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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Data_Hunter

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      Data_Hunter's Guide to Sonic Unleashed for the Nintendo Wii
                              Version 1.0
     If you have any questions, comments, or more tips on the game,
             you can contact me at the email address below
           You must head the message in order for me to reply
     Or you can IM me using your messenger that can contact people
                  through Yahoo! Messenger at Javon56!
    To get to certain parts of the guide, highlight the section you want
    to go, copy it, press CRTL and F at the same time, press paste, and
    click Next.
    I. Contents
    I.   Contents
    II.  Version History
    III. Introduction
    IV.  Characters
    V.   Controls
    VI.  Mode Select
    VII. Walkthrough
    VII. Credits
    IX. Legal Notice
    II. Version History
    December 6, 2008
    1:00 PM to 3:25 PM
    Started Guide Creation. Finished Introduction. Finished Characters Section.
    Finished Controls Section. Half way Finished Apaotos... my Wii Remote ran
    out of power... (;^_^)
    December 14, 2008
    12:03 PM to 3:05 PM
    Worked on 2 Were-Hog Missions
    December 16, 2008
    2:25 PM to 3:43 PM
    Finished Apotos.
    3:44 to 4:28 PM
    Finished Mazuri.
    4:29 PM to 6:38 PM
    Finished 2 More Were-Hog Missions in Spagonia. Worked on Eggman Land.
    6:39 PM to 8:30 PM
    Stopped working on Eggman Land.
    Worked on Holoska and ended today's session. I'm getting hungry!
    December 20, 2008
    11:13 AM to 5:50 PM
    Finished Spagionia and Holoska
    December 21, 2008
    3:09 PM to 7:08 PM
    Worked on Shamar and Adabat
    December 26, 2008
    5:31 PM to 9:34 PM
    Finished Shamar, Adabat, and Finished the Gaia Side quest.
    December 28, 2008
    11:30 AM to  PM
    Game Complection! FINALLY! Finished Legal Notice and Credits  
    III. Introduction
    Once again I welcome you to another installment of one of my guides.
    I am Data_Hunter and this will be my second game based of the Sonic
    Team franchise. In this installment, we are going to explore the game
    that people around the globe has been looking forward to,
    Sonic Unleashed. Now before we actually get down to business, 
    take a look at the opening intro on how Sonic got into this jam in the 
    first place. If you're like me and didn't want to spoil yourself on
    how Sonic transformed into a Were Hog, take a look at it! If you already
    saw it already, then you can skip this part and move on to the next
    part of the guide.
    IV. Characters
    Sonic the Hedgehog: The world's fastest being on two legs and the main
    hero of this installment. Time and time again, Sonic and Doctor Eggman
    have battled all over the world and in some places even through the
    flow of time. He doesn't need a reason for his heroic actions and 
    always looking towards his next adventure!
    Chip: An purple imp looking creature who has lost his memory due to an
    incident "fallen" upon him. He has quite the sweet tooth and also aids
    Sonic in his adventures.
    Doctor Ivo Robotnik: An evil genius that has time and time again tried to
    make his dream of creating Eggman Land a reality. But the soon-to-be
    evil dictator always have his plans ruined by Sonic time and time again.
    However, Eggman may have a trick up his sleeve to make his dream a realty.
    V. Controls
    There are three different types of controls you can use when playing this
    game. Just find the one that suits you best and use it to your advantage.
    At any time you want to switch controls, go to the Options Screen,
    select Controls Settings and switch to the next control feature.
    Gamecube Controller:
    L Button: Quick Step Left/Left Claw (Werehog Stages Only)
    R Button: Quick Step Right/Right Claw (Werehog Stages Only)
    A Button: Jump or Wall Jump/Homing Attack/Spin Attack/Accept (Menu Screen)
    B Button: Drift/Slide/Guard (Werehog Stages Only)/Stomping/Cancel (Menu
    Y Button: Lightspeed Dash/Homing Attack
    X Button: Boost/Homing Attack
    Z Button: No Function
    Directional Pad: Selection (Menu Mode)
    Control Stick: Movement
    Start Button: Pause/Menu Screen
    Wii Nunchuk and Remote:
    C Button:
    Z Button: Crouch/Slide/Sonic Drift/Stomping
    Control Stick: Movement
    Directional Pad: Use Only for Quick Step
    A Button: Quick Jump/Spin Attack
    B Button: Quick Step/Stomping/Cancel (Menu Screen)
    - Button: Cancel (Menu Screen)
    + Button: Menu Screen
    1 Button:
    2 Button:
    Home Button: System Screen
    Remote: Homing Attack/Lightspeed Dash/ Claw Attack
    Nunchuk: Movement/ Claw Attack.
    Classic Controller:
    L Button: Quick Step Left/Left Claw (Werehog Stages Only)
    R Button: Quick Step Right/Right Claw (Werehog Stages Only)
    A Button: Jump/Accept (Menu Screen)
    B Button: Quick Jump/Spin Attack/Homing Attack/Cancel (Menu Screen)
    Y Button: Sonic Drift/Slide
    X Button: Lightspeed Dash/Homing Attack/Sonic Boost
    Z Button: No Function
    Directional Pad: Selection (Menu Mode)
    Control Stick: Movement
    Start Button: Pause/Menu Screen
    Home Button: System Screen
    L Stick: Movement/Brake
    R Stick: No Function
    ZL Button:
    ZR Button:
    (Due to the fact that I don't own a Classic Controller, the functions 
    of this device are limited to this guide. If you like to tell me about
    the functions of this device, feel free to tell me and I will give you
    credit on you behalf.)
    VI. Mode Select
    After you seen the intro to the game, you are presented to two 
    selections at the title screen. The Options Screen allows you to change 
    the game's text utilizing the Language Settings, the game sounds in the
    Audio Settings, which controls you want to use using the Controller
    Settings, and the Rumble Feature using, of course, Rumble Settings.
    Once you have every thing situated, exit out of that menu and select
    Start Game.
    In this high tech looking menu, you can create a file to keep track of your
    progress. I assume that you don't have any data in the game so let's start
    making your file. When creating a new file you can select a Mii from the
    Wii's Mii Channel or you can pick one of the Default Icons in the back of
    your Mii Selection. Once you make your selection, it tell you how many
    lives, Sun and Moon Metals you have collected so far, and the date and time
    of your system's internal clock. As all game saves work, you can choose to
    copy or erase the file all together.
    VII. Walkthrough
    Location: Windmill Isle, Apaotos (Day Stage)
    (Cutscene 1)
    It's better for me to tell you now than along the way where you could get
    distracted on a certain part of the stage and next thing you know you could
    get hit when your standing still. However, if you do get a chance to glance
    all over the screen, these are essential for you to make it when you're
    Sonic the Hedgehog. You can only play as Sonic in certain parts of the game.
    Majority of the time you will play him in his lightweight speedy form during
    the day. The top left of your screen indicates how many lives you have.
    The default number is 2 but you can gain up to 7 extra lives giving you a
    total of 9 as you progress through the game. Below that is the Time 
    Indicators. There are two different ones in this part of the screen telling
    you how fast you have to reach the goal and how much time has passed.
    It is important that you reach the goal under that time in order to get a
    good ranking. The ranking is very important in order for you to collect
    medals through out the game. You can't really buy much of anything with
    them but, if you take it to a Gaia Gate and move in front of the doors
    with the Sun and Moon Symbols there are more goodies for you to collect.
    We'll talk about that very soon in this section of the game.
    On the bottom part of the screen is the rings that you gave collected so 
    far. The more rings you collect the greater your Boost gauge that increases
    below. The Boost Gauge allows you to perform a Sonic Burst at any time as
    long as you have one bar gauged. You can gain more of the boost gauge by
    performing drifts or Action Chains (Where you attack enemies or collect
    rings in a certain area).
    If you want to get there in the fastest time, follow my lead and you can get
    there in no time! It is recommended to use the Wii Remote to play the entire
    game to get better interaction with it.
    Mission One: Use jumps to reach the Goal Ring!
    Your first mission is always the easiest one to get. All you have to do is
    to Press A to jump up the hill up ahead. Press it lightly so you can vault
    over the edge. That's one Moon Medal in your collection.
    Mission Two: Use the Sonic Drift on turns!
    Press the Z Button while making a turn around corners. Not only it allows
    you to increase your boost bar, but it also keeps you moving without slowing
    down. Once you get to the end, that's 2 Moon Medals.
    Mission Three: Chain Homing Attacks Together!
    Any time you see an enemy, a red cursor appears. This is the perfect chance
    to strike with the Homing Attack! Shake the Wii Remote to lay waste to them!
    Keep in mind that you time your attacks carefully, but in a speedy manner.
    Hitting certain enemies can also lead you to other parts of the stages a lot
    faster too! It can also build up your Boost Gauge by performing Action
    Chains. The higher your chains, the more your bar fills up. That's three
    Mission Four: Blast Off with Sonic Boost!
    In certain stages, you have a lot of enemies in front of you. Taking them 
    down one by one in this game will create a time hazard. So what do you do 
    when you're facing them? Blast through them at the speed of sound with Sonic
    Boost! Shake the Wii Remote at the screen and not only this technique will
    make you crash right through them, but it saves you a lot of time as well!
    Just make sure you don't fall off the edge at that speed or hit a wall.
    Making Sonic go splat on the wall may seem funny, but it also creates a time
    Mission Five: Slip under Obstacles by Sliding!
    Oh, so now Sonic can slide like another blue hero that we know, now?
    The technique is performed the same way, but Sonic can do it at high speeds
    with out slowing down. You can also crawl but you will move at a slower pace
    which create a what? That's right, a time hazard. Press the Z Button to per-
    form it. It can also be used as a brake!
    Mission Six: Dodge on a Dime with a Quick Step!
    A very useful tactic while at the same time utilizing his speed. You can get
    to the other side of the screen a lot faster to dodge or to collect rings
    that are approaching. Hold the B Button and move the Control Stick to zip
    left and right. You can also do a flip if you're not moving at a fast pace.
    Now that we have the basics down packed, it's time to review what you
    learned so far with a test. This is the speed stage in Apaotos. Any time you
    perform a action stage, the point of it all is to get there in the fastest
    time possible. Which means no side trips, no exploring, and most of all 
    encounter the enemy as less as possible. In short, treat it as stealth
    mission like Metal Gear Solid!
    Oh one more thing you have to get to the end in one minute and ten seconds!
    To get a quick burst of speed, wait for the countdown to reach one and
    perform a spin dash! Now start moving! 
    If you are playing with the Wii Remote, perform a Lightspeed Dash near some
    rings and dash whenever you can. If you can dash and drift at the same time,
    it should shave off some time off your hands. Soon you will come across a
    bouncer and you have two options. You can gain the upper ground by attacking
    the robot ahead or stick to the ground level by jumping directly over it. If
    you want to beat the clock, try to reach the higher ground. Staying on the
    higher platform will also give you a special item. No, it won't give you
    invincibility, but you will see it at the end of the stage.
    Up ahead are two steep turns so prepare to drift around them and hit the
    speed panels to maintain acceleration. Soon you will enter the town and if
    you boost after you make the ramp ahead you can over look the robots below
    and you will land on another special item. But be fast and press B to 
    slide under a low passage. It's time to drift up ahead and you're down the
    home stretch! You need to make it under ten seconds now and with two
    paths to choose from, it's time to make a split second decision.
    Choosing the left path may slow you down if you don't boost since there's
    Eggman's robots and wooden crates in the way. However, choosing the
    right path will once again lead you around the obstacles and shave off
    a second or two off the clock, not to mention by the way a collection of
    rings as you fly towards the goal ring.
    If you completed the stage in under 1 minute and 10 seconds, not only
    you receive a S ranking, but all 3 moon medals! After the results screen,
    those items that you pick up are Secret Illustration 57 and the Secret
    Movie part 1. Now what are these clips you're wondering to yourself?
    In certain stages, there are these Secret Movie Clips that will be available
    after you collected them all. What is it about? If I told you then, it
    wouldn't be a secret now would it? Let's move on.
    (Cutscene 2)
    Now it's time to ask some questions to see if anyone can recognize our
    newly named friend, Chip! Anytime you enter a town, it's best to ask
    everybody that's available. They may have some information that may be
    useful or they may give you something to help out on your quest. Since
    Flower Street is already highlighted, let's ask the person there to see 
    what they know.
    Flower Street:
    Alexis is in the dark about the tremor that occurred recently. 
    Unfortunately, he doesn't know anything about Chip. But he thinks the 
    priest can help you. Let's go to see if he knows anything.
    Bell Square:
    Lambros is curious about the two of you. Once again he doesn't know much
    about Chip. Neither does Eric.
    Windmill Street Church:
    Gregorios the priest seems like a friendly fellow, but he doesn't know him
    either. He has too much on his mind dealing with the shrine. Now what he's
    talking about is the Gaia Shrine that's in the town here. He thinks it's 
    somehow related to the events round the world. When he asks you if you want
    to go to the shrine, accept his offer. Nothing happens if you refuse and 
    besides, what's the worst that can happen when inside, eh?
    Now a new location has appeared but let's go the final selection that is
    the Terrace Café.
    Terrace Café:
    Well, nobody's there. Off to the shrine!
    The Apotos Sacred Shrine:
    Chip seems to have found something and it's the Sun Tablet! Nice! We are
    definitely going to be needing that for what's up next.
    A temple bathes in the glow of the warm sun as mysteries awaiting to be
    unlocked. Now let's get familiar with our selves around the temple. In each
    Gaia Temple, there are doors that leads you to solve certain puzzles to
    obtain more items for your collections like pictures, music, documents, and
    more importantly keys to new missions. As of right now, we don't have enough
    medals to unlock any of the doors to the side. To gain access to them you
    need the following number of medals to unlock them:
    Door # 1: Bottom Left
    33 Sun Medals and 26 Moon Medals needed to unlock the door.
    Door # 2: Top Right
    43 Sun Medals and 45 Moon Medals needed to unlock the door.
    Door # 3: Bottom Right
    14 Sun Medal and 14 Moon Medals needed to unlock the door.
    Also over to the left of each temple are 6 different color pedestals.
    There not active now, but their purpose it to allow you to travel to
    different temples across the globe. For now, let's get to the back of the
    room and face the sun door. Once you have the tablet open it by pressing
    the button shown on the screen, walk inside and now it's time for the next
    Mission Seven:
    This time we are running through the streets of town again and this time
    (No pun intended)it's a little relaxed into what time you have to beat it
    in. To achieve a S rank again, you must beat the stage on or under 3:50
    seconds. After collecting the rings if you make drift on the two turns up
    ahead, you can get one gauge on the bar. When you get that, let Sonic loose
    towards the other part of town. Up ahead, hit the two robots and run towards
    the bumper. Stay on the top part of the level and get the secret item ahead.
