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    Star Ocean Story FAQ by weggy100

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    Weggy's Star Ocean Series Story FAQ (with a major contribution by K_19)
    Tables of Contents
    [I]    Introduction
    [II]   Version History
    [III]  Pre-Star Ocean
    [IV]   Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    [V]    Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey
    [VI]   Star Ocean: The Second Story
    [VII]  Star Ocean: Blue Sphere
    [VIII] Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
    [IX]   Star Ocean: EX
    [X]    Aprisian History
    [XI]   Galactic Map
    [XII]  PSP Remake Differences
    [XIII] Unsolved Mysteries
    [XIV]  Other possible stories in the Star Ocean Universe
    [XV]   Thanks
    [XVI]  Contact
    [XVII] Un-Legal
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    [I] Introduction
    Welcome to the Star Ocean Series Story FAQ.  Perhaps you've heard of a 
    wonderful series of video games under the title of Star Ocean, developed by
    a group called tri-Ace, and published under Enix (Now SquareEnix).  What you
    may not know, is that these games have an incredibly rich and detailed story
    behind them.
    This FAQ plans to be a guide to that story.  Star Ocean takes place within our
    very own universe, and is thus governed by the same set of rules.  Due to
    fantastic speculation, tirelessly dissecting the dialogues, the very helpful
    dictionary included with Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and The Last Hope,
    and a wealth of Blue Sphere info translated by K_19, we have a very good
    understanding of the specific circumstances that tri-Ace has woven for us, as
    gamers, to enjoy.
    This FAQ is arranged in a timeline-like format, though so many events happen
    during certain years it may seem like a narrative rather than a timeline.  
    Along the way will be explanations of just how some of the things accomplished
    are possible - meaning, what the technology is and how it works.  tri-Ace has
    done extensive research into this (or they're all just really smart), as most
    of this technology is based within theoretical astrophysics and quantum
    mechanics (seriously!).  I realize not everyone has a Ph.D regarding these
    issues, so for any confusing technical terms I'll try to put it in layman's
    speak.  To provide a slightly more seamless experience, these descriptions will
    be offset from the main story in the form of an indented section.  For example,
    if I brought up Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, following it would be a
    section as such:
    	Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is a consequence of the wave-
    	particle duality of nature.  This means that light can be perceived as
    	both a particle (photon), or a wave.  It simply states that one cannot
    	be sure of both the position and momentum of a subatomic particle at
    	any given time.  If we were to measure the position, the very act of
    	measuring it would alter the momentum, and if we measure the momentum
    	we cannot simultaneously know the location.
    See, things can get complicated!  Don't worry, it doesn't get much worse than
    that.  Before beginning however, 5 simple things to remember:
    1) About the dates: Standard B.C. and A.D. abbreviations will be used until the
       establishment of the Stardate (SD) system, then the A.D. date will be
       included in parenthesis.
    2) No side-quests are discussed (with two exceptions), as they can be skipped
       and are not important to the overall story.
    3) The story of the games vary slightly depending on which characters you 
       choose.  I try to account for that as much as possible, but there are so
       many different combinations I may miss a few things.  However, none of these
       differences really matter in the overall story.
    4) Endings are not discussed because in Star Ocean, they are not always set in
       stone. The exceptions are every ending but Fayt's in Star Ocean: Till the
       End of Time, all of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and Celine's special ending
       with Prince Cross since Blue Sphere establishes it as canon.
    5) It goes without saying, but this FAQ contains MASSIVE SPOILERS!  If you do
       not want the stories of these games spoiled, stop reading now.
    [II] Version History
    Version 5.2 - 7/14/09~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Greetings Star Ocean fans!  Hope everyone is enjoying/has enjoyed SO4
    Small update thanks to ovan08.  He adds some neat ideas to Welch's origins, as
    well as providing further evidence to the Energy Nede > En II connection.
    Version 5.1 - 5/7/09~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    More revisions, more revisions.  Some helpful thoughts have been added courtesy
    of Skrell 999 and LordOfFenixAuir.  Also added the birth dates of our band of
    heroes from SO4, fleshed out the endings, and threw in a bunch of other events
    just prior to SO4.  Put the Monster House *DONE* stamp on this FAQ unless
    someone has something to add. (hint hint)
    Version 5.0 - 1/26/09~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    After six long, agonizing years, the newest chapter of the Star Ocean saga is
    here.  I have added what will likely be the first of many drafts to it's
    section, as well as a jaunt through 1957 A.D..
    You might also note that they used the names of the towns from First Evolution
    in this one on Roak.  So in order to keep things a little less confusing, I
    caved and changed all prior references to the new names.
    <grumble>  Boo on you tri-Ace.  You botched the translation of your own game.
    To do:  * Add the birth dates of all the characters
    	* Flesh out the characters endings more
    	* Find out when the game went from SD 10 to SD 11
    	* Get more information on Filia
    	* Update the Galactic Map with SO4 info and Planet Ise
    Version 4.5 - 1/22/09~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    More remake goodness!  I decided just to lump the differences in the remake
    together into one section, as well as adding info on Second Evolution.  Lots of
    other minor updates.
    Star Ocean 4 is right around the corner!!
    Version 4.0 - 11/12/08~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The remakes march on!  I recently picked up a copy of the now translated Star
    Ocean 1.  This is exciting as it is our first glimpse of this game officially
    translated into English.  The names have been slightly changed, mostly for the
    worse in my opinion (Roddick?  Seriously?  What the hell guys!)  Regardless,
    I decided to create a section exclusively dedicated to the SNES-PSP changes.
    It does not seem like there was much of anything changed in my playthrough of
    the japanese Second Evolution, but we'll give it another go when it comes out
    as well.
    More exciting however is the addition of the Aprisian History section.  Theres
    a lot there, so I encourage you to take a look.
    Also exciting is something new I noticed at the end of First Departure. Perhaps
    due to a difference in AR from my Japanese playthough, Ronyx asks Ilia to
    marry him (literally "I need you for the rest of my life"), sort of cementing
    Claude as their child.  Oh tri-Ace... can you please decide on what happened at
    the end of SO1 already?  Regardless that just raises even more questions, which
    have been added to the unsolved mysteries section. 
    Version 3.6 - 5/8/08~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    A few minor corrections here and there.  I've added a new section for the Star
    Ocean EX anime, which has a new take on the events of SO2.  A few updated
    things for the 2 PSP remakes as well.
    Version 3.5 - 4/13/08~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Alright, I lied.  I said to be continued with Star Ocean 4.  With it still in
    the development phase, I have somewhat satiated my hunger for Star Ocean with 2
    brand new UMDs straight from Japan.  Yes, it's the Star Ocean 1 and 2 remakes!
    No full English translation has been made as of yet, as they are both to be
    released in the US in the future.  Going through the Japanese text however, I
    found a few interesting tidbits!  So, information about the remakes have been
    Also, based on the new Star Ocean trailer, I saw that Earthlings apparently
    started with SD 0, instead of SD 1 like I assumed.  Thus, my AD equivilant
    years were one behind, so they have been corrected.  Additionally from the
    trailer is a date of humans' first contact, which has been added as well.
    Version 3.0 - 6/23/07~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Well, don't I feel like a fool!  A friendly IM by adelinathepirate has informed
    me that there is in fact, a Star Ocean map from the Star Ocean 'Eternal
    Materials' book out there on the wonderful interwebs.  More info on this can be
    found in the galactic map section, along with links to the images in question.
    Version 2.0 - 5/11/07~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Here we are, slightly over a year(!) since my last update.  As you may or may
    not have heard, there is a new Star Ocean game in the works to be announced in,
    at time of writing, in just a few days.  This has inspired me to continue on,
    what is by far, the most fun FAQ I've ever written.
    As such, I've added a big update - by tirelessly analyzing the dictionary, I
    have compiled together a Galactic Map of the Star Ocean Universe!  This has
    gone through multiple revisions, until I think, I finally got it right (Earth
    is in the right place now!)  The position of some of these forces opens up some
    very interesting speculation on the political struggle in the galaxy, as well
    as expaining a few more things!  Hop on down to the Galactic Map section for
    more info.
    Version 1.5 - 3/14/06~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I added a fair amount of information concerning the Wise Men of Star Ocean 2.
    In other news though, I've begun to populate Wikipedia with Star Ocean
    articles.  So far I've begun with the planets, which a fellow Wikipedian was
    nice enough to create a category for.  Check it out at
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Star_Ocean_planets  After the planets are
    done, I intend to start on the characters.  If you have Star Ocean knowledge
    to contribute, I invite you to make or edit Star Ocean articles over there.
    If you've never dealt with Wikipedia articles before, don't panic - it's very
    easy to do.  I encourage anyone with a passion for Star Ocean to give it a go.
    Version 1.4 - 3/1/06~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    It's been a long time since I've updated, but theres really been nothing new.
    Just a small ninja-update to the SO1 section.
    Version 1.3 - 1/29/06~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Imperit adds a bit evidence supporting Valkyrie Profile taking place in the
    same universe.
    Version 1.2 - 1/25/06~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Thanks again to K_19, who clarified a few things on the Blue Sphere section.
    Thanks to j mcdermid who corrected a minor error in Star Ocean 2.  Also thanks
    to SkyDragnSlifer3K, who added an event I completely missed - the Torastic
    Religious War on Elicoor II in SD 72.  And as always, a fair amount of
    spelling, spacing, and grammar changes.
    Version 1.1 - 1/16/06~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Happy belated new year everyone.  Some feedback from Claudelv250, as well as a
    lot from K_19 (the man is a 4D being, I tell you) caused me to rethink, change,
    or add a few things.  I also corrected some minor things such spelling,
    spacing, and grammar.
    Version 1.0 - 12/02/05~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    As a method of procrastinating from studying for my finals, I started this FAQ.
    About a month and a half of on and off writing, I finished it! (at 3 A.M. on
    01/14)  Any comments/suggestions are welcome.
    To do:  * Double-check, confirm, or otherwise polish up Blue Sphere.
    	* Add more science techno-babble if needed.
    	* Add any reader-submitted content.
    	* Take out the trash and do laundry.
    [III] Pre-Star Ocean
    15,000,000,000 - 20,000,000,000 B.C.___________________________________________
    -The Eternal Sphere is brought online.  It is referenced as Tria, the multi-
     faced god/goddess of creation, which may be the name of the startup program.
    Pre 3,699,997,548 B.C._________________________________________________________
    -Many of the planets in the Galaxy were under the rule of Nede, an extremely
     advanced planet with no rival.  Uprisings began on 24 planets, and Dr. Lantis
     of Nede was charged with initiating the 10 Wise Men Program - that is, an
     experiment in Heraldry-Genetics to create superhumans to quell the uprising.
     Phase I included the close combat weapon "Zaphkiel", the long range artillery
     unit "Jophiel", and the point-defense combat unit "Metatron".  After these 3
     were completed, work began on the strategic unt "Michael" to control them.
     Following that, two information gathering agents named "Zadkiel" and "Camael"
     were deployed.  They were joined by citizen re-education unit "Haniel" along
     with the data analyzer unit "Raphael".  Finally, the agent "Lucifer" was
     created to oversee the other Wise Men.
    3,699,997,548 B.C._____________________________________________________________
    -Rebels opposing the 10 Wise Men project attacked and killed Dr. Lantis's
     daughter, Filia.  The Nedians issued an information blackout to conceal this
     from Dr. Lantis until he finished the final Wise Man, "Gabriel".  Dr. Lantis
     found out however, through the efforts of Zadkeil and Camael.  An infuriated
     Dr. Lantis activated his labs defense mechanisms, sealing him inside.  He then
     begins transferring his consciousness into the final unit, "Gabriel".
    -Dr. Lantis re-programs the Wise Men from quelling the uprising to destroy the
     universe.  The Wise Men destroy a unit of Nedian special forces assaulting the
     lab, and go on to terrorize Nede.
    -The Nedians rally their forces and push the Wise Men back to the lab.  When
     the Nedian Forces enter the lab, Dr. Lantis is nowhere to be found - he has
     trapped himself along with the other 9 Wise Men in an Eternity Space Pocket.
     Eternity Space is a dimension of which there is no escape without being
     released using a password on the outside.
    -Due to the actions of the 10 Wise Men, 80% of the Nedian Military was
     destroyed.  The outlying rebel planets began a revolt, and began to close in
     on Nede.  In order to protect themselves, the Nedians constructed Energy Nede
     and surrounded it with an impenetrable, Class 9 force field.  The Nedians
     moved to this new home, completely cut off from the rest of the galaxy.
     Finally, they destroyed their own planet of Nede.
    Around 3,000,000,000 B.C.______________________________________________________
    -The Morphus create the giant spacestation En II, which they use to protect the
    May 13th, 699,997,565 B.C._____________________________________________________
    -Rena Lanford, Nedian, is born to Reema, lead Heraldry Researcher at the
     Heraldy Research Center on an unnamed planet in Beta Sector, and an unnamed
    -The Nedians discover Creation Energy around this time.
    	Quoting from the North City Library in Star Ocean 2, a Creation Energy
    	Generation Device uses an artificially induced small-scale Big Bang to
     	extract energy from the resulting imaginary number space.  This system
    	would provide even more energy than a Quadratic Sphere.  However, it is
    	extremely difficult to control the strain of the balance of space that
    	results from opening a hole in the imaginary number space.  Because the
    	possibility exists that in the worst case scenario a collapse of the
    	time/space continuum will be initiated, no one has applied this theory
            We of course find out later it doesn't collapse the time/space
            continuum - hooray!  This explanation however, is similiar to current
    	experiements in Quantum Mechanics.  Interesting...
    699,997,563 B.C._______________________________________________________________
    -Rena Lanford is sent through time from the Heraldry Weapons Laboratory to the
     planet Expel in the year SD 351 (2438 A.D.)
    2,200,000 - 1,600,000 B.C._____________________________________________________
    -Earliest known humans evolved from apes on the 3rd planet in the Sol System,
     given the designation "Homo Habilis" - literally "skillfull person".
    Roughly 48,000 B.C____________________________________________________________
    -A large meteroite strikes the Earth at what will eventually be known as
     Arizona, United States. 
    	Barringer Crater is one of the largest and most well preserved impact
    	craters in the world.  When it hit, it would have been a fantastic yet
    	devastating sight - with an estimated yield of 2.5 megatons of TNT,
    	it would have dwarfed the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan.  While
    	not specifically referenced in The Last Hope, the American southwest
    	isn't exactly overflowing with gigantic, well-preserved craters.
    9000 B.C._____________________________________________________________________
    -Evidence of early humans using copper to create tools and weapons
    	Copper, atomic number 29.  This reddish-colored metal was very easy to
    	extract and forge, however it is quite weak in its pure form.  All
    	humans have small amounts of copper in their blood, which assist in
    	digestion.  High amounts of the metal are toxic.
    4000 B.C.______________________________________________________________________
    -The first widespread alloy, bronze, is created by humans.
    	Bronze is a mixing of 2 metals, usually about 60% copper and 40% tin.
    	This mixing is known as an alloy, and contains unique properties its
    	parent metals do not.  Bronze was easy to produce due to its low
    	melting point and wide availability.  It was also significantly
    	stronger than copper.
    1200 B.C.______________________________________________________________________
    -First evidence of iron being used.  Steel alloys were made almost immediately
     after, but were of extremely poor quality.
    	Iron, atomic number 26.  While iron was heavy, and sometimes hard to
    	work with, it was bronze's closest competitor due to its widespread
    	availability.  In fact, roughly 5% of the earth's crust is made of
    	iron.  Iron is also important in the normal functioning of humans, and
    	is present in our hemoglobin.
    1000 B.C.______________________________________________________________________
    -Earth is struck by a meteorite on the continent of Mu.  This opens a wormhole
     that sends its residents to Roak, Fargett, Edifice, and maybe other places.
     The continent itself is either destroyed or also sucked into the wormhole.
    600 - 800 A.D._________________________________________________________________
    -The Chinese develop black powder, the first explosive in recorded history.
    	A combination of sulphur, charcoal, and saltpeter, black powder burns
    	extremely quickly.  When this is confined, the air pressure will build
    	until it overcomes the strength its container, resulting in an
    Likely sometime between 1587 A.D. and 1600 A.D.________________________________
    -The Planetary Exploration Ship Discovery arrives at Fargett from about 500
     years in the future.  This gives a big jump start to the technology of the
     Muans stranded there.
    1610 A.D.______________________________________________________________________
    -Modern steel was first produced on Earth.
    	Steel is an alloy of iron and a very small (usually only 1% or 2%)
    	amount of carbon.  This carbon acts as a hardening agent, but requires
    	a high temperature to smelt together.  The hot alloy is then usually
    	dunked into a pool of water to cool it so fast that the iron and carbon
            mix do not have time to separate from one another, as if it were
            allowed to cool in the air.  The end result is an extremely strong
    	metal still in widespread use across the galaxy today.
    November 21st, 1783 A.D._______________________________________________________
    -The development of hot air balloons allow man to take flight.  In Paris,
     France, Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Francois Laurent d'Arlandes are
     the first humans to ever fly.
    1886 A.D.______________________________________________________________________
    -Charles Martin Hall develops an electrolytic process to extract Aluminum
     cheaply and efficiently enough to use in industrial applications.
    	Aluminum, atomic number 13.  It's origins date all the way back to
    	Roman times, however extraction methods were extremely primitive and it
    	had very limited use.  Once more valuable than gold, this metal	is
    	extremely light and durable, and without it aviation simply could not
    1897 A.D.______________________________________________________________________
    -A species of intelligent lizards, the Cardanians, develop speech.
    December 17th, 1903 A.D._______________________________________________________
    -The Wright Brothers and their flying machine make their historic flight at
     Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on the 3rd planet in the Sol System.
    	Even though the materials composing airplanes are heavier than air, 
    	they are able to fly simply due to differences in air pressure.
            By curving the top of the wing in an aerofoil shape and leaving the
    	bottom mostly flat, the air pressure on the bottom of the wing is
    	significantly higher than on the top, lifting the plane up into
    	the air while causing little drag.
    1914 - 1919 A.D._______________________________________________________________
    -World War I occurs because of the assassination of the Archduke of Austria,
     Franz Ferdinand, as well as mounting tension between European nations.
    1939 - 1945 A.D._______________________________________________________________
    -World War II begins when the Nazis invade Poland.
    July 7th, 1947 A.D. (Mirror Universe)__________________________________________
    -A suspected UFO crashes near Roswell, New Mexico.  All the passengers
     perished, save a Lesser Felpool named Meracle Chamlotte.  Milla Bachtein
     explored the wreck with her two-year old son Kevin, who died from radiation
     poisoning soon thereafter.
    Sometime after July 7th, 1947 A.D. (Mirror Earth)______________________________
    -Meracle gives an Ocarina to Klaus Bachtein, a researcher she befriends at the
     facility she is held.  In return, Klaus gives her a pendant, which is actually
     an exilithium crystal.
    October 4th, 1957 A.D._________________________________________________________
    -Sputnik 1, the first man-made object to orbit the earth, is launched on a R-7
     rocket by the Soviet Union.  Earthlings are now a part of the galactic
    	Rockets are vehicles that obtain thrust by expelling exhaust from some
            sort of reaction at extremely high speeds.  While it's origins date
    	back to ancient China, modern rocketry is possible because of the Nazi
            research during World War II.  The end result was the V2, which was 
    	used as a launching pad (no pun intended) for sending rockets into
    October 7th, 1957 A.D. (Mirror Earth)__________________________________________
    -A series of events occur involving Edge arriving on Earth in a parallel
     universe in the year 1957.  See the Star Ocean 4 section for more details.
    April 12th, 1961 A.D.__________________________________________________________
    -Soviet Union Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man ever to leave the
     Earth in his vessel, Vostok 1.
    July 20th, 1969 A.D.___________________________________________________________
    -Neil Armstrong during the U.S. mission Apollo 11 is the first ever to land on
     the moon.
    April 19th, 1971 A.D.__________________________________________________________
    -Salyut 1, the first space station ever to be built is launched by the
     Soviet Union.  It remains in orbit for 175 days.
    1995 A.D.______________________________________________________________________
    -Anti-matter is successfully produced in the form of anti-hydrogen at the CERN
     Laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland.
    November 20th, 1998 A.D._______________________________________________________
    -The Russians launch the first component of the International Space Station,
    November 2nd, 2000 A.D.________________________________________________________
    -The joint US/Russian crew of Expedition 1 become the first to occupy the
     International Space Station, establishing a permenant human presence in space.
    2021 A.D.______________________________________________________________________
    -Planet Aeos is discovered in the Sirius system
    2064 A.D.______________________________________________________________________
    -World War III takes place.  Weapons of Mass Destruction are widely deployed,
     devestating the Earth's environment.  Survivors are forced to live
     underground, as the surface is irradiated and uninhabitable.  Humanity makes
     efforts to find a new home in space.
    May 5th, 2065 A.D._____________________________________________________________
    -Bacchus Dexley, Morphus, is born to unknown parents on the Space Station En
    2065 A.D.______________________________________________________________________
    -The Greater United Nations is formed on planet Earth.  The Greater U.N. then
     establishes the USTA (Universal Science and Technology Administration) to
     support space exploration to find a new home for Earthlings.
    April 24th, 2071 A.D.__________________________________________________________
    -Arumat Thanatos, Eldarian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Eldar.
    2074 A.D.______________________________________________________________________
    -The USTA makes first contact with an extraterrestrial specials known as the
     Eldar.  This is kept secret from the public.
    November 5th, 2075 A.D.________________________________________________________
    -Myuria Tionysus, Morphus, is born to unknown parents on the Space Station En
    July 30th, 2077 A.D.___________________________________________________________
    -Edge Maverick, Human, is born to Arnold Maverick and an unknown mother on the
     planet Earth.
    March 28th, 2078 A.D.__________________________________________________________
    -Reimi Saionji, Human is born to unknown parents on the planet Earth.
    September 15th, 2078 A.D.______________________________________________________
    -Sarah Jerand, Feathfolk, is born to unknown parents on the planet Roak.
    February 3rd, 2079 A.D.________________________________________________________
    -Faize Sheifa Beleth, Eldarian, is born to unknown surrogate parents and raised
     at a government facility on the planet Eldar.
    March 16th, 2081 A.D. (Mirror Universe)________________________________________
    -Meracle Chamlotte, Lesser Felpool, is born to unknown parents on the mirror
     planet Roak.
    June 20th, 2082 A.D.___________________________________________________________
    -Lymle Lemuri Phi, Lemurisian, is born to unknown parents on the planet
    2082 A.D.______________________________________________________________________
    -Edge's father, Arnold Maverick, is killed by a bio-enhance Muan.  Edge takes
     up the sword to defend himself, which leads to his affinity for the weapon.
    March 7th, SD 0 (2086 A.D.)____________________________________________________
    -Professor Trillas Bachtein develops subspace warp technology with the secret
     assistance of the Eldar.  A member of the USTA, Stephen "Lightspeed" Kenny,
     becomes the first human to ever travel faster than the speed of light.
