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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ACowWithaDS

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     _____ _            __  __                
    |_   _| |__   ___  |  \/  | __ ___      __
      | | | '_ \ / _ \ | |\/| |/ _` \ \ /\ / /
      | | | | | |  __/ | |  | | (_| |\ V  V / 
      |_| |_| |_|\___| |_|  |_|\__,_| \_/\_/  
    Hello. This is ACowWithADS again, and this is my seventh guide! I have tried 
    to get this guide up as soon as possible, and hopefully it will help those who 
    may be stuck. If you have any questions or tips for me to add in the guide, 
    email me at acowwithads[at]gmail[dot]com and I will be sure to include you in
    the credits if I add any of your tips in my guide! Enjoy!
    In addition to this, if you are trying to look for something certain in this
    guide, click CTRL + F on your computer and search for the keyword found in
    the Table of Contents. Thank You!
    UPDATE: March 10th, 2009
    As of right now, I will not be including all the Yums in my walkthrough. No 
    worries, however, as they will be added in with an update aswell as the new
    deleted scene, Brute Force. Have patience! Most or all of them are in the
    first three levels, however.
    Update: March 13th, 2009
    In the later levels I have a different way to represent where you can find
    Yums and other creatures for Maw. Send me an email which you like more, the
    first three levels set-up or the last five or so! I want your opinion,
    it can help shape this guide!
                                Table of Contents 
    The Maw... Controls!----------------------------->>> 1.0
    The Maw... Walkthrough!-------------------------->>> 2.0
           The Maw... Crash Site--------------------->>> 2.1
           The Maw... Bulb Valley-------------------->>> 2.2
           The Maw... Chaindown!--------------------->>> 2.3
           The Maw... Dirtlands!--------------------->>> 2.4
           The Maw... Looferland!-------------------->>> 2.5
           The Maw... Mesas!------------------------->>> 2.6
           The Maw... Beetull Smash!----------------->>> 2.7
           The Maw... Planet Maw!-------------------->>> 2.8
    The Maw... Achievements!------------------------->>> 3.0 
    Credits+Other Legal Stuff------------------------>>> 4.0
                             End of Table of Contents 
    The Maw... Controls!----------------------------->>> 1.0
       _                            _
                       _.-'` `-._                    _,-' `'-._
                    ,-'          `-.,____________,.-'    .-.   `-.
                   /   .---.             ___            ( Y )     \
                  /  ,' ,-. `.     __   / X \   __   .-. `-` .-.   \
                 /   | |   | |    (__) | / \ | (__) ( X )   ( B )   \
                /    `. `-' ,'    __    \___/        `-` ,-. `-`     \
                |      `---`   ,-`  `-.       .---.     ( A )        |
                |             / -'  `- \    ,'  .  `.    `-`         |
                |            |          |   | -   - |                |
                !             \ -.  ,- /    `.  '  ,'                |
                |              `-.__,-'       `---`                  |
                |                  ________________                  |
                |             _,-'`                ``-._             |
                |          ,-'                          `-.          |
                 \       ,'                                `.       /
                  `.__,-'                                    `-.__,'
    A= Jump/slam
    B= Attatch to object
    X= Attatch to Maw
    Analog sticks= Move around
    Start= Pause Menu
    The Maw... Walkthrough!-------------------------->>> 2.0
    Crash Site {2.1}
    Watch the opening cutscene. Once done, walk forward til you can see a pit. A ? 
    mark will be over it. This is where you can first attatch to Maw. Attatch to 
    him by pressing the X button. Walk Maw, and you eventually come across a 
    clearing with a tree. Around the tree will be Yums. Walk over to them, while 
    still attatched to Maw so he can eat them. Make sure you have eaten all of 
    them by the tree, then move on. 
    There will be two more in the next walkway. once you eat those too, Maw will 
    grow for the first time.(Achievement unlocked!) You will now notice infront of 
    you is blocked off by a big rock. Walk up to the rock, and press B. This will 
    allow you to drag the rock out of the way. Once moved, press B again to drop 
    it, attach back on Maw, and walk through the newly formed passage. After a few 
    seconds of walking, you will arrive at another life flled area. 
