How do I beat (Gabriel Celeste)?

  1. Best way to fight him?

    User Info: Mykekelso

    Mykekelso - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Thanks Right after I posted I killed him with a Rush combo. I figured I was dead All I had left was Edge and he had 999 999 hp I guess cuz thats how much my attack did and it was over.. Thanks for the response tho :)

    User Info: Mykekelso

    Mykekelso - 8 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    Algur how you did it?...can you explain more details how you make 100% immunity to all HP damage..

    User Info: rizalaida

    rizalaida - 7 years ago

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  1. i remember reading the official guide for advice, and quickly ignored it. it mentions not using meele characters, Edge, Meracle and Arumat specificaly, but two of those where in my battle team... so why for the love of god does the guide say not use them, when they absolutly owned his pathetic behind...

    i used Edge, Meracle, Bacchus and Myuria. all level 145. i chose Myuria to be my healler since she can learn Fast Cast, shara CAN NOT!! this is VITAL, you dont want a slow arse healer! also gave Myuria the Fearie Star Skill from the quest of wisdom, turned of all BUT her healing spells, leave Healing on too, just be ready with items in case shes busy revivng/Healling.

    If you ask me, Sarah is REALLY _REALLY_ overated as a healer, sure learns more healing spells than Lym or Myuria, but those two are better candidates for Fearie Star, becuase they can be taught the valuable Fast Cast skill, which at level 10 reduces the casting time by 25%...

    No Guard is VITAL, seeing as it stops him interupting most of your actions, dont have this and the fights VERY difficult. Also 100% imunity to Paralysis is 100% vital too, the guy LOVES that status ailment...

    if that aint enough look up a Synthesis guide, Moonstone Sword and Valiant Mail for Edge, BigFoots Claws and a Laser Suit for Meracle, the Calamity Staff and another Laser Suit for Myuria. the Photonic Blaster and ANOTHER laser Suit for Bacchus.

    also, Try and get max elemental resistance (wich is 20) this makes you immune to ALL elemental Attacks, and the mini stun that often comes with it... this IS mentioned in an item creation guide.

    i controlled Edge the whole fight, and with the Slayers Bangle i gave meracle (heh, AFTER dupig the Adds One Hit Chance factor onto it so i had FOUR extra hits) and just fought him like a normal enemy... he really isnt that hard, at least his 4'800'000 HP form isnt!

    im just gearing up to take on the Wandering Dungeon, and its boss, Ethereal Queen... now im getting scared...

    User Info: Mr_Fury32

    Mr_Fury32 - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. I just camped away from him with sarah and ressurected and healed anyone who needed it. Also resurrection units helps out a great deal against him. "Resurrection Unit" is an item if you did not know. And while you are camping with sarah you can also charge up your rush gauge to try and dish out more damage with the combo skill.

    User Info: chronofox

    chronofox - 8 years ago 1 2
  2. What level should my party be when i fight him? and is sarah really that good?

    User Info: infiniteocean

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  3. For anyone else that needs help, I did it at around lvl. 160 somewhat easily with Edge, Arumat, Reimi, and Lymle. Having perfect berries and physical stimulants helps out a lot to keep from having to heal by spell; both of those can be bought from a store in En II. From there, it's a pretty simple matter of keeping GC focused on Edge and keep using Blindsides. One thing I noticed is that even when in Rush mode, GC can be knocked around after a Blindside, so make use of that.

    Watch out for the move where he punches really quick and then jabs his spear out really far (the name has "thousand" in it, but I can't remember what it is). The REALLY long spear jab is easy to miss at first due to the delay after the punches and the fact that he redirects it if you've moved. The beginning leaves him wide open for an attack from behind, though, and it is especially useful if he decides to counter a blindside with that move (provided you have double blindsides).

    The other move to watch is "Brutish Spark" or something similar. It's kind of like "Thunder Flare," but it can kick your ass really fast if you aren't careful. Most of the time when he used this move, I was either fully charged on Rush or close enough that a hit sent me into it; so, if at all possible, interrupt this attack with a Rush combo. That also goes for if he's killing a character you particularly want around at the time.