    	Our universe has a sort of galactic speed limit, in that when an object
    	approaches the speed of light, it gains mass and thus requires more
    	energy to accelerate.  This is an infinite process, thus preventing us
    	from ever breaking the speed of light.  This is expressed in the famous
    	equation E=mc2, that is energy equals mass times the speed of light
    	squared.  In order to circumvent this, Subspace technology wraps the
            ship in layers of subspace.  This subspace is a sort of galactic
            shortcut, a hole in spacetime.  So even though the ship is going slower
            than the speed of light, it can still cross vast distances very
    Sometime after SD 0 (2086 A.D.)________________________________________________
    -The Planetary Exploration Ship Discovery is launched.  For reasons unknown,
     it was sucked back in time and arrived at the Planet Fargett sometime around
     1587 A.D.
    -The USTA sends out unmanned exploration ships to nearby planets to find a
     suitable replacement for the dying Earth.  The Discovery may have been one of
    SD 1 (2087 A.D.)_______________________________________________________________
    -Lymle accidently creates a symbol that opens up a portal to the demon realm,
     pulling her into it.
    March 7th, SD 4 (2090 A.D.)____________________________________________________
    -The Stardate method of dating is officially established by the Terran
     Government on the four year anniversary of the development of subspace
    SD 7 (2093 A.D.)_______________________________________________________________
    -Cerberus takes pity on Lymle and extracts her from the demon realm, and acts
     as her guardian henceforth.
    SD 8 (2094 A.D.)_______________________________________________________________
    -The SRF-003 Calnus is completed and deployed to the Moonbase on Luna.
    SD 9 (2095 A.D.)_______________________________________________________________
    -The USTA SFSX-1005X Warship is deployed at their third spacebase factory.
    [IV] Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    SD 10 (2096 A.D.)______________________________________________________________
    -A ceremony marking the first SRF mission is carried out by USTA Deputy
     Director Shimada at the Moonbase on Luna.
    -Edge Maverick, a crewman aboard the SRF-003 Calnus, is blowing off the
     ceremony by remaining onboard.  Reimi Saionji meets up with him shortly after
     the ceremony.
    -While Reimi takes her post on the ship, Edge tries out the Battle Simulator
     and meets up with her shortly thereafter.
    -Meanwhile, Stephen "Lightspeed" Kenny arrives on the Moonbase to meet Director
    -Edge and Reimi take their positions.  Edge meets Welch Vineyard, their support
     liason on Earth.  After briefly speaking with Crowe, Captain Grafton comes
     aboard, and the ships SRF-001 to SRF-005 launch towards the planet Aeos.
    -Along the way, a mysterious, meteor-like object passes through the Calnus's
     warp field, and promptly disappears.  It disrupts it enough to cause the
     Captain to order an Emergency Warp Out.
    -The Calnus warps out above Aeos.  It is out of control however, and crash-
     lands on the surface.
    -Sensors on the Calnus indicate the Balena, the Dentdelion, and the Eremia
     (SRF-002, 004, and 005, respectively) have also crash-landed on the planet.
     The Calnus rendezvouses with the crews of the nearby Dentdelion and Balena.
    -Edge and crew disembark to inspect the damage to the ship.  They are attacked
     by a pair of native bug-like creatures.  The crew tries to protect themselves
     with their railguns, but they have no effect.  As a last resort, Edge draws
     a sword, which he uses to defeat them.
    -Oboard, attempts at contacting the further away Eremia have failed.  The
     Captain orders Edge to travel on foot to the Eremia to see if they are
    -Captain Grafton contacts SRF Headquarters to report that the report indicated
     no advanced lifeforms, and his crew is dying.  Shimada seems rather
     unsympthatic, but eventually promises to send "them" to assist.  Graftron
     realizes he is referring to the Eldar that the USTA secretly made contact
     with in 2074 A.D..  Edge and Reimi overhear the conversation, but like the
     rest of Earthlings, do not know who "they" are.
    -Reimi insists to come along with Edge.  Edge initially refuses, but eventually
     relents and has her come along.
    -Travelling across the planet, they eventually arrive at the ruined 005.  A
     half-dead crewman warns them of a meteor they found on the coast.  They
     brought it aboard for research, and a monster attack the crew.  The crewman
     says he intentionally destroyed the ship to try and kill it.  The crewmember
     then dies.
    -Edge and Reimi see a ship land.  Out hops an Eldarian, Faize Sheifa Beleth.
     He says he was sent by Captain Grafton.  Before he can finish explaining
     however, the monster, Armaros, attacks the three of them.
    -Edge, Reimi, and Faize defeat Armaros.
    -Edge collects a stone left behind from Armaros.  Faize then introduces
     himself and officially joins the party.  Faize offers a ride back in his Sol,
     but Edge decides he wants to scout the area a bit more, so they walk back to
     the Calnus.
    -The three return to the Calnus to give their report, where they find an Eldar
     field base.  Faize explains these are modular bases that can be set up very
     rapidly on planets.  In the base, they meet the Eldar Commander Gaghan.
     Captain Grafton tells Edge to get some rest after his ordeal.
    -After resting, the three meet back with Gaghan and Grafton.  They both agree
     the three of you should form a team and continue the SRF's mission.  Grafton
     shows Edge to the newly repaired and upgraded Calnus.  Grafton needs to
     remain on Aeos to oversee the exploration there, and appoints Edge Captain
     of the new Calnus.
    -Using the Calnus's sensors, Faize finds nearby habitable planet - Lemuris.
    -Upon landing on Lemuris, they stop in the nearby town of Triom.  They are
     recognized as gods, which they deny.  They meet the elder of the town, Ghimdo.
     Ghimdo tells them he has a disease called Bacculus, which turns the body to
     stone. A young symbologist, Lymle Lemuri Phi, shows up.  Faize is very
     surprised to see symbology on another planet, let alone from such a young
     girl.  Lymle wants to go north to the Alanaire Citadel to visit a smybologist
     known as The Oracle and retrieve a symbol she belives can heal everyone.
     Edge agrees to go with Lymle to the north, as part of the SRFs mission is to
     eliminate threats to colonization.
    -They travel into the snowy mountains and find the Alanaire Citadel. They
     fight to the top and defeat a Dragon Newt, which causes the roof to
     collapse, killing The Oracle.  Lymle points out however, there may still be
     hope - another Symbologist from Woodley Village named Lutea has come here in
     the past and obtained it.  She signed her name, as is customary.  The four
     depart to Woodley.
    -Upon arriving there, they meet the symbologist Lutea.  She says it is true she
     obtained the symbol, however it had no effect on the disease because she did
     not know the source of the disease.  Out of ideas, the party decided to go
     back to Ghimdo for information.  Lutea gives them a symbol stone to hold the
     knowledge of the disease when they find it.  Lutea also instructs that the
     path back to Triom is blocked by a magical illusion, and tells them to
     retrieve a Phiaie Orchid.
    -The crew retrieves a Faerie Orchid to allow them to see past the illusion,
     and returns to Troim.
    -Ghimdo says he does not know what the source of the disease might be.  He
     does say however, that the disease began a few months ago when another
     Celestial Ship landed in the Rinoa Valley.  It was about that same time the
     monsters began to appear.  Edge and Reimi decides to check it out.  Ghimdo
     gives them the Fire Ring to help.
    -Stepping outside, Edge wonders if the other ship could be the Aquile.  Reimi
     says thats impossible, since it landed a couple of months ago.  Faize corrects
     them - due to space and time being related, it is possible it is Crowe's ship.
     Edge wonders if the Eremia arrived a significant amount of time before the
     Calnus did on Aeos.
    -Finding the ship, they see it is certainly not the Aquile.  The party boards
     the Celestial Ship to try and stop the source of the disease.
    -Onboard, they find a console that shows them the bridge was overran by
     mutated members of their own crew.  The crew being killed, the ship crashed
     onto the planet.  Faize identifies them as Cardianon.
    -The four reach the heart of the ship and see a large floating diamond.  They
     realize its made out of the same material as the meteor on Aeos.  The Symbol
     Stone reacts and breaks.  A wave of energy eminates from the diamond, and
     transforms the dead commander into a Grigori, Barachiel.
    -Edge and the others defeat Barachiel.  The object shatters, and the Cardianon
     across the planet turn to stone.  Faize believes that they failed.
    -Upon returning to Triom, they find that Ghimdo has succumbed to the disease
     and is now turned into stone.  Lutea arrives and tells that a mysterious light
     appeared around the patients, and with a loud howl they all turned completely
     to stone.  (See unsolved mysteries section for more thoughts regarding this)
     Edge laments his failure, but Lutea comforts him by saying at the very least
     no more will be infected.  Faize suggests their new mission be to track down
     the source of these strange objects.  Knowing their time has come to leave the
     planet, they ask Lymle if she wants to join - she accepts.
    -Back onboard, Faize uses the data retrieved from the Cardianon ship to see
     that they were planning an invasion of the planet.  Among the data, an image
     of the Aquila is found.  They set a course for the Cardianon homeworld,
     Arcturus VIII.
    -Reimi celebrates her 20th birthday during the flight, putting the date at
     March 28th, SD 10.
    -Arriving at Cardianon, they find a giant spaceship in their path.  A tractor
     beam pulls the ship into a hangar deck.
    -The crew disembarks with their hands raised, hoping for a peaceful resolution.
     As the door opens they are immediately fired upon, and they crew defends
    -Meanwhile, a mysterious woman looks on from the catwalks...
    -Faize accesses a terminal along the way. The terminal indicates the Cardianon
     have been invading underdeveloped planets for some time.  They also find the
     mysterious diamond shaped object listed in the databank, but can only read
     the filename - "Epiphanies of Guidance".  More information might be located
     in the Central Isolation Chamber, so our heroes head there.
    -Suddenly, the crew is transported into a holding cell.  The Cardianon Leader
     tells them that Crowe was here and tore their ship a new one.  He also
     identifies Edge and Reimi as having Muan blood, which confuses the hell out
     of everyone except Reimi, who says nothing.  All seems lost when Bacchus D-79
     busts through the wall.
    -Navigating through the ship, Bacchus tells the gang about how he is Morphus - 
     a race of people who have taken it upon themselves to protect the galaxy.  By
     pure chance, he received Crowe's distress signal.  Bacchus was on his way to
     the Cardianon mothership to destroy the Grigori there, or as they call it,
     "The Epiphanies of Guidance".  These Epiphanies or Grigori, he explains,
     rapidly accelerated the Cardianons evolution to the enraged form they are now.
     In fact, 200 some years ago, they just developed speech.  Once Crowe learned
     of his mission, he wanted to help.  The duo attacked the ship, but were
     eventually captured.  Bacchus caused a diversion to allow Crowe to escape, who
     promised to return to En II, the home of the Morphus, to report on the
     situation.  That is when Bacchus came across Edge.
    -Edge pledges to join Bacchus in his cause.  They reach the Central Isolation
     Chamber, and with a single shot from a warhead, Bacchus destroys the Grigori.
    -The Cardianon Leader from earlier shows up.  Edge pleads with him to stand
     down, but he counters by saying the Epiphanies have made them gods.  Edge
     corrects him, but he is beyond help.  The remains of the Final Epiphany swarm
     around him, and turn him into Sahariel.
    -Edge and the others kill Sahariel, which depresses Edge.  As they are walking
     towards the reactor to shut it down, the Cardianon Leader throws a grenade -
     Bacchus dives on it to save everyone.  He survives, but is injured and has
     trouble walking.  Faize and Edge help the incapacitated Bacchus out of the
    -In the next area, they access a console and deactivate the reactor of the
     ship.  Unfortunately, the backup system comes online - and whats worse, a
     countdown to warp is initiated as an emergency procedure.  Bacchus says the
     destination is to uncharted space, which makes the probability of returning
     almost nil.  Bacchus volunteers to stay since he will only slow the group
     down before getting back to the ship.  Edge vehemently refuses to allow
     Bacchus to sacrifice himself.  Himself and the rest of the group begin to drag
     Bacchus behind them.
    -Everyone makes double time through the Emergency Bypass as the bulkheads are
     closing.  Again they run into the mysterious woman from earlier, who stops the
     final door from closing with a lightning symbol.  She comments that Edge is
     not the red-headed man, and walks away.
    -The Calnus escapes just as the Cardianon Mothership enters warp.  Everyone is
     relieved the final Grigori is gone and will no longer infect anyone else.
    -The Calnus escapes, and heads towards En II.  Along the way, they are sucked
     into a black hole, emerging near a planet amazingly similiar to Earth.
    October 7th, 1957 A.D. (Mirror Earth)__________________________________________
    -Edge and crew arrive from the year SD 10 in our timeline on an Earth in an
     alternate dimension.
    -Edge and Reimi are confused as to why the Earth is not desolate and bathed in
     radiation.  Scans show the air is safe to breathe, so all but Lymle and Reimi
    -The crew enters an old gas station.  They see a copy of TIME Magazine (Named
     "Chime Magazine" here), and Bacchus intercepts radio transmissions referring
     to Sputnik 1 being launched by the "Reds" a few days ago.  Edge deduces they
     are in 1957.  Bacchus and Faize have theories of Time Regression as to how
     they arrived, but neither has a answer on how they got here or how to return.
    -Exiting the gas station, they see the Calnus surrounded by soldiers.  A man
     approaches them named Klaus Bachtein.  Klaus claims he is a friend, and will
     explain everything at his home a short distance away.
    -Edge, Faize, and Bacchus decide to trust Klaus and follow him to his home.
     They find Lymle there.
    -Everyone learns that Reimi has been captured.  Klaus offers his services to
     save Reimi from the base by pretending he is bringing everyone else into the
     base as prisoners.  Klaus then tells the crew about how he used to be a
     scientist at a facility nearby, built underneath a large crater. (Wiki
     Barringer Crater if you're interested - it's almost certainly the one he's
     talking about)  There, they conduct experiments on various lifeforms, and have
     in their possession an extraterrestrial.  Klaus quit out of spite, as he does
     not like the idea of a "breakthrough handed to him on a plate" - that the
     Earth is too immature for the technology.  He says the extraterrestrial is a
     young girl named Meracle, who looks like a cat.  Klaus begs for you to take
     her back home, and Edge agrees.
    -Klaus leads the crew to the secret base entrance and gains access by saying he
     has changed his mind and wants to work again.  Bacchus activates his Stealth
     mode to hold on to the party's weapons.  They enter the facility.
    -While being escorted by guards to a holding cell, Klaus says he will
     deactivate the door locks so they can escape and find Reimi.  Edge, Faize, and
     Lymle are put into a cell.  Bacchus secretly enters of his own accord.
    -Making good on his word, the door locks are opened.  This opens the doors
     throughout the entire facility however, and all the test subjects are roaming
     free.  Bacchus de-cloaks and gives everyone their weapons.
    -Meanwhile, the soldiers find Klaus and beat him for opening the doors.  He
     pulls out Meracles Ocarina as they leave to recapture the test subjects.
    -The party slices and dices their way through the facility, until they run into
     Mercale Chamlotte, about to be attacked by the Genomic Beast.  They defeat the
     beast and save Mercale, who then joins them.
    -Edge, Mercale, and the rest locate the Calnus.  Before they can board, they
     are stopped by Milla Bachtein - Klaus' ex-wife.  She says that she has been
     studying their ship, and is interested in its energy source, the exilithium
     crystal.  She goes on to explain that they are rapidly running out of energy,
     and need a solution.  Edge speculates that she is referring to nuclear energy,
     which she confirms.  However, both know that this source of energy would far
     surpass nuclear, and will be 100% clean.  Edge believes he is still in his
     timeline, and wishes to create a future where nuclear weapons never existed,
     where World War III did not leave the planet a wasteland.  He agrees to give
     up the exilithium crystal if Milia promises to stop her experiments, and to
     keep the Earth clean.
    -Edge agrees to hand over the exilithium crystal for them to study.  Milla
     offers to lead them to where Reimi is staying.
    -The group enters a room and does indeed see Reimi.  However, Milla betrays
     them and seals the door behind, trapping them.  From their vantage point, they
     see Milla load the crystal into their anti-matter reactor named "Kevin" after
     their deceased son.  Bacchus says if it activates, it will almost certainly
     destroy the planet.
    -All seems lost until Klaus opens the door.  Everyone escapes as the reactor
     is brought online.  It is now beyond stopping, so everyone agrees they have
     to immediately escape.  Meracle begs Klaus to come with them, but he refuses.
    -Klaus embraces an insane Milla standing in front of the reactor as the anti-
     matter reaction begins to spread.  They both are enveloped and killed by it.
    -Everyone arrives back at the Calnus, but Meracle stops on the umbilical
     bridge.  Unaware of what is happening, she wants to stay as Klaus is her only
     friend in the world.  Edge disagrees, and says they are all her friends now.
     A convinced Mercale runs towards the Calnus as the bridge gives way.  She
     leaps and does not quite make it, but Edge leaps out of the ship to catch her.
     Edge in turn is caught by everyone else.
    -The ship is brought online and they try to escape.  Unfortunately, the anti-
     matter reaction is producing a strong artificial gravity.  The Calnus does not
     have enough power without it's exilithium crystal to escape.  When all seems
     lost, Meracle ignorantly offers her pendant as a replacement.  A bewildered
     Faize recognizes it IS an exilithium crystal.  It is loaded into the ship and
     they escape.
    -The mirror Earth collapses in on itself, and is destroyed.  Oops.
    -Sensors on the Calnus indicate they are back in their original universe.
    SD 10 (2096 A.D.)______________________________________________________________
    -Returning from Earth, the Calnus is attacked by a Phantom Ship.  Arumat of
     the Eldarian 13th Division conveniently arrives and fights them off.
    -Bacchus suggests they land somewhere to calibrate the energy matrix for new
     crystal, as well as to inspect the ship for damage.  They choose a nearby
     planet named Roak.
    -The crew waits for the order from Edge to proceed, but he has an emotional
     breakdown from the destruction of the mirror Earth.  Reimi assumes command as
     Captain, and orders the ship to Roak.
    -Bacchus adapts his cloaking technology to the Calnus to conceal it.  They land
     on Roak on the Astral continent.
    -Departing the ship, Bacchus again keeps himself concealed to avoid suspicion.
    -Passing through the mountains on their way to Tatroi, they are passed by a
     Roakian riding on a giant bunny.  Meracle sees it as dinner, while Lymle sees
     it as a new playmate.  Everyone else is puzzled.  Meanwhile, Reimi appears to
     have some trouble walking.
    -Edge and the others arrive at Tatroi.  Upon entering, they pass some
     mysterious figures covered in robes but think little of it.  Reimi again has
     some difficulties walking.
    -Travelling down the main street, they hear a rather subdued scream from a side
     alley.  Running over, they find a Featherfolk woman who has been captured by
     bandits.  Edge promptly kicks all of their asses.  He feels horrible as his
     conscious forces him to help someone in need, but is mad at himself for
     interferring in the affairs of another planet.
    -The woman introduces herself as Sarah Jerand, a Featherfolk.  She seems to
     recognize Edge and Reimi from the statues at the Purgatorium - statues of the
     Muah.  Faize remembers the Cardianon referring to Edge and Reimi as Muah.
     Reimi again seems uncomfortable talking about it.  They decide to reluctantly
     investigate this Purgatorium.  Sarah volunteers her help as thanks for
     rescuing her.  Edge tells her to take a hike.  Sarah points out that you need
     a bunny to cross the desert to the Purgatorium, and suggest you speak to the
     nomads outside.  She then leaves.
    -The group travels outside to meet the group of nomads, "The Openers", or Black
     Tribe.  They speak to the Elder who they cannot understand.  One of the nomads
     offers assistance - the same girl that passed them earlier.  Unfortunately
     she has no spare bunnies.  She suggests they catch a field bunny, and shows
     the group hers by using a symbol.  Faize is impressed by the symbol, which he
     identifies as transferrence.  She gives the party bunny reins to assist.
     Faize asks if he can be taught the symbol, but she says that is for tribe
     members only.  She extends to him an invitation to join.  Faize says he will
     give it some thought.  Finally, she gives a cape to Faize.  The cape, she
     says, will make them less noticable to the bunnies.  Lymle thinks it looks 
     awful on him.
    -As they go to capture a bunny, Reimi falls victim to the stone sickness.  They
     carry her back to the inn in Tatroi.
    -Meanwhile, Sarah is having a re-occuring dream one room over of Tatroi ablaze
     and overrun with mosnters.  She wakes up to Reimi's cries.  Edge fears the
     disease is bacculus.  Bacchus corrects him, as it is actually stone sickness,
     a disease endemic to Roak.  He says there is a remedy, which Sarah confirms
     they can get from the King of Astral.
    -The party travels with Sarah up the canal to Astral Castle Town.  She
     introduces her race as Featherfolk, but comments she cannot fly like everyone
     else.  She also recommends that Edge and the others visit her friend in Tropp,
     Eleyna Farrence.  Meracle seems to know of her as The Holy Mother Eleyna, but
     no one else has heard that term before.
    -Sarah and the others arrive.  Reimi is put in an inn, and Sarah comments on
     how the stone sickness on Reimi had an extremely short incubation period, and
     also has extremely slowly developing symptoms.  Regardless, they go and
     request the remedy from the King.
    -The King complies but says it will take some time to prepare.  Sarah asks if
     anything strange has been happening lately in the Kingdom.  The king says that
     a new group called the Church of Sydonai has arisen, wearing robes from head
     to toe.  They worship the Archfiend, Asmodeus, but none of their actions are
     illegal.  Coincidently, many more people this year are catching the stone
     sickness, and rough seas have led to a shortage of raw materials.  He
     recommends everyone rest in the guest quarters until the rememdy is prepared.
    -Standing on the balcony, Edge sees a man with a large tattoo on his back run
     though the courtyard.  He dismisses it as nothing important.
    -They meet with the King to check on the status of the remedy.  The King tells
     them a bandit with a large tattoo of an eagle stole the remedy along with
     all the raw ingredients the Kingdom had.  Supplies have been scarce as of
     late, so he fears many of his people will now succumb to it.
    -Edge realizes it was the bandit he saw running and did not act to stop, which
     just does loads for his self-esteem at this point.  Edge vows to capture the
    -The party eventually tracks the bandit down to the arena in Tatroi.  As part
     of a law in the Kingdom, gladiators who defeat ten opponents will be pardoned
     for any crimes.  Desperate to not let that happen, Edge enters as the tenth
     opponent and defeats the Black Eagle.
    -The Black Eagle returns the rememdy and the ingredients, and reveals he was
     hired by for someone to steal it.
    -The Captain of the Astral Knights, Lias Warren, arrives.  Edge tells Lias
     of The Black Eagle working for someone.  Lias is impressed Edge got that much
     out of him.  He praises Edge as a hero, and the colliseum roars in approval.
    -The group administers the antitode to Reimi.  A crest on the back of her neck
     activates and the remedy takes effect almost immediately, which surprises
    -Reimi then tells everyone the explanation.  When the Earth was irradiated,
     scientiests looked for a way to allow humans to survive the harsh environment.
