What is The Best Car To Buy?

  1. I'm looking for a car with great handling and good power. For example: The Porche 911 GT2 fully maxed in performance. I need a car like that except tier 1 not 2

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    Necrobras - 8 years ago

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  1. Lamborghini Murcielago: The Murcielago is the best handling in-game car. It drives very smoothly and is very easy to control. Its top speed and acceleration are not top notch, but they are definitely up there. Probably about 9.3 out of 10. But this car's strength is definitely in its ability to maneuver corners very well.

    Bugatti Veyron: This car is a machine. At 253 MHP (without tuning), it has the highest top speed of any car. Its acceleration is also the highest of the in-game cars. You can go from 200-250 MPH in this car in less than 2 seconds, without nitrous. Crazy acceleration at any speed. Easily the fastest car. However, it's also the hardest control. You need to be an extraordinarily skilled driver to handle this car well. You'll either be crashing into walls all the time, or blowing away your competition.

    In short: Bugatti Veyron if you're incredibly good at controlling your vehicle at high speeds, Lamborghini Murcielago otherwise.

    However, there are three other cars that are even better. You can't buy them from the shops though.

    Koenigsegg CCX: For 800 Microsoft Points (or the equivalent amount of PSN or Wii points) you can buy from the Marketplace: Several new, exclusive cars, many new, exclusive race courses, many new customization units (hoods, spoilers, paint, etc.), all in one big bundle.
    The Koenigsegg is pretty much the only thing good about this pack. It's like the Murcielago, except better. Just a little faster, better handling, easier to control, etc. If you really like the Murcielago, have some extra points, and like the other offers in this bundle, I recommend it.

    Speed Machine 911 GT2: I think that's what it's called. Anyway, download the Challenge Series (for free) from the marketplace. There are 60 events. If you successfully complete all 60 challenges, you unlock this car. The good thing is, you can just get this car into your garage without having to buy it from a shop in your career.
    The Speed Maching performs a lot like the Bugatti Veyron. Same blistering acceleration, pretty much the same blistering top speed (251 MPH) but it handles a little better and is easier to control. If you have a choice between this and the Veyron, choose the Speed Machine. Really, the only downside to this vehicle is you can't performance tune it or customize it visually. If you really like the Veyron, give a go at unlocking this. You might as well download the Challenge Series if you haven't; it's very fun.

    Dominator Corvette Z06: The best car in the game. I know it's my opinion, but this car is the best. The name actually can take on a double meaning: you unlock it by Dominating 30 of the 60 Challenge Series events, and if you drive it, you'll dominate your opposition.
    The Dominator Corvette is a nice balance between the Koenigsegg and the Speed Machine. It handles well, ESPECIALLY at high speeds, like 200+. Oh boy. When playing online, I've once (against a group of 7 human players) beaten second place by 20 seconds with an average course speed of 210 on a non-freeway race course. This thing is a beast at high speeds. If you're driving 220, it handles like you're driving 180. Top speed of 247, which is still very good. Incredibly good pack of nitrous, better than you can buy in the career shops. Handles well at any speed and is easy to control. It's not top class control and handling, but it's close. You still need to be a darn good driver to use it well. But it doesn't even matter, because if you can dominate half of the Challenge Series, you're good enough to dominate with the Dominator.

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  1. Pagani zonda is amazing

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  2. Try the Lamborghini Murceilago. It's a well-balanced car with great handling and can beat Bugatti Veyron's in races with a lot of sharp turns.

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  3. I've got a maxed out Mclaren F1, turns great and accelerates like heck!

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  4. Tier 4: Lodus Elise
    Tier 3: Nissan Skyline
    Tier 2: Lamborghini: Gallardo
    Tier 1: Lamborghini: Murceliago

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  5. I recomand the mclaran F1, i tried it on free mode thing and its ace goes fast and its handles great

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  6. for me the Bugatti (sp?) was the best buy in the tier 1. once it is maxed out with parts the races are simple and the feds cant keep up.

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  7. Pink Slip cars that are the best:
    Tier 4: Lotus Elise. 0-30%
    Tier 3: Dodge Charger. 30-45%, then Chevrolet Camaro Concept 45-50%
    Then you have to get your own car to get to tier 2...
    Tier 2: Porsche 911 GT2

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  8. In my opinion, for tier 1, the best car for races with lots of turns would be the Lamborghini Murcielago; then for those races that involve long highway sections, yet still have some turning sections involved, go with the nissan gtr r34 (mainly because both are affordable, and have great stats)

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  9. I always go for the Audi's.. their have some really overated handlings making them very easy to beat the game with.. Usually the Audi TT is enough to complete the game, and with tunning it can dominate almost every race until you reach tier 1 cars.. Then I go for the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640... If done correctly You do not have to buy a single car, making it possible to save all of your money till you have maxed out the "parts discount"..

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  10. The audi r8 is sooo fast and beast for tier 1 cars for tier 2 lamborghini gallardo thoose r really good cars but the r8 maxed out is fast

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  11. Uhm, personally the Mclaren f1 is the best cars because of the acceleration etc .

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