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"Forza 3 is a Wreck in Turn 10."


Forza Motorsport 3 is the 3rd game in the Franchise by Turn 10. The Forza Franchise is Microsoft's racing game to combat with Sony's Gran Turismo series. The game is a simulation racing game which has some attributes of an Arcade style race, the first time I've really seen this done with the Forza Franchise.


Gameplay is the same as the old Forza games and pretty much other racing games. You have tournaments of various styles to which vary from car type, to car make, to car weight, and pretty much anything else you can think of it could be split into different races. One of the problems with this is easily in some of these you have no power limit. So you could take an extremely fast car, and just destroy the rest of the field with it.

The career mode this year around looks more like something you would see happen in real life, adding more to the simulation effect. Aside from that, nothing really seems to stick out in career mode from any other one I have played in the past. The cars you get early on in the game are really much to nice this year around. In the earlier games, you had to race for awhile to get cars such as BMWs and more high priced ones. This time, you get a few of them early on so it gives you the sense that you don't have to work too hard this year around.

As for the racing itself, this year it seems like the drivers are a heck of a lot more aggressive. It seems like no matter what, they act like if you are in the line they want that they will just slam you out of the way without any thinking. It makes me wonder that if this was something they weren't able to tweak on because they had to get it out. Aside from that, the racing all in all is pretty good, especially with the new in car feature. I would say that it is great, but its too bad that you can't see anything else inside it but forward. I would have loved to see the driver pulling the gears or the rest of the interior of the cars I drive.

And for this point, possibly the worst thing they added this year was something of a “Replay” button. The first problem in itself is that this is a simulation game and this was almost an exact ripoff of Codemaster's game, Grid. The only real difference is that you have only a set time you go back in sessions and that you can use it however many times you want in the race. Along with that, even the smallest little thing will make an annoying bar pop up at the bottom. No matter if you just ding another car, get into the grass a little, it will come up like you just massively wrecked.


The graphics in details to the cars, the scenery, and the tracks for the most part is absolutely beautiful and one of the best I have ever seen in a racing game, or any other game for that matter. But with all of this beauty, there is one thing that really ruins it for me. The load times to get to a race are absolutely horrendous. I timed it myself and to get from the start of the loading process to the end, it took one minute exactly. Now compare that to a lot of the early races where some of them don't even last to the four minute point. So you have a race that you had to wait a minute for, and you never had to adjust your seat to finish it.

While the loading is one thing to be had, at least they give you a lot of data on random things throughout the history of automobiles, racing, and a lot of other things that you might think about while you are racing. However, the text is just terrible. The color of the text is a very light gray which alone makes that hard enough to see. Add that into the fact that the text is incredibly small and the font they chose to use makes it even harder, means you have to get right up close to your screen to read any of it. This is a major disappointment from Forza 2 where you had a nice black background that you could read the words easily on.

One other thing that was a serious disappointment in my eyes was the lack of dirt and smoke at times. When I was sliding through a corner or going off into the grass, I looked back behind me expecting to see some smoke mixed with dirt. But what did I see? I saw nothing. Not a single smoke and only a little brown that looks like it was knocked up by the wind. Being a fan of loose driving cars and making some smoke through the corners, this really was a major shock to me that they would leave this out.

The sound in this game is.. alright. Forza hasn't really been known for a lot of great soundtracks and most of the sound reviews you see are of the cars. The cars themselves sound great like always, which really means they can't make too many improvements in the game and can only go down. This puts them on a very high rating scale that they seem to hit once again.

Play Time/Replayability:

As in any other racing game, Play Time is varied on how much you want to do. This year in Forza 3 they seem to once again make a career that can last an expansive amount of hours and still leave you with things to do. The play time for the races is a different story though. Some races you will be able to finish in less than five minutes and some it will take over an hour to finish. Sometimes in these situations you get mixed results of what you wanted. In the short races you could have hard competition and it makes it hard for you to get up to the front and pass them in the time given and in the longer races you might have easy competition and you will feel like this is a mandatory qualifying session you are doing.

Replayablity in this game is like previous games where you have best times to beat, Ghosts to race against, and always you could go on Live and race there. As for the career, there really isn't much need to replay that since nothing will change except you will have much faster cars in case you want to try to lap the field as many times as you can in a single race.

Final Recommendation:

When I first got this game I was so excited from how the other two Forzas were and I was expecting a game I could play for years into the future. However, this game was one of the biggest letdowns for me in the past years of any video game I have played. From the long load times, to bad text, to opponents racing you like they were a mad teenager in a hot rod, this game was one of those I will say that you should not buy if you own any of the other Forza games. The features they added like cars and new tracks just can not make me say go out and get this one. The things they dropped the ball on are just way too much for me to overcome. I myself love racing games I rarely say this but, this game should be left in the stores. If you want a great racing game, go out and get Forza 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/22/10

Game Release: Forza Motorsport 3 (US, 10/27/09)

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