     They began "Project Hope".  Project Hope took the DNA from an advanced race
     that used to live on Earth, the Muah.  The scientists used this DNA to
     engineer super humans called The Seeds of Hope.  Reimi says she is one of
     those Seeds of Hope, along with Crowe and Edge.  When their bodies are under
     stress or emotion, their crest activates and grants them supernatural
     abilities.  Reimi's disease was so unusual because her body was adapting to
     the disease, ensuring her survival.
    -Edge and Reimi have one of their moments, where she encourages Edge to feel
     better about himself.
    -Outside, Edge is approached by three bandits.  They saw Edge fight in the
     colleseum, and believe his sword to be the key to his power.  Before they
     all attack, they are zapped by electricity.  The mysterious girl from the
     Cardianon ship appears, and introduces herself as Myria Tionysus.  She is
     looking for Crowe, and vows to kill him when she finds him.  Myuria accuses
     Crowe of killing her beloved, which Edge says is impossible.
    -Back in the inn, they find Sarah has disappeared - abducted in the middle of
     the night by the marauders from earlier.  Edge says they must go save her.
    -Outside of Tatroi, The Openers appear to be missing.  Faize suggests coming
     back at a later time.
    -After an extremely lengthy delay, Edge catches a bunny.
    -Using the bunny, Edge and the others cross the desert and enter the
     Purgatorium.  Just inside, they see one of Sarah's feathers.  They cannot
     find any way to enter the heart of the temple, so Meracle suggests they go
     to Tropp to ask Lady Eleyna.
    -The group arrives at Tropp to overhear a man named Tamiel from the Church of
     Sydonai speaking of the resurrection of Asmodeus, the Archfiend.  He says
     that people should devote their life to him, and upon resurrection, the world
     and everyone on it will be consumed in fire. THEN, and only then, will people
     be granted eternal salvation.  People suddenly don't seem all that interested.
     The man leaves.  Edge wonders if they were responsible for the bandit who
     stole the stone sickness cure.
    -Everyone enters Eleyna's house, but she is nowhere to be found.  Suddenly,
     they look outside, and see the house is on fire!
    -Just before a huge rafter falls on top of everyone, a symbol appears and the
     group is transported out of the house.
    -Our heroes appear alone in a cave.  They are greeted by a woman identifying
     herself as Eleyna Farrence.  She says that she knew the house was going to be
     set on fire, and our heroes would be there - so she prepared the symbol in
    -Eleyna tells Bacchus to de-cloak himself, saying she knew he was there all
     along.  She takes everyone except Bacchus inside her room.
    -Just outside the cave, three bandits from the Church of Sydonai are milling
     about.  Myuria calls down some lightning and fries them, complaining that
     Giotto always gives her the hard jobs.
    -Eleyna seems to know everything about Edge and the rest through her Auguries,
     visions of the future she has. For example, she knows they are not from this
     world.  She tells Edge and the rest that eventually the Archfiend will be
     resurrected, but it is too soon.  When that time comes, another group of
     warriors will rise to defeat him.  (Of course we know that to be her
     descendant, Roddick)  To resurrect Asmodeus however, requires a sacrifice of
     holy blood.  Sarah's blood, being a Featherfolk, will fulfill that demand.
    -Edge wonders what will happen if they fail.  Eleyna channels an Augury, which
     is physically demanding of her.  She does say that if they do fail, the world
     will be destroyed.  Edge is again upset he will be involved with the fate of
     another planet.  Eleyna passes out and is put into bed.
    -Edge is still reluctant to help, especially because they don't know how to
     get inside.  Faize is demanding faster action, even if they have to blast the
     place to rubble.  He eventually relents, and they wait until morning for
     Eleyna to wake up.  Eleyna gives them a keycard to get inside.  Faize comments
     that such high technology is impossible on this planet.  Eleyna says she was
     given this card by a Muah.
    -Eleyna gives the group one more piece of advice before leaving.  She tells
     Edge to buck up, because he is just one person.  If he destroys a world, that
     world was already marching the path to destruction.
    -Finally leaving the cave, Edge once again runs into Myuria.  She introduces
     herself as Morphus, and recognizes Bacchus' name.  She reminds everyone she
     wants to kill Crowe for killing her beloved, Lucien.  Edge invites her to
     join, as their goal is to find Crowe also.  Reimi objects, but Edge says he
     will convince her that Crowe is not at fault.  Myuria agrees.
    -Our heroes travel to the Purgatorium to rescue Sarah.  Along the way, they
     learn that the Church of Sydonai have killed The Openers as a sacrifice to
     Asmodeus.  In addition, Sarah's sacrifice is close at hand.  An infuriated
     Faize attacks and kills the cultists.
    -The party reaches the end of the Purgatorium.  Tamiel admits to have hired the
     Black Eagle to interrupt the distribution of the remedy.  Edge is angered by
     his insane ramblings, and his Wonder-Twi... err, Muan powers activate.
    -Everyone attacks and defeats Tamiel and his minions.
    -While Sarah is being rescued, Faize notices a tiara that that fell off the
     platform - the same tiara the girl from The Openers.  His eyes turn red,
     indicating he is supressing strong emotions at the sight of it.  He tells
     everyone there was nothing down there... not that anyone was asking.  Edge
     notices Tamiel died very similar to a Grigori.
    -Outside, Sarah runs off to tell Eleyna the ressurection of Asmodeus was
     averted.  Edge gets a message from Welch telling them to return to the Calnus
    -Back on the Calnus, Welch tells Edge he has new orders from Earth - to return
     to Aeos.  USTA and Eldar Comms are down between Aeos, so the USTA wants to
     know whats going on.
    -The Calnus launches, but Sarah is onboard!  Lymle and Meracle are thrilled.
     Sarah tells everyone about her dream of Asmodeus destroying Roak, and that
     Eleyna said she is destined to meet the team and travel with them.  She asks
     if she can come along.  Edge doesn't really have a choice now, so he accepts.
    -Arriving on Aeos, the group sees that the Eldarian base has been destroyed!
    -Overhead, a black ship similiar in appaerance to the Calnus flies overhead.
     Myuria said that it looks like a Phantom Ship.  Not even Bacchus know 
     anything about these Phantoms, so she goes on to explain - the Phantoms are
     a group that appear from out of nowhere, and spread destruction wherever they
     go.  They are part of an ongoing investigation by the Morphus.  Everyone
     ventures off toward direction the ship flew, to the southern coast.
    -Approaching a clearing on the coast, Edge and the others are ambushed by
     Phantom Soldiers - looking like SRF members!  Wave after wave of soldiers
     attack, when suddenly the main cannon on the Phantom ship begins to power up.
    -When all hope is lost, an energy blast rains from the sky and disables the
     cannon.  The same energy blasts cuts the majority of the remaining soldiers
     to ribbons and lands pinpoint shots on the phantom ship, causing it to
    -Up above, we see Crowe holding an energy cannon while riding on an Eldarian
     Sol.  Out of ammo, he drops the energy cannon and leaps to the ground.
    -He is joined shortly by Arumat Thanatos, an Eldarian warrior.  The two
     brandish their weapons and effortlessly defeat the remaining Phantoms.
    -Just as Crowe starts to catch up with Edge and Reimi, Myuria threatens Crowe
     for taking Lucien's life.  Crowe produces an audio recording of Lucien's last
     message, received by the Aquile.  Lucien's ship was attacked by the
     Cardanians.  The Aquile tried to help, but was too late.  Lucien placed an
     unconscious Myuria in the final escape pod.  She woke up to see the ship
     explode, mistakingly believing the Aquile had destroyed it.  With Crowe's
     innocence established, Myuria backs down.
    -Everyone is then filled in on the fate of Eldar.  Phantoms had caused their
     star to become a Red Giant much earlier than expected.  They were forced to
     flee the planet on large refugee ships.  They were then attacked by the
     Phantoms imitating SRF ships.  Only a small fraction of the Eldar population
     escaped.  Faize is visibly shaken.
    -Crowe receives a transmission from orbit that the Aquile and Refugee Fleet is
     under attack!  Crowe runs back to the Sol to help.  Edge promises to defeat
     the Grigori on Aeos.  Faize asks Crowe if he can come along, to help protect
     his brethern, to which he agrees.  Finally, Arumat joins Edge and the others
     to stop the Grigori.
    -Edge, Arumat, and the others fight to the bottom of the Miga Insect Warren
     and defeat Armaros Manifest.
    -Meanwhile, back in orbit, the Eldarian fleet is once again sustaining heavy
     losses.  The Aquile is horribly outmatched, and badly damaged.  Faize is
     overcome by seeing his people slaughtered, and hops into his Sol to try and
     help.  A giant energy beam heads towards the cockpit.  Faize's eyes turn the
     same red color they did at the Purgatorium - his and Crowe's fate is unknown.
    -Back on Aeos, Edge and the others finally make their way towards En II.
    -Along the way, the Calnus is attacked by Phantom Ships.  It's looking bad when
     Commander Kenny shows up in a new Earth ship and fights them off.  Stephen
     fills the party in that relations between Earth and Eldar are not going well.
     The ships that destroyed most of the fleet, and the race of Eldarians,
     appeared to be SRF ships.  Seeing as how the Earth is so dependent on Eldarian
     technology and not wanting to lose their support, the USTA lied by denying
     that the SRF ever existed.  Stephen is here to transport the crew of the
     Calnus back to his ship, and destroy it, thus making the lie become true and
     winning their trust.  Edge tells Stephen how the Grigori are going to destroy
     the universe, and they have to stop them.  Stephen realizes what Edge is
     doing, and quietly lets them go on their way.  Stephen wonders how he will
     report this.  His First Officer reminds him their orders were to destroy the
     remaining SRF ships.  Since the SRF is no more, they didn't see -any- SRF
     ships on this mission.
    -During the flight, Edge celebrates his 21st birthday, putting the date at
     July 30th, SD 10.
    -Upon arriving at En II, Edge is concerned that Crowe has not made it yet.
     Bacchus asks En II to upgrade the Calnus' capabilities as they did the Aquile,
     to which Edge agrees.  Bacchus suggests that they meet "Ex", the leader of En
    -Arriving in Ex's chamber, they meet Giotto.  Giotto explains that he is Ex's
     representative.  Ex is turn, is simply a conscious, or the will of the Morphus.
     Ex warns that the universe is headed for destruction.
    -Ex warns of a force called the Unknown Will.  The Unknown Will is from outside
     the universe, and hopes to change it.  It is referred to as the Missing
     Procedure.  The Missing Procedure lives off the life energy it absorbs from
     the lifeforms of our universe.  It in turn has given birth to the Grigori,
     which it uses to accelerate the evolutionary process of species, and thus
     obtain more life energy.  As we have seen, this rapid evolution has adverse
     consequences.  The Grigori themselves are from sector Upsilon, the home of
     the Missing Procedure.  They have the power to alter the molecular structures
     of life.
    -Edge says he wishes to help stop the Missing Procedure.  Before Ex can explain
     the plan for stopping it, the meeting is interrupted.  A messenger informs
     Giotto that a Grigori has infiltrated En II's Sacred Sanctuary.  Edge
     volunteers to defeat it.  If it succeeds in overtaking the sanctuary, En II
     would be disabled.
    -Our heroes travel through the road to the sanctuary, and encounter Kokabiel.
     It lets out a wave of energy that disables everyone but Reimi.  Her Muan crest
     activated, everyone stands up and attacks to defeat Kokabiel.
    -Back at Centropolis, Edge and Reimi discuss all they've been through, and
     Reimi promises to stay by his side.
    -Returning to Giotto, they are filled in on the plan.  The Calnus and the
     forces from En II will launch a daring assault of Nox Obscurus.  Upon reaching
     one of the poles, a transporter will be installed.  This will allow a constant
     flow of reinforcements from En II.
    -The Calnus and the En II navy depart towards Nox Obscurus.  They face a never-
     ending assault of Phantom ships.  It's looking pretty bad when...
    -Stephen Kenny arrives along with the Eldarians.  They noticed Nox Obscurus
     approaching Earth, and have put aside their differences to help.  They clear
     the way for Calnus to proceed towards the planet.
    -Suddenly, a giant dragon emerges from Nox Obscurus, called Jormungandr.  It
     fires an Energy beam that destroys nearly half of the coalition fleet.
     Another shot flies near the Moonbase, and the energy tears it to pieces along
     with Director Shimada.
    -Things are again looking pretty bad when Crowe and a badly damaged Aquile
     show up.  Crowe says he will fly near Jormungandr and reverse his warp
     engines, creating a black hole.  Edge begs him to stop, but he does so
    -With Crowe's death, the Calnus flies on.  It is under extremely heavy fire,
     and it shields give out.  Suddenly, the scribbles Lymle have been drawing over
     the ship activate to form a symbological barrier around the ship.  They
     finally make a rough landing on the surface.
    -The transporter link with En II is established, and our crew sets off towards
     the core.
    -Our heroes find the core of Nox Obscurus, but it is protected by a strong
     energy field manifested in a fierce whirlwind.  Mercale notices a unique smell
     coming from over yonder.  Without any options, they pursue the smell.  They
     find a wing of the Aquile planted in the ground, shielding the path from the
     whirlwind.  Bacchus says Meracle must have smelt the core.
    -Passing through the Palace of Creation, the group reaches the Grigori
     providing the energy source of the Missing Procedure and Nox Obscurus, The
     Apostle of Creation.  Lymle seems shocked at the appearance of the Apostle.
    -The Apostle explains that this universe is flawed, and beyond salvation.
     Only then, will all life be able to thrive and be given an equal chance.
     The Missing Procedure is a means to carry that out.
    -Edge and the others attack and defeat The Apostle of Creation.
    -The Apostle of Creation reveals himself to be Faize!  Lymle recognized him
     because he was wearing the cloak he received from the Black Tribe nomads on
    -Faize reminisces back to the time when the energy blast was about to consume
     his Sol.  This light showed him the power of the Missing Procedure - a
     universe where all life evolved equally, free from pain and sorrow.
    -The Apostle tells Edge to never use the name "Faize" again.  Showing a picture
     of Earth, he threatens to wipe out all on it so it will remain beautiful.  He
     then banishes everyone to an alternatate dimension with no apparent means of
    -All seems completely lost when Edge's Muan seal activates and notices a bright
     light up ahead.  None of the others can see it, but they march on anyway.
    -Our heroes travel towards the light, potentially encountering Grigori they
     have faced in the past.
    -On the brink of death, Edge makes it to the now very faint light.  It
     extinguishes itself in front of em.  The Apostle tells Edge their universe is
     already destroyed, and he should give up.  Edge refuses to believe that and
     the idea of a forced evolution universe.  
    -Suddenly the light comes back, which Edge now recognizes as the power of life.
     It brings all our heroes back to Nox Obscurus.
    -Edge tells Faize about the light.  He again gets mad that he used the name
     Faize, so this just causes everyone one to repeat it more - neener neener!
    -Seems that pushed Faize over the edge - infuriated, he draws power from Nox
     Obscurus, transforming him into Satanail.
    -Edge, Reimi, Lymle, Bacchus, Meracle, Myuria, Sarah, and Arumat attack and
     defeat Satanail.
    -After defeating Satanail, we see Faize back to his old self.  And of course,
     Satanail seems to be a load-bearing boss.  The ground begins to crumble and
     shake underneath them as the Palace of Creation breaks apart.  A fissure
     divides Edge from the others.  Giotto arrives using a transfer symbol, which
     is now possible because the tie between Nox Obscurus and the Missing Procedure
     is severed.  Edge is too far away to be saved.  Reimi jumps off the platform
     to go after him, but Sarah begins to fly and grabs her mid-air.  They hold
     Reimi back as they are transported out.
    -Edge meanwhile, is laying on the edge of one of the pieces, holding onto
     Faize.  Realizing Faize is just holding Edge back, he lets go and falls into
     the darkness.  Moments later, the platform Edge is on crumbles and falls into
     the darkness as well.
    -Somehow, Edge survives and finds Faize's Sol.  He flies back to Stephen
     Kenny's ship for a reunion with Reimi and the others.
    -Now that things have been forgiven between the Eldarians and Earthlings,
     Earth is coorperating in the Eldarians emmigration efforts.
    -Giotto, Stephen, and Commander Gaghan talk about starting a technological
     exchange between themselves and other planets.  Edge is against the idea,
     saying that would force evolution - and they would be no different than the
     Missing Procedure.
    -Edge convinces everyone to evolve at their own pace.  Giotto says he will
     return to En II, and continue its mission to remain a hidden force in
     protecting the galaxy.  The Eldar say they will abandon all technology when
     they move to Lemuris as to not influence their civilization.
    SD 12 (2098 A.D.)______________________________________________________________
    -The Terran Alliance established on the 3rd planet of the Sol System (Earth) in
     order to unite all the newfound planets and species.  This organization
     rapidly grew, as more planets were discovered, and the Terran Alliance
     eventually changed their name to the Pangalactic Federation.  In order not to
     interfere with still-developing planets, the Underdeveloped Planet Protection
     Act (UP3) is passed.
    -Commander "Lightspeed" Kenny is promoted to president of the USTA.
    -Lymle returns to Lemuris to see Lutea.  Later she is teaching a new generation
     of symbologists the craft.  She then goes back to Triom to visit Ghimdo's
     statue, and has a vision of Faize there.
    -Bacchus meets his wife Freesia back on En II, and the two head to their home.
     Bacchus apologies for being disloyal all this time.
    -Meracle goes back to this universe's version of Roak to go live with Eleyna.
     Later she storms off after having a spat with Eleyna for calling her an
     alleycat.  Eleyna tempts her with food, and she relents. On the ledge, we see
     an artist painting a picture of the two, entitling it "Eleyna and the Feline
    -Sarah also returns to Roak, to the Featherfolk Enclave, trying to learn how
     to fly.  Later she is pursued by two hungry Lesser Felpools shouting cries of
     "Chicken!"  She jumps off a river bank to escape her pursuers, finally
     learning to fly.
    -Myuria places flowers at Lucien's grave on En II, and seems to have finally
     come to peace with his death.  She thanks Edge and Crowe for allowing her to
     get over her despair.
    -Arumat joins his fellow Eldarian refugees to live on Lemuris.  He is having
     difficulty adjusting to a life of peace, and gets in a Sol to leaves.  Later
     he is seen on a desert planet, proctecting a crew of Earthlings.
    -Edge and Reimi are appointed to Interplanetary Transport Captain and First
     Officer, respectively.  They are then introduced to Trillas Bachtein, who
     Stephen reveals built our warp technology with help with the Eldar.  He also
     built the ship Edge and Reimi will be assigned to, the new Calnus.  They then
     depart on their next mission.
    -Receiving an augury, Eleyna walks along the beach to find Crowe.  She comments
     that he is quite handsome, and that their offspring will be grateful for that.
     He likely stays on Roak, and is the descendant of Ratix and responsible for
     giving the beam sword to Lias.
    Between SD 12 (2098 A.D.) and SD 114 (2200 A.D.)_______________________________
    -The Planet Styx is discovered, and with it an OPA is found in the form of a
     sentient Time Gate.  The Federation severely limits all access to this planet
     until the technology is better understood.
    	An OPA, or out-of-place-artifact, is an object inconsistent with the
    	technological level of the area.  Not every OPA is extraordinary, and
    	often times they are mislabeled due to the ignorance of the alien
    	culture on the part of the discoverers.  Notable OPAs throughout Star
    	Ocean include the Time Gate on Planet Styx in Star Ocean 1 and Star
            Ocean: Till the End of Time, the inner sanctum of the Purgatorium
    	in Star Ocean 1, the facility on the Planet Milokeenia in Star Ocean:
    	The Second Story, the Sorcery Globe in Star Ocean: The Second Story,
    	and the Orb of Apris in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
    SD 25 (2111 A.D.)______________________________________________________________
    -Cyuss Warren, Highlander, is born to Lias Warren and an unknown mother on the
     Planet Roak.
    -Ioshua Jerand, Featherfolk, is born to unknown parents on the Planet Roak.
    SD 46 (2132 A.D.)______________________________________________________________
    -A virus that turns its victims to stone was engineered on the Planet Roak.
     The virus would remain dormant for 300 years.
    	Viruses are microscopic parasites that replicate themselves.  Since
    	they do not have the means to replicate themselves on their own, they
    	infect host organisms and use them as a tool to increase their numbers.
    	The host usually reacts to this invasion in adverse ways.  Just how the
    	virus unleashed on Roak turned its victims to stone is unknown, but it
    	would have to change the atomic structure of its host at an extremely
    	rapid rate.
    -Most of the events of Star Ocean 1 take place after our heroes travel back in
     time from SD 346 (2431 A.D.).  See Star Ocean 1 section for more info.
    SD 72 (2158 A.D.)______________________________________________________________
    -The Torastic Religious War starts on Elicoor II when Greeton invades Aquor.
    -Elicoorians are taught Runology (Symbology/Heraldry).  See "Aprisian History"
     section for more details.
            Runology is an art of tapping into the natural elements by using
            various symbols, or runes.  There are 6 runes, representing the
            elements of light, dark, fire, water, wind, and earth.  In Aprisian
            Myth, these are bestowed upon the Holy Mother by the Emissary of Apris.
            In reality this doesn't seem likely, since 4D Beings started to get
            mighty angry when the inhabitants of the Eternal Sphere learned
    SD 114 (2200 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Professor J.D. Wormer publishes his famous paper on the space-time
     discontinuity effect.  It addresses the grandfather paradox of time travel,
     which postulates what would happen if a time traveler traveled back in time
     and killed his own grandfather.  He would then cease to exist, but then how
     would it be possible for him to ever go back in time and kill his grandfather?
     It also proposes another scenario.  What if Time Traveler A goes back in time
     3 seconds?  After 3 seconds have passed, Traveler A1 and A2 will meet.  If A2
     goes back in time as history has planned, there is no problem.  But then, what
     will happen if traveler A1 somehow bars A2 from going back in time?  Travelers
     will be infinitely duplicated, and the amount of mass in space will fall to
     zero, reverting all dimensions to nothingness.  Wormer warns then, that even a
     single speck of dust could have a catastrophic effect on the universe.
    SD 168 (2254 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -The Planet Edifice is devastated by a tsunami, killing many and wiping out
     their culture.  Technically this occurs every 200 years, but this is the only
     one that matters story-wise.
    SD 207 (2293 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Transporter Technology is developed.  It works by desintegrating an object at
     one location, and sends an exact replica to the desired location to be rebuilt
     at the quantum level.  While initially believed Heisenberg's Uncertainty
     Principle would prevent this, it has somehow been compensated for.
    	Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is a consequence of the wave-
    	particle duality of nature.  (Meaning light can be perceived as both a
    	particle, that is a photon, or a wave)  It simply states that one
    	cannot be sure of both the position and momentum of a subatomic
    	particle at any given time.  If we were to measure the position, the
    	very act of measuring it would alter the momentum, and if we measure
    	the momentum we cannot simultaneously know the location.
