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    FAQ/Walkthrough by thecrobar

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       ,/--|| (( ||  ||/   || || || || ||/    ||   ||  (( || 
      _--_-'   \/\\  |/    \\,/  \\ \\ \\,/   \\,  \\,  \/\\ 
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    Use control+F to navigate.
    1. Introduction..........................(1TI)
    2. Controls..............................(2CT)
    3. Gameplay..............................(3GP)
    4. The Guide.............................(4GD)
       A. Prologue...........................(PLG)
       B. The Angel's Metropolis.............(AMG)
       C. Vigrid, City of Deja Vu............(CDG)
       D. The Burning Ground.................(TBG)
       E. The Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude...(VFG)
       F. The Lost Holy Ground...............(LHG)
       G. The Gates of Paradise..............(GPG)
       H. The Cardinal Virtue of Temperance..(VTG)
       I. Route 666..........................(RSG)
       J. A Remembrance of Time..............(RTG)
       K. A Sea of Stars.....................(SSG)
       L. The Cardinal Virtue of Justice.....(VJG)
       M. Broken Sky.........................(BSG)
       N. The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence....(VPG)
       O. Isla Del Sol.......................(ISG)
       P. A Tower to Truth...................(TTG)
       Q. Lumen Sage.........................(LSG)
       R. Epilogue...........................(ELG)
    5. Secrets/Unlockables...................(5SU)
       A. Golden LP/Weapons..................(ULP)
       B. Broken Witch Hearts................(UWH)
       C. Broken Moon Pearls.................(UOO)
       D. Alfheim Portals....................(UAP)
       E. Witch Tombs........................(UPL)
       F. Umbran Tears of Blood..............(UTB)
       G. Files..............................(UFL)
       H. Other Unlockables..................(UOB)
    6. Strategies............................(6SS)
       A. Weapons............................(SWP)
       B. Enemies............................(SNM)
    7. Closing...............................(7CL)
    Hello, and welcome to my guide for Bayonetta. The purpose of this guide is to
    provide a guide for how to complete the main game, as well as tips and general
    strategies for play. The guide is organized in to seven sections: you're in the
    introduction, the controls section lists the game’s controls, The Basics
    section provides tips for general combat and how stuff works, the main
    guide is the way through the game, the unlockables section details how to get
    the game's goodies, and the strategies section is about how to use what you've
    got against the enemies. The introduction and the closing section  have contact
    information as well as some other information about the guide. If you have any
    questions, you can contact me atwcrobars@hotmail.com
    A Note on Future updates
    This guide is now complete through the main game, and has locations for Broken
    Witch Hearts, Golden LPs, Broken Moon Pearls, and Alfheim portals. It does not
    have locations for Witch Tombs or the Umbran Tears of Blood, but they should be
    forthcoming. If any one knows of a decent list for tombs, would be willing to
    make one, or knows where I can find any information about how many there are it
    would be greatly appreciated. The same goes for Antonio's Notes, as I did not
    record where they were the first time through the game and they disappear in
    subsequent plays. 
    X/A...................Jump (Tap twice to double jump)
    Square/X..............Fire Guns
    Triangle/Y............Light Attack/main weapon attack
    Circle/B..............Heavy Attack/secondary weapon attack
    L2/R.Trigger..........Change Weapon Sets
    R1/R.Bumper...........Lock On/Various 
    This section details the basics of gameplay: combat, exploration, collectables,
    and all the other fun stuff that makes up the game. If you don't know how to do
    something or want more information, then this is the place to come to. 
    A. Combat
    The Combat in Bayonetta is quite deep, and there are numerous components that
    make up the basic aspects of it.
    I. Combos
    Your two main attack buttons are Y/Triangle and B/Circle, which perform light
    and heavy attacks respectively. The basic idea behind the combat in Bayonetta
    is that you want to trap enemies in combos-chains of hits they can't escape
    from-in order to deal as much damage as possible while avoiding damage 
    II. Weapons 
    While the above does say light and heavy attacks, that's a bit of a misnomer.
    Bayonetta can equip one weapon in her hands and one on her feet. The light
    attack button is what controls the weapon in your hands, while the one on your
    feet is controlled with the heavy attack button. They do generally sync up as
    light and heavy attacks, but each weapon has it's own moves depending on where
    you equip it.
    III. Equipping
    Weapons are equipped on the Inventory screen. You can have two sets of weapons
    equipped at once, and they are changed on the fly using the L button.
    IV. Handguns
    You can use your handguns by pressing X/square. Guns don't do that much damage,
    but they can keep a combo going when you're not close enough yourself and they
    are useful against a few enemies. You can perform a Bullet Climax by rotating
    the control stick and hammering the light/heavy attack buttons, which will
    allow you to aim your guns in third person.
    V. Witch Time
    Bayonetta doesn't block attacks, she dodges them. A Dodge is initiated with the
    right trigger, during which Bayonetta is invincible. One of the most useful
    abilities in the game is called “Witch Time”. Witch Time triggers when you
    dodge attack right at the last moment, and freezes time for a brief period
    during which you can hit enemies. This is one of the most useful tools for
    beating tough enemies, so be sure to get it down. 
    VI. Torture Attacks
    Torture attacks are special moves that can only be performed when you have
    enough magic. They work sort of like finishing moves: they will summon a
    torture  device and you will be given a button prompt, perform it to deal
    massive damage to whatever enemy you're currently facing. Torture attacks are
    best saved for enemies with a lot of health, since they can be performed on
    anything it's best to use them on high health targets to get more bang for your
    VII. Enemy Weapons
    Enemies will occasionally drop their weapons when killed by Torture Attacks.
    Enemy weapons are generally much slower than whatever you're currently using,
    and they break after only a few hits. They make up for this by being VERY
    powerful, killing most enemies in just a few hits. Use them whenever you can,
    but be warned that they might not be too effective against faster enemies.
    IX. Wicked Weave
    Wicked Weave attacks use Bayonetta's hair as a weapon, and are very powerful.
    They're mostly used as finishers to combos and other powerful moves, and some
    have special guard breaking properties or deal extra damage. They're very
    useful moves, so learn a few and use them whenever you can.
    X. Infernal Demons
    Only used in certain situations, these are Torture attacks on a massive scale
    that are only available during boss battles and other major encounters. 
    B. Non-combat
    There are plenty of non-combat elements in Bayonetta that you need to learn as
    I. Gates of Hell
    The Gates of Hell is a bar/shop run by Rodin. Available in most levels in the
    game through red portals, Rodin's shop stocks numerous different items of 
    II. Weapons
    You can buy weapons from Rodin after you've made their counterparts in the main
    game, which allows you to equip copies of the same weapon in multiple weapon
    sets. To gain a weapon for the first time you need to bring gold LPs to Rodin,
    where he will make one for free before putting it on sale.
    III. Items
    There are plenty of items in the game that allow you to do various things, from
    healing yourself or stat boosts to damaging enemies. Rodin sells all manner of
    weapons in his shop for you to purchase from him, though you can only have so
    many of each item at a time. While items are cheap, keep in mind that using
    them will penalize your score in the game's levels. Rodin also sells Soul
    Pearls and Witch Hearts, which increase your magic and vitality respectively.
    All of the items in Rodin's shop can also be found in the games levels.
    IV. Accessories
    Equipped like items, accessories can bestow passive abilities or active ones
    depending on the item in question. You can equip two at once, read them for a
    description of what they do. They might be a tad expensive at first, but
    they're more then worth it. 
    V. Moves
    Rodin sells new techniques throughout the game that can;t be found or gotten in
    any other way. While some of them are more flash then useful (Breakdancing),
    they can all be worthwhile additions to your arsenal. 
    VI. Treasures
    Very special items that have specific unlock conditions. You won't see many of
    these your first time around through the game.
    VII. Conjuring
    Accessed through the inventory screen, conjuring allows you to make items with
    ingredients you find in the field by defeating enemies. The system provides you
    with directions on how to make each one, so it's fairly self explanatory.
