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    Achievement Guide by neeker

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/14/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.00
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                                      By: neeker
                               Gamertag: Optimus Neeker
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    1.  Contact Information
    2.  Introduction
    3.  Achievements 
        - Don's View
        - Crime Rings and Compounds
        - Story Events
        - Favors 
        - Banks and Safes
        - Execution Styles
        - Firearms
        - Family Tree
        - Killing Mobsters
    Version history
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the username 
    Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong at yahoo 
    dot com. You may check out my other works here:
    The Godfather II is loosely based on the classic movie of the same name. For 
    those who've played the first game, you'll find this game pretty familiar. 
    There are some notable inclusions (Don's View) and exclusions (yeah, no more 
    hidden items collection side quest!), but the game still plays pretty much the 
    same. As compared to the first game, however, this game is so much easier to 
    get the full 1,000G, and the purpose of this guide is to tell you how to get 
    As usual, I'll do this guide by putting the achievements into categories:
    - Don's View
    - Crime Rings and Compounds
    - Story Events
    - Favors 
    - Banks and Safes
    - Execution Styles
    - Firearms
    - Family Tree
    - Killing Mobsters
    3. DON'S VIEW
    The cowardly and/ or lazy way of doing things - send someone to die while you 
    go for a pee break!
    MOBFACE (5)
    Description: Create a Mobster using MobFace
    Once you start the game, you'll be asked to create a character using the Mob-
    Face tool. Just do whatever you want to your appearance, and click ok to 
    accept to unlock this.
    You can change your appearance at any time later. To do so, press Start to go 
    into Don's View, and select "Your Family" to access your Family Tree. Click A 
    on your photo, press LB or RB to move to the "MobFace" tab, and make the 
    Description: Send your men to bomb a venue from the Don's View
    See "Pullling the Strings".
    Description: Send your men to attack a venue from the Don's View
    Press start to go into Don's View, and then select a business that you want to 
    bomb or attack. Select any crew member and click ok to proceed. You'll get the 
    achievement immediately. The outcome of the bombing/ attack attempt does not 
    Note that if your attack fails, the person you send for the job will usually 
    be out of action for a period of time. 
    Description: Max out all guards at a venue
    After you take over a business, you'll be prompted to press start to allocate 
    the number of guards at the location. The earlier joints you take over have 
    low requirements (some max at about 8 guards). Simply allocate the maximum 
    number available to unlock the achievement. You can quit out and reload last 
    save if you want.
    You love killing people and taking over their hard-earned money!
    Description: Control your first Crime Ring
    To take over a joint, kill all the guards there, and look for this person with 
    a "Godfather" icon above them, i.e., the owner. Press LT+RT to grab this 
    person to raise his/ her pressure level (see top right corner of screen). Once 
    it reaches the "success" point, release him/ her, and press Y to take over the 
    business. You can continue to grab him/ her to increase the amount of money 
    you receive, but make sure you don't go over the "boiling point", since the 
    owner will go berserk and you'll not be able to take the joint. 
    You can also make use of weak spots to make the taking over easier. For 
    example, some owners are scared of jabs and punches, some are scared of 
    property damage. If you manage to find these weaknesses prior to grabbing 
    them, it'll make it easier for you to raise the bar to the "success" point. 
    Finding these weak spots also give you a +25% bonus for the amount you manage 
    to squeeze out of the owner.  
    Now, crime rings. When you check the map in Don's View, you'll notice that most 
    rackets that you can take over have an additional information about the crime 
    ring it belongs to. Taking over all rackets in the same crime ring will net you 
    a bonus, like bulletproof vests, larger ammo clips and such. 
    The first crime ring you'll take over would be Prostitution. The two rackets 
    in this ring are Sweet Life Bakery and La Maison Rouge. Simply go to these 
    places with your Soldier(s), and do the thing mentioned above. The bonus for 
    controlling this crime ring is Brass Knuckles (your punches are stronger).
    Description: Control three Crime Rings
    As you continue to take over businesses, you'll eventually own three crime 
    rings. You won't be able to proceed the story unless you take over crime rings 
    anyway. Together with the Prostitution one that you've gathered earlier, just 
    do any two more to get this achievement quickly. 