    Don't boost until you get that item! If you would have stayed on the top
    level, you can make it past the first checkpoint. Race along the roof tops
    and grind on the rail. To move things faster along you can boost on the 
    rail. Make sure you stay on the higher path. It will help you beat the clock
    at a faster rate. Anytime you come across a part of the stage where Sonic
    slows down a button will appear. Press the corresponding buttons and you 
    will burst through to the higher ledge and another special item is 
    Fly through the rings and your at the second checkpoint. If you
    hit the enemies after the bumper, you will be on course. There are huge
    turns you have to deal with so make sure you drift in that area.
    Try taking the bottom left path so you can fly over the robots and into the
    ring. Another curve is up ahead so once again drift. Get the item ahead and
    boost toward the next checkpoint. If you can boost first and drift at the
    same time, it will save you some time. You might not be able to handle it at
    first, but the more you do it, it will come naturally in the long run.
    There's another item up head and you're at the final stretch boost as much
    as you can but leave at least 2 to 3 bars for yourself because now you have
    a robot on your trail! This boss is easy since you can actually read it's
    movements. So here's the trick to beat it.
    If you move to the outside of his arms, the second he tries to crush you,
    quick step back to the middle of the screen and vice versa if you are at the
    middle of the screen. Since the camera is facing you, you can focus on more
    on moving to the left or the right instead of moving the Directional stick
    forward. However, keep in mind that the robot may not fall for the same
    trick twice. After you jump to the other side, you are now facing the robot.
    Now's your chance! You can't homing attack it, but boosting at the robot is
    just as effective! While you're boosting, ring will be drawn towards you.
    So boost as much as you can for the moment. The number of times you can hit
    it would be 2 or 3 times before it get's behind you again.
    There's a 60 percent chance that of you don't beat it soon, you can kiss
    your S ranking good bye. So rinse and repeat and if you have any boost left
    over get to the goal ring and you're through with the mission. Don't be 
    discourage if you get an A rank. You can always come back and do it again.
    Just learn from your mistakes. Hopefully, as a constellation prize, you got
    the Secret Illustration 4, the 17th Secret Document, the 20th Secret
    and the 32nd Secret Illustration.
    If you want to continue, go ahead. But if you've been using the Nunchuk and
    Wii Remote, take a break and then come back when you're ready.
    Mission Eight: Collect 100 Rings at top speed!
    Seems easy enough! Start off running as you get the first set of rings.
    After the first loop and bumper, hit the robots and dash through the hoop.
    Boost ahead and slide under the low opening. After the second bumper hit the
    robots again and grind on the rail. Jump into the rings again to collect
    more rings and boost again around the windmill. Soon enough you will have to
    press more button combinations to get to the top ledge and you will have
    your 100 rings before you know it. After the mission you have a piece of a
    Star Tablet and a new mission has been unlocked.
    (Cutscene 4)
    Things change in the scenery of night so let's ask around some more.
    Hopefully, they won't be scared by your new look.
    Flower Street:
    Alexis tells you that the Ice Cream man is acting weird and is startled by
    your appearance too!
    Bell Square:
    Lambros seems to be concerned about you and questions your appearance.
    Windmill Coast Street:
    Gregorios don't recognize you in this form. But it seems that Eric has met
    a familiar yellow fox the other day. But with the reports of ghosts around
    the city, he maybe in trouble! Let's help him out.
    Terrace Café:
    Eric shows up and out of all the people around here, he automatically
    recognizes you! The same yellow fox told Eric to give you this if he were to 
    ever met you again. Turns out it's the Moon Tablet! Now we can go to the 
    shrine at night!
    Apotos Giga Shrine:
    Head towards the Moon door to gain access and continue. With the lack of
    sunlight, you transform back to the Werehog again. Now we get to test a 
    different set of moves.
    Mission 9: Dash and Jump(Werehog Stage)
    Now, before we get started, you have already known that you are learning all
    of your moves on one continent. That's because this stage was made to be a
    training grounds for all of your moves. Any time you have a new move, come
    back to Apotos to hone your skills. For now let's start by running. If you 
    move the D Stick twice and hold it after the second time, you can run
    towards on all four legs. It's a tad difficult to control while he's
    running. You can press A twice to double jump. Here's another useful trick
    about double jumping. If you double jump across certain areas in the future
    and you think that your going to be short by a little bit, as long as your
    feet touch a surface that Sonic can land on and by jumping again, you may be
    able to land safely across. So keep that in mind if you are in despair. 
    Now for the best part of the training! If you make a dash and leap at the
    right time, you can make it across gaps on the course. In this situation,
    if you fall you'll just fall in a spike-less pit. (Whew!) That ends your
    session for now.
    Now on this screen, it will track your progress as you venture out in the
    stages as your Were-Hog form. In order for you to get stronger, you have to
    collect certain points for you to learn new abilities. By default you have
    the Were Hammer, but it won't be your only attack. But it will to do for 
    now. You can also increase your health, Attack, and Unleashed bar as you
    level up too!
    Since you don't have any points, let's move on.
    Mission 10: Use those arm to get acrobatic! (Were-Hog Stage)
    Move and once you see the blue bars, stop! This part of the mission is where
    you will be come the "King of Swing"! Well, not really but it will help you
    get to certain places in the game where jumping won't be enough for you to
    access other parts. On a ledge with a bar on it you can press the button for
    you to climb up. If it's actually stuck on a wall, you can still climb up,
    but you can shimmy across the bar to get to secret areas. Press the button
    on the screen that allows you to grab a hold on to the bar and hold it! If
    you let go, you will drop but since this is training, it won't be to your
    inevitable doom! While holding on to bar, you can swing towards the next bar
    and by pressing the button again, you can quickly grab on to the second bar.
    For those who use the Wii Remote, you have to sing the remote left and right
    to gain momentum. The second you get close enough to reach the other one,
    let go and reach for the other one. There's a pole up ahead. Again press the
    button to climb on the pole and with the D-Stick you can climb up and down
    the pole. Another tip I have to tell you! You can also descend the pole
    faster by letting go of the button that's holding you up! At anytime, while
    grabbing on the pole, you can make Sonic move to the left or the right to
    move him to different sections of the pole. For now, move Sonic towards the
    left and the mission is finished.
    Onward to the next mission!
    Mission 11: Rack up an attack combo!
    Now it's really time to let loose! When you come across the Gaia Creatures,
    you're itching to scrap against them. So by pressing the L and R buttons, 
    you can claw your way through them and clear them out! With the Wii Remote
    and Nunchuck, you can swing at the screen to defeat them, but remember never
    use them after you finish eating or you are going to give yourself a cramp.
    Alternate between the attacks to get three hit combo and finish them off
    with the Were-Hammer(L and R at the same time for the controllers; Shake
    both Nunchuck and Wii Remote at the same time). Once the enemies are gone,
    the mission's done and now you can rake up some points! For every level that
    you reach, you get a new move along with a new ability and upgrade for that
    level of achievement. Let's continue.
    Mission 12: Grab something, then throw!
    It's chuckin' time! In this mission, you can use your environment to defeat
    your foes! Walk towards a crate, press the button, and hold it to pick it 
    up. You can drop it by letting the button go. However, you can throw it at
    the enemy to take them down in one shot! Wooden crates are fragile and can 
    break easily. However, iron crates can be used over and over again. You
    won't encounter these until later. For now chuck away and clear them out!
    Once they spawn no more, head for the goal!
    Mission 13: Let fly the Were-Hammer!
    As I told you before on Mission 11, alternate the L and R buttons to attack
    and then press them together to perform the Were-Hammer! It's a great
    finisher once you get the hang of it. You only need to perform it 3 to 4
    Now that you learned the basics, it's time to test you again! If you want,
    let's continue.
    Mission 14: Moonlit Town
    Start off by running round the corner and leap to the top. The creatures of
    the night will pop up and the background switches to a jazzy tune. Use the 
    skills that you learned to finish them off and collect the big ring bonus.
    Keep moving and climb the pole. When you get to the top, get to the door and
    press the button shown to open it. For those using the Wii Remote, you have
    to swing it upwards in order for you to open it. Jump off the hill and into
    the floor below and you have to fight some flying enemies. The best way to
    knock them down is to jump, press L and R at the same time (Swing the Remote
    and Nunchuck), pick them up and throw them at each other. Once they're gone
    move ahead. On the left are some stairs and inside are Red Points for you to
    collect. Now get out of there and continue. You can break the pots to your
    right by running into them. Soon the path ahead will be cut off and you have
    to find 3 items to bring down the barrier. Go up the left side of the stairs
    again and get the blue points and collect the first Dark item.
    After collecting the rings turn to your right and run past the monsters 
    there. Grab the crates and throw it right at them to take them out. Don't
    forget to get the item that was hidden behind the crates. Jump on the
    umbrellas and get the second dark item. Then finish off the monsters and
    keep going! If you make a left turn after that jump, crash into the crates
    to get the red points, run back and keep running. Soon more flying enemies 
    show up. Use the tactic that I showed you before and move on. After breaking
    the pots in the corner, jump and swing on the bar, then jump to grab the
    second bar on the ledge. Pull yourself up and your almost finished. Climb
    the pole and jump from rooftop to roof top to reach the next special item.
    Jump off the roof and hit the ground running. Open the door ahead of you to
    find the last item to get rid of the barrier. Once again more monster will 
    face you. Clear them out and go inside the building. Get the ring bonus and
    climb the pole to reach the goal ring. If you had followed my instructions
    in a timely manner, you would have reached the end in under 5 minutes or
    less. Not only you have leveled up by gaining a new skill, but you got the
    59th Illustration, the 23rd Illustration and a brand new mission.
    Go ahead and continue into the next mission.
    Mission 15: Apotos
    As usual, start running and crash into the vases ahead. There's a button
    behind them. Step on it to open the door. As you pass through, crash into
    the vases to the left to get a collection of Red and Blue Points. Prepare
    yourself because the first wave of enemies are just around the corner.
    Crush'em and crash into the next set of pots on the left. You will have to
    zig-zag down this path but after the second set of pots, jump to the left to 
    gain some more Red Points. Continue to zig-zag down the path and before you
    make that forced turn, jump inside the house on the left to get a secret
    item. You have to fight the second wave of enemies around the corner, but
    if you attack while running before they can get a change to fully emerge
    from the ground, you can stun them giving you the perfect chance to attack
    them. Start throwing the crates to get rid of two of those bees and finish
    off the last one if it's still stunned. Crash into the vase again after the
    fight, continue running and leap to the other side. Now the third wave of
    enemies appear but a quick throw of the crate will make quick work of them.
    If you have the time, try to jump on the garden on the house up ahead, then 
    jump on the blue window cover to reach the top of the house. There's another
    secret item there. Grab it and fall to the floor. Break the pots below the
    house to collect more points and continue running. Now, run up the stairs,
    jump the ledge on the left and open the door for more Red Points. If you
    continue ahead, you will see a 10 ring bonus behind the pots. Crash through
    those too and grab the ring bonus. To save time, jump the ledge to your
    right, and swing on the handles here. Now, these are different compared to 
    the other ones because you can aim which way you want to fly after you 
    release your grip. Grab on to one of them and as you swing aim up, then
    left, then right and grab on to the blue ledge up head. Move to the left and
    as you reach the end, drop off and open the door. Another collection of Red
    Points will be there. Keep up the pace and continue running to the bar to
    the left. Pull yourself up and swing on the bars to the other side as you 
    collect the ring bonus along the way. Jump the ledge near the door and open
    it. There's a ring bonus there, so grab it and keep going. As you reach the
    top of one flight of stairs, jump the ledge again and collect the secret
    item and continue on your original route. Break the pots along the way and 
    the fourth set of monsters will greet you. Lay waste to them all and run 
    straight towards that door up ahead. Now that you collected enough Red
    Points outside of battle, you don't have to break any more pots. As you 
    reach the top, grab on to the vertical pole and move the other one. As you 
    reach the other side, press the button again to move the switch and activate
    the elevator. Hop on in as it takes you to the next wave of enemies.
    Once the fight is over, move to your left and slide down the pole. Once you
    landed safely on the ground, move the left if you can and shimmy to the
    door. Open it up and grab the last secret item. Now get back over to the
    other side and side down the next pole. Once you land there, shimmy to the
    other side and the finish goal will be in reach.
    Well, It looks like we took too much time here now that we got an A ranking.
    In a sense, it's a good thing because the next time you get though that
    stage again, you can rush through it to get a S ranking. Just make sure that
    you have enough rings and points to get you a S ranking. In the Were-Hog
    Level up screen, you just got a new ability allowing you to rack up more
    combos during your fight. As a added bonus, you get the 30th Secret 
    Illustration, the 3rd part of the secret movie, the 64th Secret
    the 66th Secret Illustration, and a new mission to venture through.
    Continue playing because where almost through with Apotos.
    Mission 16:
    Again start running. Behind the first ruin, there's a secret item. Grab it
    and keep going following the wall. Crash through the pots and jump over
    the crates to get the next secret item. The first wave of monsters will be 
    waiting for you up ahead, so go ahead and take them out as quickly as 
    possible with your added attack. Afterwards, as the path ahead of you is
    blocked, punch through that gate to your right to get a ring bonus. On the
    next ruin, there's a dark item and a capsule that has Red Points. Grab them 
    both and keep running. The next ruin is up head on a small hill to your 
    left. Break the pots there and the capsule that has the Red points. Continue
    down the hill to get some more Red points between the fallen columns. Up
    head are more of the bees. Find the crates on each side of the building and
    throw it at them to kill them quickly. If you move to the left after you 
    clear the building, there's a secret item in a small space hidden from view.
    Now go around to the other side and break the gate again. Defeat the enemies
    there and get out of those ruins and move to the next one to the right.
    After you grab the next dark item, you have to fight your way out of there
    to move on. 
    Break the next ruin up ahead to get the last and final item to bring down 
    the barrier. If you move over to the small hill over to the right, you can 
    gain more Red Points! As you head towards the barrier, pass it and break the
    pots there to earn more points. Now get to the fountain on the top of the 
    hill and a horde of enemies will appear. Take out the ones to your left and
    finish the rest. If your energy is running low, there's a ring bonus that
    can help you out. After the fight, it's a smooth ride to the goal ring.
    By now you should have a new move called the Were-Wallop, a great setup move
    to start off a combo. To execute it, press the attack buttons together after
    your second attack. If you managed to grab the items that told you about,
    you should have received the 26th Secret Illustration, 65th Illustration, 
    67th Secret Illustration, and another part of the star tablet... You know
    what that means.. It's time to battle the boss of the stage!