    VIII. Files
    Also accessed from the inventory screen, files collect all of the relevant data
    in the game in one easy to find place. You can find information on moves,
    collectibles, demons you command, angels you fight, and the world in which you
    IX. Aflheim
    A special area of paradise accessed by portals throughout the game's various
    levels, Aflheim will provide you with timed challenges with handicaps in which
    you must defeat hordes of angels. These fights are often quite difficult, but
    the rewards can also be grand. You can find the portals hidden in out of the
    way places all over the world.
    X. Angel Attack
    A Game played at the conclusion of each level. It's a shooting gallery, and you
    get points for each angel you shoot. Different things give different points,
    and while you might not be that great at first you'll soon adapt and be scoring
    a lot. You can either exchange your points for items at the end of the game or
    convert them to halos to spend in Rodin's shop. 
    4...The Guide...(4GD)
    This guide was written while playing normal mode, so some strategies might not
    apply to different difficulties. This guide is also written without any
    specific weapon in mind for certain tasks, a different people are going to end
    up with different weapons in the game. (Locations can be found on the boards or
    in other guides, coming soon to this one!)
    A. Prologue...(PLG)
    The first part of the level is just a tutorial for basic attacks and moves.
    There really isn't anything to do here other then read the tutorial bubbles and
    kill all the enemies. This chapter is a prologue, and is considerably easier
    then the rest of the game. Get used to the controls and Bayonetta's moves.
    After the scene where Enzo get's dragged off, follow him down and kill the
    remaining enemies to complete the Verse.
    The goal of the second verse is to perform three torture attacks, initiated by
    building the magic gauge and getting an enemy down to low enough health. Once
    low enough, it's an instant kill. Press the prompted buttons to perform the
    kill, after three the verse (and level) are over.
    B. The Angel's Metropolis...(AMG)
    Begin the level by heading down the train platform. Head through the security
    gate and turn right to find a mysterious wall. Attack it to demolish it, and
    then jump down into the gap in the floor below you. At the bottom, bash open
    the chest to find a key. Jump back up to the top and kill the angels that
    spawn, then jump across the gap and open the door. Kill the enemies in the next
    area with wicked weave attacks as per the tutorial, which repairs the statue.
    To cross the water, move near the statues and raise then with the prompt. Dodge
    the attack from above to activate Witch time, which allows you to run across
    the water. 
    On the other side of the water, break the stone to create a platform you can
    ride up. At the top, move through a few hallways until you meet Rodin. He will
    open up shop, stop in and check it out if you want. You don't have a lot of
    money yet, but a few of the moves are pretty cheap. After you're done, head
    down into the courtyard for a fight. 
    Inside the courtyard there are a few angels, along with a new enemy called
    Applaud.  This is also the first instance in which you can use enemy weapons,
    which replace your kicks and punches for now. Applauds are beefier versions of
    regular angels, with the added ability of attacking you from long range with
    their trumpet-like weapons. After killing the first wave of enemies, a larger
    enemy will spawn. These guys are like minibosses. Avoid attacking them from the
    front and focus on their backs, particularly the glowing stone portion. Don't
    attack them for too long or you'll get by a nasty grab attack that'll interrupt
    your combo.
    After they're all dead, continue forward to the church. A few enemies will
    ambush you inside, but they should be cake. Exit the Church and you'll have a
    hallucination, where you fight a boss:
    Big Dragon Thing
    This boss is fought mostly with your guns at long range. Run down to the larger
    section of bridge where the other witches are and begin shooting at the large
    beast. It has four different attacks: It will bite at you with either one of
    its heads, blast fire at you with each head in turn, sweep its neck along the
    platform, or go for its final fire blast attack. The first three moves are all
    easy to avoid: simply side step the fireballs and jump over the bites/neck
    attack. Its final attack is to trap you in the middle of the area with both
    heads and blast fire at you with the third. When you see it getting ready (it
    will raise both heads) get to one side of the platform and it will miss you
    completely. Rinse and repeat until it retreats and you go back to normal.
    Once normal again, head down to the platform for yet another boss. 
    This guy will break off the area you're standing on. Avoid his few few swings
    by jumping above the platform. After he begins to smash it into the wall, start
    attacking his hand. He will soon throw the piece of rubble to another area.
    From here, head down the stairs to get him o show up again,. Retreat to the
    main platform, which he will break off chunks of around you. His only attack
    from now on is to wildly flail at you. The easiest way to down him now is use
    witch time from his strikes, they're surprisingly predictable. Alternately,
    just shoot him from a safe distance. Once he's had enough, finish him off with
    a climax attack to end the chapter.
    C. Vigrid, City of Deja Vu...(CDG)
    This chapter starts out with a flashback boss fight.
    Is fast, and has very similar moves to you. You need to be careful during this
    fight, as she is the first enemy you can't just go all out on and expect to
    win. Take things slow and avoid her attacks with dodges and then counter attack
    with your own. During this fight you'll gain the ability to walk on walls. Try
    to always keep on the same plane as Jeanne, she has a couple of long range
    attacks that can be vicious. 
    After the fight, climb the wall to fight a small wave of enemies along with a
    new foe. Afterwords, continue along the building until you can drop down on the
    other side of the gap from where you started. In the next alley, activate the
    two statues like before for Witch Time. Quickly run to the end of the alley and
    break the door down and run through to the next area. Head to the ground level
    for a cutscene, and then an extended battle. This fight is all against enemies
    you've fought before, so you shouldn't have any trouble.
    Afterwords, head through the newly opened door to the next area. In here you'll
    fight some new enemies, Enchants. Enchants are fast, but they only attack when
    they're on fire. Watch for when they are and avoid them, otherwise just go all
    out. In the next area after those enchants there is another group of them, this
    time followed by the Beloved that you didn't kill in the last fight. When the
    Beloved gets down in health he'll summon another one. You need to fight
    conservatively here and make heavy use of witch time, these guys do a ton of
    Head to the next area, which contains a store if you want to buy something.
    Head down the steps to the right and take out the couple of enemies, which will
    repair the statue near the store. Press the button to raise the statue, but
    don't activate  the lightning yet. Head down the stairs and activate it when
    the time is almost up, then smash the bridge in Witch Time and cross to the
    other side before your time gives out. Head down the path and enter the church
    at the end for a boss fight
    Big Dragon Thing, Redux
    This guy is back again, only in the present! He fights using most of the same
    attacks as before, only this time you have less room to move around and only
    one head to damage. The best way to damage him is too simply dodge his fireball
    attack (he telegraphs it a lot) and then smack him for damage. About 2/3
    through the fight the other head will show up, but you don't need to attack it.
    Just avoid the attacks and continue attacking the red head. Afterwords there is
    a cutscene with a button press, so don't set the controller down yet.
    D. The Burning Ground...(TBG)
    Hmmm, perhaps pissing him off wasn't the best idea in the world? Anyway, this
    level is all about the combat. Head forward to spawn a few burning angels.
    They'll damage you if you hit them normally, so you need to use Witch time to
    avoid their hits and damage them. During the fight you'll want to avoid the
    lava on the ground as well, that'll damage you too. This level's first section
    is a repeat of the last, so follow the same path out of here that you did last
    ...to find that it's now a river of lava. Ignore the enemies here and jump
    over/go under them. Jump to the next area at the far end to encounter a new
    enemy, a Fairness. These guys are pretty brutal. They have fast attacks and can
    hit you from long range and short range. Watch out for their fireball and
    charge attacks specifically. The best way to take them out is to get in close
    and not let up: they have a wide turning radius, and if you stay next to them
    most of their attacks can't hit you. 
    Head to the next area to see the door you couldn't enter before get blown open.
    Use the statues/Witch Time again to cross over the lava spout, on the other
    side you'll have to deal with another lava wave. This time you use wall walk
    though. Continue along the buildings, using the wreckage to cross to the other
    side when needed. At the end another wave will start coming, which is your clue
    to climb the tower at the far end. It will fall, and you'll need to hit a
    button prompt to avoid death. 
    Once on the other side, you'll come to an open area and need to fight two
    Fairness. Take them out, carefully, and then be prepared for another button
    prompt. On the other side, take out the burning angels and then make your way
    through the cave to the other side. You come out in a much larger cage with a
    sop nearby, so head over if you need to. Hug the right wall and try to cross
    the long bridge to see it get destroyed. Head inside the nearby portal and use
    the statues/witch time to get up to the top of the platforms. Pull the lever,
    then head back to the entrance with the hourglass. Use the hourglass in the
    cave to restore the bridge. Cross the bridge quickly, it's just going to get
    destroyed again.
