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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Sonictrainer

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
      1. Progress Report
      2. Updates
    2. Background Info
      1. Summary of the Opening Movie
      2. Important Characters
      3. Important Items and Places
    3. Controls
      1. Hedgehog's Regular Moves
      2. Hedgehog's Special Shoes
      3. Bobsled/Roller Coaster Car
      4. Werehog's Regular Moves
      5. Grabbing with the Werehog
      6. Critical Attacks
    4. Skill Lists
      1. Straight Attacks
      2. Hook Attacks
      3. Aerial Attacks
      4. Special Attacks
    5. Items
      1. Gimmicks
      2. Traps and Hazards
    6. Collectible Items
      1. Sun and Moon Medals/Levels
      2. Food
    7. Professor Pickle's Lab
      1. Souvenirs
      2. Art Books/Bookshelf
      3. Videotapes/TV
      4. Records/Gramophone/Audio System
    8. Traveling Salesman Wentos
    9. Experience
      1. Speed Stat
      2. Ring Energy Stat
      3. Combat Stat
      4. Strength Stat
      5. Life Stat
      6. Unleash Stat
      7. Shield Stat
    10. Scavenging
    11. World Map
      1. Town Stages
      2. Entrance Stages
      3. Acts
      4. Result Screen
    12. Downloadable Content
      1. Apotos and Shamar Adventure Pack
      2. Chun-nan Adventure Pack
      3. Empire City and Adabat Adventure Pack
    13. Story Walkthrough Checklist
    14. Apotos
    15. Apotos Town Stage
      1. Apotos Directory
      2. Apotos' Town Stage Shop
    16. Apotos Entrance Stage
      1. Windmill Isle Day Act 1
      2. Windmill Isle Day Act 2
      3. Windmill Isle Day Act 3
      4. Windmill Isle Night Act 1
      5. Windmill Isle Night Act 2
      6. Windmill Isle Day Act 1-2 DLC
      7. Windmill Isle Day Act 2-2 DLC
      8. Windmill Isle Day Act 4 DLC
      9. Windmill Isle Night Act 1-2 DLC
      10. Windmill Isle Night Act 1-3 DLC
    17. Spagonia
    18. Spagonia Town Stage
      1. Spagonia Directory
      2. Spagonia's Town Stage Shop
    19. Spagonia Entrance Stage
      1. Tornado Defense Act 1
      2. Rooftop Run Day Act 1
      3. Rooftop Run Day Act 2
      4. Rooftop Run Day Act 3
      5. Rooftop Run Night Act 1
      6. Day Boss: Egg Devil Ray
      7. Rooftop Run Day Act 1-2 DLC
      8. Rooftop Run Day Act 2-2 DLC
      9. Rooftop Run Day Act 4 DLC
      10. Rooftop Run Day Act 5 DLC
      11. Rooftop Run Night Act 1-2 DLC
      12. Rooftop Run Night Act 2 DLC
    20. Mazuri
    21. Mazuri Town Stage
      1. Mazuri Directory
      2. Mazuri's Town Stage Shop
    22. Mazuri Entrance Stage
      1. Savannah Citadel Day Act 1
      2. Savannah Citadel Day Act 2
      3. Savannah Citadel Day Act 3
      4. Savannah Citadel Night Act 1
      5. Savannah Citadel Night Act 2
      6. Day Boss: Egg Beetle
      7. Savannah Citadel Day Act 1-2 DLC
      8. Savannah Citadel Day Act 3-2 DLC
      9. Savannah Citadel Day Act 4 DLC
      10. Savannah Citadel Day Act 5 DLC
      11. Savannah Citadel Night Act 3 DLC
      12. Savannah Citadel Night Act 4 DLC
    23. Holoska
    24. Holoska Town Stage
      1. Holoska Directory
      2. Holoska's Town Stage Shop
    25. Holoska Entrance Stage
      1. Cool Edge Day Act 1
      2. Cool Edge Day Act 2
      3. Cool Edge Night Act 1
      4. Night Boss: Dark Moray
      5. Cool Edge Day Act 1-2 DLC
      6. Cool Edge Day Act 2-2 DLC
      7. Cool Edge Day Act 3 DLC
      8. Cool Edge Day Act 4 DLC
      9. Cool Edge Night Act 2 DLC
      10. Cool Edge Night Act 3 DLC
    26. Chun-nan
    27. Chun-nan Town Stage
      1. Chun-nan Directory
      2. Chun-nan's Town Stage Shop
    28. Chun-nan Entrance Stage
      1. Dragon Road Day Act 1
      2. Dragon Road Day Act 2
      3. Dragon Road Day Act 3
      4. Dragon Road Night Act 1
      5. Dragon Road Night Act 2
      6. Night Boss: Dark Gaia Phoenix
      7. Dragon Road Day Act 1-2 DLC
      8. Dragon Road Day Act 2-2 DLC
      9. Dragon Road Day Act 4 DLC
      10. Dragon Road Day Act 5 DLC
      11. Dragon Road Night Act 1-2 DLC
      12. Dragon Road Night Act 3 DLC
    29. Shamar
    30. Shamar Town Stage
      1. Shamar Directory
      2. Shamar's Town Stage Shop
    31. Shamar Entrance Stage
      1. Arid Sands Day Act 1
      2. Arid Sands Day Act 2
      3. Arid Sands Night Act 1
      4. Night Boss: Dark Guardian
      5. Arid Sands Day Act 1-2 DLC
      6. Arid Sands Day Act 3 DLC
      7. Arid Sands Night Act 2 DLC
      8. Arid Sands Night Act 3 DLC
    32. Empire City
    33. Empire City Town Stage
      1. Empire City Directory
      2. Empire City's Town Stage Shop
    34. Empire City Entrance Stage
      1. Skyscraper Scamper Day Act 1
      2. Skyscraper Scamper Day Act 2
      3. Skyscraper Scamper Night Act 1
      4. Skyscraper Scamper Day Act 1-2 DLC
      5. Skyscraper Scamper Day Act 3 DLC
      6. Skyscraper Scamper Night Act 2 DLC
      7. Skyscraper Scamper Night Act 3 DLC
    35. Adabat
    36. Adabat Town Stage
      1. Adabat Directory
      2. Adabat's Town Stage Shop
    37. Adabat Entrance Stage
      1. Jungle Joyride Day Act 1
      2. Jungle Joyride Day Act 2
      3. Jungle Joyride Day Act 3
      4. Jungle Joyride Night Act 1
      5. Jungle Joyride Night Act 2
      6. Day Boss: Egg Lancer
      7. Jungle Joyride Day Act 1-2 DLC
      8. Jungle Joyride Day Act 4 DLC
      9. Jungle Joyride Day Act 5 DLC
      10. Jungle Joyride Night Act 1-2 DLC
      11. Jungle Joyride Night Act 3 DLC
    38. Eggmanland
    39. Eggmanland Town Stage
      1. Eggmanland Directory
      2. Eggmanland's Town Stage Shop
      3. Tornado Defense Act 2
      4. Eggmanland: The Final Act
      5. Night Boss: Egg Dragoon
      6. Final Boss: Dark Gaia/Perfect Dark Gaia
    40. Mission Basics
      1. Mission Items
    41. Gregorios's Missions
      1. The Elder's Doubt
      2. The Elder's Plans
      3. The Elder's Book
      4. The Elder's Trial
    42. Kitchen Lab
    43. Ciccio's Missions
      1. Elio's Nights
      2. Lunch Thief!
      3. A Miffed Mom
      4. Elio's Loss
      5. Working Dad
      6. Money Troubles
      7. Happy Birthday
    44. Marcantonio's Missions
      1. Tower Terror
      2. Forest Fright
    45. Kwami's Missions
      1. Before the Ritual
      2. Spooky Shadows
    46. Ana's Missions
      1. Ana's Dream 1
      2. Ana's Dream 2
      3. Soul Mates
      4. Heir Wanted
      5. Elder's Call
      6. Final Exam
    47. Yaya's Missions
      1. Run Yaya Run
      2. Yaya's Request
    48. Jerri-Pekka Missions
      1. A Promise Made
      2. A Promise More
      3. Love is Jerky
    49. Zonshen's Missions
      1. Checkup Time
      2. Find A Cure
      3. Get Pumped
      4. Chronic Ailment
      5. Forbidden Arts
      6. Energy Boost
      7. Meat Bun Trial
      8. Hide & Seek Trial
      9. Deliver-A-Doc
    50. Shuifon's Missions
      1. Kung Fu Flex
      2. Kung Fu Speed
    51. Sammar's Mission
    52. Yasmine's Missions
      1. Committee Call
      2. Urgent Mission
      3. The Hideout
      4. Missing Sister
      5. Shamarian Peace
    53. Mufid's Missions
      1. Iman's Mission
    54. Shadi's Missions
      1. Curt Craftsman
      2. Missing Son
      3. A Rising Star
      4. A Dead End
      5. No Appointment
      6. Which One?
    55. Louie Montaine's Missions
      1. Passion Power
      2. Play it Cool
      3. Sonic Presents
    56. The Boss' Missions
      1. Charming Girl
      2. Boss's Heart
      3. Boss's Empathy
      4. A Final Gift
      5. Miracle Cure
    57. Sa'id's Missions
    58. Sandra's Quizzes
      1. Quiz Lady 1
      2. Quiz Lady 2
      3. Quiz Lady 3
      4. Quiz Lady 4
      5. Quiz Lady 5
      6. Quiz Lady 6
    59. Brenda's Interviews
      1. Brenda Blurb 1
      2. Brenda Blurb 2
      3. Brenda Blurb 3
      4. Brenda Blurb 4
      5. Brenda Blurb 5
    60. Exorcisms
      1. Exorcism #1
      2. Ice Cream Man's Exorcism
      3. Elder Gregorios' Exorcism
      4. Sammar's Exorcism
      5. Barbara's Exorcism
      6. Aida's Exorcism
      7. Kwami's Exorcism
      8. Jari-Pekka's Exorcism
      9. Shuifon's Exorcism
      10. Sa'id's Exorcism
      11. Charles' Exorcism
      12. Nagi's Exorcism
    61. Hot Dog Trials
      1. Don Fachio's Apotos
      2. Don Fachio's Mazuri
      3. Don Fachio's Spagonia
      4. Don Fachio's Holoska
      5. Don Fachio's Chun-nan
      6. Don Fachio's Shamar
      7. Don Fachio's Empire City
      8. Don Fachio's Adabat
      9. Don Fachio's Eggmanland
    62. Enemies
      1. Egg Fighter
      2. Egg Fighter with a Standard Shield
      3. Egg Fighter with a Spring Shield
      4. Egg Fighter with a Static Shield
      5. Egg Shooter
      6. Egg Fighter Knight with a Static Shield
      7. Egg Fighter Knight with a Spring Shield
      8. Egg Fighter Knight with a Standard Shield
      9. Egg Fighter Sword
      10. Little Fighter
      11. Egg Launcher H
      12. Egg Launcher V
      13. Egg Launcher HV
      14. Mole Cannon
      15. Spinner
      16. Thunder Spinner
      17. Egg Typhoon
      18. Egg Blizzard
      19. Egg Flame
      20. Thunder Ball
      21. Aero-Cannon
      22. Gold Aero-Cannon
      23. Aero-Chasers
      24. Interceptor
      25. Egg Shackle
      26. Egg Burst
      27. Nightmare
      28. Deep Nightmare
      29. Killer Bee
      30. Red Killer Bee
      31. Cure Master
      32. Power Master
      33. Fright Master
      34. Fire Master
      35. Lightning Master
      36. Little Rex
      37. Red Rex
      38. Dark Fright
      39. Red Fright
      40. Dark Eel
      41. Big Mother
      42. Titan
      43. Evil Flower
      44. Dark Bat
      45. Dark Bat Sniper
      46. Thunder Bat
    63. Achievements
      1. Story Achievements
      2. Special Shoe Achievements
      3. Item Achievements
    64. FAQ
      1. Glitches
      2. Trivia
    65. Legal Stuff
    66. Special Thanks
    67. Contact Information