    (Cutscene 5)
    Before we move on to the next stage, you have some unfinished business to 
    take care of. Go back to Apotos and select Stage. As you can see, there are
    more mission you can pick to choose right now, but there not really needed
    to beat the game. You can breeze through them if you want, but I'll give you
    the details later. So for now on to the next stage, Spagonia!
    For now head towards the village and visit the selections below.
    Baker Street:
    Denise has only heard of Professor Pickle but she doesn't know where he is.
    Back Alley:
    The assistant here seems a little busy for the moment. Ask him about the lab
    and he will tell you that he's gone for the moment. But he will take you to
    the lab for the time being.
    Main Street:
    Lucia and Ippolita doesn't know where the lab is themselves.
    Pickle's Lab:
    Looks like that Doctor Eggman has captured the professor and looks like a 
    Rescue mission is in order. Looks like Tails has found something about a 
    hole in Mazuri. Time to go already? Don't worry, the stages will be
    available by the time we get back.
    The night has fallen on this small village here, so let's see if anyone has 
    seen the professor.
    Lookout Tower:
    Nobody's home! Let's keep looking.
    The Shop:
    Nobody's home! Let's continue on our search.
    The Holy Tree:
    No one's here either! They must have turned in for the night...
    The Hunter's Home:
    Aw, come on! No one's here either?! But there's a hole down here.
    Let's check it out!
    Mysterious Hole:
    And here we find Professor Pickle trapped inside of a glass prison and he's
    complaining on a Cucumber Sandwich? Can you say, "Gag"? Anyway it's time
    to make our exit and get him back home.
    Back at the lab, Pickle describes of a great calamity that happens thousands
    of years ago where a being called Dark Gaia has ripped the planet asunder.
    Now that Eggman let that thing loose earlier than expected, it's incomplete.
    The only way for the planet to be restored is to return the power of the 
    Chaos Emeralds. Now go back to Mazuri and return the power of the Chaos
    Emerald there. Go back to the village and Eggman is already causing trouble.
    After saving the village from impending doom, let's try asking the villagers
    Lookout Tower:
    Kofi says that the village elder may know about the Gaia Gates.
    Ana has something for you here. If she asks if trying to visit every 
    continent is grueling, select first answer and she gives you a Secret
    Soundtrack # 34.
    The Hunter's Home:
    Kwami will be on guard for any more intruders like Eggman.
    The Holy Tree:
    Gwek must be the one we are looking for since he's the village elder here in 
    this village. With the two tablets that you collected so far, you get to 
    access the Gaia Gate with the Planet Tablet. He's not alone, there are 
    other's like him in the world. Seek them out for aid along your quest.
    Mazuri Gaia Shrine:
    Mission 1: Boss Battle against Egg Beetle!
    Since the only door available is that glowing door on the right, head 
    towards it and automatically it's a boss battle!
    This isn't going to be easy since you have to wait for an opening to attack.
    The Egg Beetle will drop grey and purple cubes in your way. Dodge them as
    much as possible so you can avoid them when they explode. Now here's the
    time to attack! When the mandibles(or claws for those who didn't pay 
    attention in biology) open up, boost straight ahead to attack! When the
    camera moves to side scroll mode after the second hit, dodge the missile
    that rains on you and jump when Eggman tries to crush you with the 
    mandibles. When he faces you again, jump and boost him to continue the 
    assault! After the fourth hit, he's get's a little antsy! After the missile
    attack, he tries to crush you twice!! Watch your self and as he tries to 
    crush you again when he's in front of you, finish him off with one last
    boost and your done!
    (Cutscene 7)
    With one of the Chaos Emeralds restored one of the planet's pieces are
    restored. Time to head back to Spagionia.
    (Cutscene 8)
    Once again things are different at night. Let's ask someone around here
    Main Street:
    Nobody's home! Let's get going.
    Baker Street:
    Denise knows the dangers lurking at night so she warns you about the
    impending danger.
    Back Alley:
    The assistant seems a bit angry at the moment. Let's leave him alone for
    Aqueduct Street:
    Otto hears something about a hairy beast roaming around but notices that
    it's you.
    Pickle Lab:
    Pickle describes that his assistant is under the influence of Dark Gaia's
    power. It impacts the deepest darkest parts of the heart hence on why Sonic
    is the way he is now. Find the temple in this town and the one in Holoska.
    Let's go back to Spagonia again and ask around once more.
    Main Street:
    It seems that Lucia knows about the temple in town and decides to give you
    a charm from their grandpa. Turns out to be the Moon Tablet!
    Baker Street:
    Denise wants to give you something to show her appreciation to you.
    It's Secret Soundtrack 39!
    Back Alley:
    The assistant is now back to normal. Finally!
    Aqueduct Street:
    Otto doesn't remember the shrine that was in the city here. So I guess 
    there's nowhere else to go but to the temple!
    Spagonia Gaia Gate:
    Another temple covered in the vail of night and there's a reason why it's
    like this. Majority of the puzzles in each temple requires you to stay in
    your Were-Hog Form and you can only stay as Sonic where light is present.
    Anyway, to gain access into these rooms, you need each of the following. 
    First door on the left: 93 Sun Medals, 69 Moon Medals
    Second door on the left: 75 Sun Medals, 52 Moon Medals
    First door on the right: 95 Sun Medals, 69 Moon Medals
    Second door on the right: 23 Sun Medals, 15 Moon Medals
    Since the Moon Door is glowing, time to step inside and ravage through the
    streets of town!
    Dash and zig-zag through the barrels and pots along the street.
    You'll be ambushed by Nightmares after making two right turns. Take them out
    and move on. A secret item is hidden behind a group of pots, so be sure to
    crash into them and keep up the pace. You'll soon reach a door, open it and
    you'll find a fruit stand to the left. Go behind it after the short cutscene
    for another secret item. Destroy them all with the metal crate. With the
    metal crate, to the right of the door, place it on the blue switch to the
    Break the pots and barrels to collect more points and continue through the
    streets. Another capsule can be found within the next pile of crates. At a
    pair of clock towers, the monsters await you. Destroy them as fast as you
    can. Kill them all and go left to find a 30 Ring and an item capsule at the
    fruit stand there. Now, climb up the stairs to the clock towers. 
    As you can see, a barrier has been set up to the left. Again you must find 3
    purple orbs. The first one is on the top of the fountain. Climb up to the
    middle level of the clock towers and climb the second flower bed to get the
    secret item. Jump to the next tower to get the next item and now fall down
    to the last one. 
    Run through the barrier and the next wave of monsters will show up. Use the
    crates to take them out quickly. Grab the 10 Rings outside the building.
    Pull the lever to make the platform to the right move up and down. 
    Ride it to the next floor. As you run along the path, you'll find a secret
    item on a ledge sticking out of a building nearby. 
    Double jump through the gap in the fence to reach it. Double jump back 
    to the roof of the building you were on and search the cafe terrace for an
    item capsule behind two wooden crates.
    Swing along the horizontal poles to reach the next roof top.
    At this point, you have a choice. You can go for the finish line now and 
    beat the clock or you can explore and risk the S ranking! Go for the S
    ranking if you want, but if you are quick enough to take my advice, let's
    risk that S ranking! Go down the path on your left and make a couple left
    turns to find a secret item at a alley now get back to the pole and climb
    back up. Get to the next building and get the Red points behind the crates
    to the right. Move past the enemies here and get to the next building. Drop
    to the next ledge, get the Red Points here, run to the nearest pole.
    Climb back up and get to the next building! Run across the roof top and get 
    get to the goal ring with seconds to spare!
    Now that your attacks are at level 2, you're a lot stronger than before!
    You also have collected the first Secret Document, the 4th Secret Movie
    the 24th Secret Illustration, 79th Secret Illustration, and the 9th Secret
    Movie Clip.
    Let's keep going!
    Mission :
    Once again start moving and avoid the spike traps along the way.
    Break the barrels and the pots around the corners and on your right turn are
    more creatures of the night! With your new found strength, you should take
    them down in 2 to 3 hits! There are more flying enemies ahead, so in this 
    situation, grab'em and toss it to the enemy. Talk about killing two birds
    with one stone! Now as you reach the next street, there's a secret item up
    there. TAKE OUT THE ENEMIES FIRST! Trust me, if you try to get it now and 
    the crates break, you will have to come back for it later. Head down to the
    collection of barrels there and break them to get more points. Once you see
    the handles up there, grab on to one and fly to the top to get the secret
    item. Drop down, move to the right, and continue on your way. Soon you will 
    come to a fork in a road. Take the right path and get to the next secret
    item along the way and avoid the spike traps. Come back to the fork in the
    road and continue the regular route.
    There are more spike traps here. Step on the green button to deactivate it
    and the saws will cut through the floor. As you become entrapped by the
    monsters here, take the blue ones and hit the others with it to cut down
    time. Around the next corner is a new enemy, a magician! (Gee, where's my
    Blue Eyes White Dragon when I need it the most?) Get rid of him first and
    deal with the rest later. Once the barrier is down, run to the door and 
    press the green button there. Go back and ride the platform there. Jump to
    platform to platform to get a bonus ring and Red points. Swing the next two
    bars to get to the bonus ring and the green button. Your done with that
    mission with one more S rank under your belt.
    Now you have another attack, the Beatdown! Once you grab the enemy in your
    hands, press the X button and press either attack buttons to hit all of the
    monsters with their fellow monster. It's good to stun the monster first 
    before performing the move and when you're perform it, make sure that you
    rotate Sonic while performing it if you find yourself surrounded.
    Now you have the 5th Secret Movie Clip, 38th Secret Illustration, and a new
    Continue playing. We're almost done here!
    Mission : Rooftop Run
    Run towards the end of the street and break the pots there to get a secret
    item. Climb the pole and a barrier will block your path ahead. Run again and
    get some rings on the left and break the pots at the end quickly! Hitch a
    ride on the monster before it leaves. When you get to the other side, 
    prepare to fight some more monsters here. Use the tactic of grabbing one and
    throwing it to the other one to clear them out. Grab on to the next ferry
    and continue to the next one. Once you reach the other side safely, go
    around and reach the next one. That will carry you to the next dark item.
    Now get back on it to get back to the other side and continue. 
    Shimmy on the bar first then drop back while holding the X Button to hold on
    to the bar again. Once you get to the other side, move past the first pole 
    and get to the secret item there. Now go back and climb the pole. Jump to
    the next level and get to the platform to ride back down for the next dark
    item. Ride it back up and this time continue to back track to the beginning
    of the stage. That's where we will find the last secret item. Now run back
    to the second pole and slide all the way down. Get the last dark item, 
    defeat the enemies and climb back up to the, now, much higher ledge. Reach
    the barrier and get the last Red Points and go to the goal ring.
    Uh-oh! I knew it wasn't going to be that easy! Defeat the enemies before you
    lose that S rank. Now let's see what we got this time... A 12th Secret Movie
    Clip, a second Secret Document, the 20th Secret Illustration, and one half
    the Planet Tablet.
    Next stop is Holoska!
    Man, it's cold up here! But if the Eskimoes can tough it out here then so
    can we! Let's get some answers before I get frost bite!
    Food Storage Area:
    Sarianna wants to know if we seen her husband. Since we just got here, we
    might as well look for him.
    Central Bonfire:
    Jari-Pekka thinks Sonic is a seal? While he's pondering, let's move on...
    Family Home:
    Marketa knows the person hiding in the lumber yard. It's her dad. Her mom 
    doesn't know where he is right now. Let's go check it out.
    Storage Area:
    Jari-Thure seems a little on edge at the moment. Maybe he need to switch to
    decaf? He doesn't want us to tell her where he is...Don't worry...We'll
    never tell! (>:D)
    Food Storage Area: (Ain't I a stinker!?)
    Sarianna now knows where her husband is and now we find out the truth.
    Ever since there are stories saying there's something "fishy"( Ha, another
    pun in this guide!) was happening at the temple, he's vanished faster than
    you can say ghost! So we are given the chance to check things out. With the
    Sun Tablet in hand, we go to the Gaia Temple!
    Mission 1: Use Stomp
    When you press the B button while in the air you can stomp on the ice to 
    break through. Just don't use it too often against a robot. You're not
    Mario you know!
    Mission 2:
    Now the fun begins! Once you start running, get to the bobsled and shoot 
    through the half pipe. You can still boost and drift while sledding. As soon
    as you are out of there, move the sled towards the ring bonuses, but if it's
    too hard to control, don't worry about it. Just keep going but hit those
    speed panels. Watch out when the camera switches again. Jump over the spike
    pits and collect those rings! Soon, you're under the glacier and shot on to
    the rail. Grind and then jump to the next one to save time. When you land
    on the ice cubes stomp on them to continue. After you hit those robots, go 
    on the bridge on the left to get the special item and continue. After a 
    gauntlet of more robots, stomp through the ice and get the next special item
    along the way.
    After a long curvy road, stomp on the ice to race to the next one and stomp
    again on the other part. Now watch out for the tilting ice moving back and
    fourth. Speed through the walls as they close you in and your half way
    there. Homing attack on the robots as they guide you to the rail. Then as
    by pass another set of robots, homing attack the other set and then boost
    the rail. Get the next secret item and hit the speed panels keep going past
    the robots ahead and travel to the blue bumper. Press the B button and you
    will hit the final speed panel to send you to the goal ring! Use up all of
    you boost energy to make it there under the finishing time.
    Now you go the Secret Document # 9 and the Secret Illustration # 33. There
    was another secret item but we had to skip it to press for time. It was back
    on that bridge when we first entered the glacier. Remember that one once you
    go back there.
    Mission : Collect 150 Rings!
    Once you jump on the one man bobsled, you're all ready in route of
    collecting some rings. There's a ring bonus up ahead floating in the air.
    So make sure that you grab it before you speed away. The path will look
    familiar to you since it's the same route as the first mission on the ice
    cap. Again, collect the rings here and avoid the spike traps. Once you are
    grinding on the rails again, hit the robots to link to the next rail. You
    will collect the rings along the rail and soon you will come across the two
    robots that was on the right of the bridge. Destroy the robots and go back
    to collect the rings and the ring bonus there. Slide underneath the slab of 
    ice and stomp through the ice there! Lightspeed Dash on another line of
    rings and the mission is done!
    Mission : Don't break anything along the way!
    Remember when you were a kid and your mother always say, don't touch
    anything in the store? Well, here's a trip down memory lane! This is a
    very difficult mission to accomplish since you have to control your speed.