    SD 308 (2394 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Ronyx J. Kenny, Human, is born to unknown parents on the planet Earth.
    SD 323 (2409 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Ilia Silvestri, Human, is born to unknown parents on the planet Earth. 
    SD 327 (2413 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Roddick Farrence, Felpool and descendant of Eleyna Farrence, is born to a
     resident of Kratus Village on planet Roak.
    -Dorne Murtough, Felpool, is born to unknown parents on the planet Roak.
    SD 328 (2414 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Millie Chilette, Felpool, is born to a healer in Kratus village known as
     Martoth and an unknown mother.
    August 31st, SD 331 (2415 A.D.)________________________________________________
    -Ernest Raviede, Tetrageniot, is born to unknown parents on the planet
    December 30th, SD 339 (2425 A.D.)______________________________________________
    -Bowman Jean, Expellian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Expel.
    August 5th, SD 341 (2427 A.D.)_________________________________________________
    -Dias Flac, Expellian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Expel.
    SD 342 (2428 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -War between the Earth Federation and the Lesonians erupts.
    February 16th, SD 342 (2428 A.D.)______________________________________________
    -Noel Chandler, Nedian, is born to unknown parents on the planetoid Energy
    August 24th, SD 343 (2429 A.D.)________________________________________________
    -Opera Vectra, Tetrageniot, is born to unknown parents on the planet
    September 18th, SD 343 (2429 A.D.)_____________________________________________
    -Celine Jules, Expellian, is born to Eglas and Labe Jules on the planet Expel.
    October 22nd, SD 344 (2430 A.D.)_______________________________________________
    -Chisato Madison, Nedian, is born to unknown parents on the planetoid Energy
    September 28th, SD 346 (2432 A.D.)_____________________________________________
    -Ashton Anchors, Expellian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Expel.
    [V] Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey
    SD 346 (2432 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Planet Ise at Mark 301.209 in Sector Gamma is destroyed by some third party
     under the guise of the Lesonians.  A Federation Research Explorer is witness
     to this act.
    -Half a year later, this same third party fires a biological weapon at Roak,
     triggering the once dormant virus engineered there 300 years ago.
    -Roddick and Dorne fight off a gang of bandits attacking Kratus village.
    -The Elder of Kratus receives a letter from the neighboring village of Coule
     that a virus is spreading that is rapidly turning people to stone.  Martoth
     travels to Coule to investigate.
    -Dorne receives a letter two days later from Martoth warning that the disease
     cannot be cured, and that the village of Coule is done for.
    -Roddick, Dorne and Millie travel to Coule to meet Martoth.  Martoth berates
     the party for coming, and they return to Kratus.
    -Roddick, Dorne and Millie scale the dangerous Mt. Metorx in order to retrieve
     a herb that they believe could save Martoth.  Along the way Dorne reveals he
     has contracted the virus from the carrier pigeon from Coule.
    -Roddick, Dorne, and Millie are greeted by Ilia and Ronyx at the summit.  They
     ask the three to come back with them to their ship, the Calnus, to analyze
     Dorne and hopefully devise a cure.  Dorne accepts, and the others follow.
    -The doctor of the Calnus reveals that the disease is parasitic, and not
     currently curable.  However if the host was found and a blood sample taken,
     a serum could be devised.  He also reveals that the body is perfectly
     preserved after being turned to stone, so there is no immediate timetable.
    -Felworms are sighted in the transporter room, hatched from eggs they left on
     Roddick, Millie, and Dorne.  Since Federation Phasers are ineffective, Roddick
     and Millie fight them.  Roddick is wounded, and bleeds on one of them.  The
     Felworm disappears from the sight of Ilia and Ronyx only.  It is later
     revealed that the blood of Roakians absorb all light wavelengths between
     240nm and 780nm.
    	The light we see is actually just a small part of the
    	electromagnetic	spectrum.  Violet colored light has wavelengths
    	beginning at around 380nm.  As the wavelengths get larger, the
    	color changes from one to another, ending with red at around 740nm.
    	The Roakian blood then would absorb all visible light, as well as
    	a small amount of infrared and ultraviolet.
    -The doctor reveals the difference in Roakian blood to Human blood.
     Specifically, the hemoglobin of Roakian blood is primarily composed of copper
     with unknown elements.  Ilia speculates that the Roakians are being harvested
     to create some sort of weapon.  Sensors on the Calnus confirm 20 million
     statues or no longer on the planet.
    -Dorne begins to succumb to the disease.  He and the rest are transported back
     to Roak.  He gives Millie his sister's music box before "dying" in his bed.
     The remaining members return to the Calnus.
    -Roddick and Millie observe a ship approaching the Calnus before sensors
     detected it.  It uncloaks and claims to be a Lesonian vessel come to
     negotiate.  The group reveals that the mysterious third party is responsible
     for the planet's Ise and Roak, and they were coerced into starting this
     conflict against their will.  They also reveal that retrieving the host would
     be impossible, as it was 300 years ago.
    -The Calnus returns to Earth to learn the Pangalactic Federation has abandoned
     the Roak rescue mission.  Ronyx and Ilia risk court-martial and life
     imprisonment by traveling to the Planet Styx with Roddick and Millie.
    -The sentient time gate on Planet Styx accepts the team's goodwill, and opens a
     portal to the planet Roak in SD 46 (2132 A.D.)
    SD 46 (2132 A.D.)______________________________________________________________
    -Ilia and Roddick arrive on Roak, south of Kratus on the Muah continent.  Ronyx
     and Millie's location is unknown at present.
    -Roddick and Ilia travel to the village of Haute (later known as Coule).  They
     meet up with a swordsman named Cyuss Warren, and the 3 accept a job from a
     shopkeeper known as Badam to deliver a package to the town of Portmith in
     exchange for a pass to allow entrance to the city.
    -The party delivers the package, returns to Haute, then travels back to
     Portmith.  Cyuss may or may not leave at this point.
    -Roddick and Ilia want to travel to the Astral Continent, but pirates are
     blockading the port.  Roddick and Ilia defeat the pirates and travel to
     Astral.  In the pirate cave they save a Lesser Felpool, Pericci.
    -The party arrives in the port town of Autanim, then travels south to Tatroi.
     It is possible to recruit Ashlay, a swordsman, at this point.  Ashlay will
     praise Roddick's skill in the Edarl style of swordfighting, to which Roddick
     responds he was taught by his father. (Thanks skrell 999)
    -Roddick and Ilia travel to Astral Castle Town.
    -The Captain of the Astral Knights, Phia Melle, is observed killing 2 soldiers.
    -The party spends the night at a man named Lias Warren's house (Cyuss's father).
     Depending on whether you have Cyuss or Ashlay, Phia is observed by your party
     attempting to kill Lias Warren.  The party chases after Phia only to discover
     she is an impostor.  She is defeated.
    -The party returns to the castle and is thanked by the King and the real Phia
     Melle.  It's said that Lias's injuries are not life-threatening.  The King
     then suggests you travel to the Purgatorim, as there is an object there known
     as the Eye of Truth that will let you see whatever you want, and thus
     show where Millie and Ronyx are.
    -The crew arrives at the Purgatorim.  Outside they meet a Featherfolk named
     Ioshua Jerand who is searching for his sister.  He says that his parents were
     murdered his was sister abducted, and he was left for dead.  Since everyone
     has similar interests, Ioshua joins the team.
    -The inner sanctum is reached, and 3 spirits appear.  They say that the Eye of
     Truth is nothing more than a myth, but may still be able to help you.  They
     identify Roddick and Ilia of not being of this world due to their incorrect
     time signature.  This surprises everyone and confuses the heck out of Ioshua
     and whomever else you have.  The 3 spirits show you a vision of Ronyx and
     Millie in a place Ashlay/Cyuss identifies as the country of Van.
    -The party leaves the temple.  Ioshua may or may not leave you here.
    -While heading towards Tropp, a spaceship lands outside of Kratus village.  The
     party goes to check it out.  The "3rd party" has arrived.
    -Roddick, Ilia, and crew return to the port of Tropp and sail to Eckdart.  They
     meet Millie here, who tells them Ronyx is just south, in the town of Ionis.
     (Although it is possible to not meet Millie until Silvalant, I'm including it
     here for simplicity.)
    -The party travels south to Ionis.  At the entrance they see Ronyx and Mavelle
     Froesson, a women Ronyx and Millie met in their travels.  Mavelle is arguing
     with a man known as the Crimson Shield, who she claims killed her parents and
     brother (Hmm...).  The Crimson Shield says it is a case of mistaken identity
     and leaves.
    -All the reunited members celebrate in a bar.  Mavelle steps outside for a
     moment.  Depending on your party composition, you learn that Mavelle's body is
     not her true one... rather, she traded her old body for this one to become
     more powerful.  Ronyx is understandably disturbed by this.  Ashlay says he
     once fought along the Crimson Shield.  He also reveals that he turned evil
     after going on a mission to retrieve a mirror for the King of Van that turned
     out to be cursed.
    -Ilia says that they need to find the host of the virus, who is identified as
     the demon king Asmodeus.  Since the King of Van has been fighting against the
     demon world for some time, they travel to Van Castle Town.
    -The King puts the party through a trial to see if they have any chance of
     defeating the demons.  The party succeeds.
    -The King then reveals that is impossible to enter the demon world on this
     side.  Rather, portals can only be opened from the demon world to Roak.  The
     party insists there must be some other way.  The King elaborates that a portal
     was opened once by the original Muah a long time ago, and they are responsible
     for the link that still exists today.  They accomplished it by creating a
     special treasure called the Eye of Truth.  He also reveals the original
     Muah were not babies, rather they sprung forth as full-grown adults.  Finally,
     the King says that the Muah left different bits of information with each of
     the other kingdoms of the world, and tells the party to visit other countries
     for more information.  He gives you the emblem of Van and his blessing.
    -Ronyx reveals that he was taught magic (also known as Symbology, Runology,
     and Heraldry) by Millie.  Ronyx regrets he did not learn it sooner, as it may
     have been able to save his wife who died several years ago.  Ilia says that is
     unlikely, as it was unable to cure the disease on Roak.
    -It is possible to recruit both T'Nique, a lycanthrope, and Pericci, the Lesser
     Felpool you saved earlier, at this point.
    -The party travels north to the ice country of Silvalant.  They pass a village
     named Dulus along the way, and learn the entrance to the demon world is nearby.
    -The crew arrives at Silvalant castle town, in which all the residents are in
     a state of quarantine because of the war.  The party meets with the King.
    -The King reveals that the entrance to the demon world is on a small island to
     the south.  He gives you the emblem of Silvalant, a key to access some ancient
     Silvalant ruins, and access to the port.
    -Roddick and crew travel to the Silvalant ruins to the east.  In the inner-
     most sanctum, they meet a girl encased in ice Ioshua identifies as his sister
     Eris. Mavelle warns everyone to stay back, or she will fight everyone.  Ioshua
     is obviously not too pleased by this, and an argument erupts.  An angry Mavelle
     disappears in a bright flash of light with Eris, never to be seen again.
     For those of you confused on what happened, Mavelle is in fact Ioshua's sister
     Eris.  Eris discovered and used the Muan Soul-Transfer device, and transferred
     her soul to a Muah, Mavelle, in order to acheive revenge on the Crimson Shield.
     In order to save Ioshua the heartache of finding his sister "dead", she takes
     her old body and runs.  (While technically a side-quest, I am including this
     here as it is important to the story.  Thanks K_19.)
    -The party travels to Muah castle.  The King also puts the party through a
     trial, to dispose of the monsters in their treasure room.  Roddick and crew
     succeed.  The king thanks you, and gives you the emblem of Muah.
    -The group travels to Astral castle.  The King gives you the emblem of Astral
     and tells you some cryptic passages that have been passed down through the
    -The group travels back to the Purgatorim.  They meet the spirits and show them
     the 4 emblems.  The spirits wonder if they are the ones the ancient Muans
     predicted would come.  They are transported into the inner sanctum.  The
     inside is very high-tech with computers and machines, obviously far beyond
     anything the Roakians are capable of.
    -The party reaches the bottom.  Using the phrases the King of Astral gives you
     and the hint provided there, the password to open the final door is "Earth"!
     Ilia and Ronyx are understandably shaken by this turn of events.  Inside is a
     holographic projection of the planet Earth.  Ilia notices a large continent in
     the Pacific Ocean, and that it could be the legendary continent of Mu that
     supposedly existed a long time ago.  It is said the civilization was very
     advanced, but was destroyed by a meteorite.  A hologram of a person appears
     who explains that he and his fellow Muah were somehow transported to this
     planet while the meteorite hit.  Ilia recalls incidents in the Federation
     where people sometimes were transported short distances by space-time
     vortexes, but nothing nearly this far.  The hologram reveals that the Eye of
     Truth's purpose was to open a wormhole to allow the Muah to return to Earth.
     Something went wrong however, and it opened a gate to the demon world instead.
     The party retrieves the Eye of Truth and returns to Silvalant.
    	A wormhole is literally, a hole in space.  If you imagine space as a
    	round object, traveling from one side to the other would require you
    	to travel around the circumference of the object.  If it were possible
    	to simply drill a hole through the middle, your travel time would be
    	significantly less.
    -The King thanks them for their efforts, and to enter the demon world at the
     small island to the south.  At that time, a demon runs in and warns that you
     are too late, as a massive weapon has been developed.  There is a rumbling,
     and its revealed the entire village of Dulus was destroyed.  The party leaves
     right away to the demon world before the weapon can be used again.
    -The party arrives at the demon world to be greeted by the Crimson Shield.  He
     attacks and is defeated by your party.  If Mavelle is with you, Ronyx points
     out she has finally achieved her revenge.  If Ashlay is with you, he feels
     remorse for defeating an old comrade.  The Crimson Shield says not to feel
     bad, and to hurry for Astral.  He warns that while the crew was distracted,
     his evil shadow attacked in order to secure "the bladeless sword".  The party
     uses the Eye of Truth to travel immediately to Astral, and defeats the Crimson
     Shield's shadow.  They retrieve "the bladeless sword" from Lias, and Ilia
     reveals it is actually a force sword (read: lightsaber) much like they have in
     the Federation, but it's very old.  New weapon in tow, Roddick and the group
     travel back to the demon world and enter Asmodeus's stronghold.
    -The party enters Asmodeus's stronghold, which is some sort of biological
     research laboratory.  They reach a computer which Ilia tries to hack into, but
     it sets of an alarm and Asmodeus appears.  His henchmen attack the group, and
     Asmodeus runs away.
    -The party chases Asmodeus.  Suddenly 2 men appear, detain Asmodeus and take a
     blood sample.  Noticing Roddick and crew, they quickly leave.  Ilia says that
     must have been the 3rd party who originally they killed Asmodeus.  In order
     not to change history or potentially create a time paradox, (yeah, sure,
     whatever helps you sleep at night Ilia) the party kills Asmodeus and takes a
     blood sample for their own use.
    -Roddick and everyone return to the King of Van, who praises their efforts, and
     thanks them for restoring peace to Roak.
    -Roddick, Ronyx, Ilia, and Millie travel back to the future via a gate in
     northeast Silvalant. (likely the one Ronyx and Millie came out of)  They
     take the blood sample with them.
    SD 346 (2432 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -A serum is produced and a cure is administered to everyone affected by the
     virus.  Dorne is revived.
    -Ronyx and Ilia return to Federation Space.
    -Admiral Beize of the Federation reveals to Ronyx that a ship from the planet
     Fargett appeared in Federation space out of a wormhole and demanded the
     Federation surrender.  It was learned that on Fargett, a superhuman named Jie
     Revorse is the mysterious third party who is plotting against Earth.  He has
     established a dictatorship, but there is a lot of opposition on Fargett.  The
     Admiral authorizes Ronyx to put down this uprising, and permits him to use the
     Time Gate.
    -Ronyx and Ilia return to Roak to retrieve Roddick and Millie.  The four once
     again use the time gate to recruit their friends from Roak's past.
    -The party takes the wormhole to Planet Fargett and beams down to the surface.
     They are captured by Jie's soldiers.
    -Ivana, leader of the resistance movement on Fargett, rescues them.  She
     reveals that planet Fargett has few natural resources, so they studied genetic
     engineering as well as wormhole technology to survive and seek out resources.
     Jie Revorse is the only successful product of this genetic research, and has
     gone mad.
    -Ronyx, Roddick, and everyone else travel to the top of Jie's tower.  Jie
     reveals that not all the Muans were sent to Roak, that some were also sent
     here to Fargett - so they all share a common ancestor.  If Mavelle is with
     you, Jie recognizes her as a Muan.
    -The party defeats Jie Revorse.
    -The Roakians from the past travel home.  Ronyx and Ilia drop Roddick and
     Millie back on planet Roak, and say their goodbyes.  Star Ocean 1 ends.
    -Ronyx and Ilia return to the Federation.  For their efforts to put down the
     Jie Revorse uprising, and introducing the new technology of Symbology to the
     Federation, Ronyx is promoted to the rank of Admiral.
    [VI] Star Ocean: The Second Story
    January 23rd, SD 347 (2433 A.D.)_______________________________________________
    -Claude C. Kenny, Human, is born to Ronyx J. Kenny and Ilia Silvestri.
    February 29th, SD 350 (2436 A.D.)______________________________________________
    -Precis Neumann, Expelian, is born to Dr. Graft Neumann and an unknown mother
     on the planet Expel.
    SD 351 (2437 A.D.) (roughly)___________________________________________________
    -Rena arrives in Shingo forest on the planet Expel from the year 699,997,563
     B.C..  She is adopted by a woman living in the nearby village of Arlia named
     Westa and by an unnamed father.
    November 25th, SD 354 (2440 A.D.)______________________________________________
    -Leon Geeste, Felpool, is born to Florence and Murdoch Geeste, two researchers
     at Lacour Castle on the planet Expel.
    Roughly sometime in between SD 355 (2440 A.D.) and SD 360 (2445 A.D.)__________
    -Dias's parents and his sister Cecille are killed by bandits in Shingo Forest.
     The grief-stricken Dias leaves Arlia to hone his skills as a swordsman.
    SD 360 (2446 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Due to their expanding influence, the Earth Federation changes their name to
     the Pangalactic Federation.
    SD 362 (2448 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -War again erupts between the Lesonians and the Federation.
    SD 366 (2452 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -The Sorcery Globe descends onto the planet Expel, 4th planet of the Arcura
     System.  The object lands near the town of Eluria on the continent of El.  It
     emits some sort of energy that begins to transform animals and people on the
     planet into demons.
    -Approximately 3 months later, the Federation ship Calnus, commanded by Admiral
     Ronyx J. Kenny and accompanied by his son, Claude C. Kenny, arrive at the
     planet Milokeenia to investigate strange energy readings detected in the area.
    -Ronyx, Claude, and other crew members take a shuttle down to the planet to
     investigate.  Ronyx gives Claude his phase gun.
    -A large, destroyed dome is detected with strange energy readings.  A science
     officer concludes an explosion happened from within.
    -Claude, despite warnings from his father, investigates a device within the
     dome.  It opens up a trans-warp portal, and sends Claude to Shingo Forest on
     the planet Expel.
    -Claude sees Rena Lanford being attacked by a monster in Shingo Forest.  He
     accidentally breaks the UP3 by using the phase gun to defeat it.
    -Rena believes Claude is the legendary warrior who wields a sword of light, and
     wears alien ramients who will come to save the planet.  Claude denies this.
    -Westa, Rena's adopted mother, cooks Claude a huge meal as thanks for saving
     Rena.  That evening, Arlia's mayor Regis informs Claude about the Sorcery
     Globe.  Claude again denies he is the warrior.
    -The next day, Rena is kidnapped by her childhood friend Alen-Tax and taken to
     his mansion in the nearby town of Salva.  There, she is taken into a chapel
     erected in a mine, to be forced to marry Alen-Tax.
    -Claude travels to Salva and rescues Rena before the marriage can take place.
     Claude destroys a mysterious stone that was making Alen-Tax evil.  Alen-Tax
     returns to normal.
    -Claude and Rena return to Arlia.
    -Claude recognizes the Sorcery Globe as an OPA, and realizes it may hold
     information about returning home.  He offers to investigate the Sorcery Globe,
     but again denies being the warrior.
    -Regis privately tells Claude Rena is not Westa's child, and they have no idea
     where she comes from.  She also possesses a strange healing power that no one
     else on the planet possesses.
    -Rena tells Claude she secretly knew this all along, and that the only key to
     her origins are a necklace she's always had.  She accepts an invitation to
     travel with Claude.
    -Claude and Rena travel to Cross Castle.  They receive an audience with the
     King, who reveals more information about the Sorcery Globe.  He also gives
     them a passport to proceed to El and travel money.
    -Claude and Rena meet Celine outside of the castle.  Celine convinces Claude
     and Rena to help her investigate Cross Cave, which she "claims" is rumored to
     hold information about the Sorcery Globe.
    -The party retrieves a tome nobody can read.  Celine suggests they take it to
     the Elder of her home village of Mars to see if he can decipher it.  Celine
     may or may not leave the party at this time.
    -Returning to Cross, Celine begins a romance with Prince Chris.  (this is
     optional in-game, but Blue Sphere's intro for Celine states it as fact.)  It
     is also possible to begin a quest to recruit Opera.
    -The Elder of Mars says that he cannot decipher it, and suggests trying the
     town of Linga on the Lacour continent, as it is home to many linguistics
    -The party travels to the port town of Clik.  Before they can leave for El, a
     tidal wave destroys the entire town.
    -The party leaves for the town of Helre to travel to the Lacour continent, and
     then travel from there to El.
    -Claude and Rena stop off at Mars for supplies.  They learn that bandits have
     abducted the children of the village, and are holding them hostage for the
     Ancient Book of Seals, which holds powerful Symbology (known as Heraldry on
     this planet).  Dias is traveling through, and is hired by the town to save
     them.  Claude and Rena have a falling out when Claude refuses to let Dias join
     their team.  Claude and Celine leave for the hideout.  Rena and Dias leave for
     the hideout in the Heraldry Forest separately. (thanks j mcdermid)
    -Dias and Rena learn the kidnapping was a distraction to invade the village
     and steal the Book of Seals.  They defeat the leader.
    -Simultaneously, Claude (and Celine) defeat a strong monster cooperating with
     the bandits.  Dias praises Claude's swordsmanship and leaves.
    -At this point, it is possible for the party to recruit Ashton, an Expellian
    -Reunited, the party travels to Helre and sails to the town of Hilton, on the
     Lacour continent.
    -Upon staying at the inn in Hilton, Claude will go outside in the middle of
     the night to try and see if his transmitter works - it does not.  Rena
     oversees him do this.
    -Claude and Rena travel to Lacour, and wish to have an audience with the King.
     It is impossible as he is busy preparing for the Lacour Tournament of Arms.