    Sonic Unleashed

    • Xbox 360 Version
    • FAQ/Walkthrough
    • Created By Sonictrainer


    Hi, my name is Ryan aka Sonictrainer and this is the second guide I have made and posted online and the first full Walkthrough I have ever done for any game.

    I made this guide to help people while they play the Xbox 360 and PS3 Versions of Sonic Unleashed.

    Please note that there are some major and minor differences between all Versions of this game.

    Progress Report

    I'm working on adding more specific information to the individual Acts and Missions, including Rings, Extra Lives, Experience, Enemies, and S Ranking.

    If anyone has something they think I should add to the guide or notice any errors, feel free to contact me.


    A list of all the Updates I've made to this FAQ, starting from the last time I made changes to its debut online.

    March 2, 2015

    • Corrected some Errors
    • Reedited different Sections and Subsections
    • Updated Professor's Pickle's Lab with more Hints and Reorganized the Subsections
    • Reedited the Town Shop Subsections and Traveling Salesman Wentos to include Experience received from certain Food
    • Updated the Exorcisms Section and Subsections
    • Renamed Tightrope Ledges to Tightrope Rails
    • Updated Contact Information Section

    August 3rd, 2012

    • Corrected Errors throughout the guide
    • Added Glitches and Trivia Subsections to the FAQ section
    • Added Quick Links in some of the Sections

    July 25th, 2012

    • Reorganized different Sections
    • Renamed Flip Springs to Spike Springs
    • Corrected Errors throughout the guide
    • Added Townspeople Directories for each Country
    • Added Chip's Commentary Subsection
    • Updated Food Section
    • Moved Professor Pickle's Lab and Traveling Salesman Wentos Section
    • Added more prices to Wentos' Items
    • Updated Hot Dog Trials Section and separated them into separate Subsections
    • Updated the Enemies Section
    • Updated Contact Info

    May 31st, 2011

    • Still reediting Sections
    • Updated most Sections
    • Corrected Errors
    • Special Thanks Section Updated

    May 20th, 2011

    • Started reediting the entire guide in the new Formatted FAQ style

    June 17th, 2009

    • Did some editing
    • Changed Table of Contents
    • Added DLC info to several sections