    See "Organized Crime" for a list of crime rings.
    Description: Control three Crime Rings
    See "Three Crime Rings".
    Description: Control all Crime Rings
    The last Crime Rings can be found in Cuba. Some of the joints here have 28 
    guards, so just bring enough crew members and make these enemies eat lead. 
    This would just come normally as you can't complete the game without taking 
    over everything.
    Below are all the crime rings and their respective shop names/ locations:
    Casino Imperial             : Cuba
    Casino Havana               : Cuba
    Jersey Sports Bar           : Florida
    Ausiello's Bar and Grill    : Florida
    --> BONUS: Incendiary Ammo
    Battaglia Cement Depot      : Cuba
    Battaglia Quarry            : Cuba
    Battaglia Masonry           : Cuba
    Battaglia Cement Factory    : Cuba
    --> BONUS: Carry More Explosives
    Bertolli Thrift Company     : Florida
    Lansky's Deli               : Florida
    Emilio's Packing Company    : Florida
    --> BONUS: Bulletproof Vests
    Global Crushers             : Cuba
    Global Towing               : Cuba
    Global Imports              : Cuba
    Global Storage              : Florida
    --> BONUS: Armored Cars
    Corazon de Oro              : Cuba
    Luscious Entertainment      : Florida
    The Aristocrat              : Florida
    Foreplay Picture            : Florida
    --> BONUS: Cheaper GUards
    La Maison Rouge             : New York
    Sweet Life Bakery           : New York
    --> BONUS: Brass Knuckles
    SaniCo Truck Depot          : Florida
    SaniCo Hauling Depot        : Florida
    SaniCo Dump & Disposal      : New York
    SaniCo Incineration         : New York
    --> BONUS: Double Crime Ring Income 
    ABF Ltd. Construction Site  : Florida
    Astoria Construction Site   : Florida
    S&L Construction Site       : Florida
    --> BONUS: Bombed Buildings Rebuild Faster
    Basso Oil Fill & Go         : Florida
    Basso Oil Express           : Florida
    Basso Oil Depot             : Florida
    Basso Oil Refinery          : Florida
    --> BONUS: Bigger Ammo Clips
    SHAKEDOWN (25)
    Description: Control all extortable businesses
    There are nine venues that do not have any crime ring information. These are 
    extortable rackets that give to +5% income upon controlling them, primarily 
    through money laundering. The names of these joints are:
    Appliance King
    Richie's Tavern
    The Empire Room
    Berry's Pawnbrokers
    Elite Diner
    Active Electronics
    Las Palmas
    Corman Drive-In Theater
    Juan Sizzlio's
    Description: Eliminate a rival family by successfully bombing their compound
    To eliminate a rival family, you must bomb their compound. This means that you  
    should bring a demolitions guy along. In order to attack a compound, you must 
    first take over all the businesses of said family. 
    Your first rival family is the Carmine Rosato's. Simply go to his compound and 
    kill everyone in sight. Find the "firecracker" icon in the building (locations 
    varies for different compounds). I'd suggest that before you ask you guy to 
    place a bomb, familiarize yourself with the escape route - if you actually 
    stay in the compound when the bomb goes on, you die! 
    Once the bomb is planted, you should see a timer on screen. Quickly run out of 
    the building and wait for the bomb to go off. It's ok to stay near the 
    building. As long as you're not in it, you should be alright. 
    Description: Eliminate two rival families
    The second family you take out should be the Granados. As usual, take over all 
    their business, bomb their compound.
    VENDETTA (30)
    Description: Eliminate three rival families
    Should be Tony Rosato and friends, or you can destroy the Manganos first. It's 
    up to you, really. Do the usual. 
    AMBUSHED (40)
    Description: Eliminate four rival families
    Should be the Manganos, or Tony Rosato's friends, depending on who you iced 
    Description: Eliminate all rival families
    The Almeidas are the last to go. All the rival families achievements will 
    unlock upon the bombing of their compounds. They've the toughest enemies in 
    the game (apart from the police). 
    Things happen in a story, and you get points when they do!