    The next bridge will begin collapsing as you cross it. Jump to each subsequent
    section, and be prepared for a button prompt at the end. After landing, cross
    the lava while avoiding the lava spouts, then climb the cliff and head right.
    Using wall walk, head up the vertical passage to the top and avoid the
    boulders. Head along the cliff to the top to complete the level.
    E. The Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude...(VFG)
    We finally know this guy's name. This fight is split up into three main parts.
    You'll start out on a raised platform above some lava. Here, the boss has three
    different attacks: fireballs, biting, and tail swiping. All of them are pretty
    self explanatory. Dodge them and activate witch time to deal damage to the
    heads, but be careful about falling. Unlike other parts prior to this, you can
    simply walk off the sides of the small platform if you aren't careful. If you
    do fall, get back up on to one of the arches immediately. 
    After you've dealt enough damage, he'll fall to the ground and stop the lava
    from flowing. Jump down to the ground and start wailing on the heads like
    before. When his first health bar is almost gone (he has three) he'll fly up
    and spew lava all over the place. This is Bayonetta's cue to go into witch
    time. You'll need to make your way over to the boss by jumping from rock to
    rock. Just aim at a rock and hit jump to go there. Once you're close to the
    boss you'll need to do a series of button presses, which will result in you
    tearing off one of his heads. You'll then need to take out the second head in
    pretty much the same fashion, so get to it. If at any time during the fight the
    arches disappear, you can reconstruct them with the hourglasses in the middle
    of the arena.
    After you've torn the second head off, the final phase of the fight begins.
    You'll jump up to a new arena, the broken remains of the old one floating in
    the sky. The boss only has a couple of attacks here. He'll charge at you and
    shoot highly damaging streams of fire at you. Like before, you need to use
    witch time to damage and kill him. His weak point is the stone on his final
    head, which takes loads of damage when you hit it. Take him down to end the
    F. The Lost Holy Grounds...(LHG)
    This is easily the longest level in the game so far, so you might want to stock
    up on a few healing items before hand if you don't have any. As the level
    begins, you'll need to head forward along a crumbling pathway. Some enemies
    will spawn, but you can safely ignore them until you're on safe ground. Once
    you get to the end of the path, a new enemy will show up. Well, two enemies:
    Grace and Glory. This duo is probably the most challenging enemy up to this
    point in the game, they're really fast and hit for a lot of damage. You need to
    keep track of both of them, as they can and will attack you at the same time or
    while you're damaging one of them. Make heavy use of witch time to come out on
    top, focus on killing one before the other to make it easier.
    After they're dead, head down the newly opened path. This is also a crumbling
    path with enemies: you can either kill them quickly or ignore them altogether
    to get through the area. On the other side there's a scene (how the hell did he
    even get here?), and then a new enemy is introduced: Fearless. Fearless fight a
    lot like the fairness, only with lightning. Fight them the same way.
    Afterwords, jump across yet another crumbling path to get to a platform with a
    Activate the stone, which will allow you to wall walk to a nearby portal. This
    portal will fling you to the opposite cliff, where you'll encounter another
    Grace and Glory duo. The extra cover and space should make the fight easier
    this time. After them you'll fight a new enemy, Harmony. These things fly
    around, and they have great speed and hard hitting attacks. However, they can
    barely take any damage at all. Once you hit one and get it in a combo it should
    die fast. After the fight, head up the nearby stairs (avoid the wind gusts) to
    find a store.
    After stocking up, continue up the stairs to the top. Climb the ledges around
    the door, then jump from the ledge onto the switch near the ground. This will
    open up the door. Attempt to climb the tower, and you'll be faced with a new
    enemy: Ardor. Ardor's are really just regular Angels with armor and slightly
    better weapons, you can take them out in the same way. After the two are dead,
    move up the tower with wall walk. You'll need to avoid some stones and holes
    along the way, and about halfway up some Harmonies will spawn. Kill them and
    continue to the top. Up here you'll need to avoid wind gusts as you wind your
    way around to the top of the mountain. Part way up the path will start to
    crumble, and you'll need to jump the gaps. Once making it to the top, you're in
    for a miniboss.
    You'll face this enemy more then just now, but it's treated as a boss encounter
    here. Inspired are serpents that fly in the air, and their main (really their
    only) attack is to slam into you with their tails or bodies. As it circles you,
    shoot it with your gun. After it takes enough damage it will come crashing down
    on the platform where you can damage it. It will soon get up though, and you'll
    need to avoid its attacks. Don't both attacking it here, it will just counter
    and you'll get hit. It will fly away after a few moments: be prepared to
    counter attack with a button prompt when it comes back down. If it's not dead
    the process is simply repeated until it is. 
    After the fight, head inside the nearby tower and go to the shop if you need
    to. Climb to the top of the tower, where you find another Inspired. Kill this
    one just like the last one. Break down the gate at the end, and get ready for
    some quick jumps across falling rocks. Watch the scene afterwords, then get
    ready for a fight...
    Jeanne II
    Jeanne fights in pretty much the same way she did last time: basically, her
    moves are the same as yours. Her attacks, thankfully, aren't that damaging. The
    best way to damage her is to wait for one of her wicked weave attacks and dodge
    it, which allows you to enter witch time for a little bit longer then normal.
    Use your most powerful weapon to damage her during this time. You can also hit
    her at the tail end of her attacks, but avoid longer combos since she can
    easily break out of them. This fight will change arenas a couple of times, but
    the strategy remains the same in each. 
    Once you win, the chapter is complete.
    G. The Gates of Paradise...(GPG)
    Head forward after the level starts and down the stairs. Break down the gate to
    fight a few enemies, nothing challenging that you haven't faced down before. If
    you need room retreat into the courtyard behind you. After they're dead, run
    over the three switches in the floor in your snazzy new best form to activate
    them and open the door. Head through the door and into the middle of the next
    room and try to activate the statue to summon two Inspired. Shoot one out of
    the sky, and the other one will try and attack you. Counter that with a prompt
    to ground the second one and kill it with a few more hits, then take out the
    first one.
    Activate the repaired statues and jump across the water to the next area. Head
    through the hall and carefully navigate over the rising spikes, then destroy
    the rubble blocking the switch at the end. Kill the spawned enemies (but save
    your magic meter for the next fight) and activate the beast switches. The next
    room has fight against TWO Grace and Glory duos. This is probably the hardest
    normal fight in the game so far. Try to keep at the bottom of the stairs and
    make them come to you so you can't get surrounded. Use witch time to attack and
    just go for the one that's closest instead of targeting a specific one. Use
    torture attacks for extra damage if you saved magic from the previous fight.
    The fight continues out onto the newly opened bridge, with some smaller angels
    and three large ones. It shouldn't be anything you can't handle. Jump over the
    gap with beast form and enter the next area. The enemies in this area are just
    a collection og regular angels, but they're a little tougher then they usually
    are. Take them out, then move through the door behind the girl to continue. She
    has her own health bar, but it regenerates and is actually not that much of a
    concern for you. In the next courtyard there are some enemies, and to take them
    out you need to use objects in the area since you're no longer in purgatory.
    There are plenty of lamp posts and  trash bins to get the job done. 
    Once completed there, enter the covered area. A Beloved will begin chasing you.
    You can't kill it right now, only throw objects at it and bash it to slow it's
    progress. Move through the area as quick as possible, destroying the gates and
    throwing anything you can at your pursuer. At the end, exit to find a shop and
    a portal. Move around to the back of the portal to find a gateway to Paradiso.
    Head inside. Once inside you'll fight a duo of Fairness and Fearless. Keep your
    distance from them and try to get witch time from their long range attacks,
    then close and combo them. In the next area you'll fight a Beloved, the same
    one from before. He's larger and can summon fireballs from the sky, but he also
    doesn't have the back-grabbing attack his brethren do.
    After he's dead, Cereza will be captured by an imposter Bayonetta. Transform
    into panther mode and chase after her down the hall, avoid the lasers as you
    go. At the end you fight...
