How do I get the lions?

  1. Where are all of the lions located at so I can ask for a crest

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    curt998 - 8 years ago

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  1. - Near Training Ground

    Two guys standing directly in front of the statue, fight one of them and you get it

    - Entrance Courtyard

    Look to the right of the statue you see two girls swinging wands at each other talk to them. Fight the blonde.

    - Hagrids Hut

    Boy and girl swinging wands directly in front of the statue. Fight the girl

    -Clock Tower Entrance

    Two people standing in front of the statue, talk to the boy over to the right of them. He will ask you to go to the potion club and make The Volubilis Potion. Make it, go back to talk to him, collect crest.

    - Clock Tower / Hospital Wing

    Two Darker Skin Kids standing near the statue. Talk to them, defeat one in a duel fight.

    - Suspension Bridge

    Two Girls, talk to them. You fight Blonde with Ponytail.

    - Library

    This is one is kind of tricky its not near the statue. Go to the side of the library where the shortcut picture is. The girl will be standing between two bookcases near this picture. She wants you to make a girding potion. Go to the potions club and make it. Reutrn it to the girl.

    - near Herbology "Potion Club"

    A boy standing right near the statue, he wants you to make an antidote to common posions. Luckily the potions club is 5 feet away. Make it and return it to him.

    - near Escalators to Astronomy Tower

    Looking straight ahead from the lion statue you will see an opening for a staircase, there is a girl standing under a light there, talk to her. She wants you to make the Draught of Peace Potion. Make it and reuturn it to her.

    - Transfiguration Courtyard

    Girl standing right near the portait shortcut, talk to her. She wants you to make an Ocolus Potion. Make it, return it.

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  1. I know the first one is outside Hagrid's hut, in the back... After that... All I know is look for lions with kids fighting near them.

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  2. Not just fighting, either. The lion in the clock tower has a kid beside it that wants you to make a volubulos (sp?) potion for him. Run to herbology, make the potion, come back & talk to kid again to get the crest from the lion. Not sure about others though, haven't goten them all yet. :)

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