Please! i need help to get a Chair from under the ring?

  1. Whenever i do it it reverses

    User Info: yasirhussain63

    yasirhussain63 - 8 years ago


  1. You need to start a 'special grapple' when both players are outside the ring, and near the center (away from stairs, gates, tables or ring posts). Stun your opponent (either by striking or reversing) and press A to perform an environmental grapple.

    I'm not sure if every button pressed gets the chair, but at least one of them does. You throw your opponent back in the ring, and pull out a chair.

    If it's reversing, you're pressing the button either too early or two late after you start the special grapple. After you start the special grapple, the screen flashes, and a picture of all 4 buttons should appear under your character's hud. That's when you quickly press a button to perform the move. If your opponent beats you to it, or you pressed too quickly, then they'll reverse it.

    User Info: Mynameisgrax

    Mynameisgrax - 7 years ago 0 0

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