How do u beat the warior?

  1. Elika says use the enviroment but im stuck whats she mean i dont evern know what to do been fighting him 4 like an hour if anyone know please help

    User Info: jukey4567

    jukey4567 - 8 years ago
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    Yeah but no matter how many times i press the x button he wont go off the ledge

    User Info: jukey4567

    jukey4567 - 8 years ago

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  1. You need to force the Warrior backwards toward a ledge, then enter a Quick-Time Event and press X rapidly to push him over the side. In later battles, you will need to use the same tactic to force him into a small enclosed area, or into pillars that will damage him.

    User Info: DraconicDak

    DraconicDak - 8 years ago 7 1


  1. Well I am sure there are things you can knock him INTO, I did that to another boss once, so there might be some for him, but for the first time, just get him to the edge of the area, and knock him off. :) that worked for me.

    User Info: Artha_Penn

    Artha_Penn - 8 years ago 0 7
  2. Get the warrior to the edge and then press A wen You R Close to the edge then wen u R Behind Him Press X And Then Follow The On Screen Bottons And Then Your Done.

    User Info: wickedjuggalo83

    wickedjuggalo83 - 8 years ago 0 3
  3. So are u sayin to get him to follow u to the edge then roll through his legs then press the x button?

    User Info: Krzyduke

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  4. Okay thx wickedjuggalo83 but to answer my own question and make it a little clearer i waited at the edge and roled to the side durin his attack then roled between his legs then pressed x with did the co op attack then went to the tap x sceen and if u win pushes the warrior off the edge.

    User Info: Krzyduke

    Krzyduke - 8 years ago 0 2
  5. The easiest way I've found to beat him is simply to try to get him to the ledge which works for all battles with him but one. To do that try to lure him near one by tapping A (for 360) and back on the joystick so you quickly move back to stay out of range from his attacks. Once you're close to the ledge wait for him and roll around to the other side of him (rolling between his legs works too but its risky). Keep in mind that you'll never get him at the ledge you have to attack him to do that. I recommend a combo of attacks but elika's tend to work the best. Once you push him to the edge it will have the sequence where you push X a ton to push him off you. That will knock him off the ledge. You have to be sure his back is at the edge or its no good. Hope this helps, the strategy works for every battle with him including the one with pillars.

    User Info: scolegeo123

    scolegeo123 - 8 years ago 2 0
  6. Really, it's just a case of hitting the X button enough times and quick enough to shove him off the edge. You have to hit it as many times as you can, as quickly as you can. Just keep at it and you'll get it. Once you defeat him once or twice, even if you take a few tries, you should be able to get it so that you'll have no problems later.

    User Info: silverstardust

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  7. Depending on which Fertile Ground you're at, you will defeat him different ways. The first involves knocking him off a ledge. simply hack away at him until you push him to the edge, then play the button mash game to shove him over it.
    The next involves knocking him into pillars to hurt him. Just hack away and back him up to the pillars and you will knock him into them. Next is pushing him back into "construction pillars" in the four corners. Pretty much the same. Slash away, back him up, repeat. Last, Just push him into the cage. Very last is pushing off the ledge again.

    User Info: crono782

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  8. The Warrior Mini Boss is completely immune to all of your conventional attacks, and as such you will need to use your environment to defeat him. You fight him 6 times total, and each there are 3 different ways to defeat him, depending on where you fight him.

    For obvious spolier reasons I will not say which zone to use which strategy:

    Basic Strategy:

    Force him off of the side, easiest way to do this is put your back to a drop off, when Warrior hits you you will enter a Quick Time Event, rapidly hit X, when you win you will roll underneath him, forcing him close to the outside of the ring. Attack him repeatedly with a Sword combo until he hits the wall, which will launch a second QTE. If you can beat this event you will defeat Warrior, as he will be pushed off.

    Secondary Strategy:

    If you find yourself fighting the Warrior in an area with no drop offs you will have to use some more dynamic environmental items to help defeat him. This can either be pillars or a gate. The fundamental behind luring the Warrior into these are the same as the Initial Strategy, put your back to what you want him to be pushed into, beat the QTE then use your melee attacks until you force him into a second QTE, defeat that to push him into the environmental hazard.

    The Secondary Strategy does require a bit more effort in aiming towards the actual structure, so it may take more then one try. Keep at it and eventually he will go in the direction you want him to.

    The final strategy is only used during the final encounter with the Warrior. Check your surroundings and use the strategy that makes the most sense. I won't say any more as it would ruin the appeal of the fight itself.

    User Info: Kaldris

    Kaldris - 8 years ago 0 0

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