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"Turn 10's "invitation" and the new standard in racing games"

Forza Motorsport 3 is a racing simulator that anyone can enjoy. You don't need to be a racing expert to succeed in Forza. The gameplay fits all kinds of players, from the most arcade racer to the most experienced pilot. There are many assists to help the casual gamer. Auto-braking, ABS brakes, and even a new Rewind system are available for help. Unlike Need for Speed Shift, neither of the assists will ruin the gameplay.

Graphics: I can assure this is the most beautiful game available for the Xbox 360 right now. Some of the tracks are just magnificent. From the mountain set of Camino Viejo de Montserrat to the tropical atmosphere of Amalfi Coast, everything is very well detailed. The game runs smoothly at 60fps. The cars have an incredible level of details in both their interior and exterior, and the new first-person view shows how unique is the interior of each vehicle. The livery editor from Forza 2 is back and gives the player 1,000 layers to draw whatever they want. Small decals have a nice quality, even in a close view. As stated before, the tracks look incredible. Turn 10 remade some of the tracks from Forza 2, and now New York looks amazing. Although some of the tracks were remade, others are the exact same thing they were in Forza 2, what might hurt some of the hardcore fans out there. One of the biggest flaws of Forza 2 was the lack of tracks variety. Thankfully, this doesn't happen in Forza 3. There are more than 20 different tracks and 70 different circuits, not to mention the tracks Turn 10 is going to release as downloadable content. The menus also look very attractive and show how careful was Turn 10 to make this game flawless.

Score: 10/10

Sound: Many people hated the soundtrack of Forza 2. To ensure those same people would not hate the soundtrack of Forza 3 aswell, Turn 10 chose to create the songs this time. And I applaud them. The menu songs are remarkable and fit perfectly in this game, and I am pretty sure nobody will dislike them. For the first time ever, Turn 10 allowed the players to listen to music in the races. This soundtrack is worse than Forza 2 and I just turned them off as quickly as I could. The engine is all I want to listen to while I am racing. Each car should have its own engine sound, based on their real-life counterpart. The sound effects when racing at higher speeds are very nice, like the wind, for example. The crashes also sound great and the player can hear everything they broke. Although those were not supposed to be listened, the scenarios also have their own sounds and everything is top-notch quality.

Score: 10/10

Gameplay: As stated before, Forza Motorsport 3 suits any kind of gamer. Even if you don't know a thing about cars, you will succeed in Forza. There are many assists to rely on, and the new Rewind feature will definitely help a lot. It is possible to go back on time and fix any mistake you made, and there is no punishment for doing this. You can also rewind as many times as you want or need. Those who turn off all the assists will truly experience what the game has to offer. Each car reacts different, and the player can really feel that. It is now possible to race with manual transmission and clutch. Drag Racing, featured in Forza 1, is back, and can be played either offline or online. Drift is also present in the game, and at any time, at any race, the player can tap the left D-pad and start drifting. Now let's talk about the Career Mode. The new Season Play mode features a calendar and a championship that happens every other Sunday. Meanwhile, the player is given the choice between 3 different events, and the options available are based on your past choices or the car you are currently driving. After the Sunday championship, the season is over and a new one starts, featuring a more advanced championship, and thus a longer calendar. The player is supposed to complete the first 6 seasons. Although the idea is great, it seems to be badly executed. The first season is ridiculously short and the next seasons can be very boring. The championship races - which you cannot skip - get really long too fast, and the events you can race during weekdays also get boring. There is still the option to hire a driver, but it is no way fun to just watch the A.I. racing in your place. If you loved Forza 2 Career Mode, in Forza 3 there is the Event List mode, where you can just choose an event and race. Pretty much the exact same thing of Forza 2 Career Mode. The Driver Level system is back and the player now gets EXPERIENCE (EXP) points after each race. No EXP is awarded for those who hire a driver. Speedway, Drag and Closed Courses are new kinds of events the player will experience in Season Play/Event List modes, and they are very fun, but Closed Courses are usually longer than regular races, and because of the lack of more closed tracks, this category gets boring really fast. There are more than twice the number of events from Forza 2 (220 events in Forza 3 against 90 in Forza 2), so you will spend months to complete everything. The upgrade system is improved and the player now has access to much more upgrades, like drivetrain swaps and twin turbo conversion. It is now possible to make your own R-class car, since there is no more the U-class from Forza 2 and the player can now keep upgrading the car until the class R1. It is noticeable the lack of options to create your custom race in single-player mode, and the player can select any car or track, but will have to race in a predetermined number of laps. The damage affects how you cars react and it is possible to ruin the car's handling or acceleration if the crash is too strong. The A.I. seems to be unbalanced. While the Normal setting will be easily beaten sometimes, the Hard setting will provide a huge challenge for some players.

Score: 10/10

Overall: Forza Motorsport 3 is the best racing game ever released. The gameplay is solid and the graphics are amazing. There is enough to keep the player busy for months. The online community, like in past Forza games, is always active and there will always be someone to race online with. The Season Play mode, although quite boring, will keep the player busy for a very long time, and after the 6 first seasons, it is possible to keep racing through new seasons. This doesn't ruin the Career Mode, since there is still the option to choose and play any unlocked event, just like in Forza 2. As stated, the graphics are really beautiful. Turn 10 did an excellent job, it is a huge improvement graphic wise. There is more than 400 cars and a great selection of tracks, and more stuff will be available for download. It is amazing to see what Turn 10 could do in 2 years. Forza Motorsport 3 will remain as the best racing game ever for a long time.

The best:
- Graphics absolutely amazing
- Gameplay works for all kinds of gamers
- Great selection of cars and tracks

The worse:
- Season Play mode gets boring fast
- A.I. unbalanced
- Can't create a custom race in single-player

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/02/09

Game Release: Forza Motorsport 3 (EU, 10/23/09)

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