    Description: Accept Tom Hagen as your Consigliere
    This happens when you return to New York, after Michael has landed in some hot 
    soup. After Hagen becomes your Consigliere, he'll appear in your Family Tree, 
    to the right of you. 
    Description: Unlock all Safehouses
    This one unlocks once you talk to Henry Mitchell, upon your first visit to 
    Cuba. Unlike the first game, there's no need to fight through waves of enemies 
    to take over a safehouse. 
    CIA? DOA (25)
    Description: Eliminate Henry Mitchell
    This mission comes close towards the end of the game. You simply have to go to 
    the green X on the map and kill Mitchell. He has some firepower around him, 
    but I manage to solo this mission without much problems. He's on the second 
    level of the location. Just go up the stairs, kill the enemies across the 
    balcony, and then continue up until the roof. Kill the remaining enemies, and  
    Mitchell will appear soon after. Finish him off for an easy achievement.
    Description: Eliminate Hyman Roth
    This is the final mission of the game. After destroying all the five families, 
    return to Florida. Roth is at the airport. Your job is simple - kill him! 
    First drive to the airport. Then, go to the green "X" spot and bribe the guard 
    there. Go into the room near him and take the stairs up. 
    Once up there, plenty of goons will start firing at you from all angles. Stay 
    crouch and in cover as much as you can. It's advisable to bring two medics for 
    this mission just in case one of them dies before you could revive him. 
    After killing off the first wave of attacks, go towards the green "X" spot. 
    More enemies will spill out from nowhere, so repeat the killing process until 
    everything that moves is shot down.
    Now, you can run up to Roth and plant a bullet (or ten) into him. I didn't 
    even bother talking to him. 
    Upon Roth's "departure", you'll need to escape the police. As you may've found 
    out by now, the police are quite a force to be dealt with in this game, 
    especially those super drivers that will hunt you down in trucks and bump your 
    car all over the place. Solution? Go into Don's View, and mark your safehouse 
    as destination. It's pretty nearby, and you should reach it easily as compared 
    to your end mission location, the Manganos Compound. 
    Drive (safely) to the safehouse, and hide inside to remove all level of police 
    attention. Stay in the house for a little while more, until the coast is 
    almost clear. You can now leave the safehouse and drive to the compound without 
    any police chasing you. 
    Once you reach the compound, the achievement will unlock.
    "Congratulations! You've completed Godfather II, and Fredo is dead!"
    6. FAVORS
    Do people a favor, get achievement points!
    Description: Eliminate 5 made men with the appropriate kill condition
    Before you actually bomb Carmine's compound, you may have noticed random NPCs 
    in the streets with "key" icons above them. These NPCs give out information on 
    how to kill the made men from your rivals, in exchange for favors. The favors 
    are usually one of the following:
    - Burglary : you must bring a safecracker to crack a safe in a building
    - Bomb     : you must bring a demolitions expert to bomb a building
    - Beatdown : you must melee attack the target but don't kill him/ her
    - Murder   : you must kill the target by any means
    - Sabotage : you must use a melee weapon to smash objects in a shop
    The favors are random. Note that you may be required to bomb or steal from 
    your own businesses when doing these favors. Also, in the event that you've 
    already cracked a safe in a Burglary location, the safe will be locked again 
    for you to complete the favor.
    Upon completing these missions, you'll be given the kill condition of your 
    rival's made men. The conditions are listed as follow, with many thanks to the 
    guys at x360a.org:
    Carmine Rosato
    Capo       : Norman Rossi - Execute him with a pistol.
    Soldier    : Jimmy Guidalatto - Throw him into the East River.
    Soldier    : Franklin Credi - Strangle the life out of him.
    Soldier    : Clyde Lando - Run him over with a car.
    Tony Rosato
    Capo       : Leroy Castellani - Tenderize him with a melee weapon execution.
    Capo       : Gary Lamberteschi - Brutalize him with a punch execution.
    Capo       : Philip Giotti - Toss him off a high ledge.
    Soldier    : Bill Ciompi - Choke him with the garrote wire.