    April 28th, 2009

    • Reorganized Table of Contents
    • Updated FAQ and Legal Stuff

    March 26th, 2009

    • Added to the Table of Contents
    • Found all the Art Books
    • Added to Werehog's moves and completed all Skill Lists
    • Score/Rank Info Updated
    • Added more info to Hot Dog Trials in Missions Section
    • Downloadable Content Questions posted in FAQ Section
    • Art Book 40 Questions also Updated in FAQ Section
    • Special Thanks Section and Contact Info Updated

    February 14th, 2009

    • Finished Walkthroughs for all 9 Countries
    • Fixed Collectible Errors in Cool Edge and Arid Sands
    • All Bosses covered
    • Completed all Mission Descriptions

    February 9th, 2009

    • Did Walkthroughs for Acts in Apotos and Spagonia
    • Added controls for the Bobsled to Sonic Abilities Section
    • Missions in Apotos, Spagonia, and Mazuri have complete descriptions
    • Changed and added info to Hot Dog Trials in Missions Section
    • Updated Enemies and Achievements Sections

    February 3rd, 2009

    • Did a Walkthrough for Windmill Isle Night Act 1 and Eggmanland
    • Fixed an Error in Jungle Joyride Night 1

    January 28th, 2009

    • Found Art Books I missed except for Art Book 29
    • Added scores to certain levels
    • Fixed minor errors in guide
    • Changed and added questions to FAQ Section
    • Small Update to Contact Info

    January 23rd, 2009

    • Added some Skill Lists to the Sonic's Abilities Section
    • All Bosses covered except Egg Dragoon and Dark Gaia

    January 21st, 2009

    • Corrected some minor errors in different parts of the guide
    • Added to the Sonic's Abilities Section
    • Added a few Gimmicks I forgot about
    • Found every Videotape, Record, and Medal location
    • Finished the Story Map in the Levels Section
    • Added scores to certain levels
    • Added more info in the Missions Section
    • More people added to the Special Thanks Section

    January 12th, 2009

    • Guide posted online for the first time on GameFAQs

    Background Info

    Sonic the Hedgehog is a videogame icon who has been around for over 17 years. From his first game in 1991, he has become very popular to gamers in the United States, Japan, and other areas in the world. Besides games he has also had 4 animated series, a movie, and a comic book made by Archie Comics. Sonic Unleashed was his latest adventure in the videogames in 2008.

    Summary of the Opening Movie

    In the beginning, we watch as Sonic infiltrates Eggman's space armada. When Sonic uses the 7 Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic, Eggman quickly tries to escape into a strange looking spaceship. Once Super Sonic catches up to Eggman, Eggman pleads for forgiveness.

    It seems that the battle is pretty much won so Super Sonic agrees to let Eggman go and begins to leave. But then Eggman pulls a switch and an energy cage forms around Super Sonic. The machines that released the cage now separate Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds, as Eggman reveals the space ship is actually a Chaos Energy Cannon. He then uses the energy coming from Sonic and the Emeralds and fires a ray at the Earth.

    The results of this cause the planet to break up into pieces, floating above the Earth's core, while awakening a dark energy being known as Dark Gaia. It also causes Sonic to turn into a new form called the Werehog while the Chaos Emeralds lose their colors and turn black as Night. Happy to accomplish his plans, Eggman ejects Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds, sending them towards the Earth's atmosphere.

    Dark Gaia divides himself and spreads over the entire planet...

    Important Characters

    These are all of the main characters in Sonic Unleashed.

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    • Bio: Sonic is a blue hedgehog who's well known for his superpower: speed. Sonic can run faster than the speed of sound and enjoys travel and going on adventures. He can also use his speed to curl into a ball, spin, and cut through different materials including metal. Although he is impatient sometimes, he always helps those in need and hates to see injustice. His only known weakness is water. At high speeds, he can hydroplane, but he can't swim. After meeting with Chip, Sonic sets out on his journey to restore the planet, the Chaos Emeralds, Chip's memories, and himself.

    Other Versions of Sonic in this game

    Super Sonic
      • Bio: Super Sonic is a form Sonic takes when he collects all 7 Chaos Emeralds (and sometimes 50 Rings). In this form he turns a golden yellow, can move faster speeds, perform stronger versions of regular moves, becomes invulnerable to almost all attacks, and can even fly. However, this transformation always has a time limit.
    Sonic the Werehog
      • Bio: Sonic the Werehog is a new form that Sonic takes during the Evening, due to the fact Dark Gaia's power only becomes active at Night. Since Super Sonic was being used to power the Chaos Energy Cannon, Sonic's body absorbed a part of Dark Gaia. However, since Sonic's mind was strong, his body was affected instead, unlike others who have been possessed by Dark Gaia's Minions. While in this form, his arms are more muscular and his limbs can expand and stretch out over certain distances. Though he can't break the sound barrier at night, he can dish out punches, kicks, and other devastating blows in a matter of seconds. It is truly the complete opposite of Sonic's regular Hedgehog form.


    • Bio: Chip is our navigator in Sonic Unleashed, who travels with Sonic in hopes of recovering his memories. Although Chip forgot who he is, he seems to have knowledge of Sonic's abilities, places, and points out things people would probably miss. He also has other mysterious powers besides a love of sweet foods and what seems to be an endless supply of chocolate. As Sonic and Chip restore the planet, Chip will eventually recover his memories and remember his true purpose.

    Tails the Fox

    • Bio: Tails is Sonic's best friend, who's IQ and mechanical abilities almost match those of Dr. Eggman's. His real name is Miles Prower but he was given the nickname Tails due to the fact that he has 2 instead of 1. He can use them to spin like a propeller and fly around for periods of time. When traveling long distances or to airborne places, Tails uses his biplane Tornado, which he has modified over past adventures. He was last seen heading towards Apotos...

    Amy Rose the Hedgehog

    • Bio: Amy is a pink Hedgehog who believes she is Sonic's girlfriend. It's wise not to make her angry otherwise she will go into her own form of Unleash Mode and attack with her Piko Piko Hammer, which she can create out of thin air. She loves Sonic so much that she has mistaken other male hedgehogs for him. She was last seen heading towards Spagonia...

    Professor Pickle

    • Bio: Professor Pickle is a teacher at Spagonia University, who is the leading expert on Dark Gaia. His favorite food is cucumber sandwiches. He was last seen at his Laboratory in Spagonia...

    Dr. Eggman

    • Bio: Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Ivo Robotnik) is a mad scientist is who bent on taking over the world. His plan is to create a place called Eggmanland which will be his base of operations as he sends attacks around the world. As always, Sonic is the only thing standing in the way of his dreams. Can Dr. Eggman be stopped now that he's unleashed Dark Gaia and broken the world?


    • Bio: Orbot is a robot assistant that Dr. Eggman recently created. Although Orbot is intelligent, his mouth gets him into trouble.

    Egg Fighter Series Robots

    • Bio: The Egg Fighter Series is Eggman's fighting force in Sonic Unleashed. While a few of the robots here are updated versions of older Badniks, most of them are new and have specific designs to annoy and try to destroy Sonic.

