Shamar/Adabat gate help?

  1. Okay, so now the Professor's in Shamar, now I go to see him after some levels in Shamar. He says something along the line of, "Sonic, the next temple is in Adabat, go get a emerald in that temple!" So, I go back to the world map, and it has the glowing mark on Shamar still, so I was like whatever. And I go to Adabat, I do some missions there, about 2-3. And I still can't find a gate in the roaming place. Now I go back to the one in Shamar, and I find one for Night, but it says I don't have the key. Now, I can't find the gate in Adabat, or find the key in Shamar. So, any help? Please?

    User Info: stashsaj3

    stashsaj3 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Alright I can help. Go to Adabat, as normal Sonic. There is a small line of rings leading to the water, use the sonic boost and run across the water to the smaller island. Sonic has a level gate right as you go ashore on the small island. Once you beat the level in adabat, sonic boost across the water again, and hit the hourglass to change the time to night. Now as WereSonic, his level is on the island your at to the very left edge. Complete that level with WereSonic to collect the other gate key.

    that should open the boss battle for you.

    hope that helped.

    User Info: SegaSonic3

    SegaSonic3 - 8 years ago 0 0

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