    The rest of his attacks are usually easy to dodge with a well-timed jump (watch for the wave of energy following his standard strikes. By the way, No Guard at lvl. 10 is always useful to have on a character you use frequently for blindsiding, so make sure to have it (it's hard to miss that energy wave when blindsiding).

    User Info: MdC08

    MdC08 - 8 years ago 2 2
  4. I had stun effects on my characters weapon and stun skill equipped to them. It worked wonders. Sarah is the best healer in the team. Personally i used her because of her awesome healing capabilities. i would say its best to have a healer with you so when you toss an item... while your waiting for the item cooldown you can cast healing symbology and such.

    User Info: chronofox

    chronofox - 8 years ago 0 1
  5. Most of his attacks are Lightening Based, so making armor or accessories that absord lightening will heal you, or just to null lightening so that you take no damage at all.

    User Info: menalaos1971

    menalaos1971 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 1
  6. I was lvl 145 when i beat him. I had a moonstone sword decked out with, aswell as the best armor for that point (laser armor). I had fol snaps accessory equipped. (+2 to rush gain) Make sure to have lots of ressurection units, and deluex stun bombs on hand.

    My party was Edge, Arumat, Myuria, and Sarah. All I did was charge up my rush combo with edge, unleash a mystic combo. Rinse and Repeat. I took me about 6 mystic combos with edge and arumat to take him down.

    If he's giving you problems, get edge out of there adnw ait for all 3 members to die and then use a rez. unit. If edge dies just switch to the further person away from gaberial and use a rez unit.

    User Info: Xshortguy007

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  7. "as well as the best armor for that point (laser armor)"

    You could of been useing valiant for edge and arumat. it is far superior to laser.

    User Info: Epo420

    Epo420 - 8 years ago 0 1
  8. My party was
    Meracle (you control her)

    Blindside spam gabriel and use acrobatic vault once and then spam x claw. Repeat as needed. Her blindside can't be interupted as easily as lets say Edge who just runs around in his blindside potentially getting hit from an area attack. Meracle makes the boss fight seem like cake.

    User Info: black0mage

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  9. I beat him at level 117. Party Edge, Reimi, Sarah and Lymle. No resurrection units. Just control Edge (Or whoever your meelee char is) and use taunt. It worked for me. He kept his focus on me. Do Rush combos a lot to him. And dont waste resurrection items on anyone but Sarah.

    User Info: DarkYukiyu

    DarkYukiyu - 8 years ago 0 2
  10. I controlled sarah and constantly resurrected fallen team mates, my whole team was lvl 170 and it still took about 50 minutes I bet he has as much health as Ashley or close to it, resurrection units and elixers used hide a lot its hard to run from him with sarah though, my team was Edge,lymle,sarah and Arumat.

    User Info: SickAimMcClain

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  11. Whats a "mystic combo"

    User Info: FeaR_x_FuZioN

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  12. Yeah i tried those tactics but i kept getting one hit killed at level 160

    User Info: FeaR_x_FuZioN

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  13. Try synthing some +20% HP in? I dunno how much u have and wot the HP cap is, but I guess it can help.
    Im @ 60k HP @ level 125 on Edge.

    User Info: _MStyle_

    _MStyle_ - 8 years ago 0 1
  14. The first time I fought him I was around lvl 120. I used the party of edge, raime, sarah and bacchus and the fight was pretty tough. I used raime as my party leader and just used a ton of MP for the whole fight and then rush combos every chance she got. Now several of my characters are above lvl 200 and edge is at 255 with the imperial sword. His attack is maxed out at 9999 and now it don't matter who I fight him with, I win in under 10 minutes.

    User Info: daus420

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  15. I used Edge, Bacchus, Arumat, Sarah around lvl 120. Equip your party with anti-Paralysis necklaces and thunder armlets. Edge and Arumat should be wearing the Valiant Mail, Edge should have the Moonstone sword. If you can get the arena medals too then even better. Turn off all of Sarah's non-healing spells and make sure you have lots of Resurrection devices and Resurrection elixirs.

