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"The greatest fight for a fantastic game"

this is a quick but full review for fight night round 4. ima gonna cover all the features that make a fantastic game.

Gameplay - the gameplay is very enjoyable and interactive to the point of actually thinking you're really boxing. fight now mode is fun and entertaining solo and with friends. there is a menagerie of styles for boxing and the coolest part of the game is create-a-boxer feature.

Legacy Mode - this is the career part of the game which allows you to use a game boxer or a boxer you have created in create-a-boxer mode and train him from being at the bottom of the ranks and rising to the top of the ranks in can schedule matches which you have training sessions a week before. sometimes there will be challenges which help you rank up.

Sound - the commentary during matches is very interesting and emphasizing. one minute the commentators will be keeping an update on your fight, the next theyll be recapping previous fights and comparing you to your opponent. each new fight, it'll seem as if they're saying a new thing about the match or the fighters.

Graphics - the previous statements and comments of the graphics and physics by the developers being top notch and state of the art lives it up to the fullest. the detail and anatomy of each and every fighter are possitively accurate to when your getting a haymaker to the ribs to an uppercut to the head. physics in fight night round 4 are unbelievable, in Legacy mode or Fight now, you're always encountering new styles of fighting (offense and defense) with each fighter. there's always difficulty even when you're knocked down the third time.

Replay Value - there is so much to do even when and if u get to the top rank in Legacy mode, there's multiplayer which you can use an array of fighters in separate weight classes. XBox Live is another option to go for and you can compete with other people around the world with their custom boxers. believe me, you will never get bored of this installment of the fight night franchise.

so take it from me, if you have that new UFC game, take it in and trade it off for fight night round 4. this game is so much a better deal than UFC, there's so much more you can do in fight night than it that. this is a no rent game, just go out and buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/02/09

Game Release: Fight Night Round 4 (US, 06/23/09)

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