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"A really good Naruto game"

Ahh yes another Nauruto game and time for another review. To be honest I was kinda worried about this one, seeing as I didn't care too much for Rise of a Ninja all that much. However this game took all that was bad and turned it around, so let's not waste any of your time and go to the main event.


Something about the fights in this game seem smoother than they did last time. Plus the new chakra gauge amd how it works with the overdrive bar make combat a little more interesting. Do I blow my overdrive on an overpowered rasengan or go into rage mode? Plus the added element of calling a teammate into battle after a killer combo to put even more of the hurt on is a nice addition. In the exploration part of the game the use of jutsu's in the open also makes more sense, plus getting to use your teammates (partial expansion, sharingan, beast mimicry, etc..) to help navigate dangerous areas gives it a little more strategy. All and all they kept what worked and added even more goodness to the over feel of the game and now this is the standard bearer for all future 360 Naruto games.


This pretty much picks up where Rise of a Ninja left off. If you read the manga or watched the anime you know this and it offers no real surprises for you. What I loved though was they replaced those ridiculous cartoon story segments with in-game cutscenes which made a world of difference to me. Keep the anime and games seperate, don't try to combine the two. Plus a few of the game quests are rather amusing, such as the one with the Leaf's Handsome Devil Might Guy.


The voice acting as always is top notch and the biggest improvement is in Jiraiya's voice. In the first game it didn't even sound like him for all that is good in this world but they got it right this time. The background music is just that background music and adds/takes away nothing to the game.

Final Opinion:

Just an overall great Naruto experience which I hope they continue to build upon. If you like the series as much as I do this game is for you. If you enjoy a good old fashion fighting game with a little strategy and over the top attacks you'll like this game. And if your a single lady who likes long walks on the beac...whoops I digress. Go get the game already.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/04/08

Game Release: Naruto: The Broken Bond (US, 11/18/08)

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