    Control Edge and charge your rush gauge. If Gabriel runs after you then switch to Arumat and charge your gauge. When either Edge or Arumat fills their gauge unleash a rush combo on Gabriel. Just keep repeating this and victory will be yours. If you have Reimi built up you can use her instead of Bacchus as she can do more damage but she has lower defense which is why I didn't use her. Reimi/Bacchus's job is o stand at range and snipe Gabriel for extra damage.

    User Info: AzureAvenger

    AzureAvenger - 7 years ago 0 1
  16. its amazing how many people have quite a lot of trouble with this guy. i used the standard (or my standard) team. admittedly, i now know better, but i used Edge, Reimi, Sarah, and Arumat. all you need to do is equip stallion snaps to reimi and continually use savage sparrows, and just rush combo him into oblivion. equip anti stun armor as well, or this fights gonna be over reeeeal quick. just level up.

    User Info: weaselmorrison

    weaselmorrison - 7 years ago 0 1
  17. All these people did this the hard way you could simply synthesize blue talismans to your armor to get 100% immunity to all hp damage

    User Info: Algur

    Algur - 7 years ago 1 1
  18. Wtf Algur... those factors DO NOT stack...

    User Info: Tvirus666

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  19. The number one thing to remember is level doesn't matter as near as much as your equipment you make. Currently I'm 190-199 on my characters and earning trophies to get the higher cap and I had horrible trouble with this guy in my all exp gear for Edge/Myuria/Sarah/Meracle. Admittedly...not the brightest idea. :p

    I always try to at the very least have 3 to 4 factors on the armor/amulet. Anti-Frozen/Paralyze/Silence/Stun. MP regen helps as well to a point especially early on. Smart combat and leveling gear will get you into the 7 Stars Dungeon Level 7 to get duplication then get out and synth some good gear. Farm those ingredients like I am so you build a strong team though you can beat him in stupid gear. Just takes mainly having tons of items to bring your party back up, aid in healing and many Rush Combos.

    User Info: naenre

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  20. Tvirus is wrong they stacked for me

    User Info: Algur

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  21. Are you serious, i beat him at level 70.

    User Info: Laharl_666

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  22. Easy way to take him down, use Reimi with savage sparrow, use the attack two times and her rush gauge is full, use focus before that to. Use Sarah and Myuria and then either Arumat or Edge. Just spam him with rush combos.

    User Info: Laharl_666

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  23. By the way ethereal queen is easier then Gabriel she flinches so make sure to keep some distance from her and she will go down easy. Btw watch out for supernova even as soon as she starts it if you are near her and run away you will get hit by the attack.

    User Info: Laharl_666

    Laharl_666 - 7 years ago 0 0
  24. All i did was let everyone die except edge equip him with MoonStone Sword then just kept blindsiding raging strike, raging strike, raging strike till he died. Hit 99,999 each time i found him quite easy and i was level 120.

    User Info: leeboy262

    leeboy262 - 7 years ago 0 1
  25. I beat Gabriel at lvl 90 with edge, arumat, myuria and sarah.
    I used the moonstone sword and tunder armlets, but for the rest nothing special.
    Just kept using rush combo with arumat, didnt even had to use many items.
    before i knew it he was dead.

    I also just took my first steps into the wandering dungeon, those mobs are easy to avoid and the floor bosses aren't that hard either, yet...