     The receptionist suggests if Claude were to win, he would be able to have an
    -Rena and Claude travel to Linga, and learn of a scholar named Keith who may
     be able to translated the book they received in Cross Cave.  He refuses to see
    -Desperate, Claude and Rena turn to Keith's friend, Bowman to see if he can
     arrange a meeting.  Bowman puts them through a test to retrieve a rare herb
     from the nearby Sanctuary of Linga.  They succeed.
    -Bowman arranges a meeting with Keith.  Keith says he will need time to
     decipher the tome, and to return later.  Bowman or a hyperactive, machine-
     freak girl named Precis can join the party at this time.
    -It is possible to recruit Opera, a Tetregeniot searching for her lover, Ernest.
    -The group travels to Lacour castle.  Claude enters the Lacour Tournament of
     Arms and loses to Dias in the final round.  Nevertheless, Claude receives an
     audience with the King, who says they are working on a weapon known as the
     Lacour Hope to defeat the demons.
    -The party meets the child genius Leon, who is in charge of designing the
     Lacour Hope. Before departing to El, the group decides to help Leon finish it.
    -Claude, Rena, and Leon travel to the Hoffman Ruins to retrieve energy stones
     needed for the Lacour Hope.  Rena's necklace resonates near these stones.  If
     Opera is with you, you can run into Ernest here and recruit him as well.
    -The Lacour Hope is completed, and transported to the front lines.  The weapon
     is used and destroys a large wave of monsters.  A powerful Demon known as Shin
     shows up and defeats the party.  Dias may or may not join here.
    -After recovering, the Lacour Hope is loaded onto a ship and sails to El.
     Along the way the ship is attacked by Shin, who deflects the shot from the
     Lacour Hope with some sort of shield.  He then destroys the Lacour Hope.  The
     party abandons ship, and awakes on the continent of El.
    -Everyone reunites at a small village of refugees on the continent.  Claude
     and Rena receive a mysterious keycard from a man staying there that picked
     up while fleeing Eluria.  Leon may or may not join here.
    -Meanwhile, onboard the Calnus, they receive a distress call from Federation
     ID 00298 - Claude's.  They Calnus departs for Expel at maximum warp.
    -The keycard opens the gate to the town of Eluria, which has been transformed
     to the demons home base.
    -About midway up the tower, Claude's transmitter suddenly receives a
     transmission from the Calnus.  It says that he will shortly be beamed up.
     Claude begs his friends to wait for him, and they are all shocked as he
     disappears in a beam of light.
    -Onboard the Calnus, Claude berates Ronyx for beaming him up without
     authorization, as he violated the UP3.  Ronyx says it was unavoidable, as
     the Calnus has detected that Expel is about to collide with a high-energy
     body (Energy Nede).  Claude is infuriated, and demands he be beamed back
     down, as he is determined to fight against the Sorcery Globe.  Ronyx refuses.
    -Claude eventually persuades Ronyx to beam him down just for a moment so he
     can say goodbye to his comrades, appealing to the way Ronyx fought alongside
     Roddick and the others in SO1.  Ronyx agrees, and beams down Claude.
    -Claude re-unites with everyone after about 2 hours.  Rena bursts into tears,
     and yells at Claude for making them wait so long, and leaving so suddenly.
     Claude comforts Rena, and they decide to proceed.  Claude leaves his
     transmitter on the ground.  Rena reminds Claude he forgot it.  Claude then
     comments that he "No longer has any need for it."  The transmitter is beamed
     up by itself.  Ronyx is devestated.
    -The party scales the tower, finally defeat Shin, and encounter the 10 Wise
     Men.  They reveal that they sent the Sorcery Globe to alter Expel's orbit and
     have it crash into Energy Nede.  They plan to use the energy of the impact to
     travel to Energy Nede.  (I assume the collision will disrupt the shielding
     around Energy Nede, allowing them to enter it.)  It is said Expel was chosen
     simply because it had the closest orbit to Energy Nede.  However, the stones
     they found in the Hoffman Ruins, like the ones on Rena's necklace, sped up
     the process considerably.  These stones can be converted to Quadratic Keys,
     and can be used to unleash an enormous amount of energy from Quadratic
     Spheres (like the Sorcery Globe).  Rena learns then that she is Nedian.  They
     also identify Claude as an Earthling and Opera/Ernest as Tetregeniot, much to
     the surprise and confusion of everyone else.  Moments before impact the group
     is attacked and easily defeated by them.
    -The party awakes in an area Rena identifies as the Outer Wall Paradise.  Rena
     wonders if everyone back on Expel is alright.  Claude says nothing for fear
     of upsetting everyone.  They are beckoned by a mysterious voice.
    -The group finds the source of the voice, a strange object.  They step inside.
    -The object was a teleporter, and transports them to Central City.  There they
     meet the mayor of Central City on Energy Nede, Narl.  Narl tells the party
     that the Nedians' power has weakened over these billions of years, and that
     they are the last hope of defeating the 10 Wise Men.  He then tells them the
     story of the 10 Wise Men's uprising so long ago, and the history of the
     Nedians and Energy Nede.  They also learn that they were brought here to
     Energy Nede by a mysterious force, and that the Wise Men have captured a
     city of Energy Nede, Fienal.
    -Narl instructs you to travel to North City to obtain a Synard, a Heraldric
     Beast that can be used to transport the party around Energy Nede.
    -Claude, Rena and crew travel to North City.  The Synards there are artificial,
     so the owners data must be inputted before they will obey.  When entering
     Claude's data (a non-Nedian), the Synard goes berserk and has to be killed.
     The Director of the institute sends you through a teleporter to the Nedian
    -The party meets Noel, the director of the reserve.  He says there is one wild
     Synard remaining in the cave to the south.
    -Noel, Claude, and Rena defeat the Synard in battle, and it swears its loyalty
     to them.  Noel may or may not join at this time.
    -Returning to Central City, Narl instructs the party to journey to the Fields
     of Power, Love, Intelligence, and Courage to merge the powers of Nede with
     their own.  The key to accessing them are the Rune Codes, which Narl gives
    -The party overcomes the challenges in the Fields of Power, Love, Intelligence,
     and Courage.
    -The group reports back to Narl, who says the forcefield surrounding Fienal
     cannot be penetrated by air.  However, it does not extend to the ocean's
     floor, and a Heraldric beast called a Herush can be used to travel underneath
    	From the Star Ocean 3 Dictionary, "A shield system that utilizes
    	powerful radiation to form layers of gravitons in any desired location.
    	This system uses the phenomenon whereby energy that is continuously fed 
    	into a certain closed space creates matter and gravitons to be formed, 
    	in order to create an antigravity field as well as a physical force 
    	field."  It is likely the force field protecting Fienal worked in the
    	same manner.
    -A researcher named Marianna, Narl, and the party travel to L'Aqua to board a
     Herush, and travel to Fienal.
    -Everyone is greeted by the 10 Wise Men.  Anticipating their arrival, the Wise
     Men have prepared an antimatter cannon.  They show an image of the Calnus,
     which has been looking for Claude.  The 10 Wise Men destroy the Calnus,
     killing Ronyx and everyone on board.
    -An enraged Claude attacks, yet is still easily defeated.  Marianna sacrifices
     herself so the others can escape.  It is later revealed that she survived,
     but was seriously wounded.
    -Narl reveals that the crest the Wise Men possessed at Fienal is the Crest of
     Annhilation, a heraldric method which creates an infinite point of mass,
     causing the universe to collapse into itself like a giant black hole.  A
     party member will ask about contacting someone back on Expel.  Claude and
     Narl know the truth, which Narl reveals.  He says that not all is lost
     however - if all the cities of Energy Nede focuses their powers, they may be
     able to bring Expel back to this space-time continuum.  Without Fienal
     however, it is impossible.  Narl realizes that they need more powerful weapons
     to defeat the Wise Men.  He begins devising a way to defeat the Crest of
     Annihilation, and sends the party to the town of Armlock.
    -In Armlock, Narl shows the party through a transporter that leads to the now
     destroyed Heraldry Weapons Laboratory.
    -Narl accesses the mainframe to collect data on how to create an antimatter
     (specifically, antiproton) weapon.  Rena learns that an accident occurred
     here, leading to its destruction.  Her mother and father, researchers at the
     lab, put the young Rena in a space-time transporter, despite the great risk
    -Narl and the rest take the data back to Dr. Mirage, a scientist in Armlock.
    -Dr. Mirage analyzes the data, and determines that anti-matter could be
     stabilized to form a weapon if LEA metal was acquired.  The party is sent to
     a cavern home to the Barkers, a lifeform composed of this LEA metal.
    	Antimatter is just that - the opposite of matter.  When matter and
    	antimatter come into contact with each other, they both annihilate
    	themselves violently.  Once just a theory, antihydrogen was
            successfully produced in 1995 A.D..  However, the energy needed to
            produce it far outweighed the energy it emitted, so it was
            impractical to use as an energy source until it was refined centuries
            later.  The LEA metal then, is likely neither typical matter nor
            antimatter, or at least projects an extremely powerful, natural
            magnetic field.  This could serve as a barrier between the weapon and
            the world, to prevent it from instantly annihilating itself.
    -A large Barker is defeated, and a very pure form of the LEA metal is returned
     to Dr. Mirage.  Dr. Mirage then gives the group a NFID, which is a pass for
     entry into Fun City.  There the group will test their strength against
     simulations of the Wise Men.
    -Dr. Mirage comes to Fun City during their training and gives the party the
     antimatter weapons.
    -During the simulations, the real Wise Men attack.  Zaphkiel and Jophiel are
     defeated at Fun City.  Metatron is defeated at Armlock.
    -A PA can be initiated here between Ernest and Precis where Precis gets an
     idea for a device that eliminates the mutating radiation given off by the
     Energy Stones on Expel.  This gives credence that she is the creator of the
     Neumann Purifier.
    -Narl gives Rena the Crest of Enchantment, which will re-write the Crest of
     Annihilation and change its meaning.
    -A Herush is taken back to Fienal.  The party scales the tower, and defeats 6
     of the Wise Men along the way - Zadkiel, Camael, Raphael, Michael, Haniel, and
    -The party finds and defeats Gabriel.  Upon his death, the Crest of
     Annihilation was activated.  Rena invokes the Crest of Enchantment, but
     wonders  why it did not stop it.  Narl reveals that the Crest of Enchantment
     could not stop the Crest of Annihiliation, rather is just re-directs all of
     its energy into the only place in the Universe that could contain it - Energy
     Nede.  Just before this happens, the power of Fienal is combined with the
     power of the other cities in Energy Nede, and Expel is brought back to this
     continuum.  The group is transported there, and Energy Nede is destroyed.
    SD 367 (2453 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Dias, Ashton, Noel, Bowman, Chisato, and Celine remain on Expel.  Celine
     begins a romance with the Prince of Cross.  Opera and Ernest travel the galaxy
     to find new ruins to explore.  Precis and Leon travel to Earth to study
     robotics and science, as well as to assist in the research of the new
     discipline of Heraldry.  Rena also moves to Earth to study medicine.  Finally,
     Claude is promoted to Lieutenant, and he and Rena take on a mission on behalf
     of the Federation.
    -Due to the pollution given off by the Sorcery Globe, the Blue Dolphin race on
     Expel evolved (mutated) the ability to live on land.
    [VII] Star Ocean: Blue Sphere
    SD 368 (2454 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Bowman and Nineh give birth to a daughter on Expel.
    -Searching for ancients ruins to study, Opera and Ernest crash land on the
     planet Edifice.  They send out a distress call to Precis.
    -Precis gathers Leon and everyone still living on Expel.  They head off to
     Edifice, where they too crash due to some unseen force.
    -Claude and Rena are unavailable due to their duties with the Federation.  They
     soon learn however, their mission involves investigating a being known as
     Akuma, who has been destroying and rebuilding the civilization of a planet for
     some time.  That planet is... Edifice!  Claude and Rena depart to meet up with
     their comrades.
    -Precis and crew depart the ship to explore.  They come across a boy named
     Lent from the nearby Scout Village.  Lent shows the party to his grandfather's
    -Lent's grandfather tells the group of Mile Dungeon to the north, which is
     rumored to hold some sort of artifact called The Gift.  Thinking this may lead
     them to Ernest or Opera, the party decides to check it out.
    -The party does not find Ernest or the "the gift".  They do however, obtain
     bombs which they used to unblock the east exit of Scout Village and continue
     their quest.
    -Outside, the group meets Radol (Ruddle!), a traveling merchant who claims he
     saw a 3-eyed man heading to Aba city.
    -Precis and the others arrive at Aba city and meet the king.  They learn there
     are more ruins beneath Aba city, known as Leviabor.  Again thinking Ernest is
     there, they ask permission to enter.  The king agrees under the condition that
     the party goes to Garp Dungeon and defeat a bothersome dragon to prove their
    -Precis and crew go to Garp, defeat the dragon, and return to Aba.
    -They receive permission to enter the ruins from the king.  Before they can
     however, they get into an argument with a woman outside who is a member of the
     resistance movement against the king.  A soldier arrives, and thinking
     everyone is a member of the rebels, throws them into jail.
    -With the help of sympathizers, the party escapes.
    -Back in Aba city, they finally meet Ernest!  Ernest does not know why he and
     Opera crashed either, so they decide to go to his ship and find out why.
    -Ernest and company travel to Slave Village.  Showing their authorization from
     the king to the guard, they proceed to the crash site at Agit, which happens
     to be home to the resistance movement.
    -Climbing to the top of the trees, the group retrieves the energy crystal from
     Ernest's ship.  They find that nothing was wrong with the ship after all.
    -Heading back, they learn that Aba's army is attacking Agit and Slave Village.
     They defeat the army and save the leaders of the resistance, Elius and Marcus.
    -Ernest recommends the group go and retrieve Opera, who is working in the
     laboratory at Knott.
    -Passing through the Underground Passage, Nusa Beach, Bunny City, and a desert,
     Ernest and the others finally reach Knott.
    -They meet Opera in the laboratory, along with a young girl named Rival that
     Opera saved from a monster.
    -Opera asks the party to retrieve the Parentia Stone from the ruins underneath
     the laboratory.  The party agrees.
    -The group successfully retrieves the Parentia Stone and returns it to Opera.
    -Rival begins to explain a little about herself, but asks the group to return
     to Bunny City and tell everyone they have the Parentia Stone, as well as to
     obtain some info.
    -The party travels to Bunny City and does so.  Then a messenger informs them
     that Knott is under attack!
    -The group returns to Knott, defeats the monster invasion, and save Rival and
    -Rival then tells the whole story of Planet Edifice.  Edifice was once an
     extremely advanced planet, but one day Akuma appeared and destroyed the planet
     except for a small number of survivors and some ruins.  The people rebuilt,
     but it was again destroyed.  This process continually has repeated itself, the
     most recent destruction being in SD 168.  Rival wishes to put a stop to this,
     and asks the crew to come with her to the city of Lung, which is rumored to
     hold the secret behind Edifice's cycle of destruction.  Everyone agrees to
    -In order to get to Lung, Rival and the others must pass through the land of
     the dead known as Scream, as well as scale Sunerupentesu tower.  (ha! EAT THAT
     English translators!) They pass these trials and arrive at Lung.
    -Rival and the team meet Jima, leader of Lung and one of the few survivors of
     the tsunami 200 years ago, and thus is a seal to a place known as Grand Knott.
     After a brief talk about Edifice before the disaster, he elaborates on Akuma.
     He says that Akuma is not a single being, rather it is born to a human every
     200 years.  He says that he sent the monsters to attack Knott, in order to
     prevent Rival from obtaining the Parentia stone - this entire time, she has
     manipulated the party.  Rival?  But she...
    -Suddenly, Akuma manifests itself within Rival!  She kills Jima, and breaks
     the seal on Grand Knott, the large object sitting above the city of Knott.
     Rival then takes the Parentia stone with her and runs away.
    -Meanwhile, Claude and Rena arrive at Edifice.  The same strange force pulls
     their ship into the planet.
    -At a loss for what to do next, a being calling himself Lohse arrives.  He
     reveals he is an Edifan, the underwater race of the planet.  He says that he
     was sent by Jima to guide everyone come and meet his leader at the underwater
     ship called Aqua City.  The party agrees.
    -Lohse sacrifices himself and transforms into a trinket to allow the party to
     breathe underwater.
    -Everyone travels through the Underground Combs and arrives at Aqua City.
    -They meet the king of Aqua City, Bie.  Bie pleads with the party to stop
     Akuma from destroying the planet again.  Bie asks the party to rescue the
     other 2 kings of Aqua to obtain their guidance and power.  The 3 of them can
     also allow the party to enter Grand Knott.  Our heroes agree.
    -King Laum and King Nero are saved.
    -During this time, Rival has returned to Knott and boarded Grand Knott using
     the Parentia stone.  All of a sudden, Grand Knott begins to fly!  It travels
     to Aba City, and completely destroys it with a laser!  It then "docks" with
     the Leviabor ruins.
    -The party rushes to Leviabor ruins to stop it before it can take off again.
    -Along the way, they meet Rena, who tells everyone Claude is sick in Bunny
     village.  In order to cure him, Rena and the others travel to the Knott
     laboratory with a herb found in the Underground Combs.  A scientist of Knott
     named Simone makes an antidote, and Claude is cured.  (This is technically a
     sidequest, but Claude is such an important character story-wise it's almost a
     crime to leave him hanging.)
    -The party fights through the Leviabor ruins and defeats Rival... NOT!  It
     turns out they defeated a clone of Rival.  The real one shows up and smites
     you with power extracted from the Leviabor ruins.  Before she can deliver the
     final blow, the 3 Kings of Aqua teleport you out.
    -Rival disengages from the ruins, and flies all the way up to a space station
     orbiting the planet.  (How did anyone NOT notice that?!)  Apparently the ruins
     are "recharging points" for the Grand Knott, which is why they are always
     spared from destruction.  The Kings of Aqua say it is only a matter of time
     before Edifice is once again destroyed.
    -Bie tells the party there is only one remaining way to save the planet - by
     using the space elevator known as Ex-Trokia (again, how did anyone NOT notice
     that?!), they can travel up to the space station.
    -Ashton, Precis, Dias, Noel, Chisato, Ernest, Opera, Leon, Bowman, Rena,
     Claude, and Celine prepare for the final assault.  They fight their way up
     Ex-Trokia and make it to the space station.
    -On the space station they run across Cosmo City, a city of robotic guardians.
    -Everyone finally infiltrates Grand Knott and finds Rival.
    -Rival tells the group she is being controlled by a computer known as Mother
     Edifice.  This computer "protects" the planet of Edifice by wiping it clean
     when it's technology advances too far, in order for the inhabitants to not
     live through the grief of destroying each other, as a result of misusing
     that technology.  Akuma is simply how Mother Edifice works through a being
     in order to re-unite the Grand Knott with the space station.  The ones
     responsible for Mother Edifice are... the Muah!  They were sent to Edifice as
     well, after the disaster on Earth.
    -In order to save Edifice, the party defeats Rival.  Before dying, she tells
     everyone she was responsible for their ships crashing on Edifice.  Even though
     she was being controlled by Akuma, deep down she wanted to end the cycle, and
     used her power to pull ships from outer space - in hopes of finding the
     prophesied heroes who could save the planet.
    -Our brave heroes destroy Mother Edifice.  This ends the cycle of death once
     and for all, as well the stories of these characters.
    SD 371 (2457 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Dr. Precis Neumann develops a device known as a Neumann Purifier to remove the
     effects of the Sorcery Globe from the Planet Expel.  It does this by removing
     the Symbological particles from Energy Stones that are a cause of the
     pollution.  This phenomenon is known as Kurtz Absorption.
    -Expel joins the Pangalactic Federation.
    SD 396 (2482 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -The Federation begins mining the energy stones on Expel as a source of power
     for Creation Energy.
    SD 446 (2532 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Roak enters an alliance with Earth.
    SD 450 (2536 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Roak joins the Pangalactic Federation.
    SD 452 (2538 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Greeton's Torastic Religious War ends with destruction of the Kingdom of Aquor
     on Elicoor II.  From the ashes rise the seperate kingdoms of Aquaria and
     Airyglyph, as well as the Sanmite Republic.  See "Aprisian History" section
     for more info.
    SD 537 (2632 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Gravitic Warp is invented by Dr. Krupp.  By using high amounts of gravity to
     compress space in front of the vessel, it can travel large distances
     extremely quickly.
    SD 652 (2638 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -The Federation makes contact with the Klausians.
    SD 704 (2790 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -The first practical applications of Creation Energy appear.  This is due to
     the technology discovered by the Calnus on the planet Milokeenia in SD 366
     (2452 A.D.).
    SD 710 (2796 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -The Pangalactic Federation makes first contact with the Aldian Empire.  Their
     Imperialistic attitude causes a war between them and the Federation to almost
     immediately erupt.
    -The Pangalactic Federation makes first contact with the Planet and Nation of
     Vandeen.  Unlike the Aldians, they remain neutral.
    SD 714 (2800 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Adray Lasbard, Elicoorian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Elicoor
    SD 732 (2818 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -An accident involving a Creation Cannon on the battleship Tilgrem caused a
     massive explosion that annihilated the ship and a neighboring planet.  This
     led to strict regulations regarding creation energy.
    SD 736 (2822 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Cliff Fittir, Klausian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Klaus III.
    SD 745 (2831 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Mirage Koas, Klausian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Klaus IV.
    SD 748 (2834 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Albel Nox, Elicoorian, is born to Glou Nox and an unknown mother on the planet
     Elicoor II.
    SD 749 (2835 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Nel Zelpher, Elicoorian, is born to Nevelle Zelpher and an unknown mother on
     the planet Elicoor II.
    SD 752 (2838 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -The Federation starts their study of the Planet Styx and the time gate there.
    SD 753 (2839 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Fayt Leingod, Human, is born to Robert and Ryoko Leingod on the planet Earth.
    -Maria Traydor (adopted name), Human, is born to unknown parents on the planet
     Earth.  She is adopted by Jessie and Richard Traydor sometime afterwards.
    SD 755 (2841 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Sophia Esteed, Human, is born to Clive and Kyoko Esteed on the planet Earth.
    SD 758 (2844 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Peppita Rossetti, Velbaysian, is born to Elayne Rossetti and an unknown
    SD 760 (2846 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Roger S. Huxley, Menodix, is born to Forte G. Huxley and Aznor T. Huxley on
     the Planet Elicoor II.
    SD 763 (2849 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Albel fails his Accession of Flame Ceremony, and Glou Nox dies shielding
     his son from the flames with his body.  Albel loses his left arm in this
    SD 765 (2851 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Federation Stations #16, #17, and #18 are attacked by the Aldian Empire.  #17
     is completely destroyed, #16 and #18 are seriously damaged.
    [VIII] Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
    SD 772 (2858 A.D.)_____________________________________________________________
    -Sophia, Fayt, and Fayt's parents are vacationing on the planet Hyda IV when it
     is attacked by the Vandeeni.
    -Sophia, Fayt, and Fayt's parents try to escape to an emergency shelter, but
     Robert and Ryoko Leingod are captured by the Vandeeni.