    Soldier    : Richard Chiechi - Tenderize him with a melee weapon execution.
    Soldier    : Jimmy Vecchio - Put a bullet between his eyes with a headshot.
    Soldier    : Jerry Gallo - Hurl a glass bottle at him for the final blow.
    Soldier    : Clarence Pucci - Strangle the life out of him.
    Underboss  : Stanley Jimenez - Strangle the life out of him.
    Capo       : Theodore Ruiz - Go clubbing - kill him with a melee weapon.
    Capo       : Johnny Salazar - Serve him a Molotov Cocktail.
    Capo       : Anthony Espinoza - Get a clean shot with the sniper rifle.
    Soldier    : Paul Morales - Let a Bruiser shank him from behind.
    Soldier    : Thomas Ramos - Toast him with any kind of explosive.
    Soldier    : Harry Reyes - Put a bullet between his eyes.
    Soldier    : Bruce Rivera - Bloody him up using only your fists.
    Consigliere: Paulo Riccitello - Blow up the Mangano Compund.
    Underboss  : Provenzano Porco - Teach him to fly - toss him off a high ledge.
    Underboss  : Giorgio Strozzi - Break his bones with any melee weapon execution.
    Capo       : Doffo Spini - Slam him into a wall until he croaks.
    Capo       : Baldo Campi - Revoke his license by killing him with a car.
    Soldier    : Luchino Uliari - Make it look like a "traffic accident."
    Soldier    : Giovanni Corbinelli - Get a clean shot with the sniper rifle.
    Soldier    : Jacopo Vanni - Drop him with a Magnum execution.
    Soldier    : Guccio Ferrara - Slam him against a wall until he dies.
    Consigliere: Angel de la Paz - Blow up the Almeida Compound.
    Underboss  : Payo Saavedra - Make some holes with a shotgun execution.
    Underboss  : Ramon Valiente - Shoot him in the knees, then show him no mercy.
    Capo       : Juan Mazon - Execute him up-close and personal with a rifle.
    Capo       : Raul Limonta - Crack his skull with any melee weapon execution.
    Capo       : Jaime Fesser - Bash his brains onto a casket.
    Soldier    : Pablo Benitez de Lugo - Make him eat lead with any automatic 
                 weapon execution.
    Soldier    : Baltasar Barreto - Serve him a Molotov Cocktail. 
    If you accidentally kill these mobsters with other methods, they'll recover  
    after a while for you to try again. They'll die permanently only if you do the 
    correct kill condition. When they die this way, they'll not appear in their 
    respective compound when you attempt to bomb it, making it supposedly easier 
    to complete the task.
    Now, to get this achievement, you'd only need to do any of the above five 
    kills. There's no need to do every one of them, since it wastes too much time. 
    This game is no way as difficult as the first, so even if they do appear in 
    the compound when you attack, they wouldn't give you much problems. They'll 
    also die permanently after you bomb their compound, anyway. 
    As such, I'll recommend that you do the first four (Carmine Rosato's) plus any 
    one from Tony Rosato or the Granados to get this achievement. 
    Description: Earn one of each favor
    The description is not clear for this one, but if you go to Don's View and 
    cycle to "Collectible", you should be able to find a table for "Corrupt 
    Officials". These officials are found on fixed locations on the map. You'd 
    need to do one unique favor for them, in return for some specified favors that 
    you can call upon whenever you need them (for example, call off police). 
    You must complete all 12 of such favors to unlock the achievement. 