    You have about 90 seconds to get past it, but it's more than enough time to
    pass it. If you come across any ice along the way, do a Quick Step to dodge
    them. After you hit the robot or the bumper, which ever come first, homing 
    attack the three robots to past through that area. One bumper later, you 
    you fall after some large chunks of ice falls to the ground. Run past them
    as they fall. Go for the speed panel after you cross the bridge and avoid
    all of the ice up ahead. Hit the two robots and again hit the speed panel as
    it leads you to the goal ring. Again avoid all the ice at the home stretch!
    And now you have one half of the Planet Tablet and a new mission! Time to go
    back to Spagonia to see about the professor again! Looks like everyone's
    having a party and Amy is caught in the middle of it all, but it's soon
    revealed that they are all possessed by the Nightmares! SO, they finally
    have a name, huh? You will be leaded into a "cut scene" of them approaching
    you. Press the buttons on the screen to fight them off. You don't take any
    damage if you mess up here. After you're done, go to Pickle's Lab for more
    details on your next mission!
    Chun-nan, the oriental continent.
    You arrive at night again so let's see if we can get any whereabouts on the 
    shrine here.
    Chun tells you about his grand father as the elder of the village, but he's 
    been gone for some time. His concern for his grandfather gives him quite the
    Lantern Herbal Shop:
    Lin tells you that your arrival has come at a bad time and she's concerned
    about the elder too. Ask her to see if you can be of any help and she will
    tell you to look for a person called Shuifon for further information.
    Street Bench:
    Hualin questions your fashion sense for a short time, but she ends up give
    you the 41st track of the Secret Soundtrack and a mission back at Apotos!
    The Back Gate:
    Nobody's home! Let's go somewhere else!
    Waterflow Way:
    Shuifon is wondering where the elder ran off somewhere. But after he sees 
    you being here, he tell's you that the elder could be at the shrine.
    Before you leave, he gives you a Moon tablet. To the Gaia Shrine!
    Chun-nan Gaia Shrine:
    Everybody has told you that the elder is around here somewhere. With the
    only door glowing ahead, move towards it and open it up.
    Mission 1: Dragon Road, The Floating Shrine!
    Start running forward and crash into the pots to the right and destroy the
    door in front of you. A collection of points will be here. Afterwards, go
    to the left and pay close attention of the cracks on the wall. The first one
    has a 30 ring bonus. Now destroy the Nightmares blocking your path. 
    Continue along the path and the next crack on the wall has another ring 
    bonus. Again destroy the Nightmares here. The third crack on the wall has
    Red Points but the second that you get it, you spring a trap with Nightmares
    crawling all over the place! Cleat them out and get going! As you travel to 
    the next point, crash through the pots here to get more points. Go down the
    slope and in this area you will have to play bullfrog to get across at this
    point. Here's a tip on getting past this point and all the others like this
    in the game. Pay close attention of the shadow that you cast before you 
    land. If you don't see it, make a secondary jump to stick the landing.
    There's a collection of red points under the walkway you just came from. Try
    to get that and then jump back to the big stone in the middle of the pond to
    get the rings and ring bonus in the middle of it all if you haven't gotten
    it already! Now that you reached a red wooded bridge, clear out the 
    Nightmares here. Run to the floating pole and jump to the next one. Slide 
    down and get the rings here. If you get the secondary level below and run
    back on the right hand side, you can grab the two wooden crates, stack them,
    and reach for the red points after you grab the pole. Jump off and grab on
    the flying Nightmare there to get to the other side. Once you make it to the
    other side, travel to the right to get more Red Points. Now move forward and
    crash through the pots to get more points along the way and when you see a
    green pole, move to the right to get more points for your collection and a
    secret item! There are some more points on the other side of the pole too!
    Climb the pole to reach the top of the building and move to the right after 
    breaking the pots. The reason why I advised you to move here first because
    we have to open the door and behind that door is the goal ring. Now destroy
    the Nightmares first and then go back outside and take the left opening. Now
    get to the green bars and swing across to the other side where the goal ring
    awaits you.
    Now that we leveled up, your Unleashed bar increases.
    Oh, I forgot to mention about the Unleashed Bar. The Unleashed bar will
    increase your attacks in battle making it stronger. You can refill it by 
    collecting blue points or defeating enemies in Unleashed mode. You also have
    collected the 84th Secret Illustration.
    Mission 2: Dragon Road, Rising Dragon Falls.
    Jump off the cliff into the ground below. Don't worry there's solid ground
    there. Run and crash every pot there to collect points. Soon the first wave
    of enemies will appear. Get rid of them and get to the end of the road.
    Crash into the red pots to get the secret item hiding there. Run past the
    pendulums and watch out for the spike trap that is revealed once the floor
    gives way. Break some more pots at the corner and avoid another pair of
    pendulums there. Look to the right to see the crates and break them to the
    secret item here. Move back to the left and leap across the bridge. Move to
    the left and cross the bridge there to get more points before you climb on 
    that pole. Leap from pole to pole and grab on to the Nightmare here to get
    to the other side. Now we come across the hardest part of this stage, 
    scaling that waterfall!
    There's a narrow strip of land that leads underneath the waterfall here. And
    once in view, you can get the secret item there. Tread carefully on your way
    there and back. Now as we scale the water fall, make sure that you look 
    before you leap. One minor slip could make you fall back to the bottom of
    the falls or worse! Once you make it past the first two ledges, climb the
    pole and wait for the flying nightmare to come back to you since by the time
    you will get there, it will be to far away for you to reach it. Once on the 
    other side, climb the pole and swing to the other side. Climb that pole and
    wait for the flying Nightmare to get to you, ride it across, and climb that 
    pole! (Man, that's a lot of poles!) Once at the top, jump off, run
    underneath that waterfall, and climb, yes I'm afraid, another pole!
    Don't worry we're almost done here!
    Once at the top, jump off and walk across the log and jump to the other
    side. Now get the water barrel there, grab it and toss it to the fire to put
    it out. Go inside and break the pots there before you swing on the handle
    there. Now you have to fight off the final set of nightmares and once they
    are cleared out, you can climb to the top of the ledge on the right hand
    side and get the last remaining points and ring bonus of the level. Now,
    jump off and run in the other direction to the goal!
    Another S ranking is under your belt and at the next screen your health has
    increased! Plus, you picked up the 68th, 78th, and 27th Secret
    One more mission before we can leave this place for good!
    Mission 3: Dragon Road, Path to Darkness
    Don't get intimidated on the long stretch of road in front of you. You'll 
    blaze through that in no time at all! Trust me! Now start running! Break
    every single pot until you get to a large building ahead. Go inside and the
    first wave of Nightmares will be waiting for you there. Once your through
    with them, get out the same way you came in, reach the handle above you, and
    swing to the top! Run along the roof top to get to the secret item there.
    Leap off and get to the handle ahead of you. You will have to rotate it to
    lower the drawbridge there. Run along there and you will see some wooden
    crates and some fan type nightmares trying to blow you away if you get
    close. (That reminds me of those robots from Air Man's stage on Megaman 2!)
    Now you can avoid them by moving along when they stop blowing their air at
    you or you can take the crates and smash them with it!. Either way works
    fine to me! Afterwards, walk across the narrow strip of the bridge and
    continue along the wall. There's a collection of red points there, but we
    can skip it for now. It's up to you if you want it or not.
    Up ahead are more of the floating Nightmares that will help you get to the 
    other side. Once you make it there in one piece, smash the pots and get the
    points there. Keep running and try to get to that secret item before the
    entire section of the floor falls below you! Jump to the bottom and find the
    water barrel again to put out the flames your right for the red points. Get
    another one to put out the flames to the left. Just make sure you get the
    points out of the pots before you continue. Swing across the bars to the 
    other side. Move to the left and jump on the platforms to the other part of
    the pathway. Take your time since they are sticking out of the wall and they 
    won't fall you stand there for a while. We're almost there! We just need to
    get to the building up ahead! Climb up the ledge above you, fight off more 
    of the Nightmares and climb up to the top level. Now at the top, jump off
    two platforms and walk off the second one to the secret item below you. Ride
    the Nightmare to the top and continue along the rocks. Soon there's another
    wave of Nightmares scattered among the rocks. Watch your footing and get rid
    of them all. If you get one Nightmare dazed, toss it over the edge or to
    another enemy. Soon you will have to face a huge Nightmare creature. If you
    haven't used your Unleashed gauge yet, now is the perfect time to do so!
    Just don't fall off, please!?
    Hop across the rocks until you get to the other side and run towards the
    goal ring! Once again, another S rank goes under you belt. The next screen,
    your attacks should increase and you've collected the 7th Secret movie clip,
    the 53rd Secret Illustration, the 19th Secret Soundtrack, and another half
    the Planet tablet. You come across the elder, but your reunion will be short
    lived since the Dark Gaia Phoenix is in the way. Don't worry, there's a way
    to put out his flame!
    Boss: Dark Gaia Phoenix
    What do you do when you come across a firebird? Personally, I would like to 
    roast marshmallows over it so I can make some S'mores! Unfortunately, we
    don't have that option! Now, follow that bird to the nearest platform it
    stops on! Climb up and grab the water barrel so you can chuck it at the
    bird dousing its flames. When it rests at the middle of the floor, run at
    the bird and press the buttons to begin your assault! However, you can
    actually beat the bird faster if you use the Wii Remote. Afterwards, it
    re-ignites and it's up in the air again. Watch out when it uses it's Fire
    Wave attack. Jump over it or distance yourself away from it! Once it starts
    to hover again, you have to throw two barrels to put out the flames! It will
    re-ignite one more time and this time you have to throw 3 barrels at it to
    extinguish the flames. Take it down one last time and that bird is out for
    the count!
    Now that the elder, Zonshen, is saved, he'll combined the Planet pieces you
    collected and ta-da! You got a Planet tablet!
    2 pieces down, 5 more to go! 
    Tails says that Professor Pickle may have another destination for you to go.
    Let's go back the lab and find out.
    Pickles Lab:
    As Professor Pickle states, Chun-nan and right here in Spagonia are the next
    destinations! Let's go the streets to find the shrine!
    Aqueduct Street:
    Otto gives you a Sun Tablet to unlock the next door in the shrine.
    Spagonia Gaia Shrine:
    Go to the Sun Door so you can start on your next mission.
    Mission 1: Rooftop Run
    Alright, remember to spin dash to get a running start and drift around the
    corner up head. Hit the speed panel and it will blast you through the trail
    and it will end at the bumper. Speed is key if you want to get through this.
    Make a quick left for a short cut and speed up the hill! After you go
    though the multi colored loop, boost and drift around the corner. Zoom past
    the robots and hit the speed panels in order to make it to bumper ahead.
    Now hit the robots and dash through the loop to collect more rings. After
    the next checkpoint, hit the two robots as it leads to another secret item.
    Hit the bumper and it will send you past the robots below to the next area.
    Continue to hit the bumpers and you will be running along the wall. Perform
    the Quick Step to get the rings before you reach the end of bumper.
    The next check point is up head. Now drift and skip the speed panel here and 
    chain attack the robots up ahead there to get to the next area where you can
    run along the walls again. Soon the next check point is close at hand. At
    this part, boost as much as you can to reach the next check point. After the
    first zip-line homing attack the robots to continue the zip-line trip. Hit
    the bumper and as you stick the wall, hit the A button in the opposite
    direction to do a Wall Jump! Now hit the next robots here to get to a
    different area. As you get to the clock tower, hit the bumper to grind down
    the rail. Hit the robot at the next tower and zip down the line. You're at
    the home stretch now and a robot will be there to slow you down. There's 
    a chance you can really destroy it, but you can out run it. Collect as many
    rings and the secret item as you can before you reach the end.
    Another S ranking is yours and you got the 9th Secret Illustration, the 6th
    7th Secret Document.
    Mission 2: Collect 200 Rings
    Go through this part of the stage as normal, but as you hit the bumper to
    send you in the air, perform the Lightspeed Dash to get to the next area and
    make a left turn again for the shortcut. After that it's a smooth sailing to 
    200 rings.
    Now you have a piece of the Sun Tablet and 2 new missions.
    Chip's feeling a little down and no one seems to recognize him. So let's go
    to back to Chun-nan and see what comes up. Go to the village when you get
    Chun seems happy that his grandfather, Zonshen, has returned.
    As a "token" of his appreciation, he gives to the 40th Secret Soundtrack.
    Lantern Herbal Shop:
    No one's home! Let's keep going.
    Waterflow Way:
    Shuifon is glad to see his father back at home which makes Chun, Shuifon,
    and Zonshen all related. But he never heard of the shrine here.
    Back Gate:
    Zonshen expressed his gratitude and tells you to talk to Hualin for more
    Street Bench:
    Hualin thanks you in her way by giving you the Sun Tablet.
    Chun-nan Gaia Shrine:
    So far at this time you have 2 doors to open. You can choose to go through
    the Planet door and fight the Dark Gaia Phoenix boss again or you can
    explore the next stage.
    Mission 1: Dragon Road
    As you zoom along the red colored road, touch all of the speed panels to 
    gain more speed. Homing attack the robot as they show up. After you hit the
    bumper there, you have two paths to deal with. Take the path on the left by
    attacking the third robot, drop and continue the attack. Go through the loop
    and travel along this side of the building. There are gaps here and there's
    two ways to get past this part as well. You can skim the water missing the
    rings and the secret item completely or you can Lightspeed Dash across the
    gaps so you can get to the secret item on the left hand side. Once you past
    the building on the other side, boost towards the first check point. Press
    the indicated buttons to continue to fly across the air to the next part.
    After a loop, jump into the red rings and destroy the robots to keep up the
    pace, swing on the bars to reach a different point of the road as you
    collect more rings to fill your gauge.
    You'll be back on the original path and dash towards the red rings so you
    can fly across to the other side. Watch out for the incoming spears and when
    you touch the water for the second time, move to the left to get across
    faster. Don't touch the electrified robots in the way and touch the speed
    panels so you don't fall in the water. When you see the water for the third 
    time, move to the left again for a shortcut. A blue bumper is up ahead, so 
    press the buttons shown before you touch the white panels or else you risk
    falling. After flying through the rings and touching the speed panel, move
    to the right, hit the robots here and touch the panel so you collect another
    secret item. Now just boost to the goal ring and you're done!
    You should've collected the 2nd and 12th Secret Illustration. Continue for
    next mission.
    Mission 2: Gather Rings at Top Speed!
    Nothing too fancy here and nothing extra for you to do to get 200 rings.
    The higher path will take you to greater heights and more rings. Just make
    sure that you destroy the robots here to reach that point of the stage.
    Mission 3: Don't Break anything along the way!