    -Sophia and Fayt continue to the shelter, and meet Peppita Rossetti along the
    -The party leaves the shelter for the Federation Transport ship Helre.
    -The Helre is attacked and destroyed by the Vandeeni.  The 3 escape in escape
     pods, but Sophia's is captured.
    -Fayt lands on Vanguard III, and stumbles upon the town of Whipple.  He is
     taken in by 2 residents, Niklas and Meena.
    -Fayt volunteers to fix Meena's broken music box as payment.  He travels back
     to his escape pod to use the replicator, but notices it has been pillaged.
    -Fayt returns, and finds Niklas has been abducted by Norton, a man who has been
     extorting the town.
    -Fayt travels to the Ruins of Coffir, Norton's hideout, to save Niklas.  He
     learns Norton is an offworlder and fugitive.
    -Cliff shows up and helps Fayt defeat Norton.  Cliff tells Fayt he is a member
     of the Anti-Federation movement Quark, and he is to take Fayt to meet his
    -Fayt travels with Cliff back to his ship, the Eagle, piloted by Mirage.
    -The Eagle is attacked, and crash lands on the planet Elicoor II, in the
     city of Airyglyph.
    -Fayt and Cliff give themselves up to the Airyglyphians.  Mirage stays on board
     to sneak out at a later time.
    -Fayt and Cliff are rescued from jail by a women from the enemy nation of
     Aquios, named Nel.  Nel knows of their advanced technology, and believes they
     are from the Kingdom of Greeton, who possess superior technology to Aquios.
     Nel says she saved them so they could develop a weapon for Aquaria.
    -The 3 escape through the catacombs of Airyglyph.  They board a wagon along
     with 2 agents of Nel's, Tynave and Farleen.  The wagon crashes, and Tynave and
     Farleen are captured.  The remaining three escape to Kirlsa.
    -Instead of taking the main road to the Aquarian town of Arias, they sneak
     through the Kirlsa mines and take a mountain path to Arias.
    -Cliff and Fayt meet Clair, Adray's daughter.  They agree to build a weapon,
     thinking it will end the war faster.
    -In the middle of the night, Nel sneaks away to rescue Tynave and Farleen from
     the Kirlsa Training facility.
    -Fayt and Cliff follow.  They rescue Nel, then rescue Tynave and Farleen.  They
     then defeat Shelby, second in command of the Black Brigade to Albel.
    -The 3 travel to Arias, where Tynave and Farleen remain.  Cliff, Fayt, and Nel
     move on to the town of Peterney.
    -It is possible to join the Craftsman's Guild and start item creation at this
     point by talking to Welch Vineyard.
    -Fayt meets a woman named Ameena Leffeld, who looks identical to Sophia.  Fayt
     then learns Ameena traveled to the dangerous Duggus Forest to pick flowers,
     which is now the hideout of the vicious Moonshadow Clan.
    -The group travels to Duggus Forest, and rescues Ameena.  The group may also
     save and recruit Roger along the way.
    -With Ameena safe, the party moves on to Aquaria.
    -Cliff, Fayt, and Nel meet lead researcher Elena Frahm and her assistant Dion
     Landers at Aquaria's runological weapons department.  They determine the
     weapon would be more effective if the wire was made of copper, but the only
     mine is under Airyglyph control.  Fayt, Cliff, and Nel decide to infiltrate
     the mine to acquire some.
    -The group travels to the Bequerel mine and takes some copper.  They defeat
     Demitrio of the Airyglyph Dragon Brigade, and drive away Albel of the Black
    -Fayt, Cliff, and Nel travel back to Aquaria.  It's learned that Airyglyph is
     beginning to attack.  All available weapons are moved to the front line at
    -The party defeats Duke Vox, leader of the Dragon Brigade.  This victory is
     short-lived though, as a Vandeeni ship appears.
    -Fayt goes into super-angel-like-being-flip-out-mode and destroys the Vandeeni
    -The group returns to Aquaria.  Ameena meets Dion, and unfortunately they both
     perish from their injuries.
    -Maria, the leader of Quark arrives.  She explains Fayt destroyed the ship with
     his power of Destruction, the result of his father's symbological-genetic
     research.  It is unpredictable, however.  Maria holds a similar power,
    -The party learns the Vandeeni have returned infiltrated the sacred Shrine of
     Kaddan to steal the Orb of Apris.  Fayt, Cliff, Nel, and Maria enter the
     shrine and stop them.
    -The King of Airyglyph wants to talk of peace.  The party agrees to escort to
     Queen to the Ruins of Mossel for negotiations.
    -The group is ambushed by Airyglyph radicals along the way.  They are defeated,
     and the group reaches the meeting site.
    -It's explained to both nations the Vandeeni are only interested in Fayt and
     Maria.  Their escape ship, the Diplo, cannot approach however due to the
     presence of another group of Vandeeni Battleships.  They decide to provide a
     distraction by using the newly completed Thunder Arrow, the runological weapon
     Fayt and Cliff retrieved copper for.  It's range is limited however, so it
     will need to be fired from the air.  The Airyglyphian dragons are not strong
     enough to carry such a load though.  The King of Airyglyph asks you to
     retrieve Albel from Airyglyph, and try to make a contract with the great
     dragon Crosell.
    -The party retrieves Albel, and they travel through the Mountains of Barr and
     to the Urssa Lava Caves.  The path to Crosell's lair is blocked, but
     fortunately the group meets an engineer named Vanilla who will offer to make
     them a Ring of Disintegration to destroy the barrier.  A glowstone will be
     needed however.
    -The group travels to the Airyglyph Acqueducts, acquires a glowstone, and
     returns to Vanilla.
    -The party receives the ring and defeats Crosell, who swears his loyalty.
    -Everyone returns to Aquaria, where the Thunder Arrow is mounted on Crosell.
     They begin their attack on the Vandeeni.  Suddenly, a mysterious beam of
     energy destroys two of the Vandeeni battleships!  This is later revealed to be
     the Executioners.  Regardless, the group moves to the Diplo and leave the
     planet.  They are intercepted by Commodore Wittcomb in the Federation
     Battleship Aquaelie.
    -Bizwig then arrives in the Vandeeni ship Dasvanu, carrying Robert Leingod and
     Sophia.  They agree to meet at the Kirlsa Training Facility on Elicoor II to
     trade them for Fayt.
    -Biwig betrays the party, and comes with soldiers and a transport jammer.
    -Before Robert can tell Fayt and Maria why he performed forbidden research on
     them, he is killed by a Vandeeni Disruptor Rifle.  The Aquaelie destroys the
     Dasvanu.  (Seriously, thats four Vandeeni Battleships destroyed on this
     backwater planet.  They should probably call it a day). The party then
     defeats Biwig.
    	From the Star Ocean 3 Dictionary, "A personal weapon used by the
    	Vendeeni that vaporizes its target in an instant with a high-powered
    	laser."  Fortunately, the beam that killed Robert was not so wide
    	that he	was instantly vaporized.
    -The party transfers to the Aquaelie.  They learn of a new enemy, the
     Executioners, who have nearly destroyed the Alidan empire, and devastated the
     Federation.  Fayt and Maria ask to go to Moonbase in the Sol System to visit
     Dr. Leingod's lab, to see if they can learn more about their power and
     possibly how to control it.  Commander Wittcomb agrees to honor this request.
    -Sophia, Fayt, Maria, and the rest meet Peppita on Moonbase.  They find Dr.
     Leingod's lab, and find that these new opponents are gods who are out to
     destroy all of humanity for intruding on symbology, the territory of the gods.
     Robert, learning this years ago on the planet Styx, decided to experiment on
     Fayt, Maria, and Sophia to create a counter to this.  The end result is Fayt's
     power of Destruction, Maria's power of Alteration, and Sophia's power of
    -Commander Wittcomb agrees to transport them to Styx, to use their powers to
     enter the realm of the Executioners and destroy them.
    -The party takes the transport Calnus down to Styx when the Aquaelie is
     attacked by Executioners.  The Aquaelie is destroyed.
    -The group uses their powers to enter the realm of the gods, known as 4D space.
     They exit in the middle of a suburban city, and meet a child named Flad
    -They learn that they, and the entire world of Star Ocean, is nothing more than
     a simulator called the Eternal Sphere.  The way Flad describes it, it sounds
     like it is a sort of personal reality show where you assume the role of a
     character.  This world is Known as the Eternal Sphere, and it is run by the
     massive Sphere Corporation.  The Milky Way has been slated for deletion, as it
     is ridden with bugs.  The Executioners are simply programs designed to delete
     the buggy areas.
    -In order to try and stop this deletion, the party travels to the Sphere 
    -They are greeted by Azazer.  He tries to defeat the party but fails.
    -The party meets Blair Lansfeld, an employee of Sphere who is opposed to the
     deletion.  She gives the group an Uninstaller in order to delete the
     Executioners.  It must be activated within the Eternal Sphere, however.
    -The party is attacked by Belzeber and Berial, henchman of the president of
     Sphere, Luther Lansfeld.  They are defeated, and the party returns to the
     Eternal Sphere.
    -They activate the uninstaller, and the Executioners are deleted.  However,
     more powerful beings known as Convictors appear.  Blair suggests to meet
     Luther, and negotiate with him.  In order to enter his realm however, an
     object is required.  The party learns it's the Orb of Apris.
    -The Diplo arrives, and picks up the crew.  They return to Elicoor II, which
     is now covered with Convictors.
    -Mirage joins the party.
    -They retrieve the Orb.  Blair contacts them, and tells them the entrance to
     Luther's realm is at the Mosel Ruins.
    -Adray (re)joins the party.
    -The party travels to the Mosel Ruins, and passes through the Firewall Luther
     has erected.  They fight to the top of Luther's Spiral Tower.  Luther refuses
     to cancel the deletion process.
    -Fayt, Cliff, Sophia, Mirage, Adray, and the others attack and defeat Luther.
    -Despite their best efforts, Luther deletes the Eternal Sphere.  He is unable
     however, to delete the individual character data.  Thus since everyone in the
     universe retains their perception of the Eternal Sphere, nothing has changed.
    -Mirage travels back to Klaus IV to visit her "ill" father.
    -Adray remains in Aquaria to conduct military training for the Shield Legion.
     Meanwhile, he's looking for a guy to marry Clair off to...
    -Peppita returns to the Rosetti Troupe, and is allowed to star in her own act.
    -Roger returns to Surferio and continues to go on "manly adventures" with his
    -Albel and an investigation team is charged with exploring a dungeon underneath
     castle Airyglyph.  Albel meets the King of the Dead, Romero, who has killed
     the investigation team.  Romero threatens to kill Albel.  Their fate is
    -Nel returns to Aquaria, and is given a task to investigate corrupt merchants
     in Peterney by the Queen.  Nel decides to undertake the mission herself, but
     is instead ordered to entrust it to one of her subordinates, and to take
     time off.  Nel reluctantly agrees.  Upon leaving, Nel passes Elena Frahm, who
     hints that she is in fact, a 4D being.
    -With Quark disbanded, Cliff works as a diplomat.  He was last seen traveling
     to the Genesis system to negotiate the formation of a new Federation.
    -Before Maria leaves the Diplo to live out her life, Lieber attempts to finally
     confess his love to her.  The actual confession is unseen, but Maria hints
     that he does in her ending with Fayt.
    -Sophia is on the transport Hornet, bound for Roak and Kratus (remember
     Kratus?) Spaceport #3 to visit Fayt's parents.  Onboard Sophia meets Ruddle
     and Rumina, who have a chat about the war.
    ...to be continued?
    [IX] Star Ocean: EX
    You may be asking yourself, "Wait, there's a Star Ocean game I don't know
    Nah, not really.  Star Ocean: EX is an anime based on the events of Star Ocean:
    The Second Story.  It follows the game fairly closely, but for the sake of
    completeness, I have outlined the most noticable changes here.
    * Yuki (the girl who runs the jam store in Salva), is a supporting character,
      accompanying Claude to Alen-Tax's mansion.  She will appear several times
      throughout the series.
    * Three bumbling brothers who seem to always be on the wrong side of the tracks
      make frequent appearances.  While in the beginning they seem to butt heads
      with our heroes with their petty crimes and shady acquaintances, they
      eventually come to help them save the world.
    * Claude's phase gun is damaged during the battle with Alen-Tax, not while
      trying to open the door.
    * A plot point is created where Claude's communicator reacted to the energy on
      Milokeenia, and again when fighting near the stone that corrupted Alen-Tax.
      Claude suspects the Sorcery Globe was the source of this stone, and since it
      emits that same energy, may hold a clue for leaving the planet.
    * Celine references the ancient Kyuu civilization of Expel putting their
      spirits into the statues at Cross Cave.  Unfortunately, this is never
      expanded upon.
    * Claude learns Kuuhazan (Air Slash) by fighting, and losing to Dias after
      meeting him in Mars.
    * Celine has a paralyzing fear of bugs, and Ashton has a umm... well, an
      unhealthy fascination with barrels.
    * Gyoro and Ururun are not in the Salva Drift, rather in just a cave in the
      countryside.  They were blamed for killing livestock, but it turns out that
      it was a swarm of large insects.  The insects were corrupted by the same
      type of stone that Alen-Tax had.
    * The Mountain Palace (named Kuruko in the anime), is actually within the
      Lasguss (Lasgas) mountains.  A shrine carries them near the summit to meet
    * The goblet to hold the tear of the Mountain King is never collected - only
      the tear itself.
    * The ships in Herle refuse to leave because of a ghost ship, the C Barelisu.
      70 years ago, there was a mutiny aboard and a young shipmate stole a jewel
      from onboard.  In has last breath, he gives this jewel to Dias to return.
      It is returned, and the ship's soul is finally put to rest.
    * Meanwhile, this provides an excellent cover for a group of pirates looting
      the area.  It turns out however, they are controlled by a giant sea
      creature, who in turn is controlled by the Sorcery Globe.  The stone
      controlling the creature is broken, allowing our group of heroes to secure
      the harbor and continue the journey. (thank you pointless filler episode!)
    * Clik is never mentioned or visited.  The group decides to go to Lacour based
      on the behest from the King of Cross.  No ship from Cross will travel to El
      because of fear of the Sorcery Globe.
    * Hilton is also never mentioned or visited.  Linga is simply made a port town,
      and the group sails directly there from Herle.
    * In more geographic madness, the sick girl Eleanor is in Linga instead of
      Herle.  She is also a good friend of Precis.
    * Metox is located in the Sanctuary of Linga, rather than the Lasguss (Lasgas)
    * Precis runs off to the Sanctuary of Linga on her own, and retrieves Metox.
      The party chases after her, defeating a dryad corrupted by the Sorcery Globe.
    * Precis's Bobot goes on a bit of a rampage through Linga.  Hilarity ensues.
    * Instead of being given the sword, Gamgee's sword (Ouma) is stolen by our
      three favorite thieves for another weapon shop.  They hire Dias to wield
    * Claude's sword that he recieved from Regis is named Kouma, Gamgee's Son's
      finest work.
    * Ashton also enters the Tournament of Arms.  He is defeated by a giant in the
      first round when Gyoro and Ururun have an argument.  Ururun uses a spell
      called Ice Cloud Rage which causes both opponents to be tossed out of the
      ring, disqualifying them.
    * New characters are introduced, General Bisk and General Gaizel of Lacour.
      It is later revealed they are monsters under the influence of the Sorcery
      Globe.  Many other monsters have infiltrated Lacour, and imprisoned Leon.
      Celine and Ashton rescue him.
    * Claude has a flashback to his first teacher of swordsmanship, Gashu.  This
      might explain Claude's skill with a blade.
    * The tournament is interrupted before a winner is declared.  Gaizel transforms
      and attacks Dias and Claude during their match.
    * Leon's parents, Florence and Murdoch, are never seen nor mentioned.
    * The Hoffman ruins are located near a river to the north of Lacour instead of
      on an island.
    * Our heroes escort the Lacour Hope to the Front Line.  Many carrier pigeons
      were sent with no reply, so Claude and the others go on ahead to see why.
      Leon shows up with the Lacour Hope a few episodes later, in just the nick
      of time to defend from the monster assault.
    * The fortress at the Lacour Front Line is named Heinz Fortress, and is much
      more grand than it appears in the game.  The soldiers there were being
      entertained by the one and only Yuki when our heroes arrive.
    * Dias has gone ahead to El as a scout.  He returns to the front line,
      horribly injured due to a curse.  Rena is unable to heal him.
    * The Commander of the fortress, Harvest, is much different.  A rather
      untrusting fellow, and throws everyone in jail under suspicion of being
      a monster.  Later he sells everyone out to Shin, who promptly kills him.
      From this point on, the story differs significantly from the game.  It
      seems they tried to take the whole "Crest of Annihilation" story from Energy
      Nede and compress it into Expel.  What results is a strange hybrid of discs
      1 and 2, with a bunch of unique stuff thrown in.  This might be because the
      show was not greenlighted for another season, and they wanted to wrap things
      up.  The story was finished however, in the form of drama CDs.  Anyway,
      you've been warned - here we go.
    * Shin is defeated in the forest outside Heniz Fortress by a Hou Kou Ha from
      Dias instead of at Eluria Tower.  Consequently, the ship carrying the Lacour
      Hope is destroyed by a tsunami instead of Shin.
    * Astonishingly, the Lacour Hope survives in this version.  It is broken, but
      Leon and the others eventually fix it.  However, the Heraldric Spell
      Converter needs replacement parts, and our heroes had to travel to the city
      of machines, Smith to get said parts.
    * While the crew is gone, monsters and robots attack (yes there are robots in
      this version).  The robots steal the Energy Stone powering the Lacour Hope.
      Leon and our favorite three bumbling thieves fight valiantly.  Opera runs
      after the robots and disappears, but Ernest shows up in the nick of time.
    * Turns out there were no parts at Smith - whoops!  Claude offers his phase
      gun and communicator to use for parts.  However, Precis shows up in her
      Bobot along with Bowman, and they scrap it instead.
    * Meanwhile, Leon overhears Claude's communicator send out a transmission for
      him, but Claude is unable to get any response when he tries to reply.
    * Leon says the damage to Claude's phase gun was minor, and repairs it for
    * Some light (as opposed to NONE) is shed on the runes recovered from Cross
      Cave.  The runes have a prophecy of the Sorcery Globe falling to Expel.
      However, no hero is mentioned.  Bowman speculates the story of the Hero of
      Light is just a fabrication to give people hope.
    * The prophecy itself states that when the Black Moon of the Sorcery Globe
      appears, it will bear the Crest of Annihilation.  Within 7 days, all living
      things on the planet will die, and within another 7, all the stars will die.
      Must be one of them slow acting Crest of Annihilations.
    * The crew travels through a sewer of Eluria to the Sorcery Globe's
      underground.  They learn the Sorcery Globe is a sort of parasitic plant,
      sucking the life energy from the planet.  Not like Final Fantasy VII or
    * The crew is attacked by a hovering, robot monster.  When all seems lost,
      Ernest shows up in his ship and blasts it to pieces.  Our heroes return to
      where the Lacour Hope is being repaired.
    * The Lacour Hope is put onto Ernest's ship and transported to the front line.
      Energy from the Sorcery Globe forces them to land.  Leon, using the weaker
      Energy Stone from Bobot, begins to recite the firing incantation.
    * A robot army appears to stop the Lacour Hope.  Everyone fights to hold them
      off so the Lacour Hope can be fired.
    * Sadly everyone dies a horrible death - kidding!  The Lacour hope is fired at
      the Sorcery globe, and the robot army is destroyed (mostly).  When the
      smoke clears however, from the organic remains of the Sorcery Globe comes a
      metal structure.  It rises into the sky, and the Black Moon appears.  The
      Lacour Hope is inoperable.
    * The Sorcery Globe begins spewing lightning, severing the ground asunder.
      Claude, Rena, Celine and Ashton are seperated from the others.  They beg the
      others to escape, which they do.  A bolt of lightning destroys one of the
      engine cowlings however, and everyone else only manage to get a short
      distance away before crashing along a beach.
    * The party retreats to a cave, where Claude is contacted again by the Calnus.
      Ronyx found him by detecting the high energy source, the Sorcery Globe (not
      Energy Nede this time!).  Claude is told the Sorcery Globe is a spaceship
      launched from Star System N56 to sap energy from the planet, for an unknown
      reason.  Claude, like in the game, refuses to return despite his father
      warning him of the futile effort.
    * On an interesting side note, we learn that Expel has a moon occording to a
      display on the Calnus.
    * Opera and Ernest return and save the four on hover bikes.  They retreat back
      towards the tower.
    * Ernest reviewed the translated runes a bit more, and points out a section
      saying at the top of the tower is the controller of the Sorcery Globe, a
      demon. (literally Akuma, which translates to Devil like in Blue Sphere.  It
      is used as an improper noun here however, as opposed to Blue Sphere where it
      is a proper noun.)  Claude, Rena, Ashton, and Celine take the hover bikes and
      speed off towards the tower.
    * They are attacked and knocked off the bikes.  Surrounded, things are looking
      grim until a somewhat recovered Dias appears and makes quick work of the
      robots.  Dias also gives Claude a feather of Xine, which allows him to
      generate a magical barrier at will.
    * Eluria Tower is much more... ethereal.  There is little to no solid structure
      on the inside.
    * Ashton and Celine stay behind to fend off the monsters while Claude and Rena
    * The three brothers read another section of the prophecy that says the holy
      light will save everyone from the Sorcery Globe.  They take that to mean the
      Lacour Hope, which means they failed.
    * Leon and Precis manage to fix Ernest's ship.  They take off in order to...
      promptly crash it into the base of the Sorcery Globe.  However, the
      vibrations knock over some robots who were about to fire on Claude.  The
      ship is destroyed immediately thereafter by the enemies outside.
    * Claude and Rena are guided by a mysterious woman throughout the tower.  Rena
      is told by Gabriel (Indalecio) that she is Nedian, and should stop fighting.
      Claude and Rena have one of "their moments", and Rena is convinced she should
      go on.
    * Meanwhile, earthquakes and other sorts of natural disasters begin all over
      the planet.
    * Gabriel shows Claude the device that brought him from Milokeenia.  He
      explains that the Sorcery Globe was responsible for that planets destruction
      as well.  The Sorcery Globe is a system to sap a plants life force, and
      transport it elsewhere so that they (the Wise Men), can survive.
    * Gabriel also tells Rena she is a shrine maiden - someone sent to Expel to
      find the hero and eventually bring the hero before him.
    * Claude is put through his paces by being put in various illusions by Gabriel,
      which of course he overcomes.
    * Gabriel transforms into a giant eye.  He attacks, and Claude defends with the
      feather of Xine... except it overcomes the barrier, and breaks his sword.
      Claude throws the hilt containing the feather at Gabriel's eye, who finds
      that less than appealing.  An infuriated Gabrial attacks again, but Rena
      steps in front of it!  She receives a deadly blow that shatters her pendant.