    You will also notice a river inthe middle of this area, and a ? mark on the 
    other side. Cross the river and walk up to the ? mark which should be above 
    the vicious plants blocking the way. This will trigger a cutscene. Once it is 
    done, turn around and eat the Yums by the tree. Once done with all or most, 
    Maw will grow again. You will now be able to eat the sleeping Gastro on the 
    other side of the river. Walk back across the river, and detatch from Maw. Now 
    go over to a Gastro and attatch to him. Walk him over into the river so his 
    fire goes out. Now call or hurry to where you left Maw, attatch to him, and 
    have him eat the Gastro. Now Maw will have fire abilities. Go back over to the 
    plants that are blocking the path and walk him into them. They will be burnt 
    down and you can continue on. But first back track. You won't be able to go 
    without eating more yums. To the far left there will be a few in the pine 
    trees, aswell as a Snuffles behind the movable rock. There should be some
    more by the Gastro aswell. Once you get to atleast thirty(Can check how
    many you have by pressing RB), you can advance to the next level. By
    completing this level you also get a gamerpicture!
    Bulb Valley {2.2}
    Leave Maw at the starting point and move ahead. There will be a quick 
    cutscene, and a ship will drop a turret down to try and defeat you. You can
    dodge his shots by pressing A. Once you get close enough, you can attatch to
    it by pressing B. Once you have a hold on it, rapidly press A to take it down.
    Then call Maw back over and head forward. In a few moments you will be able to
    see another ? mark up ahead. Walk over to it. It is an object you can attatch
    to by pressing B, and slamming by pressing A. Attatch to it then bring it back
    alittle to where you defeated the turret. You will noticed that there is a
    generator that is holding up a shield door infront of some Yums, aswell as
    in front of the only passage needed to advance in this level. Break it by
    slamming it, then call over Maw to eat the Yums. Once they are all eaten,
    continue down where the other shield door was deactivated which is right next
    where you got the ball to slam. 
    As soon as you turn the corner there will be another turret in need of someone 
    to take care of it. Once it's destroyed the exit to the level is right up 
    ahead. However, you don't have enough Yums and the there is a big turret 
    guarding the exit you must disarm. There will be some in the opening in front 
    of the exit aswell as some down the path to the right of where the turret was 
    where you can find Yums. Head down the path to the right, and take out the 
    turret. After that, jump up the rocks where a few Yums are. Throw them down to 
    Maw, then jump down and continue down the path. 
    A ship will drop another turret ahead. take that one out, then get to the top 
    of the hill. To your left will be two turrets. Take them out, and a few steps 
    forward will trigger a cutscene. Meet the Bulbous. Jump from Bulbous to 
    Bulbous until you reach the generator and the giant slug thing. Jump off the 
    bulbous and grab the ball used to slam the generator as you fall. Slam it 
    against the generator to break the shields and let Maw through. Have him eat 
    the giant Bulbous, and continue forward with your newly transformed Maw and 
    eat some Yums. then backtrack to the spot with a ? mark. Have Maw shock the 
    creatures there, then attatch to them. Turn around and you should see another 
    generator and shield door. Slam this creature into the generator and go 
    through the newly created passage. This brings you back to the beginning of 
    the passage you took by the exit. Go alittle bit down the hill, and about 
    eight turrets will be dropped. Take them all out by getting Maw to shock one 
    of the things in the ground on top of the hill and throwing it at one of them. 
    This will take them all out. Then use one on the generator behind you and once 
    it lowers the shield, eat the Yums inside. Then proceed down the hill and use 
    one on the turret guarding the exit, then proceed to finish the level.
    Chaindown {2.3}
    As soon as you start off, proceed down the hill until you reach a body of
    water. There will be a waterfall in front of you. To your left should be a hill.
    Climb that, and to the right will be some ledges sticking out of the mountain 
    side. Jump across until you come to a little lake with two small hills. One
    hill will have a Gastro and the other one of those energy balls used to slam on
    objects. The only one you will be able to go up is the one with the ball, so go
    up the hill and attatch to it. Then slide down the side closest to the Gastro,
    and once you reach the bottom slam the ball onto that hill to send the Gastro
    flying. Now jump down the waterfall and call Maw. Once he makes his way over to
    you and you attatch to him, look at the second hill you went up. To the right
    will be a body of water where the Gastro will lay. Eat him using Maw, then turn
    back and go up the hill you just passed. on top will be a Beetull, which you may
    or may not have noticed before. He is trapped by three lasers. Use Maw to burn 
    the lasers down, and watch him clear the exit for you. But you can't leave just
    yet, you need some Yums. Go around through the level looking for some trees
    or patchy grass. Once you have eaten around 25 or so, you should be able to
    proceed to the next level.
    Dirtlands {2.4}
    [Yums/Other Maw Food:]
    [Puff-Tor at the start, needed to proceed through level]
    [Yums in trees]
    [Yums in rocks]
    [Yums in Mushrooms]
    As you start, take Maw down the hill and onto the rock surface. Then grab one 
    of the Puff Tor's prey and place him on the rock surface. The Puff-Tor will 
    eat him, but when he does he will get knocked out on the rock. Take Maw and 
    gobble him up. Then fly up to the generator using the Puff-Tor power to break 
    it and move on.