    Bayounotta (lame pun, I know.)
    Her first form is basically just you, only a lot weaker. Fight her like you did
    Jeanne. She's rather easy to lock into a continual combo, which is the fastest
    way to kill her. Upon depleting her health bar she transforms into a Joy and
    splits into two parts. Joys are fast, but they don't really have much else
    going for them. Their attacks are easily avoidable and their only real
    advantage is that there's often more then one of them to keep track of.
    Continue the fight as you did before, making sure to watch out for the second
    one. (And try to get a torture attack here: death by orgasm).
    Head out the portal when she's dead, then move on to the bridge to end the
    H. The Cardinal Virtue of Temperance...(VTG)
    After the Scene you'll start out standing on a piece of rubble, high in the
    air. The first portion of this fight has a pretty easy pattern: The boss will
    grab the ruble with on arm and shoot at it with the other. Use the prompt to
    jump to the side away from him, then shoot at the arm holding the platform.
    After that he'll grab the platform a second time, but shoot it in a different
    way. (One that doesn't destroy the platform). This is your chance to damage
    him: repeatedly smack the tentacle/finger that's holding onto the platform to
    damage him. He'll repeat the first part of the pattern again, destroying the
    Once you've done enough damage to him, he'll charge up his fist and move to
    punch the platform. As he's doing so, jump in the air in front of the fist and
    get ready for a button prompt. Land it and you'll be on his arm. Run down to
    the far end, dodging the wind-snakes and the flying debris. Attack the glowing
    orb that connects his arm to his body, but be careful: he can discharge
    electricity and shoot electric arrows at you to damage you. Once you've dealt
    enough damage to it a prompt will appear. Perform it to tear off it's arm. 
    You'll now repeat the process with the second arm. The only difference this
    time is that the head will fire at you, and when you get knocked off the
    platform you'll have to perform a short jumping sequence to get back on. After
    destroying the second arm, you'll land on his chest. There are numerous other
    orbs around his body (look for where the arcing orange light leads), and you
    need to destroy each of them. These ones can attack just like the others could. 
    Once you've destroyed all of the orbs, the head becomes vulnerable. The head
    has a few nasty projectile attacks, as well as a close range move where it
    tries to eat you. The best way to kill it requires you to have a little HP
    (honestly, it might pay to heal here. You get a TON of combo points...). Get
    right up in front of the head and continually attack it. It will only do two
    moves: multiple tracking shots into the sky or the eating move. If it does the
    shots, avoid them only enough to keep your combo going. If it tries to eat you,
    rotate the control stick to escape and stun it, which lets you really deal a
    lot of damage. Two or Three of those and it should go down permanently. 
    I. Route 666...(RSG)
    This level is a bit different from the others. In the first section you need to
    jump from car to car and kill the angels riding near you. They're all minor
    ones, just avoid falling on the ground or you'll take excessive damage. After
    that brawl you'll land on the ground and be faced with three Joys. That
    wouldn't be too bad, but you're also in the middle of traffic. Get to the left
    side of the area near the wall to avoid most of it, which will still hit the
    Joys as you fight them.
    After the joys are gone, get ready for a few prompts. These set you up on a
    Motorcycle, which you will remain on for the rest of the level. Take a quick
    look at the controls before you accidentally kill yourself: it's a bumpy ride.
    The level is pretty simple, but you need to have sime killer reaction times.
    Firstly, a new enemy is introduced: Irenics, AKA Angel-mobiles. The general
    idea behind the ramined of this level is simple: avoid cars, shoot enemies,
    slide under doors and trucks, go crazy fast. It's all about reaction, there
    really is nothing to tell you to do here. At the end of the level you'll hop of
    the bike and fight Braves, a new version of the Beloved that spawns in a trio
    and combin into one large enemy. Thankfully they aren't all that hard, just
    dodge and use the same tactics as on the  Beloveds. Killing them ends the level.
    J. A Remembrance of Time...(RTG)
    To begin, hop across the floating symbols to land in the main garden area,
    where  enemies will spawn. Kill them and take the key one of them drops, then
    use it on the statue in the middle of the fountain. Head up the light platforms
    to the floating sphere, where enemies will spawn with a key yet again. Kill
    them and use it on the statue at the bottom of the sphere, which will open a
    path to the arena rubble. From this rubble, take the snake-path down while
    running from the metal ball. Ignore the enemies and jump the gap at the end. 
    In the next area, destroy the witch-wall to create a gear, then use the lever
    in the middle of the area to rotate the platform and continue. In the next area
    there are five chests, each with a piece of the area's key. Some of them
    contain monsters, so be wary when opening them. Avoid fighting in the central
    area too, there's a large ball that drops periodically. Once the key is formed
    from the various parts, use it on the statue to create platforms across a gap.
    Cross over to meet a new enemy, a Kinship.
    Kinships are long range enemies. If you're as far away as you are from them now
    then they can tear you to shreds, but if you get up close and personal with
    them they're pretty much defenseless. There are two in this encounter. Wait for
    one of them to come over the platform, then jump on top of it and smash the
    stone there for a lot of damage. Repeat the process on the second one and
    you're done. Take the newly opened portal to the next area, where three Joys
    await you. Kill them, then continue past the boulder to find a shop. This part
    is sort of tricky now: see the light path ahead? It's only there as long as the
    bright part of the path is under foot; otherwise you fall. Make use of double
    jumps and shooting if you need to hang in air and move along it so that you're
    above where you just were. Quickly duck under the stone, then make your way
    across more floating platforms and crushing stones.
    You'll eventually reach the gate from the lost Holy grounds level. A new enemy
    (sort of) will show up: a Golem. Golems can only be hurt if you hit their
    central core, which they like to keep tucked safely away. To attack, a golem
    changes form between a bird, a pair of hands, and a dragon. Most of it's
    attacks are easy to dodge, so it shouldn't be that hard. The best time to hit
    it is during the hand phase of its attack, the core is wide open and the
    attacks are very easy to avoid. Head inside the gate to finish the level.
    K. A Sea of Stars...(SSG)
    As the level starts you're facing three Joys. Take them out and drop through
    the hole in the floor to end up in a piece of the city. There are four missing
    gears here, each can be restored by breaking a witch wall located in one of the
    corners in the area. Some weak enemies will spawn while you hit them, but
    they're nothing too bad. The final gear will summon a Grace and Glory; use the
    enemy weapons to take them out if there are any lying around. Once the
    apparatus in the center is complete, you can rotate the entire island. Rotate
    it to the long path into the sky and take it to the next area...
    ...Which contains to repeat boss fights. Neither one is as tough as they were
    before so don't worry. The first boss is incredibly easy: just get as close as
    you can and hammer away and he shouldn't even touch you before he's dead. The
    second fight not so much. Attack him at range with your guns while avoiding his
    attacks- all of them are easily avoidable. You need to deal enough damage to
    him to make him fall over on the level, where you can attack his head for a lot
    more damage. Once he's dead, move to jump to the next island to find that it
    might be a little tricky. Time your jump carefully in panther form to get
    across, jump across when you can see the door.
    On the other side, kill the basic enemies. Afterwords, break the wall behind
    it. Time your jump again to fall down the green shaft of light and land at the
    bottom. There are three Kinships waiting for you: destroy them one by one. Head
    down the platforms to the left, then through the long hall with the tentacle
    vines. On the other side, you meet the hardest basic enemy in the game:
    Gracious and Glorious. They're just upgraded versions of the previous Grace and
    Glory, who were already bad enough. These guys hit harder and take more
    punishment, and they do their special moves more often. Your strategy should be
    the same, just with an extra dose of caution.
    Move down the path to find a spiked path. Head along, avoid the patterns of
    spikes with careful timing and dodges if necessary. At the end of the path
    there's a shop if you need it. Jump down to the lower area to find some strange
    golden enemies. Kill them and they turn into water, which you need to fill the
    area and escape. There is one trio of Braves follow by two Inspired. After
    they're all dead, jump to the central platform and activate the statues, then
    head to the nearby ledge and jump up to where a portal awaits to take you to
    the next area.
