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    Umbra Chest Location FAQ by PeTeRL90

    Version: Glory | Updated: 01/31/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                    VERSION Glory
                               Umbra Chest Location FAQ
                                    By: PeTeRL90
                                   Copyright: 2010
                            Date Started: January 31, 2010
                           Date Finished: January 31, 2010
    Version History
    Version 1.0 - January 31, 2010 - Finished everything in the guide. All of the
    chests should be there.
    Table of Contents
    1.) Introduction
    2.) Legal Stuff
    3.) Umbra Chests
    4.) Credits/Thanks
    1.) Introduction
    Howdy and welcome to my Bayonetta Umbra Chest FAQ. After playing through
    Bayonetta a couple of times already (I'm currently doing a third playthrough on
    Hard so I can get more achievements) I figured I would scope out every chest
    with some dedication. So while working on my main walkthrough, I ran through
    each Chapter a couple of times after beating it to see if I missed anything.
    For a couple of Chapters, I did, so I was able to finally find all the chests.
    This guide obviously will list where all of those chests are but I'm hoping I
    didn't skim over my notes and forget to type one down, otherwise I'll feel like
    an idiot. But I'm sure I have them all listed here so if you're going for the
    Treasure Fanatic achievement, hopefully this will help you out.
    2.) Legal Stuff
    The latest version of this guide will always be posted at GameFAQs first.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by me, and may be used for personal use.  This FAQ may
    NOT be used for any kind of profit, or be put in any kind of magazine.  I
    write these on my spare time for free, and you shouldn't be able to get money
    from ripping this, claiming it as your own, and selling it off.  You may NOT
    use this on your website.  You may NOT copy and paste part of any part of my
    work, as that is still plagiarising.
    I am no longer allowing any more sites to use any of my present or future
    FAQs any longer.  The only sites that are allowed to use my present and future
    FAQs are the sites listed below.
    3.) Umbra Chests
    All of the chests should be here as I've ran through each level again
    followng this guide on a new username I made on my XBox 360 and I got the
    Treasure Fanatic achievement, unless I misread it somehow. If I am missing
    something, though, my e-mail is in my CRP.
    I designed this so that it looks like a checklist so you're free to print it
    out and use it as so to help you out if you want to do so.
    Chapter 1
    __ #1: You're required to get this one. It's down in the sewer you come across
    and contains a key to advance further.
    __ #2: When you reach the garden area of Vigrid, explore around the right side
    of the area as you go down the stairs to find it.
    Chapter 2
    __ #3: When you reach the city of Vigrid, look around the right side of the
    area for a chest. It contains an Arcade Bullet. For reference, there's also an
    Antonio's Document near it.
    __ #4: In the area with two Beloveds, go to the center of town and you'll spot
    a chest to your left and to your right tucked away in alleys.
    __ #5: See above. Just get the other one.
    __ #6: In the area where you have to defeat two Applauds in order to repair the
    broken statue, it's sitting in plain view.
    Chapter 3
    __ #7: It's in the same place as Chest #3 and it's right at the start.
    __ #8: It's where the same two chests are from Chapter 2; Chests #4 and #5.
    __ #9: After defeating the two Fairnesses, you'll wind up in a cave. Turn
    around right from the start to find it.
    __ #10: Outside of the cave in which you have to witch walk up a wall that
    leads to the end of the chapter, take the left path from the entrance to find
    this chest.
    __ #11: After reaching the top of the wall that leads to the end of the
    chapter, you'll see a huge rock as you run forward. There's a small path that
    leads to the left behind this rock.
    Chapter 5
    __ #12: After defeating the Harmonies that make their first appearance, there's
    a chest to the right of the stairs leading up.
    __ #13: To the left of the Gates of Hell, there's a ledge you can drop off of.
    The chest is down here.
    __ #14: As you make your way up the windy pathway leading to the introduction
    of the Inspired, there's a fountain to your left. The chest is in this area.
    __ #15: Past the second Gates of Hell, there are seveal stairwells to jump on.
    The chest is near the top on a single platform all by itself.
    Chapter 6
    __ #16: Right at the beginning of the Chapter, turn around and you'll see the
    chest right behind you.
    __ #17: After the very first fight of the Chapter against some Affinities and
    an Ardor, wall jump off the wall to your left and double jump to the top. The
    next chest is sitting up here.
