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"Almost the Prince of platforming."

Graphics- It's no secret the game is great to look at. I think this kind of work is just what a new PoP series needs. The look of the new prince is pretty good and with the skins it makes it even better. The environments are great especially after they have been "healed". There are times where you have to just stop and take it all in. Overall 9/10.

Sound- Some great music being played while you travel on your adventure. The only problem I have is the voice acting can get annoying at times but that's not a major issue that will stop you from playing this. Overall 7/10.

Gameplay and controls- The controls are easy to get use to and after playing the game longer and longer you will get better at the platforming. I enjoy the combat system of this game even though there is not much of it. The acrobatic moves and combos you can do with Elika is great. Too much of fighting the same bosses over and over again and not enough normal enemies. But that's not what PoP is about the platforming is fun but easy since you can be saved if you fall. There is some new kinds of it like flying and the wall running which are a nice touch to the game. Also another thing that helps this game is the fact that you can choose where you want to go next. Which if you couldn't it would make the game get old quick. Easy game and repetitive at times. Overall 8/10.

Story- A very simple basic story that is not something spectacular. At times it can be predictable. I believe though this is a great start to build on for the next ones to come out. They can expand on this and the next PoPs could really draw you in with the story. Overall 6/10.

Overall- This is a game when you start playing it you will want to finish it. Probably not worth the 60 bucks but worth checking out or renting. The Achievements are fun and some are pretty challenging. If you played the last 3 PoPs chances are you will like them better but you will enjoy this one. Overall it gets a 7 because, it is a good game but a few minor things stop it from being great or a game of the year type game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/09/08

Game Release: Prince of Persia (US, 12/02/08)

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