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    Cell Phone Location Guide by tatsu45

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    /\___ \                                         
    \/__/\ \     __      ___ ___      __    ____  
       _\ \ \  /'__`\  /' __` __`\  /'__`\ /',__\  
      /\ \_\ \/\ \L\.\_/\ \/\ \/\ \/\  __//\__, `\   
      \ \____/\ \__/.\_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \____\/\____/    
       \/___/  \/__/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/____/\/___/    
     ____                        __     
    /\  _`\                     /\ \    
    \ \ \L\ \    ___     ___    \_\ \   
     \ \  _ <'  / __`\ /' _ `\  /'_` \  
      \ \ \L\ \/\ \L\ \/\ \/\ \/\ \L\ \ 
       \ \____/\ \____/\ \_\ \_\ \___,_\
        \/___/  \/___/  \/_/\/_/\/__,_ /
      ____                 __                    ___  ____     __            
     / __ \__ _____ ____  / /___ ____ _    ___  / _/ / __/__  / /__ ________ 
    / /_/ / // / _ `/ _ \/ __/ // /  ' \  / _ \/ _/ _\ \/ _ \/ / _ `/ __/ -_)
    \___\_\_,_/\_,_/_//_/\__/\_,_/_/_/_/  \___/_/  /___/\___/_/\_,_/\__/\__/ 
           /\                                                             \
           \ \                      Mar. 27th, 2009                        \
            \ \                      Author: Tatsu                          \
             \ \               Email: TatsuFAQ[at]gmail.com                  \
              \ \_____________________________________________________________\
    3/27/09 v1.0
      - Cellphone Guide Released
    1. LEVELS
         - White’s Estate........(A01)
         - Siena.................(B01)
         - Opera House...........(C01)
         - Sink Hole.............(D01)
         - Shanty Town...........(E01)
         - Construction Site.....(F01)
         - Science Center ext....(G01)
         - Science Center int....(H01)
         - Miami Airport.........(I01)
         - Adriatic Express......(J01)
         - Casino Royale.........(K01)
         - Casino Poison.........(L01)
         - Barge.................(M01)
         - Venice................(N01)
         - Eco Hotel.............(P01)
    2. Copyright.................(QQQ)
      3. LEVELS
    /\                            \
    \ \    WHITE'S ESTATE (A01)    \
     \ \       Cellphones:  5       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. Once you pass through the first greenhouse and kill the gunner in the
        helicopter you will find the first cell phone on the railing in front of
     2. Before entering White's Estate, take a look around at his beautiful patio
        sets.  You will find a cellphone carelessly left on a patio table located
        to the left of the first fountain.
     3. So you shoot the guy on the balcony and he kindly "unlocks" the cellar
        door for you.  Head down the cellar stairs and you'll find the cellphone
        he drops right in front of you.
     4. Make your way through the wine cellar and head up the stairs.  The cell 
        phone will be on a little table right in front of you.
     5. You'll find the last cellphone on a marble front desk after passing
        through the kitchen and dining room.  Grab it and head up the stairs to
        the second floor to finish cleaning up.
    /\                            \
    \ \        SIENA (B01)         \
     \ \       Cellphones:  4       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. Chase that snake Mitchell through the cisterns and onto the streets of
        Siena.  After you dispose of his little welcoming committee head left to
        the corner of the street where you'll find some cozy little cafe tables.
        Have some coffee, grab the cell phone and continue on your pursuit.
     2. After you jump into some poor lady's apartment through her window make
        your way into her bedroom and find the cellphone on the nightstand by the
        bed.  How'd that get there in the first place?  Oh Mitchell . . . 
     3. After climbing across the rooftops (and nearly falling off) you'll kill a
        bunch of bad guys and find yourself inside another building.  The phone in
        the corner of the room practically by your feet.
     4. After you kill the two guys on the balcony and jump to where they were
        head all the way up the stairs and you'll see the phone in a doorway.
    /\                            \
    \ \       OPERA HOSE (C01)     \
     \ \       Cellphones:  3       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. After you disable, shoot or get spotted by the first enemy camera turn
        head to the end and turn left around the corner.  You'll find the cell
        phone ringing away on the ladder.
     2. Once you start making your climb up the first set of stairs on the back
        drop you'll find the cell phone gently placed on the floor next to a work
        light right in front of you.  Can't miss it.