    L. The Cardinal Virtue of Justice...(VJG)
    Guess we know where all those tentacles came from huh? This boss is a lot
    simpler then the last few, it's basically just a single pattern repeated three
    times. The arena is made up of rocks suspended in the air. During the battle
    they will repeatedly get destroyed, and when they do you need to jump to a new
    rock to avoid falling. If you do fall, be prepared: a button prompt will save
    your life and get you back to the top, fail and you're dead.
    The boss has a few different attacks, but they're all predictable. It will
    smash at the platform with its tentacles in a few different ways, as well as
    shoot acid and globs of goo that immobilize you and little pods that attack
    when you get close. It will also attack by smashing it's head/tentacle into the
    platform. Your goal is to attack its head, either through witch-time when it
    attacks you, or simply hitting it when it's close to the platform. After you
    deal enough damage the head will go limp, which is your cue to jump on it. Run
    across the tentacle to the main head, dodging through the rotating blades and
    avoiding the other tentacles. Once on the face, pound the base of the tentacle
    while dodging more tentacle strikes to sever it.
    You need to repeat that two more times to kill the boss, in pretty much the
    same fashion. The second time around the boss will begin lifting blocks from
    the poison and throwing them at you. Simply wait on the platform for them to
    hit and prompt will pop up, which lets you toss the block back and damage the
    head enough jump on. Run to the head again and repeat, jumping over the saw
    blades along the way. The final attempt is the same, only the boss will get
    faster and a tad meaner. 
    M. The Broken Sky...(BSG)
    Head forward and beware the purple aura: it indicates an attack coming from
    outside the ship. Dodge the attacks and continue until you meet some enemies.
    Take them out and continue on through the yellow door at the end of the plane.
    On the other side there's a short jumping sequence between falling boxes. Once
    you land you have to fight a Grace and Glory, which should be easy after the
    last fight against Gracious and Glorious. After they're dead there are a few
    archer angels. Head to the end of the area to find a shop, then hop off the
    ledge to the right to find a door in the side of the plane to open. Head
    outside for a scene and...
    Jeanne III
    Jeane is a lot more liberal with her wicked weave attacks this time around,
    which actually works to your advantage. They're fairly predictable (you've been
    using them all game), so go into witch time when you see them and deal some
    damage. Part of the way through the fight she'll summon her motorcycle and try
    to ram you with it. You need split second timing to dodge the motorcycle and
    hit her before she speeds away and you lose your chance, but that's really the
    only attack she does. Once that phase of the fight is over she returns to like
    she was before. Finish her off and continue.
    After you're back on the plane, head to the end of the electrified area (avoid
    the floors) to find Cereza. After the scene run forward a ways and drop her
    down. There are three waves of enemies here, but they're all easy angels so it
    shouldn't be too much of a hassle. However, keep the slowly rising water in
    mind as you ascend, it will damage you.  Grab Cereza after the barrier is down
    and move on, soon you will see a scene. Afterwords, wall walk along the wall
    and then head up the shaft. Drop Cereza near the top, then kill the enemies
    that spawn here to complete the level.
    N. The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence...(VPG)
    Your first move is to attack the four faces on the legs of the boss. The boss
    has a few different attacks during this phase of the fight: it will fire lasers
    and missiles from its legs and back, and it will also jump into the water and
    attempt to rise up underneath you as well as try and bite you. It will also
    strike at you with its claws if you get too close, and shoot at you from the
    heads on its legs.
    After dealing enough damage to each of the four heads, a prompt will appear.
    You'll need to lead the boss into the demon by controlling it through the
    prompts. Be ready, since the boss will try to break free from your grasp and
    there is another prompt to stop it. Once you;ve damaged it this way once, the
    armor protecting it's face will fall off: this is your next target. Get up
    close and personal, avoid the swipes and bites, to damage the main face on the
    creature. After enough hits you'll get another prompt, which will completely
    break the creature's face and send it into another phase of the fight.
    In this pahse, you're surfing down a long tunnel while the monster looks up at
    you and fires lasers. Your goal is to surf to the bottom and hit the
    former-face-area where the glowing stone is. The lasers are avoidable either
    through carful movement or dodging, and the boss' two close range attacks are
    easily dodge able for witch time. You'll be repeatedly pushed back when you
    deal enough damage, and the lasers will intensify each time, but they're easy
    enough to dodge. Once the boss is down for the count, perform the final prompt
    to finish it off. 
    O. Isla Del Sol...(ISG)
    This level is similar to Route 666, except you're riding a missile instead of a
    motorcycle. The controls can be a tad wonky at first, so get used to them fast.
    This level plays sort of a like shmup: just blast away at the enemies to kill
    them. Your health bar get's a substantial boost and none of the enemies here
    are very tough, so enjoy the ride. During a few points in the level you'll have
    to stop and kill some enemies that land on the missile, but they shouldn't pose
    a threat either. The only real challenge comes towards the end of the level,
    about 2/3 of the way through. You'll have to fight the imposter bosses again,
    as well as a trio of Inspired. For the inspired just use withc time and hammer
    away at their heads. For the imposter dragon fly in a circle when it shoots at
    you and then hit its head. For the imposter wind god, attack the head before
    and after its laser attack and not at any other time. There are simply too many
    bullets flying aound.
    After all that there's a scene, which will end with...
    Jeanne, Umbra Witch
    If it wasn't obvious, this is your final showdown with Jeanne. She brings all
    her tricks from previous fights (sans motorcycle) and a few new ones to the
    table. Damage her enough in the first arena and you'll move to the side of a
    building. The only change in the fight here is that missiles will now come
    flying towards you. Use the button prompt to grab them and throw them at
    Jeanne, which gets repeated a few times before the missile finally hits her.
    After she's taken enough damage she'll jump on a missile and you'll need to
    follow her with a prompt.
    Once on the missile the fighting continues. Jeanne will now speed up her wicked
    weave attacks and introduce a few button prompt moves into the mix that
    function like summons from you. (Rapid button pressing.) You need to hit the
    button enough to avoid taking damage, which will damage her in turn. After
    jumping between a couple missiles you'll land on the roof of a building. The
    fight is unchanged, just keep at it and don't let up. After you've beaten her,
    the level is over.
    P. A Tower to Truth...(TTG)
    This level is all about the combat. As a not before you start, it's a bad idea
    to break the statues here, as they often turn into whatever they were
    depicting. Head up to the left on the stairs to run into a few basic angels and
    some flaming enemies. (Remember that flaming enemies can only be hurt during
    witch time, otherwise you take damage.) Head up the stairs and through the door
    afterwords for  some Braves, which may or may not combine. You can make quick
    work of any of their forms with a weapon from the previous fight, or if they
    drop on of theirs. Go through the doors and back into the central room, then
    out again, to find some Joys waiting for you. The wide open space should make
    this fight easy.
    Head through the halls and up the stairs to fight some enchants and then a
    Grace and Glory. After them head up the stairs again to run into another
    imposter boss. Turn into panther form and run down the hall, there's nothing
    you can do against him right now. Attack the weak angels at the end of the hall
    to kill them, then head up the stairs to the next floor. The imposter boss will
    break through the glass window and reveal to AA guns. Jump in one and read the
    controls, then start shooting its head. You need to shoot down the green
    missiles to avoid getting hit by them, and get out of the gun turret when it
    moves to punch or fire its large laser. The first turret will be destroyed
    partway through the fight, which is your cue to move to the second one and
    finish it.
    After he's dead, move to the end of the hall and into the elevator shaft. Head
    up the shaft, avoiding the falling elevators, to be greeted with another
    imposter boss. Take him out the same way you did before: damage the tentacle
    head, then run along it to the base and destroy it. Continue up the shaft to
    the top and jump out to find yourself in a massive room. Head to the glowing
    blue platform on the wall and activate the pole, which cause platforms to
    appear along the walls. Head up the platforms to the other side, being careful
    to time your jumps to avoid them falling. 
    On the other side you'll fight another Golem. Take it out like the last
    one,which opens the door to a another elevator shaft. Drop down and begin
    running up the shaft to encounter another imposter boss. This one is a lot
    different from the last time. You need to attack its face at close range. When
    you do enough damage it stumble back, which lets you move up to avoid the
    flames behind you. Keep doing this, avoiding his bite and claw attacks with
    witch time. After he dies, run the remainder of the tower to fall into a room
    with a suspended ball. Break the four globes, which will take you to the top of
    the tower. Run around the light platform, which will eventually take you inside
    the top of the tower and end the level.