    As you continue on jump from platform to platform. On the last platform will 
    be an airlift. Jump on that and let it carry you up the hill.
    Once on it, continue jumping up to the top. When you get there, jump onto the 
    airlift which will send you to the rock platforms. Jump from platform to 
    platform using airlifts. Until you get to platforms covered with trees. In the 
    back left will be a platform with a airlift that will shoot you up another 
    hill. Use that.
    Once up, airlift up to the biggest platform (Which also happens to be the 
    closests.) Now that you are on this platform, go off it's airlift which will 
    push you into another airlift which will get you to hover over a generator. 
    Smash it to continue forward.
    Right in front of you is an airlift. Go off it to fly into a series of 
    airlifts. Once you go through them all, however you will be on a gigantic rock 
    platform. Just ahead of you will be another hill. However, there is no 
    airlifts. So what do we do? If you look closely there is rock ledges sticking 
    out of the side of the hill. Jump on them to reach the top and complete the 
    Looferland {2.5}
    [Yums/Other Maw Food]
    [Soldiers on the ground scattered through the level]
    [Loofer in the beginning, needed for level completion]
    [Gloobers in fields]
    [Yums in trees]
    [Yums in fields]
    [Yums in rocks]
    [Yums in mushrooms]
    Meet the Loofer. This is the kind of fellow you always want to be on yourside. 
    Walk up to him to find out why. Once you realize how much of a problem he can 
    propose, walk around him and grab the energy ball back towards the crash space 
    ship. Hit him with it, then have Maw eat him. You can now ride Loofer powered 
    Proceed up the path to the right blowing up any crashed objects in your way 
    using the Loofer's laser. Eventually you will come to an opening with two 
    generators, and three shield doors: left, right, and middle. You don't need to 
    go right first, you can if you want, but go left by taking out the generator 
    to the left. A ship will drop turrets in front of the newly opened passage. 
    Shoot those down too. Turn right and burst the generator at the end of this 
    path. Now go across to the other generator(the one on the right side) and 
    follow that path. The path is very similar to the left side just a little 
    longer. Anyway break the generator at the end of this path. Now the shield 
    door in the middle opens.
    There is a clearing with a few soldiers and turrets. Take them out and proceed 
    towards the generator to the left. Blow it up and proceed through the 
    Straight ahead will be the exit, guarded by a turret which you can not shoot 
    because it is around a corner, but can shoot you if you get to close because 
    of heat seaking missles. What you want to do is shoot the ground in front of 
    the corner/ by the big check or x sign to set off mines which will blow it up. 
    Now you can finsih the level.
    Mesas {2.6}
    [Yums/Other Maw Food]
    [Gloobers in fields]
    [Yums in trees/fields]
    [Bulbous, needed for level completion]
    [Puff-Tor, needed for level completion]
    You start on a rock surface. In front of you will be dirt with Puff-Tor prey 
    in it. Leave one on the rock surface for later. For now, proceed down the path 
    to the left.
    On the path will be three turrets. Destroy them using Frank. Once you pass the 
    turrets, there will be Bulbous. Jump on the platform by the third destroyed 
    turret so you can reach the Bulbous. Then use them(by hopping from Bulbous to 
    Bulbous) to get to an area with two generators and a Puff-Tor locked up. Use 
    the part of the Bulbous that fell off to break the generator closest to where 
    you started to open the shield door leading there, and freeing the Puff-Tor 
    which will knock it self out by falling for your Puff-Tor prey trap. Have Maw 
    eat the Puff Tor, then go to the entrance of the first path.
    Right in front of you will be an airlift. Hop airlift to airlift until you get 
    to the big Bulbous. Have Maw eat him, then go back to the starting point.
    Now that you are back where you started, shock the Puff-Tor prey. Then use it 
    as a bomb to destroy a turret blocking the exit and complete the level.
    If you get rid of the Puff-Tor power for Bulbous power before getting all the 
    Yums in trees, you can not 100% this level.
    Beetull Smash {2.7}
    Yums/Other Maw Food
    Beetulls, some are story related
    Gloobers in fields
    Yums in trees, fields, sky, and mushrooms
    The last level before the game seems to completely change into a different one 
    for the last level, aswell as your first time playing as a Beetull.
    You start with a Beetull in front of you. Behind it will be a shield door with 
    an energy ball in front of it. Use the energy ball to hit the Beetull and get 
    him angry. Now that he is angry, he will charge at you. Make sure you are 
    positioned in front of the shield door, then dodge his charge. This will break 
    the shield door. Rinse and repeat this process until you come to a clearing 
    with multiple Beetulls in it.