    __ #18: When you reach the room with the broken witch statue in the middle of
    the room, drop down off the ledge and run left. Break the rocks to reveal the
    next chest.
    __ #19: Right before using the portal at the end to exit Paradiso, check
    behind it to find the next chest.
    Chapter 9
    __ #20: Right at the beginning of the level, jump across the light platforms
    and you'll see a grassy island. There's a platform that you can land on that's
    right next to the wall. Land on it and you should see the chest sitting in the
    __ #21: In this same area, after defeating the first set of enemies in the
    Chapter, there are two sun doors at the opposite ends of the area you're at.
    One contains a chest.
    __ #22: You actually have to open this one and the next four anyways but it
    wouldn't be complete if I didn't put these in. In Vigrid, the Golem will break
    apart the key into five different parts. Open all five chests.
    __ #23: See above.
    __ #24: See #22.
    __ #25: See #22.
    __ #26: See #22.
    __ #27: After reforming the key from Chests #22-#26, go plug it into the hole
    (that's what she said) and jump across the light platforms. The chest is in
    plain view and very hard to miss.
    __ #28: After defeating the Kinships, a portal will appear for you to take.
    However, take a left right before it to find the next chest.
    __ #29: Right after the Gates of Hell in the areas with the several Golems,
    there's actually a lower area that you can reach. It's easier if you have
    Crow Within so you can fly over to it. Run across the light platforms and drop
    through the opening that comes by, turn into a crow and fly to it. At the top
    of the stairs is another sun wall. Break it down.
    __ #30: After defeating the Golem at the end, take the left staircase to find
    the next chest.
    Chapter 10
    __ #31: Right at the beginning, after forming the key at the center of Vigrid,
    turn it so that it goes to the right until it connects with a lone platform.
    The chest is on this platform.
    __ #32: After getting Chest #31, start going back but before going back to
    the key, stop when you reach the arch leading back to town. Double jump to the
    top of it to find the next chest.
    __ #33: After defeating the three Kinships, jump across them and you'll see a
    light platform behind the last one. The chest is on this one.
    __ #34: Right after opening Chest #33, look to your right to find another light
    platform in the distance. Turn into a crow and fly over to it and open the
    chest on it.
    __ #35: Right near the Gates of Hell, like literally right next to it, there's
    a fake wall. Break it and turn into a beast and double jump over to the
    hidden platform. Defeat the Grace & Glory and then the chest is all yours.
    Chapter 12
    __ #36: Right at the beginning, head straight head and jump over the railings
    and land below. Go right and there's a chest straight ahead of you.
    __ #37: If you hug along the left side of the area in the first room of the
    Chapter, you'll see a pair of doors near one of the wicked weaves that try
    to kill you. Destroy these doors for the chest.
    __ #38: This one is also in the very first room of the Chapter. It's in plain
    sight and it's where you fight the first Affinities of the Chapter.
    __ #39: In the room where the crates fall through the hatch, there's a chest
    sitting on a ledge high in the air to the left so turn into a crow to fly into
    it. I find it's better to stand near the door that leads into the area and fly
    from there.
    Chapter 15
    __ #40: Right at the start of the level, if you look to your right you'll see
    another hallway in which you can jump over to as a beast. At the end is
    another chest.
    __ #41: Right past the Gates of Hell you'll see some floating platforms.
    Instead of jumping on them, runt to the end of the hall to the right of you to
    find the next chest.
    __ #42: After getting Chest #41, jump on those floating platforms and once at
    the top, run straight ahead and you'll find another opening in the ground. Drop
    down and run to the end to find another chest.
    __ #43: After you activate those platforms after turning the key on the blue
    cylinder, head straight ahead past the first safety platforms to the next set
    of safety platforms. There's a lone platform nearby that has the next chest.
    __ #44: Right from where you are, move the camera around and you'll spot
    another chest. Fly over to it as a crow to open it. This one should net you the
    Treasure Fanatic achievement.
    4.) Credits/Thanks
    http://www.rootsecure.net/?p=ascii_generator: For the ASCII.
    Sega: For this wonderful and awesome game.
    And a huge thank you to you, the readers. Without you guys I wouldn't be doing
    these in the first place.

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