    Q. The Lumen Sage...(LSG)
    Despite being the Final Boss, Father Baldur is actually pretty tame. He has
    three primary attacks: launching fireballs at you from afar, slashing at you
    with a sword made of light, and shooting a bubble at the stage that tracks you.
    All of his other attacks are based around prompts: either dodging, countering,
    or negating them. He has quite a few, so be prepared whenever it seems like
    he's doing something fishy.
    The best way to damage him is to activate witch time with the last swing of his
    three hit sword combo. The first two hits are very fast, but the third is slow
    enough to easily dodge and hit him after. Between this and gunshots, you can
    knock off two of his three health bars. (He will heal after one health bar
    depletes. Other than being fast he really isn't that much of a threat until the
    third phase, as long as you keep ready for button prompts. 
    He gets a few new moves in the third phase of the fight. He will speed up, and
    he now uses a shield to avoid gunfire at long range. He will also use the
    shield to get in close and prevent you from having much movement, so try not to
    get cornered on the small platform. His sword combo will also get an upgrade
    with one extra hit that's a lot faster. Hopefully you have some health to spare
    from previous rounds, otherwise this might be tough. Witch time is possible
    here, but he moves so fast that it's not easy to consistently get. Watch for
    the tail end of combos and try to hit him then when he's most vulnerable, or
    wait and try to damage him during one of his many prompt moves. It's a little
    tougher then the first rounds, but if you got through those easy enough this
    one shouldn;t be too much harder.
    Congrats, you've beaten the game. Watch the ending scenes to see Bayonetta's
    sad fate, guess there won't be a sequel huh? When you're ready, skip to the
    epilogue section below to find out stuff you can do in your next play through.
    R. Epilogue...(ELG)
    Sad how that ended, huh?
    Oh wait, I was lying. This is the real ending of the game. As Jeanne, you're
    off to save Bayonetta. By jumping your bike onto the rocket that's taking off.
    As you ride towards the screen, blast the angels behind you to avoid taking
    damage from them. After the first section of the rocket falls away you'll have
    a better perspective to steer around. You don't need to kill any enemies here,
    but it certainly couldn't  hurt now could it? You'll need to perform a jumping
    section with your motorcycle a little further up, and a little after that
    you'll abandon it all together for a final jumping sequence before landing near
    the tip of the rocket. Transform into a panther and move up the final stretch,
    outrunning the falling pieces of the shop and the meteors from the broken moon.
    Run up the bit of statue at the top once to see a lengthy scene, followed by
    the TRUE final boss...
    Time to bring the fight to god itself. (How's that for a final showdown?) In
    the first phase of the fight, Jubelius will attack by stabbing her wings into
    the ground and firing various elemental attacks at you- lasers, fireballs,
    electric  waves, etc. It's all stuff you've seen other enemies do. She will
    also attempt to punch you from above, which is the best time to hurt her. On
    the third punch dodge the strike and enter witch time for some serious damage.
    The other damage opportunity you have is during her energy attacks: attack the
    faces on the parts of her wings for some damage too.
    After she's taken a few hits she'll get made and coat the entire sphere with
    lava. This plays out sort of like the Fortitudo fight: avoid the lava and head
    across the stone platforms to the heads to damage them. Lava will spout from
    the ground and the statue heads will spit fireballs. After damaging enough
    heads, she'll shatter the inside of the sphere and you'll need to jump to where
    her head is and smack it a few times for some damage. This destroys the
    elemental aspect and causes her to fall down on the ground, where you can hit
    her a few more times. When she gets up she'll coat the level in ice, but it's
    pretty much the exact same level as with fire. (Avoid the ground or you'll
    freeze/get crushed by giant ice balls, the statues shoot ice, etc.) She will do
    this one final time with wind. Here you'll need to jump between the various
    platforms and hit every single one of the heads in turn to continue. She will
    attack you with lighting from the sky while you're doing this, much like the
    statues did back in Vigrid. After destroying each head, jump to the middle
    where hers is to deal some more damage.
    She'll now revert back to her first form with a few new attacks. The nastiest
    is a move in which she shoot galaxy like projectiles at you. They're fast and
    track you, and they can really mess you up when they hit. Use panther form to
    get away from them quickly. She will also go back to using her punch attacks,
    as well as summon little heads and attack with elemental projectiles from the
    wing heads. After dealing enough damage in this stage you'll get a prompt for
    an attack. Run up the summoned hair, taking care to avoid her strikes, and
    follow it around her to eventually constrict her. Step up and smash her head a
    few more times until you get the prompt for the final demon, Queen Sheba. Get
    that infiniton smash and you'll punch the Jubelius out of her body. You now
    have to guide her disabled body past the planets in the solar system and
    directly into the sun. Guide the body around the planets, if you hit them it's
    back to square one! Plunge her body into the sun to finally win the game!
    Congrats, now you've actually beaten the game!
    Except you haven't! You have to destroy the body of Jubelius before it falls
    into the atmosphere and kills everybody anyway! Move areound the statues,
    starting at the feet, and destroy the pieces of it as you fall towards the
    planet. You're on a pretty strict time limit so make it snappy. Just hammer
    away at the body parts to damage it, it's the best and fastest way. 
    Whew, finally. Done. 
    Nope, still not done. During the credits themselves even! There are a few bonus
    fights during the credits, including a rematch against Jeanne and a final
    showdown against a few angels. Completing them gets you a few bonus points, so
    it;s definitely worth your while to complete them. 
    Okay. Okay...we're really done now. I promise. 
    Except that you just unlocked hard mode for new game+, along with about a
    billion more unblockable items...
    A. Golden LP/Weapon Locations...(ULP)
    Weapons in Bayonetta are obtained by trading in Golden LPs (records) at The
    Gates of Hell, where Rodin will take a quick trip to hell and back to deliver
    you your fancy new weapon. Golden LPs are primarily found throughout the game's
    levels, either whole or shattered into pieces. You can also get Golden LPs
    through specifc unlock conditions, but those are much rarer.
    I. Scarborough Fair (Handguns)
    Automatic, receive after prologue.
    II. Onyx Roses (Shotguns)
    Location: Chapter 1- Angel's Metropoils
    The first gold LP in the game can be found after you defeat the Beloved in the
    courtyard. It's right there when you're done, pretty hard to miss.
    III. Shuraba (Katana)
    Location: Chapter 2- Vigrid, City of Deja Vu
    The second LP can be found after you defeat the two Beloved in the large
    coutrtyard. Like the last one, pretty hard to miss.
    IV. Kulshedra (Whip)
    Location: Chapter 3- The Burning Ground
    Split in two parts
    Part one: Found after the fight with the first Fearless early in the chapter.
    Part two: When you enter paradise later in the chapter, turn left to see a
    small island off the side of the area. Drop off into the shallow water and walk
    over to it.
    V. Durga (Claws)
    Location: Chapter 5- The Lost Holy Grounds
    Split into Three parts
    Part one: Found after defeating Grace and Glory early in the level.
    Part two: Found at the bottom of the windy bridge, after verse 4.
    Part three: Found while going up the snake pathway. Part of the way up there is
    a fountain, jump off the snake path and onto the fountain. Circle around to the
    other side to find the piece.
    VI. Odette (Skates)
    Location: Chapter 6- Gates of Paradise
    Split into Three parts
    Part one: Directly behind you in a chest when the level starts.
    Part two: In the second area with the Inspired, there is a breakable rock wall
    on the left side of the area after you enter. It's in a chest behind that.
    Part three: Reward for defeating the Joy(s) at the end of the level. 
    VII. Lt. Col Kilgore (Rocket Launchers)
    Location: Chapter 9
    Split into Three parts
    Part one: Behind a wall marked with a sun in the area with the first fight.
    Located in what was formerly the entrance to a church in chapter 1, break down
    the wall to see a chest with it inside.
