small
    room to find our gear. 
    Take out the two guards outside the room, then duck under the camera and go
    through the door. Move down the stairs and take out the guard, then take out
    the guards on the bottom with some well aimed shots to avoid getting detected.
    Move down and outside again, where there are a few more guards. There's a
    turret on the left side of the area which you need to disable with an EMP or
    avoid completely. Enter into the door near it to find the arcade. The door you
    want is kiddy-corner to where you are now, so move around the room and take out
    anyone you feel you need to. In this hallway you will then find a security room
    with some more intel and computers that shut down the turrets. From here you
    can then advance into the garden, and from there to the exit. 
    VII. Investigate the Ruins
    Type: Combat. It can be played stealthy, but there is a required combat section
    and the actual stealth part is pretty easy to just plow through.
    Special Note: Enemies in this mission change based off of whether or not
    Shaheed is alive. If he's alive and you purchase the intel warning him, then
    his troops will be replaced by Marburg's forces.
    This mission is really just a long line to the end of the level. It's doable to
    sneak the a lot of the mission, but there are some tricky corners and
    annoyingly placed enemies and check points. This can make stealth become very
    hard if you get a bad checkpoint, so I'd just recommend going in with full war
    mode going and killing everyone you meet. The level is a straight line through
    the ruins, so you shouldn't need any help navigating.
    The second part of the level requires you to defend a computer from approaching
    soldiers. Before you do this open the safes nearby and plant some explosives if
    you have them (though this isn't completely necessary.) Hide behind the
    computer and wait for people to get close, then kill them. As long as you kill
    people when they get close they should never overwhelm you, but make sure to
    watch the sides to avoid being flanked. After you've saved the computer, the
    mission is over. 
    VIII. Intercept Marburg at the Museum
    Type: Mixed
    This is the final mission of the Deus Vult operation. Take out the guard in
    front of you in the hall, then head left pass the camera to find a room where
    you can disable the cameras for the level. The first part of this mission will
    continue as a stealth based mission: the enemies are spaced out and easy enough
    to take down by themselves. After going into an underground tunnel and coming
    up the other side, you'll join a fight with some security guards and soldiers.
    Kill the soldiers, then collect the items in the cafe before heading up the 
    Here you'll have to make a tough choice: save Madison or disable the bomb. You
    cannot complete both of these tasks at once. Go left for Madison and right for
    the bombs. Either way you'll fight roughly the same sets of enemies: a few
    soldiers, some proximity mines, and a couple of turrets. Take out all of the
    enemies and save Madison/disarm the bombs for a scene. 
    After that, it's time to fight Marburg. He uses a pistol and will stay back for
    a minute to let his troops do the fighting. (Coward) After you kill a few of
    his soldiers, he'll charge you with pistol attacks and then attempt to melee
    you. Stay in the back corner of the area and don't let him get close: use
    weapons fire to keep him away. The best strategy is to save up all of your
    special shots at once, especially your pistol. It does crazy damage to him.
    You'll stop and have another conversation about 2/3 through the fight. If
    you've consistently mocked or otherwise pissed off Marburg, you can
    successfully goad him into attacking and killing you here to end it once and
    for all. Otherwise, the coward runs away.
    E. Operation True Heirs...(OHZ)
    This operation takes place in Taipei, where you're trying to find out the link
    between Halbech and an attempted assasination. Tech resistance from locks,
    keypads, and doors is much higher during these missions than others, so it's a
    good idea to carry more EMP charges than usual. 
    I. Meet Steven Heck
    Type: Conversation
    Steven is a bit out there. It's unknown whether or not he's an actual agent
    that lost it somewhere along the line or just a man so crazy he THINKS he an
    agent. In any case, follow along with his craziness and admire his work to gain
    his trust quickly, which will net you a future ally and some new weapons in the
    II. Meet Hong Shi
    Type: Conversation
    Hong Shi wants to propose a trade between you and himself: you scratch his back
    and he'll do the same for you. He appreciates professionalism and being
    truthful, as well as being shown a little respect by a younger man. He'll give
    you the next few missions after the meeting and open up trade channels if he
    likes you.
    III. Investigate Warehouse Data Trail
    Type: Stealth
    Take out the first guard that you see, then move past the camera. Soon you will
    come to a large, open area: take out the guard across from you, then move down
    to the bottom floor and take out the guards down there. You need to activate
    three servers down here: one towards each of the walls. First you should move
    into the small room an grab the collectibles. Bug the servers, then hide from
    the new guard that appears at the top of the stairs. Take him out, then move
    into the room he was guarding to find another guard. Deal with him, then hit
    these three servers. After that, head up the stairs at the end of the hall to
    the roof.
    On the roof you need to deactivate a transmitter. To do so, move along the
    right side of the area, though you're going to need to take out almost all of
    the guards in the area. The ones patrolling the roof are easy, but the ones up
    above you take careful aim. The above and behind you once you first come out is
    no necessary to kill. Once the transmitter is taken care of, move downstairs
    through the newly opened door.
    Move out onto the catwalk and take the guard out, then to the right and around
    the platform where you can target the other two guards. Head down the ladder
    and into the office to the left of the room for a computer that turns off the
    turrets, then move through the room to the office on the other side, where you
    can open the doors to the outside area. You'll need to carefully move through
    and take out the soldiers here to avoid being detected, and if you are then you
    should retreat back into the large room. Your goal is the gate at the far end
    of the area, which needs to be hacked to allow you to escape.
    After exiting you'll be contacted by Albatross, who wants to know what the hell
    you're doing. If you remove the bugs you'll get some rep with him, but you can
    bluff if you've placed all six and he'll give the money and the dossier
    information that are usually mutually exclusive.
    IV. Investigate Triad Defectors
    Type: Stealth
    Optional Objective: Find out the reason the members defected. Covered below.