     3. So the backdrop falls with you in it.  Cross the beam to where those two
        snipers are taking pot shots at you and you'll find one of them dropped a
        cellphone.  Now you're killing them AND stealing from them...I'm cool with
    /\                            \
    \ \        SINK HOLE (D01)     \
     \ \       Cellphones:  1       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. After fighting off the horde with the conveniently placed helicopter
        turrent, head up the cliff.  Once you pass under the large rock raining
        red sand turn left and grab the cellphone on the floor.
    /\                            \
    \ \       SHANTY TOWN (E01)    \
     \ \       Cellphones:  3       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. After disposing the first group of baddies on this level (I don't remember
        them from the movie...) head straight over to the bar where they were set
        up.  Grab the cell phone and have a martini.  Cheers!
     2. Introduce yourself to Mr. Heavy-Machine-Gun-On-A-Truck.  Cross the beach
        and enter the shack where a few guys come out of.  You'll find the cell
        phone in the dark room on a work bench to the right. Don't just stand
        there, grab it and go!
     3. After picking up cell phone #2 exit the building and chase the bomber up
        the ladder.  You'll probably trip over the last cell phone of the level.
        It will be right by your feet.
    /\                            \
    \ \   CONSTRUCTION SITE (F01)  \
     \ \       Cellphones:  0       \
      \ \____________________________\
     - For the one person that's running and jumping everywhere, it's amazing he's
       the only guy that doesn't drop his cell phone...
    /\                            \
    \ \   SCIENCE CENTER EXT (G01) \
     \ \       Cellphones:  5       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. After you're done shooting a few people off a rainy building, turn around
        and find the cell phone just behind you.
     2. Head inside the truck in the alley way and find the cell phone on a box.
        What?  No humor?  I got lazy.  Oh, just keep reading.
     3. Unlock the door and immediately look left.  YOu'll find the cell phone on
        a push cart.  By now I started to wonder where Bond keeps all of these
        cell phones . . . 
     4. Dispatch the ambush in the parking lot and head over to the parked truck
        in the back.  It will have an open door on either side of the container
        with a cell phone inside.
     5. Once you climb on the roof head straigt back to the pipes and you'll find
        the cell phone on the floor to your right.
    /\                            \
    \ \   SCIENCE CENTER INT (H01) \
     \ \       Cellphones:  6       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. Kill the first guard and you'll see the cell phone to your left on an
        electrical box.  You can't miss this one.  Unless you were deaf . . . or
        blind . . . but how would you be playing !?
     2. I got two locked doors and a ringing cell phone!  You know, like Beck's
        Two Turn Tables and a Micr...oh shut up.  I know it was bad.  Just pick up
        the cell phone on the walkway between the two locked doors.
     3. After you slide down the elevator and unlock the door to the Workshop,
        take out the unsuspecting guard and find the cell phone on a table in
        front of you.
     4. Enter the supervisor's office in the security room and snatch his cell
        phone off his desk.
     5. The elevator is falling!  Get out the ceiling, jump to safety and Kaboom!
        Movie special effects!  Get inside the Science Center and find the cell
        phone on a box by the display cases to the right.
     6. Kill the enemies and head down the stairs.  Look left and you'll find the
        last cell phone resting on another push cart.  Next level please!
    /\                            \
    \ \      MIAMI AIRPORT (I01)   \
     \ \       Cellphones:  5       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. Kill the first bad guy of the level and head into the office across the
        hallway.  You'll find a slain airport employee and his cell phone.  Since
        he won't really be using it, you might as well take it...
     2. When you come to the Server Room, turn right and find cell phone #2 under
        a few copy machines and a beautiful "Air Travel to Africa" poster!
     3. In the Maintenance room, look for a little area on your right behind a
        fence for the next cell phone.
     4. Once you're in the garage eliminate all the baddies.  Head left and you'll
        find the cell phone on top of a red utility cabinet between the two
        luggage carousels.
     5. While you're making your way through garage you'll see stairs heading up
        to an office on your right.  Head up the stairs and you'll find the cell
        phone on top of a really cluttered desk.
    /\                            \
    \ \    MONTENEGRO TRAIN (J01)  \
     \ \       Cellphones:  5       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. Find the first cell phone in the very next room from your starting
        location.  It's like they want you to find these cell phones...