    * Things are looking pretty bad for Rena when... the Holy Light appears!  It
      has manifested in the form of that woman who guided them here.  Rena is
    * Dias, Celine, and Ashton arrive and attack Gabriel.  While he's stunned,
      Claude deals the fatal blow with his phase gun.  The gun sprouts angel's
      wings as the holy power is added to the shot.
    * Outside, the Sorcery Globe is destroyed.  But the Black Moon remains!  It
      vows to destroy the planet regardless.  As the ground starts to break apart,
      Xine appears and stops time.
    * Gyoro and Ururun warn Xine is shortening his lifespan considerably by using
      so much power.  Xine says he does not care, and only wishes to do his part to
      save the planet.
    * The holy light woman appears with a Milokeenian teleporter.  She says in
      order to save the planet, take the teleporter to the enemy base and stop them
      once and for all.  Everyone agrees to help Claude defend the planet, and the
      series ends.
    [X] Aprisian History
    Aprisian History?  What the hell are you talking about?
    Well, if you take a good look at the books scattered around Elicoor II, as well
    as the dictionary entries, you can get quite a feel as to how the Religion of
    Apris operates.  In addition to having mythology like other religions, the
    Theocracy of Aquaria also has detailed records of the history of the continent
    of Gaitt.  I have included the full text here, for you to browse at your
    leisure.  I decided to not put all the details in the timeline for several
    reasons.  For one it's too lengthy, and I feel such a random, large amount of
    information would detract from the importance of the main stories of the games.
    In addition, I don't think everything is 100% factual, as its based in myth and
    legend.  Finally Aquaria's account is less than kind to Airyglyph, so theres a
    lot of bias here that I think distorts the truth.
    Although Apris's creation story may be the most accurate of all since it
    actually refers to the 4D Beings themselves, granted amongst much metaphor and
    modern interpretation.
    Creation Story
    "In the distant past, when even the sands of time did not flow, it is said that
     the world was divided into the promised Land of Aden and the Land of Eldia,
     where those of unfledged souls flock.  Aden was protected by the divine powers
     of the ten deities, and the people there lived in peace and happiness.  But in
     Eldia, where the powers of the ten deities could not reach, the negative
     emotions of anger, hatred, suffering, envy, jealousy, scorn and lust filled
     the land."
    "One day, out of idle curiosity, the seraph Faria, who was born in Eldia but
     raised in Aden, sowed the seeds of a strife between the demon Luqifer and the
     deva Lance.  The seeds soaked up the red water Faria gave them, and in a blink
     of an eye they sprouted and grew so big that they covered all of Eldia.  In
     time, the small strife turned into a fierce hared, precipitating a massive war
     that ultimately involved the people of Aden, too."
    "By the end of the fierce war between the gods, the two lands of Aden and Eldia
     had been ravaged by searing white flames that stretched all the way to the
     heavens.  Countless gods and people lost their lives and those that survived
     had nowhere to which they could return... Frightened by the result of their
     actions, the gods gave rise to a new Promised Land known as Enalneed, guided
     the survivors there, and then vanished from this world.  And so it said the
     Age of the Ancients ended."
    "The world became a void where there was no light, no wind, nor even sound.
     And yet, after a time immeasurable to man, new life sprouted.  From the
     blazing Land of Aden rose the Father God, Apris, clothed in a crimson robe,
     and from the frozen Land of Eldia rose the beautiful triplet goddesses
     Irisa, Erinia, and Palmira."
    "Over a period of 1024 years, the Father God, Apris, together with the three
     Moon Goddesses, created a new land of hope and the many living things there.
     Once they finished creating all life, Apris threw his own body into a blazing
     fire, transforming his very soul into a great mass of flames that rose into
     the heavens.  Thus he became embodied in the Sun so he could watch over the
     world for all eternity.  The triplet goddesses Irisa, Erinia, and Palmira also
     sought to protect the world together with their husband, Apris.  As they rose
     into the heavens, the ever curious Irisa kept looking back at the world they
     had created, and so it was that she ended up being seperated from the other
     two Moon Goddesses circling our world."
    Summed up: Faria is a jerk, Apris gets all the ladies, and theres another world
    out there called Enalneed with some interesting dudes.  Could this be a
    reference to Nede or Energy Nede?
    One final interesting note - 1024 years?  Seems like a rather arbitrary number,
    until you realize that 1024 is the highest number than can be expressed with
    10 binary digits. Hence 1024 bytes in a kilobyte.  So it seems the scriptures
    of Apris were very much influenced by the Eternal Sphere.
    Gods and Goddesses: A Summary
    Offset from the mythology are what we know about the gods in 4D Space.
    * Ruler of the Gods
    * His wives are Irisa, Erinia, and Palmira
    * Embodiment of the Sun
    * His words become the Emissary of Apris
    * His heart takes the form of the Holy Mother
    * Blair is responsible for the 'Apris' Project of the Eternal Sphere,
      effectively tying him to her.  May be named for the one of the 3 predecessors
      who quit before her
    * Sibling of Erinia and Palmira, of which she is the eldest
    * Wife of Apris
    * Embodied in the moon of the same name, which is the largest in size
    * The Goddess of the Moon and Storms
    * Presides over Sky and Dance
    * Mother of Elena, Solon
    * 4D name Irisa Pahm
    * Original Developer of Eternal Sphere responsible for World Configuration
    * Currently retired
    * Sibling of Irisa and Palmira, of which she is the middle
    * Wife of Apris
    * Embodied in the moon of the same name, which is the middle in size
    * The Goddess of the Moon and Thunder
    * Presides over Storms and War
    * Mother of Dirna, Folstar
    NO 4D INFO AVAILABLE - where is she?!
    * Sibling of Irisa and Erinia, of which she is the youngest
    * Wife of Apris
    * Embodied in the moon of the same name, which is the smallest in size
    * The Goddess of the Moon and Rain
    * Presides over Water and Beauty
    * Mother of Oreas, Aire, Shar, Leira
    * 4D name Palmira Armes
    * Original Developer of the Eternal Sphere responsible for Graphics
    * Currently retired
    Emissary of Apris______________________________________________________________
    * The embodiment of the words of Apris
    * The main god worshipped in the Church of Apris
    * No 4D equivilant that I can find
    * Child of Apris and Irisa
    * Goddess of Light
    * Has wings of pure white
    * Presides over Courage and Authority
    * Keeper of all singers who inspire heroes and all flying creatures
    * LIKELY 4D name the Elena Frahm at Castle Aquaria
    * It is uncomfirmed, though strongly hinted at Elena is a 4D Being trapped in
      the Eternal Sphere
    * Child of Apris and Palmira
    * God of Darkness
    * Is Hideous
    * Presides over Night and Sleep
    * 4D Name Oreas Rumac
    * Graphic Artist in charge of Dungeon Layouts
    * Child of Apris and Irisa
    * God of the Clouds
    * Fastest of all Gods
    * Changes forms as he journeys throughout the land
    * Guardian of the Spirits, and jointly the World with Dirna
    * Presides over Freedom and Peace
    * 4D name Solon Solute
    * Graphic Artist and Programmer
    * Has an on-again, off-again relationship with Dirna
    * Child of Apris and Erinia
    * Goddess of Fire
    * Carries a blazing bow
    * Is Selfish
    * Guardian of Dragons, and jointly the World with Solon
    * Presides of Knowledge and the Hunt
    * 4D name Dirna Hamilton
    * Battle Effects Processor and Assistant Programmer
    * Has an on-again, off-again relationship with Solon.
    * Child of Apris and Palmira
    * God of the Land
    * Carries a battleaxe
    * Largest of all deities
    * Phiasome-looking yet gentle
    * Guardian of all who roam the land
    * Presides of Mountains and Valor
    * 4D name Aire Duxis
    * Manages the Eternal Sphere's parameters
    * Child of Apris and Palmira (ingame Erinia and Palmira - must be a misprint)
    * Twin of Leira
    * Goddess of Water
    * Carries a sword which she uses to interrupt winter
    * Guardian of all who live in water
    * Presides over Spring and Tears
    * 4D name Shar Zeit
    * In charge of Scenario Settings and Process Management
    * Child of Apris and Palmira (ingame Erinia and Palmira - must be a misprint)
    * Twin of Shar
    * Goddess of Time
    * Carries a wand to entwine time around
    * Guardian of Faeries
    * Presides over Sorrow and Growth
    * 4D name Leira Zeit
    * Programmer of Flag Process Management and System Components
    * Child of Apris and Erinia
    * God of the Underworld
    * Very Cruel
    * Unwanted Child
    * Carries a sword which he reaps souls with
    * Guardian of the Dead
    * Presides over Winter and Phia
    * 4D name Folstar Rood
    * Programmer fired from Sphere Co. for his horrible programming and work ethic.
      Can be found wandering around Arkives.
    The Sacred Treasures
    The Sacred Orb_________________________________________________________________
    A crystal sphere of pure runological force.  It was bestowed upon Sirvia by the
    Emissary of Apris.  It has the power to produce an endless amount of water, and
    is responsible for submerging all of Surferio.  It is currently housed in the
    Shrine of Kaddan, and later learn that it is the key to enter Luther's lair.
    The Sword of the Crimson Scourge_______________________________________________
    A sword of immense power.  It was bestowed upon Aquaria I by the Emissary of
    Apris.  It is a sentient sword who chooses who can wield it.  It is said when
    wielded by one it has accepted as its master, it can cleave the sky in two.
    It currently is in possession of Airyglyph, after being brought there by
    Edyglyph when she fled Aquor.  It is wielded by Glou Nox, then later by his
    son Albel.  It does not seem to have a role in 4D space, or it is never
    The Sacred Tablet of the Ten Precepts__________________________________________
    A stone tablet which records the laws set by the gods.  It was bestowed upon
    Ronaldo by the Goddess Elena at the Shrine of Kaddan.  See below for the
    contents.  It is presumably still possessed by Aquaria, as no mention has been
    made otherwise.  It does not seem to have a role in 4D space, or it is never
    The Living Eyes of the Holy Mother_____________________________________________
    Bestowed upon the Holy Mother at birth by Apris.  These eyes are insribed with
    runes that allow the Holy Mother to see the flow of runological force directly.
    It takes such vision to gain mastery of the sacred treasures.  Unless you're
    awesome like Glou or Albel, apparently.  It does not seem to have a role in 4D
    space, or it is never mentioned.
    The Ten Precepts
    1)  Thou shalt walk thine own road, provided thou dost not violate the
        following precepts.
    2)  Thou shall not steal, maim, nor kill.
    3)  Thou shall practice moderation, not indulgence.
    4)  Thou shall cherish thy fellow man, and value the souls of all living
        creatures, for they are equal.
    5)  Thou shall work hard and fulfill thy duties, for indolence is the death of
        the soul.
    6)  Thou shall not cause needless strife, for pain begets anger, and anger
        begets suffering.
    7)  Thou shall abandon desire and broaden thy knowledge.  Act upon truth, not
    8)  Thou shall judge fairly.  It is a sin to do otherwise.
    9)  Thou shall punish criminals according to their crimes, for those who go
        unpunished will commit them again.
    10) Thou shall never punish the innocent.
    History of Gaitt
    "Seven hundred years ago, Aquaria I, the first Holy Mother, established a
     small, nameless kingdom in the northern reaches of central Gaitt.  Is is said
     while she and her people, worshippers of the primeval gods, fled to this land
     to escape the divine plagues, they were protected by the Wing of Time, one of
     the wings left behind by the seraph Faria."
    "One day, a small dispute arose between the fledgling kingdom and its neighbor.
     The dispute spread rapidly to nearby lands, which were vying for control of
     the central part of the continent.  Within a generation, it had grown into the
     Torastic Religious War, a great war involving seven neighboring lands.  Led by
     the divine guidance of Apris, the Sun God, the small, namless kingdom won the
     war, made peace with four of the neighboring lands, and then merged them into
     a single kingdom.  This is said to be the origin of the Ancient Kingdom of
     Aquor, which would later give rise to the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria."
    "During the Torastic Religious War, Apris, the Sun God, answered Aquaria I's
     sincere prayers for peace by sending the Emissary of Apris.  The Emissary
     presented the Queen with a magic sword and the knowledge of runes.  Aquaria I
     was thus chosen by Apris to be the Holy Mother, and she used her two newly
     granted powers to fight toward ending the war.  This enabled the nameless
     kingdom to win the war and reestablish peace throughout the land.  When
     Aquaria I became the first rule of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, she expressed
     her gratitude to Apris by establishing the Church of Apris as their official
     religion and vowing to worship Apris as the Father God for all eternity."
    "Three hundred twenty years ago, the emerging Kingdom of Greeton in eastern
     Gaitt invaded Aquor with 600 mechamen under the control of the Snake of
     Valeria, the 3rd generation Mech Master, and the kingdom's Iron, Steel,
     Copper, and Silver combat battalions.  Even back then, Greeton was known as a
     technological superpower, and their steel mechamen were extremely powerful.
     The Ancient Kingdom of Aquor lost most of its territory within half a year.
     Completely overwhelmed by Greeton's power, reigning queen Edyglyph took the
     legendary sword Crimson Scourge, her infant son, and a few of her followers
     and fled into the night, abandoning her kingdom, her people, and her gods.
     Without its queen, Aquor soon fell to the invading hoards of Greeton.  So it
     was one woman's betrayal that cased the utter destruction of the once
     flourishing Kingdom of Aquor within a mere year of Greeton's invasion."
    "When Surferio, the capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, fell to the
     Kingdom of Greeton, Edyglyph the Traitor and her closest followers fled toward
     the Airyglyph region.  Most however, were caught by Greeton's forces, and only
     a very few made it to the land of Airglyph alive.  Perhaps it was divine
     retribution against the traitors who betrayed their god, their kingdom, and
     their people."
    "Twenty years into Greeton's domination of the Aquios region, one young lady
     rose up against the tyranny of the Snake of Valeria, the Mech Master who ruled
     the conquered land for his kingdom.  Her name was Crestia Dyne.  she would
     later be crowned Sirvia I and become known to future generations as Sirvia,
     the Liberator.  Crestia, aided by her brother, Ronaldo, engaged in a
     protracted war with the far more powerful forces of the Kingdom of Greeton,
     until one fateful day."
    "The bitter struggle against the Mechanized Corps controlled by the Snake of
     Valeria continued beyond all hope.  One day, Crestia single-handedly slipped
     through the enemy's defenses into the land of Surferio.  She stood defiantly
     before the accursed Mech Master and raised to the heavens the Sacred Orb,
     which she had received from the Emissary of Apris upon visiting the Shrine of
     Kaddan.  Thereupon, the very earth fractured and out rushed a massive torrent
     of water, inundating the surrounding land and sweeping away the Mechanized
     Corps.  And so it was that the corrupted city of Surferio was submerged in a
     single night by the gods' wrath.  After losing their Mechanized Corps, the
     backbone of their military might, the remaining enemy forces were driven all
     the way back to the continent of Greeton by the Runological Unit led by
     Crestia's brother, Ronaldo."
    "Crestia, the savior of our kingdom, learned through a divine revelation from
     Elena, Goddess of Light, that she was a scion of the royal family of Aquor,
     the kingdom that had been annihilated by Greeton.  Backed by strong popular
     support of the people, Crestia founded the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
     Thereupon, she was crowned Sirvia I and her brother, Ronaldo, was appointed
     Royal Minister.  The two siblings ruled the kingdom for many long years."
    "After Crestia, the Holy Mother, was crowned Sirvia I, the Sacred Orb was
     returned to Kaddan by her brother, Ronaldo.  It is said that Ronaldo was
     thereupon blessed by the goddess Elena and received a stone tablet engraved
     with the ten divine precepts that all worshipers of Apris must obey."
    [XI] Galactic Map
    The map has been revised, thanks to adelinathepirate.  She has pointed me to
    another Star Ocean map, from the 'Eternal Materials' book.  While although
    very similar to my old one, has a few key differences.  I felt the images were
    busy and difficult to read, so I modified my old map, as well as added
    territory markers.  That map can be found at:
    The originals can be found at:
    These maps however, contradict the dictionary in 2 locations.  First is
    Remote Station #6.  Remote Station #6 is said, by the Dictionary, to be
    located _ON_ the borderline between Gamma and Lambda.  Why they stuck it in
    the heart of Gamma, I don't know.
    Also is the Kappa sector.  The dictionary states that the Federation controls
    only half of it, yet this map shows them controlling all of it.  Hmm...
    Remote Station #8 is another interesting phenomenon.  Why is it sitting on the
    edge of the galaxy?  The overlay of the Milky Way would seem to imply that
    there are stars, and thus planets.  So why has it, along with the other edges
    of the galaxy, been given a sector designation?
    Arakh is also quite interesting because it is so far out from the galactic
    core - it's a wonder its star, Estoch and itself did not become a rogue system!
    Arakh's distance of 7.6 AUs would put it at about halfway inbetween Jupiter and
    Saturn in our solar system.  It would seem Arakh is even more unique, in that
    modern astronomy suggests that most planets at that distance from their stars
    are gas giants.
    Arakh however, also has frozen Nitrogen - which occurs at below 63 degrees
    Kelvin.  Jupiter's average temperature is 152 degrees Kelvin and Saturn's
    143 degrees Kelvin.  This would indicate that Estoch is a very small star.
    In fact, it's barely within the range of size needed to be a star for nuclear
    fusion to occur.  A truly unique planet indeed.
    Now if you recall Maria having her flashback to when her adopted parents died,
    the transport ship Radish was destroyed by Aldians whilst they were fleeing to
    Arakh.  Why in the world were they going there?  Is it a good hiding place?
    We've barely scratched the surface though!  There's still a lot of territory
    out there, and the war with the Aldians has just begun.  What will Star Ocean
    4 hold in store for us?
    A huge thanks to adalinathepirate for her contributions to this section!
    [XII] PSP Remake Differences
    Ah, the PSP.  Thanks to it, our wonderful friends at tri-Ace decided to remake
    the first two Star Ocean titles for our viewing pleasure.
    Both series have been re-done with a brand spanking new translation.  While SO2
    was of course translated prior for the PSX, it was hastily done, and is
    frequently cited as a prime example of bad voice acting.  Thankfully that has
    been corrected, and now the voices are a vast improvement over what we had.
    Even more significant is the translation of SO1.  This game has never had an
    official English translation, so it's nice to see how things have changed in
    the past 13 or so years.
    And finally, since this is an FAQ focuses on the story of the game, I focus
    only on those changes which matter to the plot.  It's beyond the scope of this
    FAQ to point out that theres now FMVs, updated graphics, etc...
    Star Ocean: First Departure
    Where do I begin?
    Of course, many of us have known Star Ocean prior due to DeJap's translation
    patch for the SNES ROM.  While Dejap's translation is fairly accurate, this
    lets us see how things were carried across cultures, as well as giving us a bit
    more insight into certain events.  Long story short I hate the official
    translation as I think they were not very faithful to the script, and they
    really butchered the names.
    What's in a name?______________________________________________________________
    Probably the most immediate and largest difference in the English version are
    the names.  Locations and characters have been renamed for really no reason
    except to confuse and frustrate.  For christ sakes, the Japanese trailer even
    has their English names - and the skills were already translated in the PSX
    version of SO2!  Anyway, enough ranting.
    Ratix Farrence  = Roddick Farrence
    Milly Killiet   = Millie Chilette
    Dorn Malto      = Dorne Murtough
    Ilia Silvestoli = Ilia Silvestri
    Ronixis J Kenni = Ronyx J. Kenny
    Cius Warren     = Cyuss Warren
    Fear Mell       = Phia Melle
    Joshua Jerrand  = Ioshua Jerand (Seriously? Joshua was no good!?)
    Ashlay Barnbelt = Ashlay Berndbelt
    Marvel Frozen   = Mavelle Froesson
    Tinek Arukena   = T'Nique Arcana
    Perisie         = Pericci
    Maltos Killiet = Martoth Chilette
    Ryas Warren    = Lias Warren
    Clatos                = Kratus
    Cool                  = Coule
    Clato                 = Kraat
    Hot                   = Haute
    Portmis               = Portmith
    Otanim                = Autanim
    Astral Castle Town    = Astral City
    Tatoroy               = Tatroi
    Ecdart                = Eckdart
    Van Castle Town       = Van City (at least in dialogue. For some reason the
                                      title upon entering town is Van y Ille City)
    Sylvalant Castle Town = Sylvalant City
    Moore     = Muan
    Sylvalant = Silvalant
    Moorians = Muah
    Resonia = Lesonia
    Stream = Styx
    Velcant = Velkhent
    Mount Metox = Mount Metorx
    Parj Temple = Purgatorium (sounds nasty!)
    The Realm of the Gods__________________________________________________________
    Prior references to magic have been removed and instead replaced with Symbology
    in order to keep in line with canon.
    Sweet Delicious Murder_________________________________________________________
    After defeating the Bandits, the Elder of Kratus (now called the Captain),
    rewards you with some Blueberries and some Twice-Cooked Pork, which is said to
    be Roddick's favorite food. (also a change)
    You Leave Me Breathless________________________________________________________
    visiting the Calnus airlock now starts a brief conversation where Ilia talks
    about the vacuum of space and the quick death one would receive if that door
    was not there.  Always so cheerful!
    Budget Cuts____________________________________________________________________
    The Holodeck on the Calnus has been removed and replaced with a lounge.  In the
    SNES version, they would let you explore a section of road between Kratus and
    Cool.  With the addition of an overworld system, this makes it somewhat
    Set Phasers to... non-existant?________________________________________________
    The Felworm attack on the Calnus now occurs at the elevator rather than in the
    transporter room.  In the SNES version the transporter operator tries to use a
    phaser on them with no effect.
    Demonic Knowledge______________________________________________________________
    In SO1, during the meeting with representatives from Lesonia on Earth, Roddick
    identifies the host they are speaking of as Asmodeus.  In the SNES version, you
    did not learn the identity of him until much later.
    Who's the Boss?________________________________________________________________
    After the time gate grants the request to travel back in time, Ronyx comments
    that they must leave their weapons, communicators, etc. or they will be
    repelled from the gate.  In the SNES version, the gate itself commands our
    heroes to leave them.  How does Ronyx know this?  Has the Federation tried to
    use the gate before?
    With few exceptions, all of the PAs in the game have been changed.  And of
    course, the addition of two new characters adds a lot more options as well.
    Actually, special note on the PAs.  They are very... strange.  As opposed to
    the SNES version, very few of PSP ones have choices that can adjust AR ratings.
    They are instead interesting skits the characters perform.  Also, our noble
    band of heroes have been replaced by a bunch of social rejects.  Welch
    constantly has erotic dreams about Roddick, T'Nique reveals he's bi-sexual,
    Pericci talks about being raped by pirates, and two Astral soldiers have a
    massochistic lust for Phia.  For serious.
    Damn You El-Nino!______________________________________________________________
    Astral is no longer a barren desert, just a grassland with some rocky plains.
    Swallowing His Pride___________________________________________________________
    Cyuss will now accompany the group to Astral Castle Town.  In the SNES version,
    he more or less refused to set foot in it.