    Pick the lock next to you and move into the building at the start. Head into
    the first room and take out the guard, then hack the computer to get the
    optional objective going. Continue to the second floor of the building, which
    has two guards milling around. Take them out and pick the lock to the room,
    which holds the first boss you need to take out. You can stealth kill him
    easily. Hack the nearby computer to disable the cameras.
    Head back downstairs, where there are three easily removed guards. Move to the
    left side, up the stairs, to come down across the street. You'll enter a
    building, the target is on a ledge across from you in the other building. Make
    your way to the top of this building and take him, along with the other guards,
    out. Move over to his building and grab all of the goodies. Take the zipline to
    the next area.
    Head up the stairs in the nearby building, then check the bottom floor for
    items. Head back up and drop down to the next area. Kill the guard, then go
    around the corner and take out the other two guards from a distance. Pick the
    locks, then head won the stairs. Take out the two guards, then turn the corner
    and take out the guys here too. The next room will have a switch that allows
    you to turn the turrets to your side, and one that opens the sluice gates. This
    is the best way to enter the next room, where the final triad boss awaits.
    After that you'll need to hold out against a few waves of Triad members. Pick a
    corner and hunker down: there's quite a few, but if you turned the turrets that
    will do most of the work for you. Exit after that's done and you'll meet Hong
    Shi. You have the option of blackmailing him if you found out the truth behind
    the defectors, which royally pisses him off and removes any help the triads
    might get for you. 
    V. Intercept NSB data
    Type: Stealth/Combat
    Special Note: To avoid negative reactions from your teammates, DO NOT use
    lethal rounds during this mission. Knock the guards out with melee or
    tranquilizer rounds.
    After giving the crew a pep talk, head out into the hall then down the
    elevator. Move to the right hall while Heck distracts the guard and take out
    the one closest to you, then move into the middle room and take out the other.
    Hack the computer to turn off the cameras, then head into the room across the
    hall for another hackable computer that gets you some data. From here move down
    the hall into another room with a computer, which you also need to hack. Open
    the nearby lock and then head out up the stairs.
    Enter the bathroom a few levels up to meet Scarlet. She'll give you your info
    and then leave. In the next area there are two guards on the bottom floor and
    two on the top. Take out the ones on the bottom, then move to the top corner to
    take out the ones on the top. Move down the left hall if you want the optional
    objective of framing the man Scarlet caught, but be warned that the computer is
    very hard to crack. Move down the right hall to enter the penthouse, where you
    will find the data card you need and an elevator down to the conference room.
    On the conference level you need to wait for a guard to come out of the room,
    then ambush the three inside before they can draw their weapons. (Pistol time
    slow). Hack the computer for the data you need, then decide if you want to help
    Heck. If you do the security forces are alerted, resulting in a massive
    shootout in the lobby. If not, Heck loses some points with you and might turn
    against you later on. Either way, head into the lobby. You should be able to
    get out easily If you didn't trip the alarm, but if you did you need to cross
    the lobby and activate the security console on the left side of the room and up
    some stairs. From this ledge you should then take out the enemies below until
    they're gone, at which point you can escape.
    VI. Intercept Assassination Plans
    Type: Stealth/Combat
    Intel: I'd recommend the Steven Heck Intel. It isn't extremely useful, but it
    is hilarious.
    You'll get captured right after this mission starts. Thankfully, it's the least
    secure cell ever and you can sneak out through a big hole in the floor. There
    is a single guard on the other side that can easily be taken out. Beyond him
    there's a door, which leads to a shaft. Hide behind one of the pipes in the
    shaft, and wait until you can take out the guard on your level. There are two
    on the floor above you, and one on the floor above them. Take them out with
    carefully placed shots or some careful sneaking. 
    Head out at the top and across the top of the train tracks. Drop down on the
    other side and head through the hall. Ignore the guards when you come into the
    large room and drop down onto a pipe from the left side. This takes you down to
    a lower area where there is a single guard. Drop down when his back is turned
    take him out, then climb the ladder and go through the door. Head across the
    tracks and into the train station. Do not kill the guards here or Mina will
    have problems with you. Despite the heavy security, you can move almost
    undetected along the right side of the platform. Crack the door at the end,
    then the safe inside, then move upstairs to the gate controls. Head back down
    to where you entered the first area and go through the gates.
    You'll see the assassination data being traded. Take cover behind the nearby
    wall and start taking out the guards- unless you hired Heck, who comes along
    with a subway mounted machine gun and takes them out for you. Head through the
    door at the opposite end of the platform and head through. This takes you to a
    long tunnel, with the assassin running away from you. Take cover on the side of
    the tunnel in one of the alcoves or behind some debris. Take out the guards
    from long range, then head down the platform towards the assassin. Get close
    enough and you'll realized he fooled you: a train is coming and you're
    stranded. Run back and open a locked door or move towards him and hit the
    switch to change the tracks. Either way, the mission is over afterwords.
    VII. Meet With Sung
    Type: conversation
    Sung is willing to meet with you, but he's pretty stubborn about it. He will
    only follow one of the things you asked of him: whatever evidence you saved
    from the last mission, so the choices are between his life and hundreds of
    people dying in a riot. 
    VIII. Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally.
    Type: Combat. Stealth is possible, but ill-advised after the first section.
    The sniper rifle will be here at the start if you bought it. There are three
    guards you should take out from the starting point: the one directly in front
    of you, the one on the hill to the right, and the one in the gazebo to the
    left. Take the zipline near the right one to get to the other side of the
    river,where two guards patrol outside the building. Take them out and head up
    the path. If you have a good relationship with G22, they'll show up at this
    point to give you some back up. They're not as tough as you, but they're still
    beefy. Attack the courtyard and kill the guards, which opens the building on
    the right. Kill these guards, then move through the building to a turret. Use
    it to kill the guards below you. 