    Dark Gaia

    • Bio: Dark Gaia is a dark energy being that slept inside the core of the planet. He was awakened when Dr. Eggman used the Chaos Emeralds to separate the planet. Since it wasn't the Time of Awakening, Dark Gaia couldn't maintain his body, so when the planet split into pieces, he did too. His essence is still spread around the world. So far, the sun is the only thing that can stop Dark Gaia's powers.

    Other Versions of Dark Gaia in this game

    Dark Gaia's Minions
      • Bio: Dark Gaia's Minions are all of the pieces of Dark Gaia that scattered across the planet. Once the sun goes down, Dark Gaia's powers reactivate, causing people's negative actions and emotions to manifest into Dark Gaia Minions. They also have an ability to possess a person's body, causing their hosts to act the opposite of their normal selves. However, Sonic the Werehog's personality is the only one that remains unchanged.

    Important Items and Places

    These are some of the important items and specific locations in the game.

    Chaos Emeralds

    • Bio: The Chaos Emeralds are 7 powerful gemstones that come in 7 different colors: Green, Red, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Purple, and Grey. Should a person be fortunate enough to find 1, it can bestow the user with incredible abilities. The most common two uses are allowing the user to perform Chaos Control, giving them control over time and space, or using all 7 to transform into a different form. After Dr. Eggman used them to break the planet into pieces, the Chaos Emeralds all turned black and lost their shine. Is there a way to return them back to normal?


    • Bio: The Tornado is a biplane that Sonic and Tails use to travel. Tails has been modifying it over the years to increase its performance. The current model is a combination of the original and the Tornado 2, allowing it to transform 2 Modes: Flight and Battle.

    Temples of Gaia

    • Bio: The Gaia Temples are 7 temples that are located in 7 different Countries throughout the world. Although their purpose is unknown, Dr. Eggman seems bent on finding them for some reason...


    In this game, Sonic has some of his old abilities from past games and plus new ones. Not only that, but his new Werehog form comes with a different style of gameplay. This game also has an Experience system which can be used to level up his current abilities in either form.

    Misc Controls
    Skip a CutscenePress the Start Button during a CutsceneNone
    Adjust Camera?None

    Hedgehog's Regular Moves

    During the Daytime in the Town Stages and Entrance Stages and during Day Acts, Day Boss Battles, and Day Missions, Sonic will be in his regular Hedgehog form. These are all of Sonic the Hedgehog's normal moves and abilities in Sonic Unleashed.

    Hedgehog's Gauges:

    • Ring Energy (aka Boost Gauge): This is the gauge shown on the bottom of the screen. When the gauge is empty Sonic cannot perform regular Boosts or Air Boosts. To fill it up, collect Rings and destroy enemies.
    Controls for Sonic the Hedgehog
    Walk/RunTo walk and run, move the Left Analog stick in the direction you want to go.In order to stop running or slow down, move the Left Analog in the opposite direction that Sonic is running.
    CrouchPress and hold the B Button when not moving or on a Grind Rail to Crouch down.Crouching allows Sonic to dodge obstacles and certain enemies' attacks especially when standing on moving platforms.
    CrawlingWhile Crouching, continue to hold the B Button while moving the Left Analog Stick in order to Crawl.Crawling is an alternative in case Sonic misses an area he would normally Slide under.
    Spin KickPress the B Button quickly while crouching or crawling to do a Spin Kick.The Spin Kick is a quick attack Sonic can do without having to move.
    SlidePress and hold the B Button while running to Slide.Sliding allows Sonic to get through tight spaces, dodge enemy attacks quickly, and to attack enemies, especially those that carry shields.
    Hop/Spin JumpPress the A Button while standing or running to Spin Jump.Depending on how hard you press down on the A Button affects how high Sonic jumps. If you press it lightly he hops without spinning, if you press it harder he jumps his highest while spinning. This is also Sonic's basic attack.
    Homing AttackThe Buttons for the Homing Attack have been changed in this game. First press the A button. Next, while in midair, move the left analog button to choose a target. Finally, press the X Button to hit the target.Coming Soon
    BoostPress/Hold the X Button when the Boost Gauge is filled to Boost.Boosting makes Sonic move faster, destroy incoming enemies, and run on water. If you press the Jump Button while still holding the Boost Button, you can jump while still keeping speed. Any Rings Sonic passes will be drawn towards him.
    Quick StepWhile moving forward in 3D areas, press LB to quickly move left or RB to quickly move rightNone
    DriftingTo turn around certain curves in certain levels use the B/LT/RT to Drift while still running.Hold the B Button to for long turns, and hold the LT (turning left)/RT (turning right) while doing close turns. This move takes some practice. Sonic can also do this move while still Boosting.
    Grinding/Grind StepWhen Sonic is grinding on a Grind Rail, press the LB Button to switch to a rail to the left and the RB Button to switch to a Rail on the right. Press the A Button to jump, without moving the Analog Stick, to jump once and stay on the same rail. Hold the B Button to move fasterNone
    SkydivingSometimes while in midair, Sonic will slowly float down instead of dropping normally. You can use the Boost Button to move faster but be aware that he becomes harder to move to certain positions.Skydiving only occurs in Rooftop Run Day Act 1, Dragon Road Day Act 1, and Eggmanland: The Final Act

    Hedgehog's Special Shoes

    Similar to the Sonic Adventure games, there are 4 permanent Power-Up items that Sonic needs in order to progress in the story, get all Collectible Items, and play certain DLC Day Acts. In this game, they come in the form of Shoes that can be found in 4 different Entrance Stages. They only affect Sonic's Hedgehog Form.

    Sonic's Special Shoes
    NameItem DescriptionLocationAbilityControlsPersonal Experience
    Stomping ShoesHefty shoes made of steel. The spikes on the soles make them even more devastating.Holoska Entrance Stage during the DaytimeStompIn order to do a Stomp, press the B button once after jumping or while in midair.Not only does Stomping destroy enemies and items underneath Sonic, it's the fastest way to get to the ground and come to a stop.
    Wall Jump ShoesShoes with coils in the soles that put a spring in your step, literally.Spagonia Entrance Stage during the DaytimeWall JumpIn order to do a Wall Jump, press the A button as soon as Sonic touches a high area of a wall. Press the A Button again as soon as Sonic jumps to the other wall on the opposite side and again to reach the top of the walls.I found this ability to be very useful, especially when combined with the Air Boost Ability. In certain areas where Sonic might accidentally run off a platform to certain death, Sonic can Wall Jump to stop his fall, Air Boost to reach the other wall, and repeat to eventually get to safety. Watch your timing though.
    Air Boost ShoesShoes as light as a feather. They even let you accelerate even in midair.Chun-nan Entrance Stage during the DaytimeAir BoostIn order to do an Air Boost, press the X button once after jumping or while in midair when the Boost Gauge is filled.Once Sonic has this ability, be very careful when trying to do Homing Attacks. If you don't remember to move the Left Analog stick, Sonic will fly past his target to his death.
    Light Speed Dash ShoesSparkling golden shoes. They're made with the same material as Rings.Shamar Entrance Stage during the DaytimeLightspeed Dash (aka Ring Dash)In order to do a Ring Dash, press the Y button when Sonic is near a row of Rings.This move has changed since the past games. Sonic will only follow a trail of Rings in the form of a straight and curved lines, not Rings forming a circle.

