After the game?

  1. Can you go back to Roak and other planets after the game or do you have to start another file for this?

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    Crossfit10 - 8 years ago
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    is that right after the game? And where do I go to beat the undying dragon?

    User Info: Crossfit10

    Crossfit10 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes you can go to all previous place after beating the game. just reload your file. but before you go. you can beat the undying dragon to get the dark stone. you need it if you wish to continue in the post-game donjon. the first one is located on roak at the collosseum. beat gabriel celeste there and you can access the second post-game donjon, where you'll find the ethereal queen at the floor 20.

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Other Answers

  1. -Starting a New Game Plus gives you a chance to keep Faize in your party instead of getting Arumat. You keep all your battle data, weapons data, trophies, monster data, ect.

    -Reload your save file to continue playing your game, but with bonus content.
    To fight the Undying Dragon, head to the room west of the final save, at the top of the Palace of Creation. He's not hard, doesn't have the No Guard skill so he can be juggled, but he has a boat load of HP. You'll then get the Darkness ring, which unseals the door at the Tatroi Colosseum (West hallway at the very end.) Recommended that you be level 80+ before entering the Cave of the Seven Stars.
    -Warning: Watch the Gust Hornet enemies. They're a pain in the ass.-
    The final boss of the dungeon can beaten repeatedly to gather the Item Creation supplies you need.

    The second end game dungeon is the Wandering Dungeon. As the name suggest, each floor is randomly generated so no first floors will ever be the same. At the bottom you will fight the Ethereal Queen, the second hardest boss in the game (The first being Ashlay Bernbeldt in the Colosseum. It is located on the Old Road to the Sanctuary on En II. It can only be accessed by talking to the man in the cave, AFTER, completing the previous dungeon.

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