    At this point Triad guards will have showed up if you're in good standing with
    Hong Shi. Head through the doors at the end of this area and advance through a
    couple of small rooms, killing the guards as you come to the them. You will
    eventually leave your escort behind and advance to an area with some security
    cameras that is set above the water on a pond. You can use stealth here again:
    make your ay around the left side of the area, removing guards and cleaning out
    the buildings of valuables as you go. Your goal is the building on the right.
    Enter it and move to the upper floor. Take out the guard, then move to the
    balcony. Move help will arrive to assist in taking out the enemies here, and
    you should easily be able to kill everything. 
    Head through the next door and you'll run into Omen Deng. He will take cover
    and summon some guards to fight you. Take them out from a distance, using some
    help from your friends, and slowly advance up the stairs. Head inside the
    building on the right side and you'll come to a large open room. You'll have to
    chase Deng around the construction here, fighting his soldiers as he summons
    them. Whenever new soldiers appear take cover and fire on them, this is a very
    bad place to get ganged up on. You'll move to the top of the first piece of
    scaffolding, then across to the second and up to its top, and then back across
    to the first where you can drop down to the bottom. 
    Head trough one of the doors and you'll come to a balcony where Deng is hiding.
    Now  you have to fight him. Deng uses a shotgun and a pistol, so he's deadly at
    mid-range. His shields heal extremely quickly, so you need to do damage to him
    all at once. Bait him into attacking you and unload on him while he runs
    towards you with your special abilities. It will take a few minutes, but he
    will go down easy. 
    After the fight you have the option to kill or spare him if you have enough
    dossier information on him.
    F. Operation Full Circle...(OFC)
    Once you've completed the three assignments after Saudi Arabia, you'll find
    yourself in a hotel room back in the US. Mina will be there, and if you have a
    good enough relationship then you can get a little more intimate during the
    conversation. After she leaves, it's time to contact your allies. You'll have
    three different missions here, depending on who likes and who hates you:
    Contact Albatross-
    Albatross can be a possible handler for the final mission, depending on how
    much he likes you. He can also help you even if he hates you, but I'm unsure
    about the parameters for how to trigger this.
    Contact Scarlet-
    You need to contact Scarlet to hand off the data you've gotten throughout the
    game. If you have a high enough relationship score with her you can also stay
    for the night.
    Contact Shaheed- 
    This mission is only available if he's alive. Shaheed ask if you will betray
    your country, and you can choose to accept or decline his offer. You can also
    choose to assassinate him hear, or let him go so that he will broadcast the
    data he has about Halbech. 
    Graybox: Full Circle
    Type: Combat
    Note: There are a lot of variations in this mission, and I'm going to try and
    cover them all here. That being said, I'm probably going to miss something. 
    Before Starting the mission, you need to cover a few things:
    Your first choice is on who your handler is going to be. This will change who
    allies with you during the mission: SIE, Sis (if you pick Albatross), or Steven
    Heck. You can also find a person to replace them during the mission depending
    on your relationship with them. Sie will romance you in the final mission if
    she likes you enough, so if you're going for the Ladie's Man Achievement then
    you have to pick her. (Or you can start the mission, sleep with her for the
    achievement a few minutes in 
    Secondly, stock up. This is the longest mission in the game, so going for an
    ammo puch might be a good idea. In addition, Alpha Protocol actually has a ton
    of intel to gather from safes and computers, all of which tend to have high
    encryption levels so you might want to bring some EMP devices.
    Finally, you need to decide what ending you're going to go for so you can make
    the right choices.There are three possible ways to end the game, each differing
    based off of who you decide to go after in the end game:
    Take down Halbech:
    Refuse Shaheed's offer if he's still alive. Refuse Leland's offer during the
    final mission.
    Take down Alpha Protocol:
    Accept Leland's offer at the start of the final mission. He must like you a
    certain amount to make the offer. It does not matter whether or not you
    accepted Shaheed's offer, as this overrides it. 
    Take down both Alpha Protocol and Halbech:
    Accept Shaheed's offer during the mission contact Shaikh Ali Shaheed,which
    becomes available after you complete the tree main operations in the game.
    Shaheed must be alive for this to be a possibility.  
    Now to start the actual mission...
    After you find yourself in the interrogation room once again, you'll have a
    little chat with Leland. If he likes you enough he'll offer you a job with
    Halbech: it shouldn't have been that hard to make friends with him during the
    game as long as you don't actively insult him or act stupidly in missions.
    Accept/punch him depending on what ending you want. After meeting him you'll
    meet Marburg in the hall: if he likes you enough and you pick the dossier
    option, (only possible if you have enough info on him) then you can get him to
    change sides. He won;t help you, but he will ignore you and let things play out.
    In the medical bay once more, you will be released by your handler one way or
    another. Grab your equipment and take cover outside, then kill the two guards.
    Head into the elevator and down one floor. Take out the guard outside the room,
    then open the door and remove the one inside. Gather all of the items and intel
    in the room, then use the computer in the back. You have two options: contact
    Parker or Contact Omen Deng. Contacting Parker will allow you to try and
    convince him to help you. This can be done in two ways: if you learned that
    Madison was his daughter in Rome, or if if likes you enough and you convince
    him by telling him how his analysis was flawed. (I think he needs an overall
    like of 5 for this, but you can gain three points during this conversation.)
    Omen Deng will inform you of the true identity of the assassin from Taipei,
    Scarlet Lake, and will ask you to kill her. 
    After that meeting, two guards will burst in through the door regardless of who
    you talked to. Kill them and head across the next hall. Take out the guard, and
    then the turret on the ceiling. Head back into the previous room if you get
    overwhelmed. Scarlet is through the door on the right wall, sitting in the
    interrogation room. She will tell you that she was the assassin from Taipei,
    unless you spoke to Omen Deng in which case you will tell her. You have three
    options: you can kill her if you talked to Omen, let her go, or work with her.
