How do I beat wrathful tamiel?

  1. am i underleveled or should i use different characters? any tips will help thx.

    Edge: 140
    Sarah: 135
    Meracle: 123
    Bacchus: 123

    User Info: ace_bullet

    ace_bullet - 8 years ago


  1. I'd switch Bacchus out for Reimi and Meracle out for Arumat.

    Reimi is the strongest charactor in the game, and Arumat's Dragon Roar is amazing. If your dying too much, try switching Sarah for Myuria with fast cast, or switching your team so you have both Sarah and Myuria in it to heal. Make sure they both are set with only healing spells on except for 1 or 2 attack spells so they don't rush in to attack.

    User Info: Seruthei

    Seruthei - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. My party was Edge, Reimi, Lymle, and Sarah. Assign Sarah sunflare to a shoulder button and take off all her non-healing spells. Assign Lymle Trinity Blaze to a shoulder button and do likewise (this is so they can participate in chain combos). Give Reimi Hunter's Moon on one shoulder and three Savage Sparrows on another. Equip her with Stallion Snaps and put her in Beat B.

    You'll control Reimi the entire fight (which shouldn't last long). Spam Savage Sparrows until you get rush mode (with the setup I gave you you should charge rush mode with two shots of savage sparrows). Activate your rush combo and use Hunter's Moon (it is more effective against a single target). If you are targeting s Sydonist, rinse and repeat. As soon as you get Tamiel as your target click the left stick to lock onto him. Doing this I beat him in just about 4 combos.

    User Info: Mistapeepers

    Mistapeepers - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. Get Arumats "Dragon Roar" which in the miga bug thing where you get him, get him around 130 like the other then just stay back and out dragon roar until you got 100 rush, then rush combo him, and if your lucky you'll get Edge and do massive damage, he doesnt have all that much health probably about 1.2m at max so maybe 3-4 ruch combos depending on your attack

    User Info: ZOMGfun

    ZOMGfun - 8 years ago 0 0

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