    User Info: Chiroh

    Chiroh - 7 years ago 0 0
  26. For this fight i used Reimi, Meracle, Myuria and Sarah... Now all you do is set Myuria and Sarah in to corners on Manual now make sure Reimi and Meracle have Armor with Max Resistance on (+20) now get a necky/Ring with Immunity to Paralysis and Stun, now if you want to Add -15% mp Cost on all Rings/Neckys which ever u desire on all chars in ur team including the healers, Make sure Myuria has Fast Cast, Also dont forget to add a Blue Talisman to some a ring/necky again which ever u choose so you can get 25% Dmg Nullify.

    ok thats the Armor and Acessories done now for Weapons the healers i only added Nullfy Dmg by 25% because when they heal they also get Aggro off Gab so its handy to have this Factor on.

    ok For Reimi and Meracle Weapons make sure to have +25% Mp, 35% Hp Damage and Critical for both meracle and Reimi, Stun comes handy here for Meracle as she will be close ranging Gab.

    ok for Battle Skills for Reimi and Meracle make sure to have Magic Shield < Gotten by Doing Ruddle Quest on Roak and Auto healing ( Magic Shield makes Reimi pretty much god mode as Gabs dmg will be 0 on her unless u forget to add Immunit to Paralysis then she will die.) With Meracles Battle Skills have Stun and Auto Healing.

    For the 2 Healers Battle Skills use Magic Shield and Fast Cast for Myuria, for Sarah use what u like for her 2nd battle skill. also make sure to have All chars with immunity to Para XD. i know this might sound confusing but if you get what im talking about you can Easily rape Gab. Also make sure to have -15% mp cost on the 2 healers as this will come in handy.

    User Info: Aidie

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  27. Ok, I had been having to do research on this too. Everywhere I read, all their characters were 160 lvl or higher. To be honest I did not want to farm my characters that high to get to the wondering dungeon. Though with everything I read, I attempted him with my characters around 126 and was successful. My party was Sarah, Myuria, Reimi, and Edge. I had their moonstone weapons on, and with Sarah and Myuria's battle set to "stay out of trouble". I controlled Reimi and fired my most powerful attacks until Gabriel started to focus me, then I just ran while Edge beat the crap out of him. It really helps to have resurrection elixer [party], so that when 2 or more of your characters go down, you can revive them in an instant. It only took me about 20-30 minutes to beat him, and I used rush combo about 4-5 times with an average of 300,000 damage each time (more if you can get it to be with Reimi and Edge, how you do that is when you initiate rush as Reimi, make sure Edge is your closest ally). you really do not need all the things that others are saying you do, just control Reimi, use rush mode, and res elixer [party] when 2 or more members go down (especially if Myuria and Sarah go down together). As the battle drags on, he gets tougher, but he is also more vulnerable, for when he does his big combos, if you are not in it, you can easily attack and fill that rush gauge up and do a rush combo when you res your party. Rinse and repeat!
    Hope this helps

    User Info: gamerfreak49

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  28. Get the moonstone sword and synth it with +X%ATK (depending on what items you have) and equip something with rush gauge % increase and when your characters die immediately rezz whomever you want to combo with use berzerk and rush combo gabriel about 4 or 5 times.

    give edge the following skills in this order allocated on whatever trigger you please:
    scintillent stream (you find it in a chest in the ruins)
    celestial sword
    raging strike
    if you have any cp left you can either use critical hit/atk boost/no guard/ add raging strike to the other trigger (raging strike is guaranteed 99999 damage as long as you have 5000+ attack) alternatively you can swap it with scintillent stream in the order but if you do that then you can't use chain combo's with edge as scinitllent stream will likely miss which is why it's a good idea to have it first in the slot. if things get shaky switch to your healer and rezz people, if he targets you run away from him in circles till he targets someone else (in the meantime the ai will attack him) hide/otherworldy cuisine is recommended for healers.

    alternatively if you use meracle you can blindside him and x claw him to death.

    User Info: immadbro

    immadbro - 4 years ago 0 0
  29. A cheap trick would be to use Reimi either with 3x Savage Sparrow or 4x Crescent Wings with 2x Sonic Surge (I think that was it, weaker version of Crescent Wings). The latter dishes out a lot more damage but leaves her wide open should the boss decide to come after her. Those abilities work for just about any fight, keeps Reimi well outside of range for most AE abilities the bosses throw at you, also builds a ton of agro which lets you use Reimi to kite the boss around while your team slices up their back.

    User Info: siferion

    siferion - 4 years ago 0 0

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