    Working with her makes her your handler for the rest of the mission instead of
    whoever you had beforehand.
    Head back out and through the next door. Take cover behind the  Shipping
    container and then fire on one the guards you can see. This will draw them
    closer to you, where you can shoot them easier. Move out until you can see the
    floor and shoot the various trucks, guards, and turrets before moving down and
    head across the other side. Move up the stairs and through the door there, and
    you'll come to a small room. You can choose to move forward and head into the
    left door to go after the kidnapped Mina Tang. 
    Mina is in the shooting range. The first room has two guards and a turret which
    can all be taken out from behind cover. The shooting range is equally safe:
    there's a ton of cover that makes it difficult for enemies to hit you easily.
    Move thorugh to the opposite side, taking out all the guards. Mina is past the
    door being guarded by two turrets. If you have a low enougb relationship with
    her than you can choose to kill her,but you'll normally save her, and you can
    get some information out of her either way. Once she's free head back through
    the course and through the room you entered the place from. 
    Open the door at the end of the corridor to find a room full of enemies and
    your handler fighting them from a ledge. Take out the turret and the soldiers
    from the relative safety of the doorway. Once they're dead move through the
    room and head up the stairs on the opposite side, killing the guards stationed
    there. Stop at the top and take out the two guards in the lower area, then
    slide down the zipling. Gather the intel and items in the room, then head
    through the door on the left side. Grab the stuff in this room, then go through
    the door to see a cutscene, which varies on what mission you're playing:
    If you didn't contact Parker, he'll be trying to erase the Alpha Protocol data.
    He'll call down some turrets and fire on you and summon some guards to fight
    you. (I'm pretty sure they're endless.) You need to get to his room and take
    him out (thankfully he's a total weakling). Move through the room as fast as
    possible using stealth moves, or take out as much as you can from the balcony
    and the rush the room to finish him off.
    If you told Parker that Marburg killed Madison, he will die in an effort to
    kill Marburg. You will now have to fight Marburg and his goons instead of
    Parker. He's a tougher fighter than Parker, but the gunshot weakens him. Use
    the same tactics as you usually do with powerful enemies to take him out:
    attacks from a distance and focused power in short bursts to take down his
    shield and damage him. 
    If you convinced Parker to work with you, you'll need to defend him while he
    gathers the data. This is the easiest of the methods to go with: run through
    the enemies as fast as possible and take cover near Parker. This allows you to
    kill anything that comes close to the data room. 
    Once you're in the room, grab the data from the computer and then head through
    the open door. Move through the next room and into the elevator to exit to the
    top of the island. After your salvation gets shot down by another one of those
    goddamn Halbech missiles, remove the the nearby guards and then jump down into
    the next area where Darcy is waiting for you. 
    Darcy is a wimpy little coward for this fight. He sits inside of a tower at the
    far end of the area and snipes at you, along with throwing grenades every so
    often. That's it. There are two ways to go about defeating him. The first is a
    lot harder, but doesn't require any additional items/skills. Hide behind the
    box right after the cutscene and shoot the truck/fuel tank. Take cover behind
    the boxes a short distance ahead, and then check on Darcy. Peek around the
    corner and line up your shot, then fire on him with an assault rifle or a
    pistol when he pops his head out. It'll take a while, but he doesn't have a lot
    of health. The other option is a but harder to get to, but takes him out a lot
    quicker. The other tower in the area has a sniper rifle, but it's up a ladder
    and behind a locked door. Use an EMP on the door and then get up the stairs,
    and you can take Darcy down in just a few seconds. When he's dead, kill the
    rest of the guards and scour the area for supplies. 
    Head down the path past the tower to find some guards patrolling the rest of
    the live fire area, along with a big ass helicopter flying around shooting
    missiles at you. You can't hide from the helicopter, so you need to avoid it
    for now. It will intermittently launch missiles, which thankfully make a very
    loud noise before hitting. Take out the first guard, jump down to the shipping
    container, then kill the nearby guard on the ground. Grab the missile, jump
    down, then circle back up the slope and hide behind the concrete slab. Fire on
    the helicopter when you have the chance. 
    Run down the slope again and move towards the opposite side, firing on any
    guards on the area. Take cover in the back corner: this is one of the only
    completely safe place in the area. Slowly remove any soldiers from the upper
    area until the field is clear. There is a missile launcher back here, and there
    are launchers in each of the small buildings around the area. The helicopter
    should go down with 5-6 shots from the missiles. Move quickly between the
    towers, and don't stay in one place for long. The soldiers are more of a
    problem that the helicopter, and as long as you take them out early this fight
    shouldn't be too bad as long as you play it safe. 
    Once the copter is down, head into the next area. A single guard patrols the
    steps. Beyond him is the crash site of your helicopter. There are three turrets
    here, along with a couple of guards. Head along the right path for an overhead
    view, where you can fire on the turrets and the guards below. Sounding the
    alarm will summon more guards, but they can taken from here as well. Head
    inside for the final encounter of the game. 
    After a short conversation, you'll be fighting either Leland or Westridge
    depending on how you played the mission. Both use different weapons, but the
    strategy remains the same. The best option is move top the upper floor as fast
    as you can. Toss a few bombs down on the guards and blow up the fuel tanks. You
    can safely move along the top as long as you have good enough reflexes to dodge
    the missiles/gunfire. Leland/Westridge doesn't have a lot of health, and few
    weapon abilities can take him down pretty quick once you get up here. A single
    volley of aimed pistol shots or blind fire rifle with aiming on will down him
    pretty fast.
