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"What a view to a kill!"

Quantum of Solace is the adaptation of the 22nd James Bond film, and it is an awesome. though slightly flawed action thriller game. It is set just when James Bond catches Mr. White to bring him to the part of the Qos film. The PS2/Wii/DS version of this game are action adventure like GTA and SF, whereas the Xbox 360 as well as the PS3 and PC versions of the game are a first-person shooter. The gameplay is based on Call of Duty 4 and you will play as James Bond in first person, with some nice 3rd person moments such as covering when shooting the enemies directly, this is great because if makes the game much more loyal to an action film in real life. Pressing A you use the cover button which will help you hide while you shoot, I felt though the enemies are way repetitive.

It is not as good as Black Ops II or Gears of War J, but the FPS version delivers awesome action setpiece and moments, there are 4 difficulty settings which will please beginners to hardcore veterans of the FPS genre, the framerate is slow, but coming from an activision game you can't excpet much. Daniel Craig is loyall rendered in 3D here (unlike the PS2 version) and you will follow a common FPS single player campaign, though there is multiplayer, only for the internet, and not splitscreen. I thought the music is average but the sounds are truly realistic, however, the graphics are not as good for an Xbox 360 game, even in 2008, but controls don't really matter since the game play is very good though the frame rate drops in the action scenes. Quantum of Solace on Xbox 360 is the best version of the game and the only one you should buy, don't even bother with the PS2 or Wii/DS versions. The gun graphics are simple, not as complex as CoD, what makes it feel like a PS2 game, but other than that. this game is good

It is essentially CoD4 with James Bond, and you revisit many scenes from Casino Royale/QoS fillm, Sincerely, QoS is the best James Bond film since GoldenEye on the N64 and From Russia With Love. Much better than Everything or Nothing or Agent Under Fire


With a solid gameplay and some slowdowns, Quantum of Solace is the best James Bond game since Goldeneye and worth a buy if you are a fan of James Bond or FPS, though the game could have used other action gameplays, such as driving an aston martin or the airplane chase scene.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/15/13

Game Release: 007: Quantum of Solace (US, 11/04/08)

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