    Again, we are on a stage that we can't break anything! Avoid all of the pots
    on the wall of the buildings here by performing a Quick Step! Hit the robot
    head and land on the speed panel to rush you to the bumper again and hit the
    robot to make it to the other side. Again, avoid all of the pots here and
    boost to the finish line! 
    You should have received a piece of a Planet Tablet and a new mission.
    Now, we go back to the professor in Spagonia.
    Pickle Lab: Professor Pickle has told us to talk to Otto about the door in 
    the shrine.
    Aqueduct Street:
    Otto tells us about the tablets and asks us for our tablet fragments. Now we
    have our next Planet Tablet!
    Spagonia Gaia Shrine:
    Now go to the door on the right as the Planet Shrine shines in the distance.
    Boss Battle: Egg Devil Ray
    You'll be running along a stretch of road as you battle this robot Eggman
    has sent against you. The only way to take defeat it is by boosting it when
    its shields are down. Avoid the Lasers since they can track your movements
    and collect as many rings along the way. After the first attack, the machine
    will rotate the lasers. Wait for an opening before you can attack. After the
    third attack, the camera will shift into a style that resembles the Galaga 
    game. Now you have to dodge the lasers and the bullets before it let's its
    shield down. Again wait for the barrier to drop and boost at him! After the
    fifth hit, the camera goes back to side scrolling and the lasers move a bit 
    faster than before. Boost it and the robot will move back to Galaga mode
    again. Hit it one last time and turn that thing into scrap!
    Now we have half of the world restored! Let's go visit the professor again!
    Also, you have the ability to change the scenery from Day to Night!
    Pickle Lab:
    Looks like that we have to go back to Holoska again! Well, pack your snow
    shoes, because this will be a while.
    Food Storage Area:
    Sarianna apologizes for the favor last time and reveals that her and her 
    husband are guardians of the temple. But her husband is acting kind of funny
    Storage Area:
    Jari-Thure feels less than a man since the last incident. Hear him out and
    select the first option and we got the Moon Tablet!
    Now let's get to that shrine!
    Holoska Gaia Shrine:
    Go to the glowing moon door and start your next mission.
    Mission 1: Moon lit Road
    Start running to the igloos in the distance. Behind that is a secret item
    behind some ice. Crash through it to get that item. Now run up the hill.
    Break the pots when you get to the top so you can get some points and there
    are some more points past the fireplace. Break the ice walls to continue
    down the path. You should see some ice landmarks cascading up. At the other
    side is a Secret Item. Now climb on the ledge and hop along the top. Break
    the pots and descend down the stairs. Grab on the floating Nightmares
    as they appear to reach the other side. As you reach the next ice wall,
    two robots will show up to stop you. Destroy them so you can move on. They
    can freeze you so be careful! As you pass on by, move the right and get
    inside the cave below for another secret item. Now get back up by using the
    floating Nightmare or double jumping to the ledge, pulling yourself up, and
    jumping to the other side.
    Now destroy the wall to the right so you can get the Red Points. Jump to the
    next ledge and get to the next ice wall on the left before the chunks of ice
    rolls down to flatten you. There's more Red Points inside. On the right hand
    side agin is the ring bonus. Break through the ice to get to it! As you make
    the turn you have to face more of the Nightmares. If you find one of those
    Nightmares that has something inflated once you hit it, grab it and use it
    as a hand grenade to blow up the lot! Just watch out for the cracked ice.
    There are spike traps below. Once the barrier down get to the goal ring.
    Now your Unleashed level is up to level 3 and you have found the 34th, 19th,
    and 35th Secret Illustrations.
    Mission 2: Ice Floe
    Move along towards the end of the path ahead and hop to the green ledge so
    you can reach the higher level. Breakthrough the ice wall and break the pots
    before you climb the green ledge. Now after you reach the secondary ledge,
    look for a floating Nightmare to take you to another spot where a secret 
    item is located and some Red Points. Ride back to the other side and grab on
    the floating pole. As you reach the other side, jump down to the lower ledge
    to avoid the blast of cold air as well as collect the Red Points. Get to the
    bar and swing others to get to the other side. Avoid the blast of cold air
    when you get there. Now in the next area, you reach the next wave of
    Nightmares and 3 fan shaped Robots. Get rid of the robots first and then get
    to the Nightmares. In front of you is a ice wall. Break it to get the Red
    points and jump on the ledge on the left hand side. Now jump on the ledge on
    the right again and follow it to the secret item further ahead. Now jump to
    the right hand side again ignoring the ring bonus below and climb on the 
    ledge. Break the pots and shimmy across the ricked makeshift bridge. Jump
    across the gap and continue on the other side.
    Break the pots and hitch a ride on the Nightmare that will take you to the
    next spot. The Goal ring is literately in sight so climb down from that
    point and hop to the next point so you can ride on the Nightmare again. Once
    you make it across, get to the secret item from the point your standing from
    now or jump to the other side and then jump to that ledge. Once you got it,
    run towards the goal. There are more fan shaped robots in the way. Take the
    crate on the right and throw it at the robot. Watch out for the cracked ice
    along the way. It will collapse once you land on it! Once you land on solid
    ground, run to the goal ring and another S ranking will be on your record.
    You should have obtained the 75th, 18th, and 72nd Secret Illustration.
    Mission 3: The Temple of Ice
    Down the path in front of you, break the wall for you to gain access to the 
    Temple of Ice. Avoid the Traps and the blasts of frigid air. Now move
    towards the screen and fall to the floor below. Go around the spike traps
    and as you reach the wall, jump to the ledge above and get the Red points. 
    Move a little further and you will get to activate a button. Press it and
    get back up. As you can see, it stops the mechanism to fire blasts of cold
    air as you swing to the other side. Press the switch nearby so you can open
    the door. As you roam deeper inside the temple open the door so you
    continue. Swing to the next bar and avoid the robot trying to freeze you as
    you climb up the pole. Slide down the next one, avoid the frigid blasts, as
    you hold on the next pole, get rid of the robot and press on the switch.
    Climb back up to the top, go through the door, and climb the ledge when you 
    get to the second door. As you go inside the next door, the other side is
    sealed. You have to find the three dark items to open it. There's one on the
    left side of the room and the secret item is on the right side. Get them
    both and break the wall in front of you. Get the Red points and climb the
    ledge to the left. If you tread carefully back to the right side of the
    room, there's another secret item here. Now go to the left side of the room
    and get the last dark item to lift the barrier. Through the door, there's
    a collection of points.  Break through the ice to get to it. There are two 
    more ice walls that are hiding more points. Just be careful not to fall
    within the spaces of the walkway. Break through the walls to reach the
    Nightmare filled room. When you get rid of the first wave of Nightmares, 
    two giant ones will arise along with the exploding Nightmares. Take them and
    throw it at them. Once they are all used up, attack the giants head on and
    they will fall down sooner than you think. Keep running down the hall and
    you will get another S rank!
    By now your Health has increased and you have collected the 13th and 83rd
    Secret Illustrations along with the other part of the Planet tablet.
    Time to see the professor!
    Pickle Lab:
    Now that we have two halves of the tablets, we have to take it to the
    guardians so we can put the continent back in place.
    Central Bonfire:
    Jari-Pekka turns out to be the elder of this village and only he can put
    them back together. With the Planet tablet together, let's get back to the 
    Holoska Gaia Shrine:
    Go to the Planet Door in front of you. We have a boss to defeat!
    Boss: Dark Moray
    At first, he places up a barrier of frost around himself. The only way we
    can get through it by destroying the generators located around the area.
    Of course, it's not going to be easy with all these Nightmares crawling
    around the place. Now once you get rid of them jump to the monster and 
    attack the belly. That's its weak spot! After a while, you will be ejected
    back out. Do it again and after the second assault, Dark Moray will shoot
    ice crystals so it could disrupt or harm you! Take it out after you destroy
    the generators and it breathes no more!
    4 pieces down, 3 left to go! Time to head back to Spagonia!
    Pickle Lab:
    Professor has now decided to move the lab to another location! I guess that
    he needs a new change of scenery? His research has led him to find out that
    there's more indications of the Gaia Manuscripts in the arid area. So let's 
    hit the road once again!
    Meanwhile, Eggman has used a tower to attract all of the Nightmares all over
    to lead them to the Gaia Furnace. 
    Palm Tree Square:
    Ehasn seems to allergy problems here. Well, I wouldn't blame him. However,
    he knows nothing of a laboratory here.
    Outside of the Palace:
    Layla is a exchange student taking some courses overseas at the University.
    She hasn't seen the lab, but she did see the assistant in a different
    Back Alley:
    Yasmine and her sister are acting like a defensive committee in the city.
    But it doesn't seem that Samia is doing too well.
    The Merchant's house:
    There's the assistant and it seems like they have officially moved in! Let's
    go see if he has anything new at the lab.
    Pickle Lab:
    The main reason why he chose to move here is because there's a Temple Of
    Gaia here. But he doesn't know where it is. Let's go ask the townspeople and
    see if they know anything.
    Outside of the Palace:
    Layla has something that she wants us to give since we last saw her.
    What is she doing with one of the tablets? I guess that she came across this
    Shamar Gaia Temple:
    In the distance there's a glowing door with the symbol of the sun. Go over
    there and open it up so we can start on the next mission.
    Mission 1:
    This place has a lot of sand and if you don't move fast enough, you can
    drift off somewhere where it can throw you off track. Start off by
    performing a Spin Dash. Drift around the next corners and boost up 
    to the next level. Hit the bumper and destroy the robots to leads you to the
    next area. Had you taken the lower route you wouldn't get to the first
    checkpoint in the fast enough time. Boost and drift around the corner. 
    Perform a Lightspeed dash to the rings on the left so you can get to the
    upper level. Do it again on the next spot and perform a boost after the
    second Lightspeed dash and you will be on a twisted turn with very large
    maces. Now move to the right and boost all the way to the next checkpoint.
    If you make it in a minute and ten seconds, you're making perfect timing!
    After coiling around the ruin, don't boost yet! Instead jump at the robots
    here and hit the speed panel to get the secret item. Afterwards, you can
    boost again. There's a split path up ahead and you can perform a wall jump
    to the higher level. If you mess up just drop and keep going. Homing attack
    the robots after you fly through the rings to get to the top level. 
    Press the indicated button here so you can continue on the higher route.
    Soon you will approach the next and final checkpoint. From here on out, you
    can't slow down and you can't mess up. You have 40 seconds left if you make
    it there in 2 minutes. Now boost and avoid hitting those columns that 
    just popped up. After drifting around the corner, homing attack the robots
    here and stomp on the rail of the last robot. Ride it and prepare to jump at
    the end of it! You will be led to a set of blue bumpers, so press the
    buttons that show up on the screen.
    Once you make it across, run through the space there and destroy the robots.
    Lightspeed dash to the next bumper and dash at the rainbow ring. After a 
    series of speed panels, boost all the way to the goal and this mission is
    finished with another S ranking!
    You should've gotten the 6th and 44thSecret Illustration as well as the 5th
    Secret Document.
    Mission 2: Land a Lightspeed Dash!
    This mission is easy since I told you how to perform a light speed dash.
    Run to the collection of rings and perform the Lightspeed Dash to the 
    Mission 3: Collect 270 rings!
    There are many paths you can take for you to get the rings needed to 
    complete this mission. Pay attention and look for any thing that can take
    you to the higher levels.
    Mission 4: Don't break anything along the way!
    Another mission that you have to be careful about. However, some of the
    paths here are blocked off so watch your speed along the way. In some points 
    of the mission, there are robots that can help you get pass the pots. 
    Exploit them to succeed in this "fragile" mission. In the final stretch, I 
    would advice you not to use the speed panels so much. The speed that you're
    on now is more than enough and easier to control.
    Mission 5: Collect 70 Rings!
    There is a secret item here and the only way to get there it by hitting a 
    set of robots. Once you get that item, don't boost too much in this area. 
    It's a short mission and you will get all of th rings to beat this mission.
    You just received the 8th Secret Soundtrack and one half of the Planet
    It seems like Chip is starting to get part of his memory back. Let's go and
    talk to the professor.
    Pickle Lab:
    They haven't found anything on Shamar yet, but they did discover a Temple of
    Gaia at a new location, Adabat. Before we go, let's check back at Shamar in 
    the scene of night and ask around.
    The Merchant's Home:
    The assistant asks of you to find the temple. Nothing new here. Let's keep
    Main Thoroughfare:
    Musaid seems a little down due to the decrease of tourism here. We'll get
    his spirts back up once we bring this continent down.
    Palm Tree Square:
    Ehsan is still suffering from his allergies but was interested in our trip 
    to Adabat. Man, news gets around fast here!
    Outside of the Palace:
    Layla wishes us good luck on our journey.
    Food Market:
    Erhan wants us to talk to his father, Ehsan. So let's go back to the Palm
    Tree Square and see what's up.
    Palm Tree Square:
    He has something for us and it's the Moon Tablet! That's great! So return to
    the temple and we can knock this stage out of the park. Adabat can wait!
    Shamar Gaia Temple:
    Go to the Moon Door, open it, and travel through the door!
    Mission 6: The City of Sand
    Run to the pots and around the corner. The first wave of Nightmares will be
    waiting for us. To get to the flying one at the top, there's a set of stairs
    on the left. Climb up there and hammer that thing down! Continue once you
    get rid of the lot. Now move ahead and in the left hand corner, there's a
    collection of points there. Jump to the ledge on the right and slide down
    the pole up ahead. Once on ground level, move down to get a secret item and
    move in the other direction to get to the red points. Climb back up the pole
    and jump off on the other end. A small faction of Nightmares will be there. 
    Grab the one that acts like a grenade and throw it at the others. If that's
    not enough, use the crates there. In a small alley near by there's a 
    collection of Red Points there. Come back out and continue as usual.
    Find a opening in the building in front of you so you can get the next 
    Secret Item here. Now finish off the Nightmares that just popped up. Near by
    is another collection of Red Points and rings on opposite sides of the
    alley. Continue down the available path and make a quick left turn for more
    Red Points. Now keep moving down the road for another collection of points
    at the end. Another set of Nightmares are up ahead. Make sure for you to
    take them down. Now in the next area, there's a ledge on the right hand
    side. Jump up there, get to the end of the path, stop, and move to the left
    for a Secret Item. Now, go back and break everything you see here and then
    move back to that area you just came from. The last set of Nightmares are
    separating you from the goal ring. One more S ranking is yours for the
    Now you got a new attack for Sonic called the Earthshaker! You make be able
    to make one but you can pummel your foes with the force of a earthquake!
    You perform it after the 4th combo to deal even more devastating damage.