    The list of officials that you must help are as follow:
    Official  : Leon Brinker
    Favor     : Rapid Recovery
    Location  : In-between the two SaniCo joints, close to the Airport
    Official  : Victor Grosser
    Favor     : Rebuild Bombed Businesses
    Location  : Beside The Empire Room, near to your Safehouse
    Official  : Ken Jameson
    Favor     : Call off Police
    Location  : Near the Police Station, in-between Appliance King and Sweet Life
    Official  : Matthew Tilden
    Favor     : Granados Sting
    Location  : Luscious Entertainment
    Official  : Joey Katz
    Favor     : Tony Rosato Sting
    Location  : Near Emilio's Packing Company
    Official  : Pedro Ilievarra
    Favor     : Call off Police
    Location  : Just beside Bertolli Thrift Company
    Official  : Lt.Gov.Robert Rizzo
    Favor     : Rapid Recovery
    Location  : Along the coastline near Active Electronics and South Beach 
    Official  : Wayne Reisdorf
    Favor     : Call off Police
    Location  : Just beside SaniCo Hauling Depot
    Official  : Charlie Green
    Favor     : Bridge Access to Warehouse
    Location  : Near Las Palmas
    Note      : This one is unmissable - you'd need him to lower the drawbridge so
                that you can attack Global Storage, which is part of the story 
    Official  : Jaime Agassiz
    Favor     : Almeida Sting
    Location  : Near the Police Station    
    Official  : Juan-Pablo del Monte
    Favor     : Free Made Men from Jail
    Location  : At the circular area, near the Bank (Banco de Cuba)
    Official  : Maria Torres
    Favor     : Mangano Sting
    Location  : In front of the Battaglia Masonry, near the Airport
    This achievement is reported to be glitched for some people. There are no 
    known causes or solutions to this glitch at this moment. All I can suggest is 
    that you play the game when you're online, because I remember there being a 
    patch the moment I loaded this game on release date. Playing the game online 
    ensures that you don't miss out on anything that EA patches. 
    You do not own a business until you crack its safe!
    Description: Crack five Safes
    Every business you take over has a safe, or two. As such, you should always 
    bring a safecracker along when you attack a joint. Earlier in the game, you 
    won't be able to bring one, so as and when you employ one, go back to those 
    joints you took over earlier and ransacked the safes. You should easily get 
    five safes for this achievement before you leave New York for Florida.
    For the list of all safes, refer to "Safecracker". 
    Description: Crack all Safes
    Most safes are easily found when you take over a joint. They're mostly found 
    in the room where the owner is. I'll list all the locations that have safes 
    below, with pointers on the harder-to-find ones.
    The sequence of this list is from your Don's View -> Safes option, from top 
    to bottom, left to right:
    La Maison Rouge
    Carmine Rosato Compound
    The Empire Room
    SaniCo Dump and Disposal
    Liberty Banking*
    Richie's Tavern
    New York Federal Building**
    Tony Rosato Compound
    SaniCo Incineration
    Appliance King
    Sweet Life Bakery
    Jersey's Sports Bar
    Global Storage
    Elite Diner
    Las Palmas
    bertolli Thrift Company
    Berry's Pawnbrokers
    Basso Oil Fill & Go
    Active Electronics
    Mangano Compound
    Lansky's Deli
    Security 1st Savings and Loan*
    ABF Ltd. Construction Site
    Emilio's Packing Company
    Basso Oil Express
    SaniCo Truck Depot
    Basso Oil Depot
    Corman Drive-In Theater
    Basso Oil Refinery
    Astoria Construction Site
    Luscious Entertainment
    SaniCo Hauling Depot
    The Aristocrat
    Foreplay Pictures
    Granados Compound
    Merit Credit Union*
    Ausiello's Bar and Grill
    S&L Construction Site
    Florida Airport***
    Casino Imperial
    Global Crushers
    Casino Havana
    Juan Sizzlio's
    Corazon de Ore
    Global Towing
    Battaglia Cement Depot
    Global Imports
    Almeida Compound
    Battaglia Quarry
    Battaglia Masonry
    Battaglia Cement Factory
    Banco de Cuba*
    * All are banks. Apart from breaking into the vault, you must crack the safes 
    within the vault.
    ** You only enter the New York Federal Building twice, during missions. One of 
    them is when you're required to still some items from the safe there, another 
    is during Michael Corleone's trial. Note that there are TWO safes in this 
    building. As you enter, go to the left side of the building to find one, and 
    the return to the middle, and go right to find the other.
    *** Access to the safe at Florida Airport will be granted after a certain 
    point of the story. Enter the airport from the right, and you should see a 
    small alley with two guards with the "$" icon above them. Bribe them to go 
    into the room that they're guarding. The safe is inside.  