    Part two: Reward for defeating the first two Kinships
    Part three: At the Gates of Hell shop, just after the falling Golem, there is a
    gap in the floor. Jump the gap and run to the top of the stairs to find another
    wall marked with a sun. Break down the wall and open the chest to find it.
    VIII. Onyx Roses Alt.
    Location: Can be bought in Gates of Hell after getting Onyx Roses. 
    IX. Durga Alt.
    Location: Can be bought in Gates of Hell after getting Durga.
    X. Lt. Col Kilgore Alt.
    Location can be bought in Gates of Hell after getting Lt. Col Kilgore.
    XI. Handguns (Handguns...duh)
    Location: Reward for completing game on normal mode. Must complete all stages.
    XII. Bazillions (Laser Guns)
    Location: Reward for completing game on Hard mode. Must complete all stages.
    XIII. Pillow Talk (Laser Sword)
    Location: Reward for completing game on Non-stop Climax. Must complete all 
    XIV. Rodin (Shapeshifter)
    Location: Must defeat secret boss battle. Get 1,000,000 Halos and buy the
    Platinum ticket item to fight the boss.
    XV. Sai Fon (Nun-chucks)
    Location: Reward for clearing 100 chapters.
    B. Broken Witch Hearts...(UWH)
    Broken witch hearts extend your vitality by a certain amount whenever you
    collect four of them. Full hearts can be bought at The Gates of Hell for 30,000
    halos each, which isn't a bad price. You will still need to collect all of them
    for maximum health, which is two large life bars that are roughly 4x your
    starting health.
    I. Chapter 1
    1. After the scene with Rodin, look up to see a balcony. It's on the balcony.
    2. As you exit the building with #1, look to the right of the area for a chest
    behind some trees.
    3. After beating the first Beloved you'll enter a small church room. It's
    located on a ledge above you.
    II. Chapter 2
    4. When you get out of the flashback, it's in a statue on the wall above you. 
    5. After meeting Luka, check under overhang near the chest on the left side of
    the area.
    6. Reward for Alfheim 3.
    7. Next to the bridge at the end of the level, jump up to the right to find a
    tree on a ledge. It's on top of the tree.
    III. Chapter 3
    8. Reward for Alfheim 6.
    9. Inside the portal to Paradiso, to the right of where you get the hourglass.
    10. Reward for Alfheim 8.
    11. In a chest to your left after the lava spouts. (Before going up the shaft)
    12. In a chest along the side of the wall immediately after going up the shaft.
    IV. Chapter 4
    V. Chapter 5
    13. In a chest at the bottom of the stairs after the first group of Harmonies.
    14. Reward for Alfheim 10.
    15. Reward for Alfheim 11.
    16. In the chest in the tower you climb right after fighting the first Inspired.
    VI. Chapter 6
    17. After the first fight, in a chest on a ledge just above the door. 
    18. After defeating the Joy(s), it's behind the portal inside of a chest.
    VII. Chapter 7
    VII. Chapter 8
    19. During verse three, keep right when you see the second bridge. Drive up the
    pylon holding the bridge up on the right side to find it.
    20. After the first tunnel in verse 4, keep right to eventually merge onto a
    different path that. The heat is located part way through it in the middle of
    the road.
    IX. Chapter 9
    21. On a chest in a small building to your left near the first battle.
    22. In an extremely obvious chest after you construct the key.
    23. Reward for Alfheim 14.
    24. In a chest to the right immediately after the golem fight.
    25. Reward for Alfheim 25.
    X. Chapter 10
    26. Reward for Alfheim 16.
    27. After killing three kinships, jump up them to a light platform. Look to the
    right from there to see another light platform far in the distance. Use crow
    form to reach it.
    28. Reward for Alfheim 17.
    29. Attack the wall next to the Gates of Hell portal to break it, it's on a
    platform floating in the distance. Use panther/crow form to reach it.
    XI. Chapter 11
    XII. Chapter 12
    30. Directly behind you in a chest when the level starts.
    31. After almost falling out and beating the enemies, in a chest on a catwalk
    above you.
    32. Reward for Alfheim 18
    33. Reward for Alfheim 19
    XIII. Chapter 13
    XIV. Chapter 14
    34. Yes, there are two in this level. Enemies will spawn on the missile itself,
    and to get the heart you need to kill the last enemy with a torture attack. Use
    a weak weapon like the Kulshedra to gain points fast.
    35. Same as 34, only a little later on in the level.
    XV. Chapter 15
    36. Right when the level starts, jump over the gap to the right to find a chest
    on the other side.
    37. Reward for Alfheim 20.
    38. In the statue room towards the top, located in a chest around the base of
    the room. Just move from section to section until you find it in a chest.
    39. At the top of the tower, just after activating the vanishing platforms and
    jumping across them, look out into the central tower area. There is a singular
    platform out there, activate crow form and fly to it.
    XVI. Epilogue
    40. Reward for Alfheim 21.
    C. Broken Moon Pearls...(UOO)
    Moon Pearls give you greater magic capability, allowing you to cast more spells
    and use more torture attacks. You need two pieces of a pearl to gain a new
    section for your magic bar. Rodin sells them for 30,000 halos each in limited
    supply, and you still need to collect all of them for full magic.
    I. Chapter 1
    1. At the start of the level, use the train to jump to the second level of the
    area. Move around the perimeter and destroy all of the benches and the train
    will move, revealing the first pearl.
    2. Reward for beating the first Alfheim room.
    II. Chapter 2
    3. Reward for Alfheim 2.
    4. Reward for Alfheim 4.
    5. Inside of chest near the bridge at the end of the level. Hard to miss.
    III. Chapter 3
    6. Reward for Alfheim 5.
    7. After entering the caves, located in a chest directly behind you.
    8. Reward for Alfheim 7.
    IV. Chapter 4
    V. Chapter 5
    9. Reward for Alfheim 9.
    10. On the windy stairs before the tower, in a chest slightly odd to the left. 
    VI. Chapter 6
    11. Reward for Alfheim 12. 
    VII. Chapter 7
    VIII. Chapter 8
    IX. Chapter 9
    12. Reward for Alfheim 13
    13. Chest to the left immediately after the fight with the first Kinships.
    X. Chapter 10
    14. Rotate the island to connect to a white platform, it's in a chest on it.
    15. On a platform above the three Kinships, kill them and jump up to retrieve
    XI. Chapter 11
    XII. Chapter 12
    XIII. Chapter 13
    XIV. Chapter 14
    XV. Chapter 15
    16. At the top of the tower, just after activating the vanishing platforms and
    jumping across them, look out into the central tower area. There is a singular
    platform out there, activate crow form and fly to it. From there, look around
    for another platform. This second platform has the final Broken Moon Pearl on
    it in a chest.
    D. Alfheim Portals...(UAP)
    Alfheim rooms are short battle challenges in which you face off against a
    pre-determined number of opponents, usually with some sort of handicap placed
    on you. Alfheim portals will almost always restrict the number of times you can
    get hit and don't let you use items. Some of them can be very challenging, and
    some very easy. Alfheim portals will most often reward you with a Moon Pearl or
    a Witch Heart. Many portals are hidden in odd places, and they often appear in
    areas that you've already been which forces you to back track to them.
    I. Chapter 1
    1. Proceed to the point where you run across the water and activate the
    elevator. After activating the elevator, run back to where you got the key at
    the bottom of the shaft. Inside you must defeat all of the enemies, which can
    only be damaged in witch time. Thankfully, the enemies are weak and this isn't
    much of a challenge. 
    II. Chapter 2
    2. Located in the area that the burning train came from. Backtrack to find the
    portal. The goal of this portal is to beat the Beloved with 7 punches and 6
    kicks. The easiest way is to just come back later with better weapons (Durga
    and Shuraba can kill him in 3-4 hits each with their charges). Otherwise just
    extend out each attack as long as possible with gunfire to kill him.