    You should have received the 15th Secret Movie Clip, the 85th and 46th
    Illustration, and another mission at Apotos.
    Mission 7: Scorched Rock
    Move to the valley up ahead and trash all of the Nightmares here. Next,
    climb to the end of the valley. Before you move on, jump at the ledge on the
    left and climb to the top. Break through the rock and follow the path to
    some Red Points. Get back to the spot you were on and continue on course.
    The heat is on as a set of Nightmares shows up and some of them are on fire!
    You can't hit them unless you put out the flames surrounding their bodies.
    Find a water barrel and toss it towards them to stun them before they attack
    you and set you ablaze! Now throw one of the barrels towards the fire so
    you can get to the pole. Climb the pole and if you back track to the left, 
    there's a collection of points for you to gather. There's another pole to
    the right, so slide down and get the pots there to get more points.
    After you climb back up, jump to the ledge and continue ahead. There's a
    collections of pots on the right for you to smash and get the points from.
    Next, ride the Nightmare to the next level! Break the pots and watch out for
    the Nightmares firing at you. Once you get across that part of the area, a
    new type of Nightmares shows up! The green one tend to electrify themselves
    so don't attack when they are surrounding themselves with electricity. Once
    your done, move to the screen again and scale down to the area below. Follow
    the path and move across the ledge to get to the Secret Item there.
    Go back and move on the path as usual. Watch out for the fire shooting from
    the walls. Now in the final area, jump to the ledge on the right to get to
    the secret item. Jump back down and fight off the Nightmares here to get to
    the goal ring. That's one more S ranking for you!
    You should have got the 5th Secret Movie and the 45th Secret Illustration.
    Mission 8: Valley of Spirits
    Run off the cliff and start fighting off the Nightmares here. Use the
    "grenade" Nightmares and throw it at the others to help speed things along.
    Now leap towards the bars and swing to the other side. Try to reach to that
    ledge up on the other side. There's collection of Red Points up there. Jump
    off to the land below and hop on the golden platform. If you feel a little
    daring, jump to the ledge to the right to get a Secret Item there. Once you
    get to the solid ground, you have to fight off another set of Nightmares.
    Once you get rid of them, hug the right wall and smash through the rocks for
    a passage around the chasm. You really need to watch your footing here. One
    wrong move and down into the abyss you go! There are also more fan shaped
    robots that breathe fire. So wait for the flames to die down and then you
    attack. Once you cross the chasm safely, break a pair of pots here to get to
    get another Secret Item. Move ahead and another platoon of Nightmares show
    up. Destroy the flying ones first and then destroy the rest.
    The Goal Ring is in sight once again but you have to hop from platform to
    platform to get to the other side. Once you make there, one more army of
    Nightmares show up. Find the metal crate on the left and use it as a weapon
    so you can clear them out faster. That's another S ranking in your
    You should have Leveled Up in attack strength bringing it at level 4. You
    should also get the 76th and 90th Secret Illustration as well as a new
    mission for Spagonia. One more stage left before we move to Adabat!
    Mission 9: Alter of Oblivion
    Run to the area up ahead and go to the left wall to find a Secret Item. Now,
    break all of the other pots here for points and open the door there. In the 
    next room there's 6 doors for you to open.  Moving clockwise, the first door
    has Red Points. The second one has a duo of Nightmares inside! Defeat it and
    move to the next door. Door number 3 has more Red Points. The fourth one has
    another pair of Nightmares and automatically opens the fifth and sixth doors
    that reveal the final set of Nightmares. Clear out all 4 and move through
    the fifth door. Follow the wall and you will see a barrel of water. Pick it
    up and carry it to the wall of flames with out dropping it or you have to go
    back to get another one. Unless you need the points, you can stay and defeat
    the Nightmares here or just skip them and move on by. Crash through the pots
    and get the ring bonus long the way.
    When you reach the top from where you were seconds ago, find a fallen column
    for you to cross to the other side. Jump along the ledges so you can get the 
    Secret Item there. Now come back and soon you will step into a room of
    Nightmares and some of those blazing sorcerers. Get the water barrel and put
    them out. Now clobber them before they ignite again and defeat the other 
    Nightmares in this room. On your way up to the next floor, find the ledge on
    the right hand side. Shimmy your way for a Secret Item. Now, there's a door
    nearby and not to far away from it is a green button with some wooden
    crates. Don't break the crates instead, drop one of them on the button
    to get some Red Points. Now carry the iron crate over to the blue button up
    the road and drop it there. Pick up the next iron crate near the curtain of 
    flames and drop it underneath two of the valves for protection. In the next
    room up ahead are the final wave of Nightmares there. Destroy them by using
    the Earthquaker and the Unleashed gauge to fight your way through. When the
    barrier is down, run to the goal for a S ranking.
    You should've picked up the 17th, and 28th Secret Illustration, the 11th
    Secret Movie Clip, and a piece of the Planet Tablet.
    Let's go to Adabat Village for now!
    Adabat, the island paradise:
    Village Entrance:
    Nagi greets you as you make it through the entrance here. However, Chip
    reminds him of a toy he saw at a store at one time.
    Central Pier:
    Rudi is here to welcome you to the village as well. Despite how big it looks
    here, only one family lives here by themselves. There original home was 
    devastated by Dark Gaia's awakening and her father hasn't been the same
    since! Go the Shallow Waters and see what's going on.
    Boat House:
    Jamal is surprised to get any visitors here. He asks us to relax for a
    while, but we have a mission to complete.
    Shallow Waters:
    Teanchai seems to be down in the dumps after losing everything since that
    day Dark Gaia woke up from its slumber. His daughter seems to know where the
    shrine is around here. So we go back to the Central Pier.
    Central Pier:
    Rudi wishes her father the best as she worries about him not carrying out
    his duties. Ask to see what duties he has and she will tell you all that she
    knows about it. Teanchai oversees the Gaia Gate but since he's not up to it, 
    we can go in his place to check it out. With a moon tablet in hand, it's 
    time to visit the shrine there.
    Adabat Gaia Temple:
    The Moon Door is open here, so let's see what's our first mission is about.
    Mission 1: Starry Night
    As you start your mission go to the bottom right corner of the screen to get
    a Secret Item. Break the pots on the left hand side to get some Red Points.
    Soon you will face a small number of Nightmares. Take the iron crate on the 
    left hand side and crush them with it! Once the barrier is down, pick it up
    again drop it on the blue button near by. Leap to the other side and leap
    again to get to the Nightmares waiting for you. Destroy them and get the
    ring bonus here. Now move to the left and hop on the rising platforms there 
    to get across. Grab on the handle and swing upwards to get the Red Points. 
    Now, swing to the left to get on solid ground again. Look for a green pole, 
    climb it and walk cross the roof top to get some rings and another Secret
    Item. Slide down and get to the next green pole where you can hitch a ride
    on a flying Nightmare. Find another one and ride it where a swarm of
    Nightmares will attack you. Clear them out and get back to the other side.
    Now get to the next Nightmare that can take you to the bars ahead. Swing
    across and get to that large area ahead. Another swarm of Nightmares will
    show up. Use the two crates and smash them with it so you can clear them
    out. Now with those same crates carry one of them of the ledge to the right
    and drop it on the other part of the floor in front of you. Climb back up
    the pole and get the other one so you can drop it on the switch. Now,
    quickly get on the part of the floor that is now moving and stand on the
    crate there as it rise to the top. Get the red points floating above you,
    jump off and climb the pole. Continue to move to the left. Slide down the
    pole and find the conveyor belt. Dash and leap on the belt and keep running!
    Get rid of the robots there and just run all the way to the Goal ring!
    With another S ranking captured, you should get a level up on the Unleashed
    screen. With your Unleashed bar increased, you can dish out more damage in 
    that form. Also, the 22nd and 93rd Secret Illustrations should be in your 
    Mission 2: Restless Coastside
    Hop on the rocks and hitch a ride on a piece of drift wood as you go around
    the whirlpool. Get the rings but forget the points on the other side of the
    whirlpool. Hop on the platform ahead and jump on the next one. As you ride
    this piece, hop off at the next spot. Break the pots, flip the switch and
    ride the nightmare to the other side. Get the points here and ride the next
    one to the green pole. Jump to the next one and slide down low enough for
    you to land on the next piece of wood. Now ride it until your back on the
    other side again. Hop off and get the Secret Item there. Hop back on the
    next piece of wood that drifts by and let it float to the other side.
    You can hop on the ledge ahead and smash some pots there to gain more
    points. However, if you got them the first time around, then continue and 
    jump for that yellow ledge ahead. Smash the crates and get the item box with
    the Red Points inside. Move to the left and slide down the pole, but don't
    fall into the water! Wait for a piece of wood to float by and land on it.
    Let it take you around once to get the rings and Red Points. Now jump and
    grab on the Nightmares and get to the other side.
    Once you are on the beach, move to the right, past the item box floating
    near by and smash the wall in front of you. Once inside the cave, you have
    to face the Nightmares here. Defeat the brood, get that secret item
    before you get out of the cave, and move over to the floating item box.
    There's a wooden crate near by. Grab it and use it by jumping on 
    top and reach for those points. Again, the goal ring is in reach. Once you
    try to get close, the final wave of Nightmares shows up with a brand new
    breed of Nightmare magician types that carries a electric charge. Get rid
    of them first and use the Nightmare "grenades" to take out the rest. Once
    the fight is over, get the remaining ring bonuses if you haven't gotten them
    and go to the goal ring! One more S rank is all yours! 
    You should have gotten the 17th Secret Movie clip.
    Mission 3: Deep Jungle
    Start crashing into all of the pots on the path and stop when you see the 
    first yellow ledge. Already in sight is the first Secret Item. Grab on to
    the ledge and climb up to get the Secret Item. Now jump to the next one and 
    continue. Crash into the pots and a barrier will pop up as the first wave of
    Nightmares. Once again get rid of the Nightmares that fires off electrical
    charges first before attacking anyone else. Now once the barrier is down, 
    crash into the pots on the left and the right for points before you climb up
    the tree. Jump, grab on to the handles in order to reach the top. At the top
    is the secondary wave of Nightmares. There are also the Nightmares that
    fires off energy blasts. Take the little round shape Nightmares and toss it 
    right in their direction. It's a lot safer than risking going over the edge
    just to knock them out. You can also take them and toss them to the other
    remaining Nightmares. Now walk across the thick branches until you reach the
    bars and this time swing to the third bar. Now if you can catch the bar
    below, get the Secret Item here and take the Nightmare back up. Now on that 
    anchored pole to your left, get the ring bonus and get back on the path. 
    In the distance, there's another secret item. To get to it, follow the path
    and avoid the large mace balls along the way. Jump and climb on the yellow
    ledge and follow that path until you reach a fork in the way. Make a left
    detour from here and get to the pole straight ahead. Now climb up the pole
    and reach for the ledge here. Once you pull yourself up, walk to the secret
    item, and grab on to the Nightmare as it carries you back to the fork. Move 
    ahead and jump off from platform to platform to get to solid ground. The
    goal ring is just ahead. Break the pots, get the points here, and get on the
    platform. It will move you to the Nightmare that is floating above you. Get
    on it and let it take you to the next green Nightmare. This one is
    discharges electricity in timed intervals. So wait for it to go out and
    swing on that one to get to the next Nightmare. Swing to the final Nightmare
    and drop to the other side. There's a small band of Nightmares here. Again,
    take the Nightmare "grenades" and throw it to the other Nightmares to save
    time. Dash to the goal ring and one more S ranking is yours for the taking!
    You should've gotten the 60th, 25th, and 94th Secret Illustrations!
    Now for the final mission of this stage!
    Mission 4: Heavenly Ruins
    This stage is going to make or break you since you can fall off the edge
    here. So you must tread carefully! Now zip through the corners and get to
    the edge where you have to shuffle across the wall to get to the other side.
    Now, from here all you have to really do is to follow the rings. However,
    if you happen to fall off, quickly perform the action to get back on. This
    part of the stage is easier with the Gamecube controller. All you have to do
    is to hold the X Button until you reach the pole! Once your close to the
    pole, you will have to let go of the ledge and jump to the other side.
    Again, hold the X button and Sonic should grab to the pole. Now, break all
    of the pots here to gain points and find the red lever. Turn it on and wait 
    for a platform to arrive. Ride it to the other side and prepare to fight the
    Nightmares here. The giant Nightmare is very slow so race around it and find
    all of the crates here so you can smash him with it! There's a huge chance
    you could get killed from this creature alone in the Werehog stages, but as
    long as you have extra lives, you will be revived. In fact, I'll tell you
    how to get some more extra lives before we reach Eggman Land. Trust me, you
    are going to need them to survive them. Now moving on!
    After the battle, jump to the platform here to get to the middle of the
    area. Grab the handle and you are going to turn it clockwise to the
    9 o clock position. Jump on the platform again to the other side to get the 
    red points. Take your time and don't rush! Now, turn it to the 3 o clock
    position and grab the red points here. Turn it back to the 12 o clock
    position and jump across to the other side using the floating Nightmares.
    The first door contains Red Points while the second one has the Secret Item.
    Now, get the rings here and in the next area is the second wave of
    Nightmares here. There are 2 Giant Nightmares that you will have to defeat
    in order to continue. Activate your Unleashed mode and slice them to
    ribbons! We're almost at the goal and we are going to need to be quick on
    this one! Hop to the right of the cascading rocks to get some red points.
    Hitch a ride on the flying Nightmare to get to the other side now that the
    way back is gone. Climb up the pole and jump to the ledge so you can climb
    back up. Now this is where it becomes a time hazard. You have a magician
    that continue to create Nightmares as soon as your finished with the smaller 
    ones. Get rid of the source by destroying the magician by throwing the 
    smaller Nightmares at him. Use this tactic twice and the goal ring will be
    available. Don't' forget about the secret item to the left of the goal
    ring! One more thing, be careful where you step. The platforms isn't
    worthy to have the OSHA standard of approval...
    With another S ranking, your Health will increase and you should have the
    56th Secret Illustration, the 16th Secret Movie clip, and the other half of
    the Planet Tablet.
    Now Chip suggests that you go and see the Professor for the next 
    destination. Off to Shamar!
    Pickle Lab:
    At first glance, it seems like Professor Pickle thinks that you're tired.
    But now that we have more tablet fragments, Sonic will have to rest after
    the mission is complete. Let's go to the square next.
    Palm Tree Square:
    Bless you, Eshan! Man, I'm surprised that he still gets allergic in the
    middle of the arid city like this! There's a reason why we're here.
    See Eshan is a guardian of the shrine too! With little effort, you got a
    Planet Tablet... I just hope he doesn't give you a cold along with that...