    BANK JOB (5)
    Description: Heist your first bank
    The first bank you can heist is the Liberty Banking, located in New York. The 
    easiest way to heist a bank is to do the following:
    - bring an Engineer, a Demolitions man and a Safecracker
    - get the Engineer to cut power
    - go to the back of the bank to find the "bomb" icon, and get the Demolitions 
      man to bomb it
    - enter the vault from the bombed wall, and sweep everything off the shelves
    - get the Safecracker to crack the safe in the vault
    - pick up the final loot and escape through the bombed wall
    - return to yur safehouse
    You must return to the safehouse to make the heist count. 
    It's advisable that you attempt this when you've unlock the Bulletproof Vest 
    bonus (from controlling the Diamond Smuggling crime ring) before you do this. 
    It makes it so much easier since you pretty much can't die with that thing on, 
    as long as you run as fast as you can. 
    BAG MAN (20)
    Description: Heist all banks
    There are only four banks in this game:
    Liberty Banking
    Merit Credit Union
    Security 1st Savings and Loan
    Banco de Cuba
    Killing someone is not enough, you must do it in style. Fire a round into 
    someone's mouth, punch an iron rod through the eyes of another. You get points 
    for doing all these!
    ENFORCER (15)
    Description: Complete 10 execution styles
    When you shoot or melee an enemy a few times, he'll be in "dizzy" state. If 
    you walk up now and press RS with your weapons (guns or melee) or bare hands, 
    you'll do an "execution" move. 
    There are a total of 36 execution styles, two for all weapons, a few more for 
    Blackhand attacks, and some environmental. For list of all executions, see 
    "Executions in Style".
    Description: Complete all execution styles
    List of all execution styles below. For "standing", it means that the mobster 
    must be standing when you do a RS execution. For "kneeling", the mobster must 
    be kneeling down when you execute. Do make a mobster kneel down, shoot him in 
    the kneels.
    Note that even though Don's View -> Exeuction Styles show your kill record for 
    mobsters, police and innocents, only kills on mobsters will add to this 
    High Fall Kills       : Throw victim off a high ledge
    Low Fall Kills        : Throw victim through a ground-floor window
    Table Slam            : Slam victim onto a table or counter
    Wall Slam             : Slam victim into a wall
    Road Rage             : Run over victim with a car
    Headshot              : Death by any headshot
    Kneecap               : Shot in the knees
    Disarms               : Shoot in the shoulder, and make victim drop his gun
    Pistol Standing       : Do a RS execution with a pistol
    Pistol Kneeling       : Do a RS execution with a pistol
    Shotgun Standing      : Do a RS execution with a shotgun
    Shotgun Kneeling      : Do a RS execution with a shotgun
    Magnum Standing       : Do a RS execution with a magnum
    Magnum Kneeling       : Do a RS execution with a magnum
    Machine Gun Standing  : Do a RS execution with a machine gun
    Machine Gun Kneeling  : Do a RS execution with a machine gun
    Rifle Standing        : Do a RS execution with a rifle
    Rifle Kneeling        : Do a RS execution with a rifle
    NOTE: For rifles, scoping is not required.
    Explosion Kills       : Death by a dynamite or bomb
    Garrote               : Choke victim with the garrote wire
    Strangle              : Choke victim by strangling him
    Punch                 : Kill victim with any non-execute punch attack
    Grabbed               : Kill victirm with any non-execute grab attack
    Neck Snap Kills       : Kill someone using the neck snap skill
    Bare-handed Standing  : Do a RS execution with bare fists
    Bare-handed Kneeling  : Do a RS execution with bare fists
    NOTE: For Neck Snap, you must upgrade your character to learn the Neck Snap 
    Skill. You perform this skill using the Garrote.
    Nightstick Standing  : Do a RS execution with a nightstick
    Nightstick Kneeling  : Do a RS execution with a nightstick
    Bottle Kills         : Throw a bottle to make the killing blow
    Melee Weapon         : kill someone normally with any melee weapon
    Bat Standing         : Do a RS execution with a bat
    Bat Kneeling         : Do a RS execution with a shotgun
    Tire Iron Standing   : Do a RS execution with a tire iron
    Tire Iron Kneeling   : Do a RS execution with a tire iron
    Pool Cue Standing    : Do a RS execution with a pool cue
    Pool Cue Kneeling    : Do a RS execution with a pool cue
    Bats, tire irons and pool cues can be found at Berry's Pawnbrokers in Florida. 
