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Reviewed: 03/22/10

Not as good as Goldeneye, but still a solid Bond title.

Ever since Rare's GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 Bond fans have been searching for a game that would even live up to half the gameplay of that classic title. Alas, this game is not that. It is by no means better than GoldenEye. However, if you're a Bond fan and you're looking for a next-gen fix, you won't go wrong with this game. After two years of farting around and being unable to decide whether or not I should pick it up, I finally went for it and was not disappointed.

The graphics are nothing special. For its time, the game looks decent. The in-game recreation of Daniel Craig is very close to the source material. Game Bond looks like movie Bond. Also, the level designs are interesting and dynamic. One thing I appreciate is when the path to continue the level is always clear, and I never got lost in this game. When the path forward is undefined and unclear, the game becomes a hassle to trudge through. With Quantum of Solace, I never felt that confusion more than once or twice (and it was overcome within seconds).

SOUND: 10/10
The main players from the films reprise their roles for the game. Daniel Craig and Judi Dench do passable jobs at their characters, but in a game like this the only thing that really matters is the sounds of the weapons. Each gun sounds different and the explosions, phones ringing, etc. all make up a very satisfying experience. Bond speaks during the missions and it's all very effective at drawing you in.

If you've played the CoD games, you know what this game will feel like, as they both run on the same engine. You can look down the sights or free aim, you can take cover and blindfire or pop out and shoot for improved accuracy. The transition to third person when you take cover feels very natural and doesn't serve to be disorienting the way I found Rainbow Six Vegas to be. Another thing I enjoy is that on any setting you go down quickly, but so do your enemies. This makes for more realistic gunfights where it doesn't take half a clip to down a single enemy. This may be a good thing and it may not be, but regenerating health shows up in all its unrealistic glory which makes the game just a tad too easy. The only other, quite glaring problem I have with the game is that the levels are so short and end so suddenly it's somewhat jarring.

STORY: 4/10
This is a portion of the game I have no tolerance for. The makers quite obviously assume you have recently seen both movies because they take hardly any time to string the levels into one cohesive narrative. If you have not seen the movies (I'll pause for a moment while you remedy this)'re going to be extremely confused. The levels mainly focus on the second movie but also take chunks from the first, and there is no indication at all when the narrative has changed. However, you don't really need to understand the "plot" to enjoy the game. It's just shoot-em-up fun with some stealth sections mixed in.

There isn't much to do once you've completed the main storyline. I am given to understand that the multiplayer was decent but as I have no time for the e-peen insanity that is Xbox Live, I had no interest in even attempting to try it. Plus, I didn't feel like wasting seven bucks.

In short, the campaign is good fun until you finish it, which will probably take slightly longer than watching both films back-to-back. Give it a rental unless you're a huge Bond fan, because some of the levels deserve a second go.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: 007: Quantum of Solace (US, 11/04/08)

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