    Other Notes about the Special Shoes:

    • There are 4 Achievements for Collecting the Shoes and using their moves for the first time:
      • Lay the Smackdown: Get the Stomping Shoes and use the Stomp for the first time
      • Wall Crawler: Get the Wall Jump Shoes and use the Wall Jump for the first time
      • Airdevil: Get the Air Boost Shoes and use the Air Boost for the first time
      • Hyperdrive: Get the Light Speed Dash Shoes and use the Ring Dash for the first time

    Bobsled/Roller Coaster Car

    In Cool Edge Day Act 1 and Eggmanland: The Final Act, Sonic will use these to travel. The controls change slightly.

    Bobsled/Roller Coaster Car Controls
    MoveIn the 3D areas, tilt the Left Analog Stick it to the left or right to slide in that directionLearn to use your momentum to your advantage
    JumpPress the A Button to JumpTime your jumps carefully
    FlipPress the X Button when going over a Ramp to have Sonic do a midair flipNot sure what the significance of this move is

    Werehog's Regular Moves

    During the Evenings in the Town Stages and Entrance Stages and during Night Acts, Night Boss Battles, and Night Missions, Sonic will turn into his new Werehog form. These are all of the normal moves Sonic the Werehog can do.

    Werehog's Gauges:

    • Shield Gauge: This gauge appears above the Unleash Gauge and Life Gauge. This tells how many times Sonic can guard/shield against enemies. If there are no Shield Counters present, Sonic cannot use his Shield and will have to wait for it to recharge or grab a Shield Charge.
    • Unleash Gauge: This gauge appears above the Life Gauge. To fill it, collect Dark Gaia Force by defeating enemies, destroying items, and performing Combos and Critical Attacks.
    • Life Gauge: This gauge represents Sonic's Health and depletes every time he gets hurt. If it becomes empty, you will lose a Life. Collecting Rings, 10 Rings, and Heal Rings will refill this gauge.
    Controls for Sonic the Werehog
    WalkTo walk around, use the Left Analog stick in the direction you want to go.None
    DashTo Dash, hold the LT or RT while moving the Left Analog stick.Dashing allows Sonic to move faster. There are also certain techniques that can be done while Dashing.
    Jump/Double JumpPress the A Button to Jump. Press the A Button again after jumping, in midair, to do a Double Jump.The Double Jump gets more height and distance while Sonic is moving.
    Dash JumpWhile Dashing, press the A to do a Dash Jump.Some areas will require a Dash Jump in order to for Sonic to access them. There are also moves that Sonic can learn that use Dash Jumps.
    Straight AttackPress the Y Button to attack enemies from a distance who are in front of Sonic.See Skill Lists Section and Straight Attacks Subsection for more info.
    Wide AttackPress the X Button to attack enemies who are close and surrounding Sonic.See Skill Lists Section and Hook Attacks Subsection for more info.
    Shield/GuardPress/Hold the LB Button to create a shield that protects Sonic from certain attacks.Sonic can move around while guarding and do barrel rolls and backflips by pressing A. If Sonic's shield breaks, it will slowly recover. There are some techniques that Sonic can do while the shield is up.
    Unleash ModeOnce the Dark Gaia Force goes past the White marker in the Unleash Gauge, press the RB Button to enter Unleash Mode.When Sonic enters Unleash Mode mode, he becomes stronger, faster, and immune to most enemies' attacks. Use it wisely, because once Sonic enters Unleash Mode, he cannot get out of it until the gauge is empty.

    Grabbing with the Werehog

    In his new Werehog form, Sonic can grab and carry different things by pressing the B Button, but the Buttons change depending on what's being held. Press the X Button when trying to grab large enemies to cancel the grab.

    Jump Grab

    • After Jumping, press B to grab an enemy, to jump up. Mostly used on Dark Bats.

    Small Enemy (Little Rexes, Frights, and Little Fighters)

    • A: Jump while holding the enemy
    • B: Smash the enemy into the ground. It hurts other enemies who are in the way.
    • X: Throw the enemy. A cursor normally appears when other enemies are around so you can throw it at them.
    • Holding Y: Swing an enemy, hitting all surrounding enemies in the way. A cursor will appear showing where the enemy will be thrown. You can't swing forever so choose a target.
      • Note: When you have one small enemy, you can grab another small enemy, and carry both in each hand. The controls are the same as holding a single enemy.

    Medium Size Enemy (Nightmares, Egg Fighters, Egg Shooters, etc)

    • A: Jump while holding them
    • Repeatedly B: Sonic swings the enemy, in front and back, into the ground while hitting anything in the way
    • X: Same as Small Enemies
    • Holding Y: Same as with Small Enemies
      • Note: After a while enemies may break free of Sonic's grasp if you wait too long. Also, he'll let them go if he gets attacked.


    • A: Jump while holding it
    • B: Gently set it down
    • X: Throw it
    • Repeatedly Press Y: Do a combo where Sonic swings it
      • Note: When holding something, press LT/RT to move faster.


    • Sonic can grab ledges and can either climb up onto the platform or area, hang on to it and move around the side, or Jump off from it.
      • Opposite Direction of where the Ledge is + A: Jump in that direction

    Tightrope Rails

    • Sonic can hang on the side of them like the regular Ledges, but some Tightrope Rails can't be grabbed or have spikes on them.

    Climb Poles

    • A: Jump off
    • Left Analog (Up) + A: Sonic climbs up the pole faster

    Swing Poles

    • A: Jump off
    • X/B: Let go of the pole

    Side Poles

    • Up + A: Jump up above the pole
    • Left + A: Jump to the left of the pole
    • Right + A: Jump to the right of the pole
    • Opposite Direction of where the pole is + A: Jump in that direction

    Critical Attacks

    Critical Attacks are finishing QTE moves Sonic the Werehog can pull off on certain medium sized and large size enemies after they've taken damage and have an icon above their heads that look like a burning arrow, facing up. To do a Critical Attack stand near the enemy with the icon, press the B Button, and press the Buttons that show up before the line makes a complete circle.

    Other Notes about Critical Attacks:

    • Critical Attacks are different for every enemy
    • Doing a Critical Attack makes the enemy drop more Chaos Orbs (experience) than when you normally defeat them. However, be aware of where you activate them because Sonic may send enemies flying near bottomless pits.
    • If you fail a Critical Attack, Sonic will take damage instead while the enemy you tried it on will recover full health.
    • The time it takes to pull off Critical Attacks changes depending on how much health the enemy has left. The less health the Enemy has, the longer you can pull off Critical Attacks.
    • If you're trying to perform a grab instead of a Critical Attack, knock them to the ground and then grab them.
    • While doing a Critical Attack Sonic will be unaffected by outside attacks until the QTE is over. However, once it's over Sonic may get hit by an incoming attack so shield as soon as you can.
    • Using a Critical Attack will force an Egg Fighter to drop their swords and shields.