    Nightsticks can be found by killing a policeman with melee weapons (he'll 
    drop it upon death). Bottles are found in most diners (e.g., Juan Sizzlio's).
    You should get many of these just by playing the game normally. Ideally, you 
    should try to do this before you bomb the last family, so that you get more 
    mobsters to kill. If you happen to have already killed off all five families 
    and completed the story missions, you can still get this achievement by going 
    to the Casino Imperial in Cuba. There's a roadblock there with three dudes in 
    green military uniform. These are "Cuban Rebels" that happen to fall under the 
    "mobster" category. After killing them off with the desired execution style, 
    simply drive off for a distance and return. They'd have respawn for you to 
    rinse and repeat. This is not foolproof though, since it'd be very difficult 
    to pull off high fall kills here, for example.
    It's advisable that when farming these executions, try not to bring your crew
    members. This is because they tend to be trigger-happy, and may kill off the 
    mobster whom you're trying to do the execution on. If you definitely must 
    bring them, use the "B" button to order them to rest at some place further 
    away from the action. This should make things easier for you.
    You love guns, and you want to find them all for some easy achievement points!
    Description: Find a Level 2 firearm upgrade
    Each gun has three levels. Simply find a Level 2 firearm and this should 
    unlock. You can get this early in the game by bringing an Arsonist to the 
    Corleone Compound. As you enter the gate, turn left to find a "fire" icon near 
    some bushes. Set a fire there to find the Sawed-Off Shotgun (Lv.2 Shotgun).
    Description: Find a Level 3 firearm upgrade
    The first one you come across should be at the Global Storage Chop Shop, after 
    you do a favor for Charlie Green to lower the drawbridge leading to this 
    Description: Collect all Level 2 and 3 firearm upgrades
    All firearms location, thanks to the guys at the GameFAQs.com boards: 
    Lv.1 Tommy Gun            : Acquired from start
    Lv.2 MP38                 : Florida, Granados Compound, 2F
    Lv.3 Modified AK-47       : Cuba, Battaglia Masonry, take the ladder down to 
                                the underground tunnels
    Lv.1 .357 Magnum          : Acquired from start
    Lv.2 .44 Magnum Force     : New York, Carmine Rosato's Compound, 2F
    Lv.3 .501 Magnum Enforcer : Cuba, just left of the lighthouse near the 
                                Battaglia Quarry Chop Shop
    Lv.1 Pistol               : Acquired from start
    Lv.2 Silenced Pistol      : Florida, found during a mission when you need to 
                                rescue one of Roth's soldiers
    Lv.3 Delta M1911          : Florida, Mangano's Compound, 2F
    Lv.1 Sniper Rifle         : Acquired from start
    Lv.2 Spitzer Centerfire   : Florida, Emilio's packing company, Rooftop - you'd 
                                need an Engineer to cut the fence leading to it
    Lv.3 Vintovka SR-98       : Cuba, Almeida Compound, 2F
    Lv.1 Shotgun              : Acquired from start
    Lv.2 Sawed-off            : New Yor, Corleone's Compound, left of the main 
                                gate behind some bushes - burn bushes with 
    Lv.3 Schofield Semi-Auto  : Florida, Global Storage Chop Shop
    These achievements involve your crew members. Recruit, upgrade and promote - 
    be the boss!
    Description: Recruit your first Soldier
    After the events in Cuba, you return to New York to take over your family. 
    For your first mission here, you'll be asked to recruit a Soldier. There are 
    two guys with a "$" sign above them. Talk to either of them to find out their 
    specialty, and recruit whichever one you require. 
