How do you drift?

  1. What car should I use?

    User Info: redneckian74

    redneckian74 - 8 years ago

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  1. if you need help drifting i run a drift school online

    i teach AWD and RWD and have over a years experience drifting in forza. i'll start you on basic car control then over the course you will learn how to use more advanced cars, more technical tracks, how to perfrom in the online drift lobbies and how to tune your own drift cars.

    your first car will cost 200,000 CR so please have that ready before you sign up. all i ask is that you put the necessary effort in.

    finally my GT is xMDMA PAINx message me if your interested.


    User Info: 3CDED

    3CDED - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. Maybe you should look at the leaderboards....

    To start drifting, just enter any race like normal but once in the race hit the right button on the D-pad to begin scoring for drifting...

    User Info: jreed1337

    jreed1337 - 8 years ago 2 5
  2. Try using the Nissan Datsun and look at the most downloaded tune for it. Then your ready to go.

    User Info: donness

    donness - 8 years ago 1 5
  3. Try using a Nissan V-spec 32 and then try to drift using that car.

    User Info: d_j_shooter

    d_j_shooter - 8 years ago 0 6
  4. i use the silvia ,skyline,audi,and fairlady with right tune their all good..Datsun are good but no downforce on front.

    User Info: UnknownProdigy

    UnknownProdigy - 7 years ago 1 5
  5. Its still a beast though

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  6. Use the '86 like in Initial D!

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  7. I think jreed means hit left on the d-pad.

    User Info: porkswordsixt9

    porkswordsixt9 - 7 years ago 2 2
  8. Left on the dpad brings up the scoring for drfiting, but many "professional" drifters don't judge by that. Car and initiations are completely up to opinion. Most only see drifting as using a rwd car, and you can start by hitting the ebrake. I first started with a silvia back on forza 2, and those are pretty common. Now I alternate between my r34, z06/zr1(depending on criteria as both are tuned the same just different pi due to starting pi) and my new 2010 mustang. Try the forza site for tunes and other advice, most of the guys on there are pretty open to helping new drifters.

    User Info: bmxer07

    bmxer07 - 7 years ago 1 3
  9. you need to use a rear wheel drive car to drift and press the lest directional button on the D-pad to bring up the menu and to activate drifting scoring.

    User Info: craigstod

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  10. using a RWD car is by far the most common and easiest, but AWD and much less likely FWD cars are still possible to drift with. AWD cars add a whole new balance to drifting because countersteering will suck you right into the outside edge of the track if your tires aren't way past their grip curve. FWD cars are extremely hard to drift with continuously, but its still possible, although IMO, not that fun. personally i like the low torque high rev\high horsepower engines such has honda motors or rotary engines. using light high revving cars means its a little harder to start the drift (less weight behind it when you throw it through the corner with good tires+downforce) but with the right suspension setup and a good HP rating high-end makes them fly through corners like no tomorrow.

    User Info: LHOswald65

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  11. If you really want to drift reall good, try using a Rear Wheel Drive Car. I mostly recommend a Ferrari ( any kind ). I got the Drift Lap Achievement from my Enzo, it was pretty hard though because I kept on crashing since its so powerful.. The map you should use is that Racing Way place with an " O " shape-like. Hope you can get your achievement and good luck on learning how to be a drift king!

    User Info: AlmostDawn

    AlmostDawn - 7 years ago 1 3
  12. I would go with a Mazda MX5 - then tune the hell out of it. Turn off traction control and stability control though, or it simply won't work. I use a 900'ish BHP R3 PI MX5 and you just have to hit the accelerator on a straight piece of road to start getting drift score.

    The trick is getting your car to STOP drifting to get the points. If you go off the track you will lose the points, same if you crash. So start small, then try to go for longer and longer drifts, recovering is actually more important and harder than getting the car drifting in my opinion.

    Another tip - tyre and wheel choice will make a big difference. Go for harder compound, less grippy tyres.

    And once more because it's really important - TURN OFF ESP AND TRACTION CONTROL!

    User Info: -smokemare

    -smokemare - 7 years ago 1 2
  13. All of the cars in the game work even tho you cant take the awd cars and make them rwd they still work pretty well and u can tune the hell out of almost any of the rwd cars and you will also need to put a body kit on it for the front bumper use the forza one so u can fine tune it for drfting and put the forza spoiler on it also so u can do the same thing like the front bumper but stay away from most of the classic muscles because since they have so much power u will spin out so use tuners and some exotics

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  14. Try the Silvia S15, it's a beast at drifting. Lightweight cars with lots of TORQUE is what matters. The Japanese cars are best in this category because of what I mentioned above and because they can be heavily modified to exact specifications.

    User Info: lostclanz_30

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    first, get your car(actually, the AWD cars are the best at drifting).
    go to your difficulty settings and turn you braking off, your stability off, and also your traction off. you can leave your other stuff like it is.
    fix your car(which is supposed to be AWD)up and tune it. tuning isnt very hard, you just have to raise everything up in you tuning setups a little bit(suspension is lowered, acceleration, camber and everything else is raised just a little bit).
    once done, you can begin drifting.
    these are all the cars i suggest to drift with and they're all AWD if you buy the AWD tranny on some cars.-350z, is300, evoVII, Trueno, and the 240sx. other cars arent as good as these cars so happy drifting!!!
    yeah!!! this is the best way to drift!!!

    User Info: Hmoob95

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  16. @Hmoob to anyonestill looking to drift...dont listen to hmoob or w.e he doesnt know s*** your anti-lock braking system on..why? because if dont and your going fast and needto brake hard whats gonna happen? tire will lock up and you will keep going straight..2 those arent the only cars to use for drifting and tuning for drifting is ALOT harder thn moving everything up a little gotta take it slow get the feel of the car..and the tune..use generally any car..i myself have a bugatti eb110 or w.e it is to frien does it with an ultimate should just go to the storefront and buy tuning setups by respectable online racig team such as project blackjack..and if they happen to have an open tune..look at everything theyve done to the tuning settings and try to replicate but alternate onto other cars...and if anyone ever says front and rear sway bars are in effective thats not true..theyre and its just how you have them tuned..hope i was of help to anyone who read this long a** comment

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  17. I don't think my answer is even gonna be read, but. I had alot of trouble drifting myself, but one of my friends gave me a tune for my Nissan 350z and now I can drift just fine. Contact me on Xbox Live (gamertag: JAKE ALPHA) and I'll send you the stuff, and if I can afford it the car itself. once you just get some practice it's easy to drift. But it's also better to try drifting when the game is set on 'Drift' mode as it allows the cars to slide a little bit easier and has the meter already up for you.

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  18. I have to agree with 3CDED,
    he does run a good drift school. I know, he learnt from running with me.

    if you're serious about learning to drift, message him and he'll sort you out.

    User Info: The_Rocket_shed

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