    Skill Lists

    At the beginning of the game, Sonic the Werehog starts out with 10 attack combos. As you increase his Combat Stat, more effective and stronger techniques will be unlocked. To see what moves the Sonic the Werehog can do, press the Start Button, and choose the option Skills. On this menu, it splits all of Sonic the Werehog's techniques into 4 categories and shows the Button sequences.

    Here I put down all info involving every technique, in that same order.

    Skill Lists Key


    • Combat Level: The Combat level Sonic has to reach or pass to learn that attack
    • Controls: The buttons that have to be pressed to do the attack
    • Description: Describes how Sonic does the attack
    • Tips/Tricks: Tips and notes about attacks that I've noticed

    Straight Attacks

    Straight Attacks are combos that always start with the Y Button.

    Types of Straight Attacks
    NameCombat Level LearnedControlsDescriptionTips/Tricks
    Were-HammerBasic TechniqueHit the Y Button 4 times/repeatedlySonic throws several straight punches.This is the basic Straight Attack combo, that's good when attacking enemies directly in front of Sonic and from a distance. This is stronger than the Wild Whirl Technique.
    Double Kick ComboBasic TechniqueHit the Y Button once and then the X Button twiceSonic punches once, does a sliding front kick, and finally jumps, throwing both feet at an enemy.A good attack when facing 1 Medium Sized Enemy or smaller enemies.
    Sho-hog-kenBasic TechniquePress the Y Button twice and then press the A ButtonSonic punches twice and does an uppercut that sends an enemy up in the air.Use this attack to send enemies up into the air and finish them off with Aerial Attacks. This can also break the Regular and Static Shields being held by Egg Fighters.
    Donkey Kick Combo2Press the Y Button twice and then press the X Button 3 times/repeatedlySonic does 2 punches, turns on the ground and does a back kick that sends any enemy flying.Good to use when Sonic's surrounded.
    Double Axle Combo6Hit the Y Button 3 times and then press the X Button twice/repeatedlySonic does 2 punches, 1 claw attack, spins, does a karate chop, lands towards the enemy, and does several kicks before landing on the ground.This is a good attack for taking out 1 enemy, but watch out for outside attacks.
    Feral Were-Hammer16Hit the Y Button 5 times/repeatedlySame as Were-Hammer except Sonic ends the combo with a straight double punch.The double punch at the end sends enemies flying, so this allows Sonic to make room when surrounded by several enemies. As your Strength Stat increases it also becomes good when taking out enemies.
    Werewheel Rush17Hit the Y Button 4 times and then hit the X Buttons repeatedly while simultaneously moving the left analog stick in the direction you want to go inAfter doing the Were-Hammer, Sonic does a cartwheel, hurting all enemies in his path, jumps up into the air, and bashes the ground, making any enemy near the impact dizzy.This is an awesome technique to use if you can pull it off without inference from outside attacks.
    Vertical Were-Hammer20Hit the Y Button 4 times and then hit the A ButtonAfter doing the Were-Hammer, Sonic jumps high in the air, punches the ground, and sends every enemy within the radius of the attack into the air.You can use this to lead into Aerial Attacks, but be careful not to press the A Button twice.
    Knuckle Sandwich Combo28Press the Y Button twice, then the X Button twice, and finally the Y twiceSimilar to the Donkey Kick Combo except Sonic ends it by slamming his right hand down and throwing both hands up.A good attack that throws enemies off balance.
    Unleashed Knuckle Sandwich30Press the Y Button twice, the X Button twice, the Y Button twice, and finally the X Button twiceSame as Knuckle Sandwich Combo except Sonic ends it with a series of fast punches and finally a giant arm/fist punch.The best Straight Attack in the game. Personally I found it harder to pull off than the Unleashed Wild Combo, so watch out for outside attacks when surrounded by enemies.

    Hook Attacks

    Hook Attacks are combos that always start with the X Button.

    Types of Hook Attacks
    NameCombat Level LearnedControlsDescriptionTips/Tricks
    Wild WhirlBasic TechniqueHit the X Button 4 times/repeatedlySonic does several wide claw attacks.This is the basic Hook Attack that's good when attacking enemies that are close and surrounding Sonic. It's also allows you to lower enemies's health so that you can finish them off with Critical Attacks.
    Rolling Kick ComboBasic TechniqueHit the X Button once and then the Y Button twiceSonic does a claw attack, a spinning kick, and ends with a break dance spin.Good to use when moving forward and making room.
    Sho-claw-kenBasic TechniquePress the X Button twice and then press the A ButtonSonic does 2 claw attacks and an uppercut that sends an enemy up in the air.Use this attack to send enemies up into the air and finish them off with Aerial Attacks.
    Egg Scrambler2Press the X Button twice and then press the Y Button 3 times/repeatedlySonic does 2 claw attacks, 2 more while spinning forward, and a cross attack to enemies in front of him.Good to use when attacking several enemies and finishing off 1 of them.
    Wereclap7Hit the X Button 3 times and then press the Y Button twice/repeatedlySonic does 3 Wide Claw attacks, puts both fists together, swings them, and stops while doing a large clap on enemies in front of where he's standing.This attack will temporarily daze an enemy for a few seconds or defeat them.
    Feral Wild Whirl17Hit the X Button 5 times/repeatedlySame as the Wild Whirl technique except Sonic ends with a spinning attack.This is good to use when surrounded by enemies.
    Earthshaker19Hit the X Button 4 times and then hit the Y Buttons repeatedlyAfter doing the Wild Whirl, Sonic enlarges his fists and repeatedly slams them into the ground. He ends it by slamming both fists into the ground simultaneously, sending all enemies within the impact into the air.This is an awesome technique to use if you can pull it off without inference from outside attacks.
    Wild Whirl Were-Hammer21Hit the X Button 4 times and then hit the A ButtonAfter doing the Wild Whirl, Sonic jumps high in the air, punches the ground, and sends every enemy within the radius of the attack into the air.You can use this to lead into Aerial Attacks, but be careful not to press the A Button twice.
    Ultimate Wild Combo29Press the X Button twice, then the Y Button twice, and finally the X twiceSimilar to the Egg Scrambler technique except Sonic ends it by stretching out his arms and swinging in front of him and behind.A good Hook Attack even though the technique is not perfected.
    Unleashed Wild Combo31Press the X Button twice, the Y Button twice, the X Button twice, and finally the Y Button twiceAfter doing the Ultimate Wild Combo, Sonic swings his fists in a half circle, jumps up into the air, and sends 2 Missile Punches into the ground.One the best attacks in Sonic the Werehog's arsenal. This technique alone can defeat an entire group of enemies.

    Aerial Attacks

    Aerial Attacks are combos that can be done to enemies while in midair. In order to do these, first press X, X, A, (Sho-claw-ken) or Y, Y, A (Sho-hog-ken) to get airborne.

    Note: If you try doing these after Sonic Double Jumps or Dash Jumps, he may not go through the entire combo.