    Note that different members have different skills. The skills are as below: 
    - Medic        : heals you when you're dead
    - Arson        : sets fire at specified points with "fire" icon
    - Safecracker  : unlocks safes/ doors at specified points with "safe" icon
    - Bruiser      : kicks down locked doors at specified points with "punch"
    - Engineer     : cut fences/ power supplies at specified points with "cut" 
    - Demolitions  : bomb specified points with "firecracker" icon
    The first two guys you meet should be either a Medic or an Arson. I took the 
    Medic simply due to his healing ability. 
    Description: Upgrade one of your made men's skills or weapons
    After recruiting a Soldier, go to Don's View -> Your Family, and click on his 
    profile. Now, upgrade any one of his attributes to unlock this achievement. 
    Description: Promote one of your made men to Capo
    As you progress through the story, your contacts will eventually remind you to 
    promote one of your Soldiers to the position of Capo. When prompted, go to 
    Don's View -> Your Family, and click on the person you want to upgrade. Press 
    RT to promote him. 
    Description: Promote one of your made men to Underboss
    As you progress through the story, your contacts will eventually remind you to
    promote one of your Capos to the position of Underboss. When prompted, do the 
    same as in "Right Hand Man" to unlock this.
    Description: Recruit a full family tree
    Your full family tree consists of the following positions:
    - one Don (you)
    - one Consigliere (Tom Hagen, story-related)
    - one Underboss
    - two Capos
    - four Soldiers
    You can fill up these positions once you promote someone to Underboss. 
    Soldiers can be easily recruited from any joints and compounds that you own.
    Just rack up the kill counts for points served on a dish!
    25 MASSACRED (10)
    Description: Kill 25 Mobsters
    See "750 Sleeping with the Fishes".
    100 WHACKED (15)
    Description: Kill 100 Mobsters
    See "750 Sleeping with the Fishes".
    250 ICED (20)
    Description: Kill 250 Mobsters
    See "750 Sleeping with the Fishes".
    500 EMPTY SUITS (25)
    Description: Kill 500 Mobsters
    See "750 Sleeping with the Fishes".
    Description: Kill 750 Mobsters
    Simply kill the required number of mobsters (police and innocents don't count)
    to get these achievements. They can be killed by any means. You can check your
    progress by going into the Don's View. Click "Your Family", and then click on
    your photo. Use LB/RB to cycle to "Rap Sheet", and you'll find the number of
    mobsters you've killed. I got 750 soon after I bombed my 4th compound.
    As with the execution styles, try doing this before you bomb the 5th 
    compound (Almeida's), for the same reason that if you don't get the kills 
    before that, there'll be next to no mobsters to kill except the three 
    respawning Cuban Rebels at the Casino Imperial. 
    If you're close to killingAlmeida and friends, and still haven't get this, 
    and you don't want to keep killing three Cuban Rebels, I'd suggest doing the 
    - leave at least one Almeida business uncontrollled
    - attack the business alone
    - kill as many mobsters there as possible, but don't take over the joint
    - escape
    - rinse and repeat until you get 750 kills
    Check your kill counts from time to time to ensure that you're on track. 
    Usually, by the time you reach Cuba for the first time, you should have about
    600+ kills, if you've been shooting for fun.
    FULL OF LEAD (10)
    Description: Kill 150 mobsters only using firearms
    You should get this normally as you do the 750 kills. The majority of your 
    kills should be by using any of the five types of guns:
    - Pistols
    - Shotguns
    - Machine Guns
    - Rifles
    - Magnums
    Description: Kill 25 mobsters using only Blackhand attacks
    Blackhand attacks simply means killing enemies without any weapons. Just use 
    your fist and punch mobsters to death. This can be done by using Blackhand 
    I consider the guide complete at this point in time. I hope it's a good help 
    for people who're stuck, and a good read for those who just wanted to read 
    something. Feedback/ better ways to do achievements are welcomed at the usual 
    email address. 
    Version 1.00: Guide completed (4/14).
    ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)
    I'd like to say that I've done better than Prima/ Bradygames/ anyone else that
    publishes game guides, but I know that a text document can never look as 
    appealing as a thick book with colorful pages. Nevertheless, if you like this 
    guide, and would like to contribute to my continued existence in this world, 
    you may send Paypal to the following email:
    lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com
    Copyright Lestor Wong 2009.

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