    The rest of the mission varies on how you played it, but mostly just who is
    there and what gets said.
    Take Down Halbech:
    You'll beat the crap out of Leland, and can choose to kill him or leave him for
    the cops. If you spare him and Scarlet is still allied with him (you never met
    her this mission) she shows up and shoots you. You can choose to signal your
    handler to kill her or simply get her to kill Leland. Or you could just shoot
    Leland. You'll ride off into the sunset with Mina if you saved, Scarlet if you
    allied with her and didn't save Mina, or Sie/Heck is you saved neither. You'll
    be alone if you used Albatross and saved none of them. 
    Take Down Alpha Protocol:
    You'll have the option of framing Westridge or killing him. You will walk out
    of the dock with Leland, and you can choose to betray or go along with him. If
    you betray him you get possibly the coolest kill in the game, but you can also
    choose to leave him for the authorities. You'll ride off into the sunset with
    Mina if you saved, Scarlet if you allied with her and didn't save Mina, or
    Sie/Heck is you saved neither. You'll be alone if you used Albatross and saved
    none of them.
    Take down Alpha Protocol and Halbech
    You'll have the option of killing or framing Darcy. After that, the events as
    seen in the Halbech line play out and you have the option of killing or sparing
    Leland, in which case the same events happen as above. You'll ride off into the
    sunset with Mina if you saved, Scarlet if you allied with her and didn't save
    Mina, or Sie/Heck is you saved neither. You'll be alone if you used Albatross
    and saved none of them. 
    5. Secrets...(5ST)
    This section is divided into two parts. The first lists expanded rosters for
    the characters, with information on how to best interact or manipulate them.the
    second section details how best to get the game's mire difficult achievements.
    A. Dossiers...(DZS)
    Characters listed in alphabetical order. Only characters that can be interacted
    with are in here, not random bosses or soldiers. SPOILERS BELOW, READ AT YOUR
    I. Alan Parker
    First Met: Graybox 
    Parker is a serious man, and acts as a “janitor” for Alpha Protocol. Parker
    doesn't like to mess around, and gets straight to the point. In your first
    couple conversations use a professional stance for bonus points with him. You
    will also gain points with him if you complete his special mission inside of
    Graybox. Parker has close ties with Halbech, and will react differently
    depending on how the last mission is handled. You have the option to call him
    and convince him that his analysis has been flawed: point out matter of
    factually why this is so to get points. You can also convince him to help you
    if you discover that Madison St. James is his daughter, and that his ally
    Marburg tried/did kill her. He ends up dead either way.
    II. Albatross
    First Met: Taipei (Investigate warehouse district), Moscow (Lazo's Yacht)
    A member of G22 and your only contact inside of the organization. He maintains
    a close relationship with his body guard Sis, and dislikes it when you probe
    into her past when around him. He'll be impressed when you complete missions
    with few casualties or alarms and when you act professionally during
    conversation. If you want to be good friends with him, the best way is to use
    him as a handler as much as possible. Albatross can end up dead at the end of
    Moscow if he was your handler for the Embassy mission: Brayko captures him and
    tortures him. He dies if you don't save him, or you can kill him. You could
    also leave him there (effect unknown), or you can let him go.
    III. Ali Shaheed
    First met: Saudi (Final Mission)
    The leader of Al-Samad. He seems to respect professionalism, but as long as you
    don't kill him on your first meeting he seems to respect you no matter what.
    You can eventually choose to ally with him at the end of the game and betray
    America, but only if you let him live earlier in the game. Shaheed can be
    killed when you meet him for the first time or by being taken into custody (he
    dies anyway, accidentally), or he can continue to lead Al-Samad if you let him
    go while offering you help.
    IV. Conrad Marburg
    First Met: Rome (Meet Jabril Al-bara/Halbech Representative)
    An enforcer, head of security, and general total douche lackey of Henry Leland.
    Marburg is essentially the same as you, only a little more sociopathic. He is
    impressed if you know a lot about what's going and if you keep a low profile:
    he's a professional spy and expects you to be the same. He absolutely hates it
    if you get along well with Sie or you joke with him. Marburg is fought as a
    boss at the end of the Museum mission, and can be killed there if he hates you
    enough. Be as suave as possible when dealing with him, and he'll get annoyed
    enough to try and kill you. Alternately, if he likes you enough, you can get
    him on your side by the final mission in the game and convince him to betray
    Halbech and Leland.
    V. Grigori Pazinhov
    First Met: Moscow (Meet Grigori)
    An information broker and gun-runner in Moscow. He's a bit jaded with the
    community, and doesn't like it if you're too uptight or mean to him. Joke and
    play along with him and he'll give you some discounts and offer stuff to you
    for free. If you piss him off he'll sell you out and let everyone in Moscow
    know you're there, which is bad for you in the end.
    VI. Henry Leland
    First Met: Interrogations (The entire game)
    The current President of Halbech and big bad guy of Alpha Protocol. Leland
    likes it when you show off your tactical/ruthless side, clearly explaining why
    you've done what you've done will get you some serious points with him. If he
    likes you enough he'll offer to let you work for him, which changes how the
    final mission plays out. He is one of the possible final bosses. Upon defeating
    him you can choose to Spare or Kill him.
    VII. Hong Shi
    First Met: Taipei (Meet Hong Shi)
    The current leader of the White Oak Mountain Triad, a premier criminal
    organization in Tapei. He appreciates it if you're respectful and nice to him,
    along with being professional. If you complete the mission to assassinate his
    lieutenants, you'll find out that they rebelled because he started dealing with
    Al-Samad. You can choose to blackmail Hong and destroy his empire with thbis
    information, or have him as a friend by keeping quiet. 
