Review by Trah_Dahc

Reviewed: 10/30/09

Not the best game ever


Forza Motorsport 3, is the third in the series of amazing racing games brought to us by Turn 10 studios. This most recent addition ups the car loving ante with no less than four-hundred cars, and over 100 tracks to race on.

Graphics 9/10

They pulled out all the stops on this go around, the car are just simply beautiful, I’ve driven about ten different cars since release in NA. and have to say that it really does feel like they personally got to know inside and out. The new cockpit view is impressive, although I prefer the chase camera view. The crowd still looks like card board cut outs, but is generally unnoticeable when driving.

Sound/ Music 9/10

Again a vast improvement over its predecessors, the cars sound more alive, and the tire sound effects sound realistic, Crashes sound good as well. It is easy to see the time that was spent to catch the little nuances in the cars. The soundtrack this time around really didn't grab me, but its something to listen too in the menus (I turn it off when I’m driving)

Game play 10/10

Has also seen some tweaks, the physic engine feels like it was rebuilt from the ground up. I have the feed back turned off on my controller yet from the way the car was handling I could “feel” the difference in the track. I my self have not really sensed the custom season experience, but I also have not run in to a race that I did not have a car for. Lots of new addition to the difficulty, including auto braking and manual clutch. More customization options than any other simulator out there.

Replay Value 0/10

I only say this as I can’t imagine that I, or anyone, would stop playing to begin with (well in till Forza 4, anyway) I never beat Forza, but easily spent a hundred hours on Forza 2, and expect at least the same for Forza 3.

Summary 9/10

While not the best game ever, beyond the best racer on the 360, and off. Lots of tracks, even more cars, not to mention the additional tuning options. The new store front is a step in the right direction for user created content. The load times are slightly high, and sadly the size of the second disk didn’t leave me enough room on HDD to install the game to see if this cut down on the load times. However this may not be an issue for users with larger HHD.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Forza Motorsport 3 (US, 10/27/09)

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