    Types of Aerial Attacks
    NameCombat Level LearnedControlsDescriptionTips/Tricks
    Flying Double-PunchBasic TechniqueWhile in midair, press the Y Button twice.Sonic does 2 straight punches while in midair.A basic Aerial Attack to start out with. This can be used after jumping.
    Aerial Claw SlashBasic TechniqueWhile in midair, press the X Button twice.Sonic does 2 wide claw attacks while in midair.A basic Aerial Attack to start out with. This can be used after jumping.
    Diving BodypressBasic TechniqueWhile in midair, press the A Button.While in midair, Sonic spreads his arms, claws, and legs out and body slams the ground, hitting any enemy within the impact.You can only use this after using Sho-hog-ken, Sho-claw-ken, Were-Hammer, or Wild Whirl Were-Hammer.
    Aerial PiledriverBasic TechniqueWhile in midair, press the B Button when near a medium sized enemy.While in midair, Sonic grabs a medium sized enemy and smashes them into the ground, hitting all enemies with the impact's range.This Attack is perfect to use at the end of other Aerial Attacks. It cannot only defeat one enemy but damage others waiting for you on the ground.
    Flying Double-Punch Crush4While in midair, press the Y Button twice and then press the A Button.Same as Flying Double Punch except Sonic ends with a forward kick.This attack sends enemies flying.
    Aerial Claw Slash and Spin5While in midair, press the X Button twice and then press the A Button.Same as Aerial Claw Slash except ends by spinning forward.This attack can also push Sonic pass certain areas while in midair.
    Shooting Star Combo8While in midair, press the Y Button 3 times and then press the A Button.Same as Flying Double Punch except Sonic does a forward cartwheel and swings both fists down, knocking an enemy into the ground.Without the last A Button press, this gives Sonic an extra attack to Flying Double Punch. With the last A Button press, the enemy sent into the ground sends all enemies on the ground near it flying backwards.
    Typhoon Combo9While in midair, press the X Button 3 times and then press the A Button.Same as Aerial Claw Slash except ends by doing a wide claw attack and spinning forward.Without the last A Button press, this gives Sonic an extra attack to Aerial Claw Slash. With the last A Button press, Sonic finishes the enemy or attacks any other flying enemies in the air
    Crescent Moon Strike22Press the Y Button twice, the X Button twice, and immediately press the A Button afterwardAfter doing a Flying Double-Punch, Sonic does a flip and a series of straight punches, and bashes the enemy into the ground like the Shooting Star Combo.Without the last A Button press, Sonic sends the enemy flying. With the last A Button press, the enemy is sent into the ground sending all enemies on the ground near it flying backwards. This Attack is perfect for defeating 1 enemy quickly and then focusing on the others.
    Hurricane Combo23Press the X Button twice, the Y Button twice, and immediately press the A Button afterwardAfter doing an Aerial Claw Slash, Sonic stretches and swings his arms in front and back of him, then spins, and does a reverse spin roundhouse punch.Without the last A Button press, Sonic spins in the air with his arms wide out damaging any enemies already in the air. With the last A Button press, they are sent flying. Personally, I prefer without the last A Button press because his arms are further out then with any other attack and enemies sent into the air are already defeated.

    Special Attacks

    Special Attacks are combos that require different Buttons besides just pressing Y and X.

    Types of Special Attacks
    NameCombat Level LearnedControlsDescriptionTips/Tricks
    Were-Claw Charge10Press the X Button while Dashing.While Dashing, Sonic does a slow cross chop.Good when doing long Combos.
    Triple Wild Claw11Press the Y Button while Dashing.While Dashing, Sonic does several claw attacks.Good when doing long Combos.
    Spinning Needle Attack12Do a Dash Jump and press the Y Button.Sonic does a Dash Jump and spins forward like a saw.A perfect attack to use to get pass enemies and make room while causing a lot of damage at the same time.
    Were-Rush13Do a Dash Jump and press the X Button.Sonic does a Dash Jump and performs a cross chop.This one is stronger than the Were-Claw Charge and takes out weaker enemies easily.
    Tricky Tornado Uppercut24While holding/Press LB, Y, and pull the Left Analog down simultaneously.(While guarding) Sonic does a forward somersault and does a spinning uppercut into the air.It's similar to Sho-claw-ken and Sho-hog-ken except Sonic does 2 hits instead of just 1.
    Wild Werewhip25While holding/Press LB, X, and pull the Left Analog down simultaneously.(While guarding) Sonic stretches his arms behind him and swings them over his head, smashing the ground in front of him.Not very strong but it's quick and stuns enemies for a brief period of time.
    Missile Punch14Hold the Y Button for 2 seconds and release.Sonic focuses energy into his hand and releases it, sending a huge arm and fist in the forward direction.This technique can KO enemies that take the full impact of the punch. The key is charging and knowing when to release.
    Comet Punch26Hold the Y Button for 4 seconds and release.Similar to Missile Punch except Sonic focuses more energy into the attack, making his arm and fist stay out longer.Same as Missile Punch.
    Were-Tornado15Hold the X Button for 2 seconds and release.Sonic focuses energy into his hand which goes into his arms. When he releases it, he spins, stretching his arms out hitting anyone within distance.A great attack to use when surrounded and/or in a small area. It will send enemies flying.
    Were-Cyclone27Hold the X Button for 4 seconds and release.Similar to Were-Tornado except Sonic focuses more energy into the attack, which he uses to do a reverse spin after the first spin.Same as Were-Tornado.


    There are different items that Sonic can use in Sonic Unleashed. I've separated them into 5 different categories: Regular Items, Gimmicks, Traps and Hazards, Collectible Items, and Mission Items.

    Regular Items are items that can easily be found throughout Entrance Stages and Acts. Some act as Power-ups.

    Regular Items
    Regular Item's NameItem Description and Effect/Purpose
    RingsRings are the most important item to collect in the Daytime levels because they allow Sonic to take hits from enemies, spikes, bombs, and other obstacles that do damage. If Sonic is hit when he doesn't have any rings, he will lose one life. This doesn't apply to the Werehog but collecting Rings will replenish his life bar. When Sonic collects 100 Rings, you will get an extra life. Also, all of the Rings from Entrance Stages, Acts, and Missions can be used to buy items from shops.
    10 Rings10 Rings are Rings with the number 10 floating inside of them. They basically give Sonic 10 Rings while the Regular Rings only give Sonic 1 Ring. When the Werehog collects these, his health goes up more.
    Hint RingsHint Rings are Question Marks with multicolored spheres rotating around them. If Sonic touches these, Chip will give you a hint about how to use certain abilities, items, gimmicks, enemies, and other things.
    Extra Life/1-UPExtra Lives are icons that have either Sonic's Hedgehog or Werehog icon on them depending on the form Sonic is using at the time. Touching them gives you more Lives. Be aware that if your Life Counter goes to zero, you will get a GAME OVER.
    Chaos OrbsChaos Orbs are yellow diamonds that appear after defeating Enemies. These add Experience to your Experience Gauge.
    Star PostsStar Posts are the game's Checkpoints during the Acts. If Sonic loses one life, he will continue from the last Star Post he touched.
    HourglassHourglasses appear in the Entrance Stages and Eggmanland: The Final Act. Hitting these changes Day into Night and Night into Day which will also switch Sonic between his Hedgehog and Werehog forms.
    Goal RingOnce Sonic touches a Goal Ring, the level is Cleared. Sometimes the Goal Ring will come in the form of a Gaia Key, an item, or a Townsperson. At the end of Night Acts, you normally have to defeat enemies to make it appear.
    Werehog/Nighttime Exclusive Items and Power-Ups
    Item's NameItem Description and Effect/Purpose
    Heal RingsHeal Rings are Rings that have green crystals inside of them. When Sonic touches them, his health bar becomes full. They are hidden throughout the Night Acts and you have to hit and destroy things to find them.
    Dark Gaia ForceDark Gaia Force are white and purple balls that appear when Sonic hits and destroys things and defeats enemies during the Night Acts. Collecting these will fill your Unleash Gauge. The ones that glow brightly will make your Unleash Gauge completely full.
    Shield ChargeShield Charge resemble the shield counter above the Unleash Gauge and be found inside certain objects in Night Acts. These fully refill your shield counter.
    Power ShieldPower Shields are floating shields that glow aqua green. This Power-up gives Sonic an aqua green glow and lowers the amount of damage he takes from enemies for a period of time. They are hidden throughout the Night Acts and Sonic has to hit and destroy things to find them.
    Super ClawSuper Claws are floating Claw Gloves that glow red. This Power-up gives Sonic a red glow and increases the power in his attacks towards enemies for a period of time. They are hidden throughout the Night Acts and Sonic has to hit and destroy things to find them.


