How do I get past (Mission 12)?

  1. Please help..... I am stuck on Mission 12 where I have the TK guy and a rhinoroller and I am trying to get through the purple blocks. I get to the L shaped one and I can't get up there with the TK guy. I have looked at the other post which describes what to do but its not working for me. I can get up there by unjacking TK but then I lose him because it takes too long.

    Can anyone help and let me know what to do????

    User Info: leisap

    leisap - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Okay I was stuck in the same spot for days but I now have a answer to the madness.
    Here is what you need to do. You need to have a second play. You need to use the drop in and drop out . You need to have pastition on it. Now when you can get up there the other person needs so store the TK before dropping out. If they don't you will lose one or the either. Keep the other player near by you will need them in a few minutes. Keep at it and you will get it.

    User Info: alien512003

    alien512003 - 8 years ago 1 0

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