     2. Stealth is for the weak.  Kill the guards through the glass roof and jump
        down into the train car.  You will find the cell phone next to some coffee
        makers at the end of the room.
     3. Okay Bond.  You get to a barrier you have to jump over to get to the next
        train car, but before you do the double doors swing wide open and two bad
        guys inside start blasting at you!  You kill them, vault over the barrier,
        run inside and look right at a cell phone ringing away on a box!  Ready?
     4. After the animation where Bond jumps back to the train he was on in the
        first place, make your way to the second train car.  You'll see the cell
        phone on a box right in front of you.  Can't miss it.
     5. You're mission if you chose to accept it.  Crawl across the top of the
        train and head down the first ladder to find yourself in a luggage
        compartment.  Pick up the cell phone off the shelf.  Head back up, then
        jump on the helicopter chasing the train down the tunnel.  Mix the red
        and green explosive gum together and ...wait, wrong movie.
    /\                            \
    \ \      CASINO ROYALE (K01)   \
     \ \       Cellphones:  3       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. You'll find the first phone in the conference room by the flat screen TV
        and radio.
     2. After you shimmy across the outside of the Hotel, jump into the room and
        find the cell phone in the bedroom to your left on the dresser.
     3. Bond loves the outdoors because you find yourself shimmying across another
        ledge!  Kill the guard, blah blah blah, and head left to the storage room
        at the end of the hallway.  You'll find the cell phone on a cart full of
        cardboard boxes.
    /\                            \
    \ \      CASINO POISON (L01)   \
     \ \       Cellphones:  0       \
      \ \____________________________\
     - Poison bad.  Poison very bad.
    /\                            \
    \ \          BARGE (M01)       \
     \ \       Cellphones:  6       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. After getting out of the car head over to the trailer on your right.
        You'll find the cell phone on a table.
     2. Rescue Vesper with your handy dandy sniper rifle.  Make your way
        downstairs and kill the baddies waiting for you outside.  Before you
        leave, grab the cellphone on the table to your right.
     3. Just outside you'll kill two bad guys running down the ramp to the boat.
        Before getting on the boat, go left and you'll find the cell phone on a
        blue container.
     4. Once on the boat, head over to the big container you can get in.  The cell
        phone is waiting for you on a couple of barrels.
     5. Get inside the boat by blowing shooting the explosive canister through the
        port hole.  Go inside and head right into a storage room with a cell phone
        and little yellow weapon case...
     6. Make your way across the boat and head into the bridge of the ship.
        You'll find the cell phone on a table.  Just don't get shot reaching for
    /\                            \
    \ \         VENICE (N01)       \
     \ \       Cellphones:  4       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. You see Vesper walking across a bridge with all the money!  Women these
        days!  Just before you cross the bridge yourself, head through the gate
        and look for a little bricked area with a bench and a cell phone.
     2. After the big gun fight you have on the balconies, head through a gate
        and turn left.  You'll see a dead end alley way with the cell phone
        blinking away at the back right corner.
     3. You will enter a building after you shimmy across the courtyard.  You'll
        find the next cell phone sitting on a chair in the room at the top of the
     4. Cross the river and kill the second wave of enemies.  You'll pass under an
        arch and find the last cell phone in between two plants in front of you.
    /\                            \
    \ \        ECO HOTEL (P01)     \
     \ \       Cellphones:  5       \
      \ \____________________________\
     1. That's the second time someone tries to hit Bond with a car!  Fortunately
        this car creams itself on a barrier and ejects the driver through the
        windshield.  Check out the body and put up his cell phone off the floor.
     2. Head left into the office/break room as soon as you enter the garage.
        It's on the counter top by the microwave.
     3. In the far right corner of the garage you'll find a second office.
        There's a cell phone sitting on a desk between two monitors.
     4. After you unlock the door (last unlock THANKFULLY) enter the kitchen to
        your right.  It's by the sink.  Guess he had to wash up after leaving the
        last phone by the microwave...
     5. After you get out of the firey kitchen and dining area, you'll come across
        a small little storage area in the right corner.  The cell phone is on the
        back shelf.  Can't miss it.  Now throw your hands up in the air cause that
        is the last cell phone and one more achievement for the record!
      4. COPYRIGHT (QQQ)
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    from the author, me.
    This document is Copyright 2009 Tatsu.  It may not be posted on any website or
    distributed without written permission from me.
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