    Gimmicks are items that Sonic must use to get around in the Spagonia Town Stage, Entrance Stages, and Acts. Some allow him to find secret items and shortcuts.

    Regular Gimmicks
    Gimmick's NameItem Description and Effect/Purpose
    SwitchesSwitches are buttons that will activate something after Sonic touches them. Some Step Switches may require having items being put on top in order to keep a door open. In Jungle Joyride Night Act 1 and Jungle Joyride Night Act 2, there is also a version that has Flowers on it, in which Sonic has to step on 4 of them in the order of which a flower grows.
    Swing PolesDuring the Day, Sonic can Home Attack and swing into these poles to get across. Press A at the right time and do it quickly, because he won't spin forever. During the Night, Sonic can swing across multiple Swing Poles (See Grabbing with the Werehog Subsection).
    Movable CratesSonic can move these in order to Jump on top of them. At Night, press B to grab them and LT/RT to move faster while moving it.
    Hedgehog/Daytime Exclusive Gimmicks
    Daytime Gimmick's NameItem Description and Effect/Purpose
    SpringsSprings are red objects with a blue circle and a yellow star. Touching them sends Sonic to other points. He can also Home Attack them from a distance.
    QTE SpringsQTE Springs are blue Springs. Hitting them will send Sonic flying towards jump pads that require one button to be pressed in order for Sonic to jump off them. If the pads have a button on them, you always have to press that button each time you play that Act. If it has a ?/Question mark, then the QTE will always be random each time you play the Act.
    Dash PanelsDash Panels are red devices that make Sonic move faster and increase speed in a certain direction when he touches them. There is also a type that appears on Grind Rails.
    Grind RailsGrind Rails are pieces of material that Sonic can grind on with his shoes in order to get to certain areas. The design of each Grind Rail is unique to each Stage.
    BalloonsSonic use his Homing Attack on Balloons and use them as stepping stones to reach certain areas.
    RampsDepending on whether Sonic is Boosting or not when he runs over them affects how high Sonic is sent into the air.
    QTE RampsQTE Ramps are white and yellow ramps that trigger a QTE where you have to hit 3 or more Buttons to send Sonic on a higher path and add more points to your score. If you press the wrong button or don't press them all in time, Sonic will either take a lower path, fall into a trap, or fall into a bottomless pit.
    Dash RingsDash Rings are big, wide rings that Sonic can jump through, which will send him flying in a certain direction.
    Rainbow RingsA Rainbow Ring is a multicolored version of the Dash Rings. However, whenever Sonic goes through a Rainbow Ring for the first time, 1000 points are added to the score.
    Directional Launchers/Jump SelectorsDirectional Launchers are circular devices that send Sonic in a certain direction depending on what Button you press. The button normally shown on the Launcher is the one that sends Sonic on the regular path. However, where the Button sends Sonic is the same for all of them. The A Button sends Sonic up into the air, the X Button sends Sonic in the direction the device was originally facing, and the B Button sends Sonic down. If you don't press any Buttons after a period of time, it will drop Sonic down and you will lose control temporarily.
    Spring PolesSpring Poles are horizontal poles that appear on the side of walls. Sonic can bounce off of these to get onto platforms, similar to using a Spring. Landing on the red part will send Sonic the highest.
    Stomp SwitchStomp Switches are lime green switches that Sonic has to Stomp on to make them go into the ground and activate something. Of course, Sonic needs the Stomping Shoes to do this.
    Water FountainWater Fountains appear in Rooftop Run Day Act 1. They act similar to Springs and propel Sonic into the air.
    Werehog/Nighttime Exclusive Gimmicks
    Nighttime Gimmick's NameItem Description and Effect/Purpose
    Tightrope RailsSonic has to walk across these to get to certain areas. Some of them can be grabbed on the side, but some of them can't be grabbed, have spikes on them, or will fall apart after a period of time. If you move Sonic to a point where he starts to tilt back and forth, move to keep his balance, because if he stays in that position for a certain amount of time he will fall. Sonic can hop across certain corners, if you check the distance first.
    Balloon SwitchBalloon Switches are white balls on red poles that have targets on them. All of them have to be hit at the same time to trigger something.
    LeversLevers are switches that Sonic the Werehog can pull by getting close to them and repeatedly pressing B. Some come in a turntable style, where you have to hold B and use the Left Analog Stick to turn. Be aware that some Levers may move back to their original position after a period of time.
    Target SwitchesTarget Switches appear on walls, where Sonic has to throw enemies at them in order to activate platforms. These are mostly found in Savannah Citadel Night Act 1
    Stone Keys and AltersSonic will have to find the Stone Keys and place them in their Stone Alters, which are color coded. Once all the Alters are filled, it triggers something.
    Side PolesSonic can use Side Poles to scale the walls (See Grabbing with the Werehog Subsection)
    Climb PolesSonic can climb up and down these (See Grabbing with the Werehog Subsection)
    Fling PolesSonic needs to stand on the circle in the ground next to them and repeatedly press the B button. Then it will fling Sonic to another area. Sonic can jump out of his curling position after being flung, so be careful.
    Automated PolesAutomated Poles are a machine version of the Swing Poles and Side Poles. Sometimes they pop in and out after a period of time, so use them quickly. Also, some may require a Lever or Switch to activate them.
    Wooden PolesWooden Poles are a weaker version of the Swing Poles and Side Poles. They break after being used, so Sonic has to use them quickly.
    Barrels and CratesSonic can pick up Barrels and Crates and use them as stepping stones or throw them at enemies (See Grabbing with the Werehog Subsection)
    Blast BoxesBlast Boxes are boxes that have a symbol of an explosion on them. They explode when thrown dealing more damage to enemies but can hurt Sonic if he attacks them by accident.
    Water BarrelsWater Barrels are barrels that have a symbol of a snowflake on them. They can be used to put out Fire Masters. Sonic can also attack them when he's on fire to put himself out. There is a special version that appears during the Night Boss: Dark Gaia Phoenix battle.