    VIII. Konstantin Brayko
    First Met: Moscow (Assault Brayko's Mansion)
    A higher up in the criminal underworld of Moscow. He used to work for Sukov,
    but after Surkov betrayed him the two had a falling out. You will fight him as
    a boss in the same mission he appears. This is your only meeting with him: he
    likes it if you're blunt, but not rude. He also appreciates it if you don't
    shoot him in the head.
    IX. Madison Saint-James
    First Met: Rome (Meet Madison)
    The secretary of Carl Marburg, she discovers that he has taken a hit out on you
    and wishes to inform you of this. You should offer to protect her so that she
    does not get tracked down by the people who want you dead. She appreciates a
    professional stance at first until she warms up to you, but you should feel
    free to play up the suave spy as much as you can afterwords. If you're nice
    enough, Madison will eventually offer to treat your wounds. Accept. The next
    mission she should be sleeping. Check up on her when prompted, and with enough
    suave responses you can get a little quality time. Despite this, she will get
    captured. You're forced to choose to either save her or disarm the bomb. If
    Madison dies, you can use her death to convince Parker to defect to your side.
    To complete her dossier you need access to the secret room in Marburg's garden,
    which can only be reached by purchasing the intel from the store. 
    X. Mina Tang
    First Met: Graybox
    Your cheery voice on the radio, and your only true ally during Alpha Protocol.
    Mina is easy to please, and there's really no way she won't love you unless you
    actively try to make her hate you. She'll show up near the end of the game, and
    with a high enough relationship you can romance her. It will eventually be
    revealed that Mina is actually the one that suggested you as a sacrifical lamb
    in Saudi, and has assisted you out of guilt for doing so and a desire to track
    down Halbech. At the end of the game you can kill her, choose to leave her in
    the crumbling facility, or rescue her and ride off into the sunset. 
    XI. Omar Nasri
    First Met: Saudi (Investigate Nasri Weapon's Stockpile.
    A weapons dealer in Saudi Arabia who supplies weapons to whoever pays him. You
    can choose to shoot him, extort him, or arrest him. Extortion nets you the data
    you need and some money, while killing him really doesn't get you anything of
    XII. Omen Deng
    First Met: Taipei (Intercept Assassination plans)
    Omen Deng is an officer for the Chinese Secret Police, working in Taipei. Or so
    he says: he's actually a double agent working for President Sung, whom he
    treats like a surrogate father. He likes it when you're professional, and if
    you let him live at the end of the Taipei missions (shocker huh?). He can be
    killed or spared at the end of Taipei, and send you some information if you
    decide to spare him.
    XIII. Ronald Sung
    First Met: Taipei (Meet Ronald Sung)
    The president of Taiwan, who is pushing for succession from the Chinese
    government. You only meet him once and don't really have much of a chance to
    impress him. He will die at the rally if you don't provide him with the
    assassination data and instead chose the riot data.
    XIV. Sie
    First Met: Moscow (Trainyard)
    A German Mercenary who has had a long career working with all sorts of military
    operations. She currently works with the VCI, despite hating their leader
    Marburg. Sie is one of the only characters that likes aggressive responses, and
    enjoys have a sort of playful rivalry with you. She dislikes it when you're too
    nice or cooperative. If you have a high enough relationship with her by the
    final mission and choose her to be your handler, she'll sleep with you. Sie can
    be killed- either by you or by Brayko- if you use her as a handler during the
    embassy mission. Brayko will capture her and torture her, and you have to
    choose between saving her or getting the data.
    XV. Scarlet Lake
    First Met: After Saudi, on the plane.
    A world renowned journalist, currently on assignment in Taipei. She is
    intelligent, and dislikes being used or appreciated because of her looks.
    She'll warm up later, but when you first meet her you should keep it more
    professional. She also likes being joked with and getting complimented when you
    have the option. You will be able to sleep with her if your relationship is
    high enough at the end of the game. Scarlet is actually an assassin, sent to
    kill Ronald Sung. She can be killed or spared at the end of the game when she
    reveals this to you. 
    XVI. Sean Darcy
    First Met: Graybox
    A debonair agent from Alpha Protocol and the tech instructor. Darcy is your
    typical “James Bond” secret agent, and likes it when you respond in kind. Darcy
    is also a sexist, and a bit of douche from time to time. You'll eventually have
    to kill him during the final mission of the game, when he refuses to let you
    get past him. Oh well.
    XVII. Sergei Surkov
    First Met: Moscow (Intercept Surkov at Embassy)
    A former KGB agent, and former master criminal who has since gone legitimate.
    He currently runs business in Moscow, and has ties to Halbech and the former
    criminal underworld. He appreciates approaching things from a professional
    approach, and will supply you with weapons. Sergei wants Brayko taken care of:
    get rid of him and you'll get on his good side. Alternately you can choose to
    be pissed that Surkov used you and kill him at the end of the Moscow Missions.
    XVIII. Sis
    First Met: Moscow (Infiltrate Lazo's Yacht)
    Sis is Albatross' body guard, and appears to be little else. She likes it when
    you take an interest in her activities, even if albatross doesn't. She can be
    killed at the end of her boss fight in the same mission you meet her. Doing so
    will distance Albatross and G22 from you.
    IXX. Steven Heck
    First Met: Taipei (Meet Steven Heck)
    Steven is...a little eccentric. Possibly a secret agent, more likely a
    half-crazed man who thinks he's a secret agent. Heck is a fan of extreme
    violence and conspiracy theories: most of the time he's full of it, but if you
    go along with him and humor his unique view of the world then you will find a
    powerful ally. Heck will help you on a lot of the missions in Taipei, both in
    person and through intel. He will also give you spiked cocaine for Brayko if
    you meet him before the mission, dramatically reducing the difficulty of the
    game's hardest boss. Heck is one of the few people that can't be killed no
    matter what.