    3. Go to the crashed train. Look up and to the left to see a platform between
    to buildings, the portal is on that so jump up to it. There basically is no
    handicap here, just defeat the enemies in the time allotted and don't get hit a
    4. Once you kill the two beloved, backtrack as far as possible to find the
    portal. In this one you need to kill at least six enemies with torture attacks
    while killing all of the other enemies. The best way to do this is to use a
    weaker weapon so as to not kill enemies to fast. (Kushedra is the best). Dodge
    into witch time and smack the enemies and use torture moves as son as you get
    III. Chapter 3
    5. After defeating the first wave of enemies, head up the stairs at the back of
    the area. Attack the trashcan here to open a portal underneath the nearby
    overhang. In this one you need to stay in the air for 20 seconds. The enemies
    cluster, which makes this one pretty easy. Just keep jumping and air-comboing
    and you'll get it, or you can come back with abilities from later chapters to
    make this REALLY easy.
    6. On the Balcony near where the bridge you needed to activate with slow time
    was. Hop up to where the tree with the heart was to find it. In this one you
    need to defeat the enemies using only angel arms. This is rather easy, since
    the arms are all quite powerful on their own.
    7. On the far right inside of the Paradiso portal. The goal here is to defeat
    all of the enemies without using Witch Time. Just don't get surrounded and this
    is a snap, they'll be down in no time.
    8. After using the hourglass on the bridge, backtrack to the cave you landed in
    to find it. In this one you need to defeat the enemies, but only wicked weaves
    will deal damage. Equip Shuraba and continually use the light-heavy-light
    combo: it's fast and can easy hit 2-3 enemies at a time. This might take a few
    tries to get the spacing down for the strikes, but the enemies themselves are
    IV. Chapter 4
    V. Chapter 5
    9. After defeating the first Grace and Glory, return to the beginning of the
    level. In this level, enemies can only be damaged during Witch time. This sort
    of handicap is one of the easier ones, just make sure you can dodge enemy moves
    and you'll be fine. The hardest enemy is the Fairness at the end: it might be a
    good idea to save a torture attack or an enemy weapon for him, since his
    attacks can be difficult to dodge.
    10. After killing the Harmonies on the side of the wall after the Ardor is
    introduced the portal will appear back on the ground floor. In this match you
    need to stay in the air for 60 seconds. The easiest way to do this is to equip
    the Kulshedra and repeatedly use the “hold light attack” button while in the
    air. You can also come back with Hawk form later too, which makes this a snap.
    If you want to take on the level now, conserve your jumps and use the Shuraba's
    light-hold in the air, which can keep you in one place for a while. Cancel out
    of it and into a jump, then move off an enemy and repeat.
    11. When you get to the rock snake before the first Inspired fight, head down
    to the end instead of going up to find the portal. In this one you need to
    defeat a Grace and Glory with limited punches and kicks. The best way is to use
    charge moves, Shuraba's hold light attack charge can kill them in a few hits as
    can the charge from Durga off the end of each move. 
    VI. Chapter 6
    12. After you defeat the Angels just after the spiked in the floor, head back
    to where you fought the two Inspired to find the portal. The goal is to use a
    set number of torture attacks to kill enemies. You'll need to equip a weak
    weapon like Kulshedra or Scarborough Fair to build up magic and not kill the
    enemies. Focus on filling up the quota first, then switch to a more powerful
    weapon and and take out the enemies like normal.
    VII. Chapter 7
    VIII. Chapter 8
    IX. Chapter 9
    13. After the first fight, there is a large door marked with a sun symbol where
    you entered to area when it was a part of the the real world. Break the wall to
    find the portal. This is a new goal, fighting out of body. This like fighting
    while protecting Cereza, only this time it's your own body. You can press the
    gun attack button to drop your body in an area, and enemies can only be damaged
    when you aren't in your body. Lure the first few enemies towards you, then dash
    to the other side of the arena and ditch your body. This will force them to
    spawn on the other side and make it easier to defend yourself. Engage them in
    the middle of the area, and take out the trumpet Angels with torture attacks
    and use their weapons against the others for quick kills.
    14. Probably one of the hardest to find in the game. After beating the
    Kinships, stand on the stationary one from the fight and look right into the
    distance to see a floating light platform. The portal is there, and you need
    Crow form to reach it. Thankfully, the fight is a snap. You're facing off
    against Jeanne, but she has abysmal health. Take her out easily and quickly.
    15. After killing the Golem, backtrack all the way to where you fought the Joys
    to find the portal. This is another limited attack goal against a Fairness and
    Fearless. This should be easy by now: charge attacks with Shuraba and Durga
    finish the fight easily.
    X. Chapter 10
    16. On a white island, rotate the larger island to connect to is. Also the
    location of broken moon pearl 14. In this one you can only damage enemies with
    wicked weaves. Again, Shuraba and light-hevy-light finish this fast.
    17. Once you get to the Gates of Hell portal, backtrack to the area before the
    tentacles. This is another mode when you can only damage enemies with Angel
    Arms, which is incredibly easy.
    XI. Chapter 11
    XII. Chapter 12
    18. Once you've beaten the enemies after almost falling out of the plane, turn
    around. Go into crow form and fly across the open cargo bay to the yellow door
    where you entered and backtrack to the start of the level. This is another out
    of body level. Lure the enemies close and then run across and ditch your body,
    then fight them in the middle.
    19. After breaking open the side door of the plane, seconds before you fight
    Jeanne, you can jump into the engine on the right side of the platform. Inside
    some angels will spawn. The trick to this fight is that you can only get
    through the blades in the engine in Witch Time, which can only be activated as
    long as the enemies are there. In other words, DO NOT KILL THE ENEMIES. Use
    their attacks to enter Witch time and head to the back of the engine for the
    portal. Thankfully, the portal is one of the easier ones.  Just beat Golem. 
    XIII. Chapter 13
    XIV. Chapter 14
    XV. Chapter 15
    20. After the turret gunning section, back track all the way back to the start
    of the level and jump the gap on the other side (a heart piece was here
    before). This is one of the hardest Alfheims: you have no witch time, and all
    of the enemies are on fire. You can treat this like a wicked weave challenge:
    just use Shuraba like in the others and hit enemies with wicked weave hit on
    the third try to damage them.
    XVI. Epilogue
    21. Yes, there is one here. Advance up the rocket until you lose the bike, then
    continue until you get to the foot of the statue where you would climb up the
    sort of stone ribbon out-cropping. Backtrack from here down to the very bottom
    of the rocket to find the final portal. This is a wicked weave challenge, but
    you're playing as Jeanne and will thus not be able to enter Witch time.
    E. Witch Tombs...(UPL)
    *coming soon*
    F. Umbran Tears of Blood...(UTB)
    *coming soon*
    G. Files...(UFL)
    This section details how to find the files in the game. Files recount various
    bits of data about the game's world, and there are five different types.
    I. The Hierarchy of Laguna
    These are profiles about the enemies in the game. They're introduced with a lot
    of fanfare each time a new enemy shows up, and there's only a single entry that
    you won't get automatically on a normal play through of the game. To get that
    one, you need to fight the secret boss as detailed below.
    II. Infernal Demons
    Like the Hierarchy, these are acquired automatically through regular play. You
    gain one each time a new major demon shows up, which usually happens at each
    major boss battle. You will automatically gain all of them by the end of the 
    III. Antonio's Notes
    These notes detail various aspects of the in game universe, typically revealing
    details about objects in the environment. There are 28 in all and most of them
    can be found along the main path in the game, but there are a few that are more
    hidden. Hopefully I will have a list of their locations soon enough.
    IV. Tome of Umbran Arts
    This book contains Bayonetta's different moves and abilities. The Special
    Techniques section details moves bought from the Gates of Hell, which can be
    used regardless of which weapon set you currently have equipped. The Techniques
    section contains move lists for every single weapon combination in the game.
    V. Rarities
    This book contains collectible items. The Umbran Tears of Blood will tell you
    which ones you have collected and which ones you still need. The Angelix Hymns
    section lists which Golden LPs you've acquired.
    H. Other Unlockables...(UOB)
    *Coming Soon*
    *Coming Soon*
    7. Closing...(7CL)
    This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As 
    such, I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain 
    or profit off of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you 
    see fit as long as it comes within those confines: you may print it, 
    make a hat out of the pages, or create some pleasant origami. I don't 
    care as long as I maintain ownership of this guide. Do not distribute 
    it without my permission, but if you would like it on your website feel 
    free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will more than likely 
    allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you for 
    reading it.
    This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 
    Copyright Woody Crobar, January 13 2010.

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