    Shamar Gaia Temple:
    Go through the Planet Door and let's see who's the boss! (Get it?! Who's the
    Boss? Ahh, what do you know! That was funny...)
    Boss Battle: Dark Guardian
    Oooh! He looks a little nasty! Don't be foolish and attack him head on. Wait
    for him to try and punch you. You have a small window for an attack. Watch
    out when he swings that hammer or else he'll give you a dizzy spell! When
    he teleports to the back of the arena, start moving so you won't get hit by
    the bolts of lighting! Once you get to the spot he's in, unleash your fury
    and take him down! If you're lucky, you can beat him in 2 minutes! It's that
    Now with that Nightmare finished, the continent should be back in place once
    again! But Chip still can't remember a thing about himself. I feel kinda
    sorry for the little guy. Let's go back to the lab. I also need to mention 
    that now that every time you put a continent piece back in order, you can 
    switch the scene from day and night! Change it to the day setting and then
    come back to the lab!
    Pickle Lab:
    So there's a temple in Adabat too, eh? Time to go back to the Island
    Village Entrance:
    Nagi complements you on your softer look.
    Boat House:
    Jamal complements you after losing some weight? I guess they never seen
    Sonic's true form before! His father may know where the temple is. Let's 
    ask him!
    Central Pier:
    Rudi ask you to stay a while and rest.
    Shallow Waters:
    Teanchai realizes that there's no need to be sad while his children are 
    cheerful! But Rudi has the item we seek.
    Central Pier:
    Rudi have you been holding out on us? Let's take this Sun Tablet and restore
    the continent.
    Adabat Gaia Temple:
    Mission 1:
    Dash off into a spin dash before the clock hits zero and move across the
    cliff to your first Secret Item. Hop over the little explosive robots and
    run across the beach to the speed panels. It will lead you back up to
    another cliff with a group of robots. Now you can't really destroy them and
    here's why. Bounce off the second one on the right and as you are in the
    air, homing attack the robots here to get across. After being shot out of
    the cannon, press the button on the screen to get across. Now stick to the
    lower ground and destroy the robots that in your path. Swing on the vines 
    and hit the robots. Lightspeed dash on the rings leading to the rail and
    boost your way through the speed panels. Collect the rings while avoiding
    the robot along the way. Once you past the 3rd and final checkpoint you are
    going to do a lot of boosting and drifting on this path to get a S ranking!
    Don't get hit by the Tiki Face idols along the way and you will be at the
    goal ring in no time!
    You should have gotten the 7th Secret Illustration by now.
    On to the next mission!
    Mission 2: Collect 150 Rings!
    Another ring capturing mission! Well go along the path that you did before
    but this time, lean a little to the left and touch all of the speed panels
    to get the rings there. Collect the ring across the beach and avoid the
    exploding robots until you reach the second cliff that you went through
    before! Hit the robots here and it will help you reach your goal.
    Mission 3: Reach the goal within the time limit!
    Take the same path as you did before in the first mission. There is a Secret
    Item here along the lower level this time around so don't miss it!
    You just got the 9th Secret Soundtrack!
    Mission 4: Collect 130 Rings!
    It's entirely different this time around! You start off halfway though the
    jungle. Just like the other missions, it won't take long for you to reach
    your goal. Destroy all of the robots that's in your way and boost through
    to help you collect your rings!
    Now that you have the other half of the Planet Tablet, it's time to face
    fight the boss in Adabat!
    Shallow Waters:
    Teanchai is a guardian here on the village. So he'll give us a Planet Tablet
    after piecing them together. NOW we can fight the boss!
    Adabat Gaia Shrine:
    Go to the Planet Shrine so we can start the Boss Battle!
    Boss Battle: Egg Lancer
    This may get a little tough since Eggman now has a more menacing mech!
    It'll be a while before you can attack him. His first form of attack is 
    firing a pair of lasers to sweep the road. If that doesn't get you, he'll
    slam his mech to create a rock slide! Then, if you survive that, he'll 
    resort to an old tactic. Remember the last time you battle him like this?
    This is you're only time of attack. Again, wait for the green barrier to go
    down and then boost through him! When you start to run out of road, press 
    the buttons on the screen in order to continue. Repeat the process one more
    time and Eggman is defeated yet again!
    They finally made it to the temple and something about that temple has 
    triggered something inside of him. As Chip looks at the glyphs on the wall
    some unknown force pulls him inside and every thing comes flooding back.
    Chip is actually Light Gaia...(Really?! Ahem...) His job is to protect the
    earth from Dark Gaia. They both contribute to the cycle of Destruction and
    Rebirth and they've been going at it since the creation of this planet.
    Seems kind of boring to clean up some body's mess don't you think? Sonic
    isn't going to let Chip Go at it alone. Together, they will stop Dark Gaia
    and save the planet.  Now let's go back and see Professor Pickle and see
    what's up!
    Pickle Lab:
    Professor Pickle found the location of Eggman Land. Now let's go into
    Eggman's lair and shut him down for good!
    Eggman Land just had to be on top of the final temple. Smart, but we have a
    lot of work to do if we want to get down there! Now before we go, we are
    going to back track so we can get some extra lives! First stop is...
    Gaia Temple Side Quests:
    Apatos Gaia Shrine:
    Door 1, Lower Left:
    Step inside and you will transform into the Were Hog. First you need to 
    step into the light. Turn back into Sonic and run across the conveyer belt.
    Jump to the 1 Up item and now you have 3 lives! Run back and wait until 
    you're back as the were hog. Swing across the bars to the other side and
    press the green button. Now swing back to the light and run to the other
    side through the door as Sonic. Once you're on the other side of the room, 
    jump on the platform and get the Secret Item which is the Secret Soundtrack 
    # 12. Move to the left and grab on the ledge to pull yourself up. Get the
    1 Up here and this room is done! Go in to the light and run back to the 
    other side of the room and out to the main hall.
    Door 2 Lower Right:
    As soon as you enter the room climb up the pole and grab the ledge. Pull
    yourself up and get the 31st Secret Soundtrack. Step into the light and run
    across the belt again. Get the secret item floating at the other end that
    contains the 47th Secret Soundtrack and get the other one that has the 4th
    Secret Soundtrack.
    We're done here so let's go to the next temple via the Warp Room I told you
    about earlier in the guide.
    Mazuri Gaia Shrine:
    Door 1, Lower Left:
    Climb up on the ledge and hop across the platform to the light shining
    through the ceiling. As Sonic, press the green button to move the platform
    and Lightspeed Dash across the rings for a secret item that has the 63rd
    Secret Illustration. Now quickly get to that platform and press B to crawl
    underneath the space and get the 1 Up here. Let's move on to Chun-nan!
    Chun-nan Gaia Shrine:
    Door 3, Top Right:
    Enter inside and climb the pole here. Jump off when you reach the top and
    get the 26th Secret Soundtrack. Step into the light and Lightspeed Dash
    across. Get the 18th Secret Soundtrack floating above you and wait to turn
    back to the were hog again. Grab the Nightmare, walk off the ledge, throw it
    to the stone door in front of you. Now get a running start and leap to the
    other side. Get the 20th Secret Soundtrack here and press the green button.
    Go back and ride the platform that's now in motion to the next level to 
    retrieve the 1 Up here. Now on to the next room.
    Door 4 Lower Right:
    Destroy the stone wall here and touch the light yet. Move across the 
    conveyer belt and wait to turn back into the were hog. Open the door here
    and break the wall nearest to you. Inside is the 1 Up for this room. Now
    break the other one and turn back into Sonic inside the light. Run on the
    belt and hop the stairs to get the 48th Secret Soundtrack. Get to the top
    and run around the corner. Jump over the space here and get the 11th Secret
    Soundtrack. Jump down and we're off to the next temple.
    Holosaka Gaia Shrine:
    Door 2, Top Right:
    Run inside and lift the metal crate to find the 5th Secret Soundtrack. Step
    into the light and run on the belt. Once on the other side, jump to get the 
    1 Up and wait to turn back to the were hog. Open the door and now carry the 
    metal crate to the other side. Drop it near the ledge and jump to the 14th
    Secret Soundtrack. Now take it near the blue ledge and climb to the top
    there! Get the 1 Up here and now we can leave!
    Spagonia Gaia Temple:
    Door 4, Lower Right:
    Once inside you will see three sources of light here. This will be one of 
    the challenging puzzles yet, so read my directions and you will solve it
    in no time! Climb the stairs and hit the item box containing a new mission 
    on Apotos. Drop down and find the first metal crate. Carry it to the light 
    and try to toss it over to the light. If you turn back to regular Sonic just
    get away from the light and you will be back in your were hog form. Now get 
    the 6th Secret Soundtrack and grab the other crate. Toss the other crate to
    the third light and jump to the key to unlock a mission in Holoska. Now take
    the crate in front of the first light from the side and carry it to the
    belt. Drop it and let it cover the light there. Hop to the top and get the 
    1 Up here. Turn back to Sonic to get cross the belt and then back to the
    were hog and we're done for the side quest.
    We should have enough extra lives so we can survive Eggman Land. So let's
    get to it!
    This place feels nostalgic as it resembles Scrap Brain Zone From Sonic 1. Of
    course, it's twice as dangerous as before. It all comes down to this and
    it's up to you to stop Eggman from world
    domination once again.
    Eggman Land:
    Mission 1:
    This will be your most challenging day stages yet and to get there in the
    fastest time and in one piece, you must be faster than fast! It took me over
    100 times to make the S ranking and let me tell you it's no easy picnic!
    As the numbers countdown to 1, perform a spin dash to gain some speed. Drift
    over the speed panels and collect the first round of rings, don't Lightspeed
    Dash anywhere in this area yet. Instead, boost and drift to or past the next
    speed panel and you will land on the twisted metal path. If you really want
    to be daring, try to boost past the spring and boost again to reach the
    other side. Skip the robots on head of you and take the left path collecting 
    the secret item. Quickly drift around the next corner and boost past the 
    hammers. Once you get to the other side and you are still boosting drift
    over the speed panel so you can skip the huge mace balls. Now to get to the
    first checkpoint faster, wait for the robots to pop up and homing attack
    both of them and Lightspeed Dash across the rings. Stomp towards the ground
    and quickly boost to the first checkpoint. If you make it there in 40
    seconds or less, you are well on your way! Boost down the rail and get to
    the Ferris Wheel. Don't spend too much time trying to get across, but when
    you see some robots there, homing attack them and hit the handle at the end.
    It will launch you up and jump at the multi-colored ring to fly into the
    air. Now, boost again through the rail and ride the roller coaster. Boost
    once through that part and when you reach to the down hill slope, boost
    twice towards the next checkpoint. If you managed to get there in 1 minute
    and 21 seconds or less, you're doing great! Keep it up! Once in the air,
    boost again and the robot will give chase to you! Dodge him and try to hit
    the bouncer on the end. Once you are behind it, boost at the robot at least
    twice. Now you are in front of the robot again after a couple of bouncers
    and avoid the robot's attack again. Soon you will be behind it again.
    Boost it 3 more times and it's officially destroyed! On the long path ahead,
    boost towards the bouncer! Keep up with that speed and get ready to slide
    underneath the small space to get to the other part of this area faster.
    Now destroy the enemies here and once you're on the first tether line and
    the moment you see the opening, jump off and boost again. Press the buttons
    needed to continue ahead and destroy the robots with a homing attack. After 
    the last robot, stomp and boost on the speed panels. Soon you will be flying
    on a one man rocket. Move up and down to see the ring and watch out for the
    ring of mace balls floating in the air. Once you get to the last collection
    of rings, boost towards the next checkpoint. If you made in 3 minutes and 10
    seconds. You're on a roll! Here's the final stretch and you can't afford to
    mess up here! Drift to the right and watch out for the gun turrets.
    Lightspeed dash through there and drift again to the speed panels and you
    are now on a another twisted path of metal. You can make it out with out
    touching a speed panel but it's too risky to try. Hit the speed panels 
    with out boosting and you will clear the area. You're almost there now. Just
    destroy the robots ahead and run towards the speed panels. Again, do not
    boost here! You should have at least over 40 seconds left as you make it to
    the finish! Now after you attack that robot, Lightspeed dash through the
    rings to get to the other side. Boost if you can and quick step past the
    signs to hit the next bouncer. When you're on the pole, once again don't
    waste too much time on it. Attack the robot and attack the turret. Quick 
    step through the next area and get to the bouncer at the end. Avoid the
    hammer and homing attack the robot once more and one more Lightspeed Dash
    to the finish line once you're on solid ground! If you make it in under the
    time limit, give yourself a pat on the back. That stage is done for good! 
    You should have gotten the 10th and 8th Secret Illustrations
    Mission 2: Collect 280 Rings!
    There are more rings on this mission and the key to getting them all is 
    by dismantling the robots here. While you are traveling and collecting 
    rings, look for any set of ring floating in the air and Lightspeed Dash
    through them.
    Mission 3: Reach the Goal within the Time Limit!
    The stage is pretty much the same from the first mission here. Make sure
    that you hit all available checkpoints!
    You now have a new mission in Eggman Land. Now we can go in and attack the
    Mission 4: Infiltration
    Dash inside the building and destroy the door in front of you. Make sure
    that you crash into the crates along the way for Blue Points. Destroy the
    next one in front of you for Red points and the door nearby for the first
    wave of Nightmares. Use the Nightmare "Grenades" and the metal and wooden
    crates to clear them out quickly. Now wait for the blast of cold air to
    dissipate and leap towards the handle on the wall. Swing to the left in
    order to continue. Press the green button there, open the door. Now, you're
    riding down a huge platform to the lower level of the area. Don't move from
    the spot you landed on yet. Ignore the Nightmares here and jump on the
    hidden room for you to get to the Secret Item here. Now use the crates and
    the Nightmare "Grenades" again to thin out the numbers before you can move
    down the elevator again. The next level also have a hidden room where a 50 
    ring bonus awaits you. If your health is a little low, get it and use the
    Unleashed Gauge here. It's going to get a little hairy here. Fight your way 
    through so the elevator can move again. 
    On your way down, find the closed shutter and break through it for a 100
    ring bonus and some Red Points. Get back on the elevator and get ready to
    fight another wave of Nightmares. In order to get the final wave, grab a
    crate, wooden or metal and smash the door below. Here, a total of three
    giant Nightmares will appear. Take the crate and throw it at the mini
    Nightmares and the giant help deal damage to it. Now, two more will take its
    place. Again use the same method, use your Unleashed Gauge if you have to 
    to clear them out. Once the battle is over, grab the ring bonuses and slide
    down the pole to the Goal Ring. You should get a S or an A rank depending on
    how fast you were going. 