    XX. Yancy Westridge
    First Met: Graybox
    Yancy is an old spy, and the current leader (at least officially, he answers to
    Henry Leland) boss of Alpha Protocol. He appreciates an upfront approach free
    of BS: he'll like you if you get to the point, even if he disagrees with what
    you have to say. He is one of the possible final bosses of the game, but only
    if you decide to betray your country alongside Shaheed.
    B. Achievements/Trophies...(ATZ)
    How to get the Achievements of Alpha Protocol:
    I. Story Related Achivements
    These are tied into story events, mostly picking certain options in certain
    situations. Most of them are self explanatory.
    Basic Training- Complete the training mission
    Desert Spear- Kill Shaheed
    Stay of Execution- Spare Shaheed
    Alpha Protocol- Complete the missions in Saudi Arabia
    Price on Mercy- Let Brayko Live
    One less Gangster- Kill Brayko
    Price for lying- Kill Surkov at the end of Moscow
    Russian alliance- Partner with Surkov
    Operation Blood Feud- Complete the missions in Moscow
    Friends Before Strangers- Save Madison Saint James
    Hard Choices- Disarm the Bomb in the Museum
    Operation Deus Vult- Complete the missions in Rome
    Keeping the Peace- Prevent the Riots at Sung's Rally
    Secret Service- Prevent Ronald Sung's assassination
    Operation True Heirs- Complete the missions in Taipei
    Full Circle- Complete the game
    II. Endings-
    There is an achievement for each ending in the game:
    No compromise, no mercy-
    Let Shaheed live. He will offer to help you take down Alpha Protocol. Take his
    offer, then take down Alpha Protocol and Leland.
    Crime Buster-
    The basic ending. Don't ally with Shaheed and complete the final mission,
    taking down Halbech.
    Rising Star-
    Accept Leland's offer to join Halbech at the start of the final mission and
    complete the mission. It doesn't matter if you betray or work with him.
    III. Story Related
    Rewards related to the story that aren;t related to the main plot of the game.
    Hardcore- complete the game on Hardcore difficulty
    Evolution of an Action Hero- complete the game as a recruit
    Ask Questions first, Shoot Later- Spare anyone in the game
    Ladie's Man- Romance all the women in the game
    No time for Love- Do not romance anyone in the game
    Rome-Ance- Romance Madison. Be nice to her and she will offer to bandage your
    wounds after a mission. Accept. After the next mission she will be sleeping.
    Check on her, and then pick the obvious answers.
    Office romance- Romance Mina Tang. It's nearly impossible to not get this
    unless you try. She shows up at the last safehouse, where you can kiss her to
    initiate this.
    Exclusive Interview- Romance Scarlet. Don't flirt with Scarlet: treat her like
    an equal and compliment her without making dirty comments. She will ask you to
    stay during your last mission with her during the final safehouse missions.
    Savage Love- Romance Sie. Be aggressive when talking with Sie in Moscow. It is
    not required to use her as a handler for any other mission, or to even see her
    again after the train yard. If your relationship is at least a 6 with her, and
    you choose her for a handler for the final mission, she will give in to lust
    before she frees you. This leads to one of the game's funniest comments in the
    final briefing. (Agent Thorton has downloaded and encrypted the files from the
    medical pay. He has viewed these files a total of 143 times, so they are of
    extreme interest to intelligence agencies everywhere.)
    Social butterfly- Get three people to like you. Not hard.
    Anti Social- Get three people to hate you.
    Never trust a Sociopath- Get Steven Heck to hate you. Respond to him seriously
    and mock his plans and he'll hate you.
    A plot Uncovered- discover the identity of Sung's assassin. Either contact Omen
    Deng during the final mission or find and talk to Scarlet during the final 
    IV. Gameplay-
    Rewards relating to how you play the game.
    Pistol Mastery- 100 critical hits with a pistol
    SMG Havoc- Ge the Maximum SMG multiplier 7 times
    Shotgun Crowd Control- 100 critical hits with the Shotgun
    Assault Rifle Marksmanship- 100 headshots with the Rifle.
    Black Belt- Defeat 50 enemies with CQC (I'm assuming this means hand to hand
    and does not include stealth kills.)
    Lurker- Evade/Takedown 75 enemies with non-lethal Kos.
    Technophile- Use six different gadgets during a mission. Do this five times.
    (This is wording rather confusingly.)
    Building a Deadlier Mousetrap- Detonate 100 placed devices.
    Breaking and Entering- Pick 10 locks
    Circuit Breaker- Bypass 20 electronic device
    Data theft- Hack 10 computers
    V. Difficult Rewards
    These require special tricks or planning in order to pull them off, and there
    is a guide for each of them below.
    Judge,Jury,Executioner- Kill EVERYONE in the game. 
    This is surprisingly hard. You need to be as violent as humanly possible, which
    includes killing random innocents as well as plot important characters. The
    only people left alive at the end of this game are You, Sie, and Steven Heck.
    Do the missions in this particular order:
    Respond negatively to Mina whenever possible. You need to make her hate you for
    this to work, so be as mean as possible to her for the whole game. Everyone
    else named here can be killed as part of the plot, so no worries there. 
    Saudi Arabia:
    Pull your gun on the guards at the start of the mission with Nasri. Kill Nasri
    at the end of the mission. Complete the other missions and kill Shaheed at the
    end of the mission.
    Do this first. Kill the gelato man and the CIA agents. DO NOT BUY OR PICK UP
    ANY DATA ON MARBURG IN ROME. If you do, reset the game from the last save. Kill
    Al-bara. Taunt the Halbech representative. During the conversation with
    Marburg, use only Suave stance. Keep a neutral stance with Madison and do not
    romance her. Use suave stance in the mansion, then use Mina as a handler.
