What are the post game dungeons?

  1. I was wondering which are the post game dungeons

    would be greatly appreciated if some one could list them in order and give the level range for it

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Accepted Answer

  1. *Summary*
    There are 2 Post game dungeons; The Seven Star Cave and the Wandering Dungeon. for a challenge, be at level 80-100 for the Seven Star Cave and Level 120 for the Wandering Dungeon. if you want a cakewalk be at level 130 for 7* and 180 for Wandering Dungeon.

    i will go into extreme detail for you on how to get there and what to do before during and after for each.

    *****WALL OF TEXT WARNING*****

    *How to get to the Seven Star Cave*

    You will need to complete the story and save completion data after the credits, then reload the data. you will be at the final save point in the palace of creation.

    As you approach the door to the north, look to your left and the door that was previously sealed will be open now. behind it is the Undying Dragon, defeat it and it will drop the Darkness ring, which will allow you to open light barriers on chests and doors.

    Return to Roak: Tatroi and head to the Colosseum, behind the registration counter and to the west all the way, there will be a light barrier to break with your new ring. after you do so the Seven Star Cave is just beyond it.

    *Preparation for the Seven Star Cave*

    The dungeon will be challenging if you are between level 80-100 with standard equipment. i would reccomend either leveling up, or sything some good equipment with potent stat seeds to compensate for the difficulty. either that or just have a really good battle strategy because the regular enemies will pose a greater challenge then most of the bosses in this dungeon!

    *Tips for the Seven Star Cave*

    -you advance in the dungeon by finding stone fragments, usually guarded by bosses in a circular room on each floor. but they can be found in treasure chests as well. some floors take more then 1 to advance. return to the elevator room with them and examine the dim corners of the room to fit the stone piece in there to fix the elevator.

    -Build up a good bonus board with purple tiles; you will be using a LOT lof MP. dont bother with blue or gold tiles, if you synth exp%/Fol% gear you will get plenty without the board.

    -after finishing a floor, go back to town for supplies and to save. the last thing you want is to spend and hour and a half in here and get killed by some bees or scumbags. some of the floors are quite large and maze like. they will take a long time if you are under leveled.

    -You will find a moonstone in one of the chests around floor 5 or 6 i think. do not use it! unless you duplicate it which i recommend. with the moonstone you can make extremely useful equipment, just make sure you don't use all of them!

    -you may have notices blue spheres floating around on the floors that you couldn't do anything with. after defeating the boss on the 7th floor, you will receive the star dipper. you must then go through all the floors again (annoying i know!) and collect all seven stars. return to the 7th floor and go to the northern most room to use the stars to transport you to the inner sanctum, where the battle with Gabriel Celeste will take place.

    *How to get to the Wandering Dungeon*
    After defeating Gabriel Celeste, go to En-II: Old Road to the Sanctuary, and speak with the man who gave you the quest for the wind ring. he will send you there.

    *Preparation for the Wandering Dungeon*
    i would recommend being at least level 140 to begin. this is going to take a long time as there are no save points and you need to rely on luck to get geostones to advance. could take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to get to the Ethereal Queen on Floor 20. make sure you have the best equipment available. as well as good battle strategy. the enemies in here are top notch and the bosses can be very frustrating. this is the hardest most frustrating part of the game for sure.

    *Tips for the Wandering Dungeon*
    -your first trip in shouldn't be to get to floor 20, it should be to collect some rare items like the philosophers stone make sure to leave and save as soon as you get one.

    -good luck with this dungeon im tired of typing now.

    sorry i love to go into detail with these questions.

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