    Haaave Mercy!__________________________________________________________________
    The Inner Purgatorim has changed quite a bit.  Whereas it used to be brutally
    hard dungeon, in the PSP version they chopped off the half of it shortly after
    you get the Blue Key Card - greatly reducing its difficulty.
    More importantly however, is the passcode to open the door.  In the SNES
    version, it was a clever play on words to make you spell out E-A-R-T-H.  In the
    PSP version, they just make you place the emblems in a console.  The order is
    determined by the weather of the continent. (e.g., Land of Falling Leaves = Van
    and so on)
    The ol' Switcheroo_____________________________________________________________
    The scene where our heroes meet Asmodeus has changed slightly.  The party
    fights Asmodeus BEFORE the 3rd Party arrives.  After he is defeated, they beam
    in and take Millie hostage.  While Millie is taken hostage, they safely take
    the sample, rough up Millie and Roddick a little bit, then leave.
    Forgetting Fargett_____________________________________________________________
    While briefly mentioned in the timeline, the planet Fargett is completely
    different.  For one, some of your companions are captured when you are ambushed
    on arrival.  Ivana throws a bomb, which lets the others escape.  The remaining
    people appear at the resistance base on Fargett.  Roddick and the others travel
    west to a prison, whereupon everyone else is rescued.  Ivana then tells them
    that Fargettians are also Muah sent to another planet.  The group then travels
    north To Wadagupe (the capital) and into a ruined laboratory.  Here our heroes
    learn a bit more about Jie's backstory.  Asmodeus was the first superhuman
    created by Fargett, but he opened a wormhole to the demon world and fled.  The
    Fargettians were not able to adequately create another superhuman, so they went
    to Asmodeus to steal his DNA.  The group then takes an underground tunnel to
    the base of the tower.  Revorse Tower itself is completely different from its
    SNES counterpart, and has an interesting reference to the ship Discovery (see
    1587 A.D. for info on that).  Access to the Oracle Rooms and The Seven Star
    Ruins are actually located in the basement of Revorse Tower.
    Star Ocean: Second Evolution
    Second Story got a much more subtle adjustment for it's PSP debut.  The
    gameplay did not get a makeover like First Evolution did.  Instead we have a
    port with a wealth of new dialogue thanks to a re-done script.  It is similiar
    to the PSX version, but with a less literal translation.  There are western
    expressions, turns of phrase, etc..  They were a bit more kind of the names of
    characters, but once again places have new, silly names.
    What's in a name again?________________________________________________________
    Keeping with the tradition of name changing for absolutely no reas... ah frak
    it here we go again.
    Claude C. Kenny      = Claude C. Kenny
    Gyoro                = Creepy
    Ururun               = Weepy (I really wish I was joking here)
    Leon D.H. Geeste     = Leon D.H. Gehste
    Cross        = Krosse
    Mars         = Marze
    Helre        = Harley
    Clik         = Kurik
    Lacour       = Lacuer
    El           = Ell
    Central City = Centropolis
    Giveaway     = Princebridge
    Fienal       = Phynal
    Alen-Tax        = Allen Tucks
    Labe Jules      = Raveh Jules
    Eglas Jules     = Egras Jules
    Nineh           = Ninay
    Xine            = Zinae
    Barney          = Bunny
    Bobot           = Robby
    Florence Geeste = Florith Gehste
    Murdoch Geeste  = Murdock Gehste
    Shin            = Cynne
    Narl            = Nall
    Synard          = Psynard
    Reema Lanford   = Rhima Lanford
    Dr. Reyfus      = Dr. Leifath
    Indalecio = Gabriel
    Cyril     = Lucifer
    Vesper    = Haniel
    Decus     = Michael
    Jibril    = Raphael
    Nicolus   = Camael
    Ruprecht  = Zadkiel
    Berle     = Metatron
    Shigeo    = Jophiel
    Marsilio  = Zaphkiel
    Barkers = Barchians
    Shingo Forest             = Sacred Forest
    Heraldry Forest           = Forest of Symbols
    Lacour Tournament of Arms = Lecuer Armory Contest
    Outer Wall Paradise       = Outer Gardens
    Field of Wisdom           = Field of Intelligence
    Field of Might            = Field of Power
    Cave of Red Crystal       = Cave of Crimson Crystals
    Mineh Cavern              = Minae Cave
    Cave of Trials            = Maze of Tribulations
    Crest of Annihilation = Symbol of Annihilation
    Crest of Enchantment  = Symbol of Divinity
    More Realms of the Gods________________________________________________________
    Just like First Departure, all references to Heraldry have been removed and
    replaced with Symbology to keep in line with canon.
    [XIII] Unsolved Mysteries
    Beam Me Back Down!_____________________________________________________________
    The first unsolved mystery of the series is actually a subtle hint that most
    would not notice.  In SO4, a disease which turns its victim to stone called
    Bacculus is spreading across the Planet Lemuris.  An extremely similar but
    curable disease is prevelant on the Planet Roak as well.
    At the end of the events on Lemuris, Lutea gives a subtle clue worth noting.
    When the victims die, they let out a howl and are surrounded by a beam of
    light.  We'll come back to that.
    If you remember in SO1, a "third party" under the guise of the Lesonians
    unleashed a disease onto the planet which also turned its victims to stone.
    They then harvested these statues for use in their weapons.  See the
    similarities?  The people on Lemuris also could have been harvested.  The
    difference though, is that the people on Roak just disappeared, where the
    "corpse" is left on Lemuris.  But look at Ghimdo's statue in Triom - it looks
    nothing like him!  They could be replacing their victims with a decoy.
    In fact on Roak, Reimi contracts their version of the disease.  Edge actually
    confuses it for Bacculus, but is correct.  This disease is very curable.  Could
    this third party have introduced the Bacculus to Roak as the disease we know in
    SO1?  If so, who is it, and why did they leave decoys on Lemuris?
    Eternal Sphere Madness_________________________________________________________
    Knowing what we do know about the Eternal Sphere, how in the world is it
    possible that the mirror Earth Edge visits in 1957 possible?
    InM3mOrYoF from the forums ponders:
    	"does this mean that there are multiple "Eternal Spheres" running at
    	the same time and that Black Holes link the Eternal Spheres together?"
    A probable explanation.  My thought is that the Eternal Sphere has multiple
    "servers", realms, shards, what have you, and that Edge somehow crossed over to
    a different one.  Any speculation is welcomed.
    Meraculous Circumstances_______________________________________________________
    Meracle is a particular mysterious character throughout the game.  Is she from
    Roak?  Is it from our Roak or a mirror Roak?  In either case, how did she wind
    up on a spaceship headed towards Earth?  What of the other crewmembers on that
    ship?  How does she know Eleyna under drastically different circumstances than
    the others?
    Dating Innacuracies____________________________________________________________
    At the end of the Star Ocean: The Last Hope, when the UP3 is being formed and
    the Federation created, it says the event takes place "1 year later".  This
    occurs however, in SD 12.  We know for sure that Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    begins in SD 10.  So that means that at some point through SO4, the date passes
    from SD 10 to SD 11.
    Now as to when this happens, I'm not sure.  The last hint at a date we get is
    July 30th, SD 10 - which occurs during the "real" flight to En II.
    The only explanation I have is that when Edge fell into the black hole of Nox
    Obscurus at the end of SO4, he experienced a time dilation - what was just a
    moment for him could have been a year for on outside observer.  But then, how
    did he show back up at Commander Kenny's ship, and why was everyone waiting for
    I'm afraid this one is still kind of an enigma, or possibly the "One year
    later" was a typo.
    Not as Clumsy or as Random as a Blaster________________________________________
    Towards the end of Star Ocean 1, our heroes get a laser/force sword from Lias
    to defeat Asmodeus.  Ilia remarkes it is of Federation origin, but is quite
    old.  The only possible explanation is that Edge left it with Lias when he
    visited in SD 10, but we never see that actual event take place.  If not Edge
    then who?
    Skrell 999 points out that at the end of SO4, during Crowe's ending, he wakes
    up on Roak with Eleyna, and that they will have lots of children.  This makes
    Crowe Roddick's ancestor, as well as explaining how there are Force Swords on
    Roak.  Now why did Crowe give them to Lias?
    En who?________________________________________________________________________
    Not so much of an unsolved mystery, but rather a coincidental observation.  We
    know virtually nothing of En II and its past, but we do know a few interesting
    *Its people look amazingly similiar to Nedians
    *They are both very adept at symbological sciences
    *En II = Energy Nede II?
    *They both possess Synards
    *It's crystals in the Sanctuary share the name of the 4 different fields on
     Energy Nede (thanks ovan08!)
    *Was established in the same early era of the galaxy that Energy Nede was
     created in
    See what I mean?  It's never been stated explicitly, but En II may be another
    Energy Nede.  I mean, it is a spacestation - there is no native life there,
    yet they felt compelled to take a Heraldric beast, the Synard, along for the
    ride?  What are the chances of an identical species evolving on completely
    different planets in the galaxy?  What are the chances of more than one
    extremely advanced race developing seperately in the galaxy that did not get
    caught up in the struggle of the Wise Men?
    The verdict is still out on this one.  But I welcome any evidence to support
    this theory.
    More Dating Innacuracies_______________________________________________________
    Star Ocean took place in SD 346 right?  Well, thats what canon has always led
    us to believe, and the PSP trailer states specifically its SD 346.  But there
    are two places that contradict this.
    The first is in the opening cinematic of Star Ocean: The Second Story.  The
    narrator states that the battle against Jie Revorse took place in SD 345.
    Hmmm... very interesting.  The only conceivable way for this to happen would be
    that when returning from ancient Roak to modern Roak, they were sent to SD 345.
    But if that were the case, no Roakians would be infected at the time.  Not to
    mention, that this would create a huge time paradox.  If they did arrive early,
    and somehow nipped this disease in the bud, Dorne would have never contracted
    it, and all of Star Ocean 1 would have never taken place.  If Star Ocean 1
    never took place, how could everyone have traveled back in time only to return
    to SD 345 in the first place?  I'm going to have to say the SD 345 statement
    was an oversight on tri-Ace's part, or a translation error - as it simply does
    not make any sense.  And to their credit, they seemed to have backpedaled from
    that, since the trailer for Second Evolution gives a date of SD 366.
    The other interesting piece of information comes from Claude's birthday,
    January SD 367.  We know Star Ocean 1 begins six months after the destruction
    of planet Ise, which itself was in SD 346.  Thus we can discard all dates
    before June 1st, SD 346.  But Ronyx does not open up and confess his love to
    Ilia until after the events of the game.  Considering a conception period of 9
    months, Ilia and Ronyx had to have done the nasty sometime around April.  This
    is before the events of Star Ocean 1 even take place.  I'm not saying its
    impossible for Ronyx and Ilia to get jiggy with it beforehand, but judging by
    Ilia's surprise at Ronyx's confession this was news to her.  This is all
    speculation regardless - we still don't know for sure if Ilia is Claude's
    mother, but they seem to so strongly hint at it in First Departure it seems
    that it is the case.
    I'm hesitant to overlook both of these as mere oversights.  But the veridct is
    still out on that.
    Muah Marines - Muah!___________________________________________________________
    Seriously, what the heck happened to the Muah?  Ilia's details at the
    Purgatorim are sketchy at best.  Did an unusually large space-time vortex just
    swallow them up as she hypothesizes, for no apparent reason?  Is the meteor
    story fact or fiction?  If it is fact, how could a meteor instigate such an
    event?  How did they get sent to Roak, Fargett, and Edifice?  Is it safe to
    assume there are scattered Muah on other planets as well?
    No - I am Your Father!_________________________________________________________
    Well, we know of Roddick's mother, sort of.  She just appears to be some random
    NPC in Kratus village.  She never provides any sort of real assistance to the
    party.  In fact, if there wasn't that event with Roddick waking up in bed after
    the bandit attack, most would probably never see her.  What's her story, and
    what of Roddick's father?
    While still Roddicks's old man is MIA, they at least acknowledge he exists in
    the PSP version.  When Roddick levels up, he will sometimes say, "Otosan - Mite
    kure!", which basically means, "Father, watch me!"  They translate this in the
    English version as "I hope you're watching, father!"  Perhaps Roddick's father
    was also a swordsman?
    ********UPDATE 2******
    Skrell 999 provides some more insight regarding Roddick's father.  When you
    recruit Ashlay in First Departure, Ashlay praises Roddick's skill with the
    sword.  Roddick says he was taught the basics by his father.  Ashlay
    compliments him further, saying he has taken the basics and adapted it to meet
    his own needs on the battlefield.
    EIGHTY-EIGHT MILES PER HOUR!___________________________________________________
    How did the Time Gate send our heroes back in time during Star Ocean 1?  Did it
    somehow restore a backup of the Eternal Sphere at that point, and then judging
    by the changes they made, re-calculate the state of the current Eternal Sphere?
    Lord Of Fenix Fauir speculates the following:
    	The eternal sphere is just like an operating system... when any
    	historical event transpires(good or bad) the OS makes an 'update' to
    	the systems operation.  Well, just like a regular OS, the eternal
    	sphere doesn't know how the updates will effect it, so it creates a
     	restore point.  Thus the time gate send them back by 'rebooting' from
    	the restore point, then after the changes are made in the 'past' (or
    	past restore point) the OS caculates new 'updates' and the 'future' is
    	thus effected.
    Is the Eternal Sphere like an operating system?  Or is it a completely
    different kind of program beyond our understanding?
    The Unknown Kingdom____________________________________________________________
    In Star Ocean 1, at the far eastern edge of Silvalant, there is the wall of a
    large castle.  When approaching it, the characters comment that there is some
    sort of ancient city, but the entrance is blocked.  There is no other comment
    spoken from any character, NPC or otherwise regarding this city.
    In the PSP version, the kingdom has been replaced with a bluff, and this is
    where the Time Gate returns you to the future.  This just brings up even more
    What is this place?  Why is it never mentioned?  Why even have a path from
    Silvalant that basically, dead ends?  Perhaps it was intended to be another
    Silvalantian city, but was never completed due to time constraints.
    But then, in the PSP version, how did everyone know thats where the Time Gate
    was summoned?  Perhaps thats where Ronyx and Millie were dropped off, and they
    made their way towards Van from there.  That's just a guess on my part though.
    She'll Make Point Five Past Light Speed________________________________________
    So why was Claude transported to Expel?  We know virtually nothing about
    Milokeenia, let alone why/how they had such a long range teleportation device.
    Claude arrived at such an oppurtune time, was there some sort of third party
    that sent him there?  Were the Milokeenians trying to reach Expel themselves to
    prevent the tragedy of the Sorcery Globe?
    WTB Flood Insurance PST________________________________________________________
    The tidal wave that destroys Klik is mysteriously well timed - just as Claude
    and Rena were to depart to El.  Of course if they went their so close to the
    beginning of the game, they probably would have gotten their ass beat, but I
    Still, are the Wise Men able to create such large forces of nature at will?
    Are they able to constantly monitor the world's affairs?  If so, why didn't
    they destroy Lacour with a tidal wave or something else?  Or is the entire
    thing just a one in a million coincidence?
    Shrouded in Mystery____________________________________________________________
    The writings recovered from Cross Cave in Star Ocean 2 have yet to be
    explained.  They are such a focal point to the story early on, and once they
    are given to Keith, they are promptly discarded and disappear.  No word is ever
    given on their contents, even if you return to Linga at the very end of the
    game - Keith still says he needs more time.
    To tri-Ace's credit, they use them as a focal point in Star Ocean EX.  The
    writings contain the prophecy of how the Sorcery Globe will destroy the planet
    in the final moments.  While convenient for the anime and its very different
    ending, that doesn't work so well for the game.  If it predicts the Wise Men
    using the Sorcery Globe, how could anyone have written that and how did it get
    into Cross Cave?
    How did the Wise Men Escape the Eternity Space?________________________________
    I turn this over to K_19, who posted this very interesting theory:
    	"I'd say add "How the hell did the Ten Wise Men escape the Eternity
    	Space?" to the unsolved mysteries section since... well... it really IS
    	unsolved mysteries. xD It's never mentioned when and how they escaped.
    	However, I speculate that it may be... Berial! Check out his dictionary
    	"Berial sometimes directly interferes in the Eternal Sphere in order to
    	prevent stagnation of the game universe. According to reports, he has
    	created characters with powerful parameters, switched the homelands of
    	certain people, and removed bugs in a certain time control loop
    	Again, it's just a speculation, but that entry just had me thinking."
    Well, sealing away the 10 most powerful people in the universe would make it a
    bit more "stagnant".  I agree with K_19 however, and I think he's really on to
    something here.  If Fayt yells "GM abuse!" we'll know for sure.
    While not exactly solved, there is some new light on the subject.  On Second
    Evolution, there is a book in the Giveaway Library that says this:
    "The power within an active Eternity Field can only be switched off from the
    outside by inputting the deactivation password that was set up during
    So it is apparently possible to escape Eternity Space with some help on the
    outside and knowledge of the password.  But who did this, and how did they get
    the necessary information?
    What mysterious woman?_________________________________________________________
    If you bother to do the Ruddle and Rumina quest in Star Ocean: Till the End of
    Time, and then visit them towards the end of the game in Aquios, Rumina says
    that a mysterious lady showed up and sold them the weapons and armor they have.
    She also says that they were given instructions to sell it to you and only you.
    Could this have been Blair?
    Grape Scott!___________________________________________________________________
    (Hooray for horrible Back to the Future puns!)
    Welch has continued to be an enigma throughout the series.  She has the ability
    to exist throughout time, and tends to put herself into key situations in
    history by joining or working closely with your party.  The natural conclusion
    is that she is a 4D being, which is certainly a viable one.  Perhaps she is a
    sort of time travelling historian?
    Welch also makes an appearance in Star Ocean 4, again putting her at a critical
    juncture in history.  This makes every game but Blue Sphere Welch has poked her
    nose in.  Then the question is, why not Blue Sphere?
    ovan08 adds that she may as well be a 4D being - Star Ocean 3 provides this
    interesting tidbit:
    	ovan08: hmm...did you notice the notice you're given when you start to
    	go into the Eternal Sphere for the first time from the 4D terminal?
    	Don't they say that people playing in "Any time period on Sol III"
    	should relocate? That suggests that 4D beings have access to all time
    	periods at once
    Touche!  Amazing how we can pick up new information even years after the game
    is released!
    [XIV] Other Possible Stories in the Star Ocean Universe
    Valkyrie Profile_______________________________________________________________
    You may have heard of a Playstation game by tri-Ace known as Valkyrie Profile.
    I'd say its likely Valkyrie Profile does exist within the Star Ocean universe.
    At the end of Star Ocean 3, Cliff receives a letter from the planet Midgard,
    where Valkyrie Profile takes place.  And though not really in the main story,
    Lenneth and Freya make an appearance in Star Ocean 3.  Just how did they get
    to Elicoor II and 4D Space?
    Impirit also points that when you talk to Maria in Arias before fighting
    Crosell, she mentions "Bloodbane of Planet Midgard", who was an endgame boss.
    How the plot thickens!
    The "Tales of" Series__________________________________________________________
    tri-Ace, formerly known as WOLF Team created a RPG on the SNES known as Tales
    of Phantasia.  This game is set on the planet Aselia around the year 4300.
    While this likely does not directly convert to the Stardate or B.C., A.D.
    system, they too use forces of Magic and Mana, which are remarkably similar
    to Symbology.  They even go so far as to make a Magi-tek weapon out of it,
    amazingly similar to the Kingdom's of Aquaria's weapons in SD 772.  Could it
    be that the Tales of series plays out on some Underdeveloped planet?
    K_19 seems to concur, and has this to say about the subject:
    	"ToP actually has a lot of SO series similarities... way too many to be
    	coincidental. Not just the mana and the magi-tek cannons, but also
    	because of the whole "advanced technology from the past" thing (the
    	abyss of thor/Muans), and even the "Mother Computers"!! (Oz and
    	Mother Edifice)... now you know where they possibly could have gotten
    	the idea of "Mother Edifice" in Blue Sphere... xD Even the gameplay
    	stuff are extremely similar; Demon Fang/Air Slash, and Twin Slash/
    	Tiger blade, for example. And there are waaay too many spells that are
    	common in the two series, just like Fireball/bolt, wind blade,
    	eruption, explosion, meteor swarm/storm, extinction, etc. There are 
    	also even some similar names in towns and things such as Silvalant/
    	Sylvarant, Iselia (queen), etc. And I'm quite confident that Cless was
    	the inspirations of both Roddick and Claude's character designs. Heh.
    Agreed on all fronts.  They are similar.  Of course now Namco-Bandai has their
    own Tales team that has taken the series in its own direction, but a lot of
    similarities remain.
    Star Trek______________________________________________________________________
    Ready for the ultimate geekiness, and the biggest stretch so far?  Star Trek
    is amazingly similar to Star Ocean in many respects.  The Prime Directive is
    very similar to the UP3.  Phaser, warp, and transporter technology is
    widespread and works in the same way.  They both have a unity of planets under
    a federation.  Even the time when Star Ocean and Star Trek take place line up
    in an eerily similar way.  Though I wouldn't count this being canon unless
    theres a Vulcan entry in the next Star Ocean's dictionary.
    [XV] Thanks
    When I began this FAQ, I really didn't know what I Was getting in to.  I
    quickly found this project blossomed far beyond what I expected.  Along the way
    however, some amazing people and tri-Ace fanatics have really come together to
    help me chronicle these great stories, and bring some (up until now) unknown
    information to English speaking audiences.  I want to thank all of you very,
    very much for granting me this oppurtunity.
    -A big, big thanks to K_19.  The information on Star Ocean: Blue Sphere would
     not be possible without him.
    -Another big thanks to adalinathepirate, who provided me with a lot of source
     material for the galactic map.
    -Thanks to www.simoom.net, a Japanese Star Ocean fansite for their timeline,
     which I pulled a few facts from as well as double-checking my own.
    -Another thanks to K_19 for translating said timeline =p
    -Thanks to Claudelv250 for providing his valuable feedback.
    -Thanks to Ian Kelly for his Star Ocean FAQ, which I used for cross-
    -Thanks to Vanrei for his Star Ocean: Second Story FAQ, which I used for cross-
    -Thanks to Aussie2B for her Star Ocean: Blue Sphere FAQ, which I also used for
    -Thanks to Alex and Demonkaze for their Star Ocean: Till the End of Time FAQs,
     which I ALSO used for cross-referencing.
    -Thanks to OKong for his Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Game Script FAQ.  It
     saved me from running back to the top of Spiral Tower and defeating Luther a
     few times to see all the characters' endings.
    -A big thanks to Rashidi's Dictionary FAQ.  This is probably the largest time-
     saver I had, as hitting CTRL+F and typing in what you want is a LOT faster
     than consulting the game.
    -Thanks to ovan08 for his insights on 4D time travel and En II.
    -Thanks to skrell 999 for info on Roddick's father.
    -Thanks to j mcdermid for correcting a minor error.
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