    During the museum, choose to go for the bombs so Mina dies. Use a mix of suave
    and contempt responses on Marburg during the fight. This should cause him to
    attack you there instead of fleeing, allowing you to kill him.
    Blackmail Hong shi after killing his defectors. Bluff albatross at the
    warehouse, leaving the single bug there. In the hotel flirt with Scarlet and
    Mina, then delete heck's data and go on a killing spree in the lobby. After you
    have the data, choose to save the riot info. Give it to Sung. During the rally
    mission kill Omen Deng. 
    Kill sis on the boat. Reconcile with Albatross and use him for the Embassy
    mission. Kill him in Brayko's Mansion. Get the information about Surkov from
    Brayko to open the secret mission with him at the end, then kill Brayko. Then
    Kill Surkov and Brayko in the final mission here. 
    Full circle:
    Skip all of the end game missions and go straight for AP. Punch Leland in the
    face. Call parker and be aggressive with him. SKIP SCARLET. When you have a
    chance to save Mina, you can instead kill her if she hates you enough. Kill
    Parker in the server room. Kill Darcy in the boss fight. Kill the helicopter in
    the boss fight. Spare Leland at first until Scarlet shoots you. Signal for your
    handler to kill her. Then kill Leland
    Though I have not tested it, this should logically work as well:
    Join Leland. Contact Omen Deng. Kill Scarlet. Kill Mina as Leland requests.
    Kill Parker in the server room. Kill Darcy. Kill the helicopter. Kill Westridge
    in the final fight. Betray Leland and kill him at the end of the game.
    Thorton Inc: Get everyone to love you. 
    This is the opposite of the above: you need as many people alive and as many
    people to love you as possible. For Starters, don't kill anyone. You can kill
    random guards, but don't kill any named characters or American agents. It
    doesn't matter if you extort them or not, jut that they're alive at the end of
    the game. 
    Darcy is unavoidable, so be as big a dick as you want. Make Parker like you as
    much as possible for later on and make friends with Mina and Westride.
    Saudi Arabia-
    Let Shaheed and Nasri go. Make friends with Scarlet on the plane.
    Don't kill anyone during the first few missions. Spare Jabril. Buy and gather
    all intel possible on Marburg. Use professional stance only when dealing with
    Marburg. Romance Madison. Contact Shaheed for the Ruins mission. Go for the
    bombs in the museum. 
    Don't kill sis. Be aggressive with Sie. Meet with Albatross and play nice, then
    use them as handlers for the embassy. Rescue albatross, then spare/extort
    Brayko after he gives you the information on Surkov. Make a deal with Surkov
    and don't harm him.
    Play along with Heck. Don't blackmail Hong. Be nice to Scarlet. Delete Heck's
    file and don't kill any guards on the way out. Save the assassination data. In
    the rally spare Omen Deng.
    Final Missions
    Meet each faction and be nice. Refuse Shaheed's offer, sleep with Scarlet.
    Choose Sie as a handler for the final mission. Accept/Refuse Leland's offer (I
    honestly don;t think it matters). Pick the dossier option when talking to
    Marburg to change his side if you have all his info. Romance Sie. Call Parker
    and-this is important-convince him to work for you logically, not with the
    Madison option (that kills Marburg and Parker). Meet With Scarlet and tell her
    to leave the island. Save Mina. Kill Darcy. Kill the helicopter. Leave
    Westridge/Leland for the authorities.
    Hard to Read- Use professional/agressive/suave equally in 90 conversations.
    You need to have a dedicated playhtrough for this, since this basically means
    so true “choices” for plot advancement. This merely mean each of the three
    buttons to- even if Square/X does not say “Suave”, it still counts as suave.
    The easiest way to go this is to simply rotate your response each time
    regardless of the choice: pick suave, then aggressive, then professional, then
    suave, etc. 
    Youth Trumps Experience- Goad Marburg into fighting you and then kill him.
    If Marburg hates you enough, he will stay to fight you during the museum
    mission. To get him to do this, go to Rome first. You could get noticed during
    the first couple missions, but you don't need to kill anyone. Don't collect any
    of his dossier info. Once you meet him, use all suave responses when dealing
    with him he will start to hate you. During the museum mission you'll need to
    goad him further when he pauses during the fight. If he hates you enough he
    tries to kill you.
    Respected Enemies- Get Marburg to like you. (Max relationship value?)
    The opposite of YTE. Go to Rome before Moscow. Don't kill or be seen by anyone
    in the first few missions and collect/buy his dossier info. Use professional
    stance when talking to him, and go after missiles. He should be about maxed out
    in terms of respect by now, and will leave. Netting you the reward.
    One With Shadows: Don't get caught in 3 Missions. 
    Probably the hardest of the achievements/trophies. Not because sneaking is
    inherently difficult, but because a lot of the missions in the game cannot be
    beaten with stealth alone: getting noticed by any guards, even if scripted,
    counts against this mission. This means getting no red arrows on at least three
    missions- and possibly no yellow ones either, though I have not confirmed that.
    Best to restart if you get either of them. The following missions can be done
    completely stealthy:
    Saudi Arabia- Airfield
    Saudi Arabia- Find Nasri (You have to pick the aggressive option.)
    CIA Outpost-Rome
    Moscow- Prevent Surkov's Escape (As long as you make a deal with Surkov.)
    Taipei- Investigate Data Trail
    Taipei- Hotel (As long as you don't delete Heck's file.)
    5. Closing...(6CL)
    This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As such,
    I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain or profit off
    of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you see fit as long as it
    comes within those confines: you may print it, make a hat out of the pages, or
    create some pleasant origami. I don't care as long as I maintain ownership of
    this guide. Do not distribute it without my permission, but if you would like
    it on your website feel free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will
    more than likely allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you
    for reading it.
    This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats.
    Copyright Woody Crobar, August 23 2010.

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