    After the results screen, you should have leveled up in your attack power.
    With that in mind, you are fully maxed out in the offensive department. You
    should also get the 49th Secret Illustration!
    Mission 5: Robot Factory
    A great place to start in order to disrupt Eggman's reinforcements. Now run
    to the next room and in this wave of Nightmares, destroy the green magician
    before you can take on anybody else. Afterwards, get the ring bonuses here
    and run across the conveyer belts. Up ahead will be a little difficult 
    because the only things separating you from the barrier is the electric
    charged Nightmares and the blasts of fire from the walls. Avoid getting
    burned and destroy the nightmares here. As you get past that part, another
    set of Nightmares will appear. If you see the flame covered Nightmares
    again, find the barrel of water and put them out before attacking. It will 
    leave them stunned for the time being. Clear out the rest of the Nightmares
    here and get another barrel of water to put out the fire near by. 
    Grab on to the handle and throw yourself back up!
    You will see a barrel of water up ahead. Leave it alone for now. Run across
    the belt nearby and hit the green button in the back to reverse the
    direction of the belt. Now we can carry the barrel to the other side and
    put out the flames. Now walk slowly over the edge and drop the Secret Item
    below you. Now run across the belt again. Once you make it on the other
    side, grab one of the metal crates and drop it on the green button here.
    Grab the next one and carry it across the belts with you. Once you get past
    the fiery curtain, a wave of Nightmares will pop up at you. Now with that 
    metal crate in hand, throw it towards the green Nightmare to knock him down
    before taking on any of the other Nightmares here. Once the battle is done, 
    grab on the handle near by and throw yourself to the goal ring. Once again, 
    another S ranking is awarded to you.
    You should have collected the 54th Secret Illustration here. 
    Mission 6: Beyond the Factory
    Good news, player! You're exactly two stages away from beating the game!
    The bad news is you have to get past this factory and fight two bosses in 
    order for you get to the ending credits! But don't be discouraged yet!
    Let's start by crashing through the crates here via towards that pole ahead.
    Grab on the pole and slide down to the next level carefully. Once you reach
    the bottom, stop and jump to the next one. Turn exactly 2 times, climb up to
    the top and jump to the bar. Swing from bar to bat to get to the other side
    and you have to fight the Nightmares here. Jump on the metal beams pushing 
    out and jump to the left for a Secret Item. Once you finished the Nightmares
    here, jump back on the first metal beam again and jump from beam to beam as
    they reveal themselves to act as a temporary platform. Now descend down the 
    stairs carefully! There's not that many platforms for you to land on in this
    area. Remember, when I had you to go back to the Gaia Temples for the extra
    lives? THIS is the reason why! If you are not careful, you are going to lose
    about 50 to 75 percent of the lives you earned if you are not careful. 
    Remember the saying, "Look Before You Leap!"
    Wait for the metal slab to show itself and run across it to the pole nearby.
    Climb up the pole and grab the bar. Swing from bar to bar to the ledge up
    ahead. Break the shutters here and crash through the boxes for some Blue
    Points. There's also a item box of Red Points here as well. This is also 
    another tricky area with all of the spike traps here. To get past them, you
    have to climb up the pole to a certain point where you can jump off of it
    safely without taking any damage. Now there is a item box of Red Points here
    at a platform in the distance. You can choose to get it at your own risk.
    Other than that, jump from pole to pole so you reach the bar over to the
    right. You can't really reach the bar until you get over the spike trap on
    the second pole. In short, you will have to travel in a circle to get to the
    bar. Once you get to the second pole, if you are in the middle of the pole
    where you can actually touch the ceiling above you and the spike trap below
    you, aim at the bar, double jump, grab on to the bar. Now swing from bar 
    to bar again to reach the Nightmares. Swing on them so you can get to the 
    other side.
    Find the handle here and swing back to the right on the next handle. Throw
    yourself up to get the Secret Item here. Now get on top of the metal beams
    here to get the Red Points above you towards the left. Continue to move and
    soon you will be on the final wave of Nightmares. Clear them out by taking
    down the electric Nightmares first. 
    Climb up to the top, collecting the ring bonuses along the way, and
    crash into the crates for points. Now grab on the handle near by and throw
    yourself to the next one. Throw yourself to the ledge the right and grab the
    Secret Item here. Fall off and find the door nearby. Open it and press the
    button here to open the other door. Once you get through that start
    running to the right! This piece of metal will force you over the edge if
    you're not fast enough! Open the first metal door here to get the Secret
    Item here and open the next door. Run down the hall to get to the goal ring!
    That's another S ranking in your possession. 
    By now, your Unleashed Bar should be maxed out and you should've collected
    the 55th, 14th, and 31st Secret Illustrations and the 8th Secret Document.
    Mission 7: Zero Point
    Crash through the crates to rack up some points here before jumping down to
    the platform. In this part press the button and as you move down, use the
    crate for protection from the flames. Grab the next metal crate and hold it 
    for protection from the flames as you move across to the next area. Once you 
    get there, get the Secret Item on the left hand corner of the path. Grab the
    crate again and use it as a weapon to hit the Nightmares that's going to
    block path. Carry the crate into the next room and drop it on the nearest
    ledge for leverage to get yourself up to the top. Now that a barrier has 
    blocked your way, we have to find those same three keys to open it. Crash
    through the crates here and get on the platform to move you to the next
    area. Collect the rings along the way and smash the crates here when you
    stop. Jump on the next platform to the pole up ahead and wait for the next
    platform for to jump on. After that platform stops, jump off and grab on to
    the handle. Wait for the spikes to disappear and get to the next handle.
    Throw yourself up on the next handle to get the Secret Item there and swing 
    to the next handle. Don't swing on the third one and wait for the next
    platform to show up to ferry you to the next area.
    Jump off the platform and get the first key nearby. Slide down the pole
    and get to the yellow ledge here. Climb over it and climb back down 
    and grab on to the ledge. Move Sonic through the crack to find a Secret
    Item. (Now had I not told you about this, you would've skipped it!)
    Get back to the other side and jump on to the bar. Swing to the pole up 
    ahead and slide down. Jump to the other pole and swing on the Nightmare that 
    just popped up. Jump to the ledge and pull yourself up so you can find the
    other nightmare. There's another one at the barrier, but we'll save that for
    last. Find the Nightmare here and grab on to it for you get to the secondary
    key. Now ride the Nightmare back so you can get to the other key to take
    down the barrier. Now your on a larger platform to take you down again. 
    There are no hidden rooms here, but there's plenty of Nightmares for you to
    fight. Just don't fall off the edge here. Once you defeat the Nightmares,
    just let the platform take you to the goal ring. That's another S ranking
    for ya!
    You should've get the 74th and 69th Secret Illustration and the 1st Secret
    Mission 8: Dark Gaia Cauldron
    Well, I retract my statement from before saying that we had 2 missions left 
    from Mission 6... NOW we have two missions left for you to beat the game!
    Now jump on the yellow ledges here. Pull yourself up and grab on to the 
    bars. Swing to the beam ahead and get the Secret Item here. Now jump down
    and continue on the path. Break down the doors and get to the pole. Don't 
    slide down yet, instead climb up for the next Secret Item and 
    the red points. Then you slide down hand get ready to fight some red hot 
    Nightmares! Now you have two types of Elemental Nightmares and you may have
    a tough choice on who to take out first. I suggest that you take out the
    fire Nightmares first by dousing them with water. Once stunned, you can take
    them out. If you throw the water on the electrical ones, they will short out
    and possibly killing them instantly! With nothing else here, move on to the 
    next room. Nearby on the bottom part to the floor, there's a Secret Item 
    here. Just be careful not to fall off here! Grab the ring bonus and climb up
    the pole nearby to the next level. Follow the path and when you get to the
    end of it, get a running start and leap to the other side.
    Fend off the Nightmares here and grab the ring bonuses. Look for a flying
    Nightmare so you can get to the other side. Not too many Nightmares to fight
    in this area, but it still presents a dangerous threat. Take out the
    electric Nightmares before taking on the club welding Nightmare. Grab on the
    other Nightmare and swing to the other side. Get the red points here before 
    opening that door. Quickly move to the left side of the screen for a Secret
    Item there. Slide down the pole and follow the trail to the yellow ledge.
    Pull yourself up and walk on the first path on the right. Jump down to get
    the Red Points and get back on the walk way. Don't move too fast or you will
    easily fall off here. Leap across the broken pathway, get to the pole, slide
    down, and carefully walk across the ledge. There's ledge near a pole. Grab 
    on to it and swing to the second one for a collection of Red Points. Throw
    yourself across twice to get to the Secret Item there and get back to the
    pole. We're almost finished and all you have to do here is to jump from 
    pole to pole while avoiding the flames that will be shooting out at you.
    Once you get to the ledge, run and crash through the crates for some points
    and now you are faced with the final, and I do mean final, wave of
    Nightmares of the game! Hooray! Now get rid of the Nightmares that fire the
    electric charges. When you cleared the rest, two more will pop up
    accompanied by a giant club welding Nightmare. Use your Unleashed gauged if
    you still have it and send him down the river! The goal ring is in reach but
    it's far from over!
    All of your stats should be maxed out by now with your Health now at level
    5. That means you no longer need to level him up! You should also get 
    the 71st, 80th , 5th, and 36th Secret Illustration, plus a mission in Spagonia!
    With the final Chaos Emerald restored, the world is complete and whole yet
    again! Just as you are going to celebrate on your victory, guess who's come
    to spoil this victorious moment! Eggman seems like he wants to settle the
    score against Sonic. With a new battle ready mech, he sends Sonic free
    falling to the planet's core!
    Boss Battle: Egg Dragoon
    Start running to avoid the cold blasts of ice Eggman will be firing at you. 
    Once the shot's been fired, run to him, jump, and clobber him to bring him
    down. Do this three more times and Eggman will fire a drill to destroy the
    large platform. If you lost any health along the way, collect some rings
    as you fall to recover from your wounds. Now the attacks will be a bit more
    menacing since Eggman will now fire off 2 frigid blasts of ice! Dodge them
    both and hit the same way as before. When he starts using his machine gun,
    dodge them as well and attack him when you see a window of opportunity.
    Once more, he will break the platform here and you will be falling. Collect
    the rings to recover your health. Now, Eggman seems really mad now! He's
    sticking to the machine gun! Run and avoid the attacks. Once again, when
    he's close enough, attack him and if you can perform the Earthshaker attack
    to do more damage, that's a huge plus! Once he's on his last ounce of
    health, Eggman will swing a electrical charged drill! Jump over it a
    couple of times and deliver the final blow! If you beat it in 7 minutes, you
    get a S rank!
    Now, the final fight begins and Dark Gaia is ready to destroy the world!
    Dark Gaia has taken back its remaining power from you and reverts you back
    to normal. With all seven of the temple combined they form the Light Gaia
    Temple Golem to do battle with Dark Gaia.
    Boss Battle: Dark Gaia
    Part 1: Rock'em Sock'em!
    Ever played with those Rock'em Sock'em Robots that was made in the 1970's?
    If you haven't, you're about to get a crash course in this game! There are
    two parts to this mission and part one it a one on one fight while
    you control Light Gaia. You can move the golem left, right, and back to
    avoid Dark Gaia attacks. The key to beat this part of the stage is to bob
    and weave and counter his attacks. For example, if he swing his right hand,
    swing to with your left and vise versa. This can also be done with the Wii
    Remote and Nunchuk as well. However if you can punch him with both fists, 
    not only you can counter him, but it will deliver critical damage! Just
    remember to "Float like a Butterfly and Sting like a Bee!"
    Part 2: You'll poke your eyes out, Gaia!
    Now it's Sonic turn to battle against him! But you have to get enough
    speed to do damage to Dark Gaia! Start of with a spin dash to get one bar
    on the boost gauge. Collect the rings and avoid the dark blasts crashing
    down. Make sure that you have at least one ring so you can survive the
    ordeal. Once you're air borne press the buttons on the screen to get to the
    eyes! After the attack, the paths are different every time. Again, avoid the
    energy blasts as you try to make yourself air borne! After the second
    attack, travel along the path that makes you airborne through the rainbow 
    rings and pay attention to the buttons that appear on the screen to dodge
    the attacks coming at you. Half way through the path, destroy the robots to 
    get to the other side. Once you get to the final eye, that part of the 
    mission is over!
    Final Mission: Defeat Dark Gaia!
    Dark Gaia is going for a go for broke move and he's going to bring
    mankind to a stand still! However, with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, 
    Sonic becomes Super Sonic once more! Now as the mission starts move to the
    left and start gathering rings! You need to gather 50 rings and when the 
    button pops up on the screen, press it to boost your way to his eyes!
    Avoid the rocks in your path as you hit him dead on! Dark Gaia has at least
    6 more eyes before you can take him down for good! Avoid the incoming claw
    attacks that will glow before it hits you! Once in a while, it will try to
    hit you with both claws! When that happens try to get to the middle of the
    screen. Afterwards, after you take out its 5th eye, it will fire off huge
    energy blasts at you. Press the button on the screen to deflect it back at
    Dark Gaia or if there's a lock on cursor there, boost at the eye before he
    gets a chance to fire it! On the 6th and 7th eye, avoid the falling rocks
    that fall towards you on your way to deliver the final blow!
    Dark Gaia has fallen and you have officially beaten the game!
    VII. Credits
    In reality, I finished this game a few weeks before I took time out to
    finish the guide. However, I would have to say that this game was very 
    entertaining despite having the entire gang on the adventure! However, the
    game isn't really complete since all of the Gaia Temple puzzles aren't
    complete. I'll start on working on them on a different time. But it's time
    to give credit to those who make this game possible!
    Sega: For making such a speedy hedgehog we all adore. Keep it up!
    Nintendo: For making such a interactive system, the Wii.
    Game Faqs: For making the guide and all other guides available to help 
    complete games in the past.
    And You: For taking time out to read this guide! Thanks a bunch and I 
    hope that this information will give you a better edge in battle.
    IX. Legal Notice
    I will authorize this guide to released at these following websites at 
    this time:
    GameFaqs and its CNet affiliates
    Cheat Code Central
    If you want to post it on your website, you must contact me at 
    javon56@yahoo.com. You can not post it unless you have my blessing. 
    This guide can be linked giving others access to this information.
    This guide and all following guides in the distant future posted under 
    the Game FAQS ID name Data_Hunter are copyrighted. I can't make any 
    money off of it for this information is available without prejudice.
    Sonic the Hedgehog and other characters, music, and everything else in the
    game are copy righted by Sega and Licensed by Nintendo.
    Until Next Time, Kiddies, PEACE!

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