    Now that you are at the entrance of the clearing, look to your left. There 
    will be a fallen spaceship with a energy ball in front of it. Do the same 
    trick with the ship as you did with the shield door. This time, however, it 
    will knock the Beetull out. Have Maw come over and gobble him up. Once you 
    have the Beetull power, look to the back left. There will be a ship blocking a 
    pathway. Run through the ship and anything else in your way as you go down 
    that path.
    When you finally reach the end of the path, you will notice two things right 
    away. To the right will be an exit. To the left will be a red shield door. 
    However, if you look closer you will see steps on the left of the shield door. 
    Jump on them. Immediately after you get up you should spot an energy ball. 
    Attatch to that and look across from you. There will be a generator. Throw the 
    energy ball at the generator to take down the red shield door. Now jump down 
    and proceed to where the door was guarding. First you encounter an airlift. 
    ignore that for now and proceed to the end of this path. Once there you will 
    see a big rock. Attatch to that and drag it over the airlift. Yums will drop 
    from the sky. Have Maw eat all of them to open the exit. Use your Beetull 
    power through the new path the exit opened.
    :Note: That is not the exit to the level, just a new path. There will be a few 
    like this on this level.
    When you reach the third clearing/opening, you can easily see a big red shield 
    door right ahead. You may not see the steps and Beetull, however. Jump onto 
    the steps on the right side of the shield door to get an energy ball. Throw it 
    over the door onto the Beetull on the other side. This will get him mad 
    causing him to break the shield down. Eat himiu wish, but proceed to the left 
    by breaking down the shield door with your Beetull power and proceeding down 
    the path.
    Once done with the path, you will land in a fourth opening/clearing. This also 
    has the second exit to the right. To be able to proceed through that exit, 
    however, you need to eat all Yums and Gloobers on the ground, then all on the 
    platform above.
    :Note: To get onto the platform, jump up on the steps in the middle. On the 
    third step or so will be an energy ball. Use that to destroy the rock blocking 
    the last step up to the platform.
    When they are all eaten, go through that exit. once again, this is not the end 
    of the level just another path. hang tight, we're almost done!
    As soon as you are in the clearing, destroy the rock inbetween the cliff just 
    alittle bit ahead of you. Once done with that, turn right and knock down all 
    the rocks blocking the steps on your right. Now jump up the steps using Frank 
    to get onto the side of the cliff. Dodge and destroy any turrets in your way. 
    Eventually you will reach an energy ball with a generator across from you. 
    Throw the energy ball at the generator to power down the red shield door 
    blocking Maw. Jump down and attatch to him and walk to where the red shield 
    was blocking. To the left will be a door. Go through that and plow through the 
    path behind it to come to your final clearing. Eat the big Yum dancing in 
    front of you to complete the level. Congrats!
    Planet Maw {2.8}
    The last level, yes, but also the easiest. When you starts off, attatch to one
    of the fling ships. Once in it go around to each ship holding Maw down and
    drop bombs on them by pressing A. There are about seven or so, and once they
    are all gone you beat the game. If your ship happens to blow up by the laser
    shots, it's okay. You land right back on Maw and can hop back in another ship.
    Congrats on beating the game!
    The Maw... Achievements!------------------------->>> 3.0
    Destroyer of Yums (10G) Find and eat 200 Yums. 
    Energize (20G) With the Bulbous power, electrify at least 50 objects and/or   
    Eyes of the Beloofer (20G) With the Loofer power, laser at least 125 objects 
    and/or creatures. 
    Time for BBQ (20G) With the Gastro power, flame at least 150 objects and/or 
    You're totally MAWESOME! (20G) Complete the entire game. 
    Hard-Headed (20G) With the Beetull power, ram at least 50 objects and/or 
    That's Just Gross (10G) Find and eat all the Snuffles. 
    Little Planet of Horrors (20G) Get 100% Eaten in each level. 
    Tastes Like Snot (10G) Find and eat 30 Gloobers. 
    Ground and Pound (20G) With the Puff-Tor power, smash at least 50 objects   
    and/or creatures. 
    Six Meals a Day (20G) Play during Maw's six meal times: Breakfast, Brunch,     
    Lunch, Dunch, Dinner, and Midnight Feast. 
    All Growed Up (10G) 
    Help Maw grow for the first time. 
    Credits+Other Legal Stuff------------------------>>> 4.0
    This entire document is (C) [2009] [Ryan F.]. All trademarks are property  
    of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my 
    permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website, 
    making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making 
    reference to any material contained within.
    All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email me 
    at acowwithads[at]gmail[dot]com to enquire about gaining permission to use 
    this document.
    - Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -

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