Best place to get exp CP ????

  1. Ive just got to the huge land plains, the first place which isnt a narrow corridor type place to walk lol, which is Chapter 11, 2nd log

    At the moment im at, Yaschas Massif - The Ascendant Scarp. Im by a save ponit where there's two groups of munchkins seconds away from each other, and keep appearing straight away, as theres a jump between them where you move, they are really easy to kill, takes about a minute on the larger group, and 20 - 40 sec on the smaller, the larger group give 2000cp and the smaller 1600cp, so making just about 4000 every couple of minutes. Its the best place ive found so far, because of how easy the matches are and how quickly they finish ! Also its not much, but they always drop Fractured Horn and Spined Horn, i have a lot of them now ! lol

    Anyone doing any better ? or know of any better places then this ? please post and share you knowledge ! I dont want to go any further in the game yet, untill ive leveled up a lot so i can just pwn enemies in the future ........... UNLESS there is a better place to do it further on !


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    silverkhalsa1 - 7 years ago
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    Awesome, so i should forget about training here and just carry on ???

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    silverkhalsa1 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are a lot of better spots later on. Progress in the story and you'll be in Mah'habara, most of whats in there is easy to kill, and gives great xp.

    Later on, you can xp off of a behemoth king, and some tiger fighting eachother. I did it after chapter 12, fights took me 12~25 seconds, and i got 6600 CP each fight.

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Other Answers

  1. Once you beat the last boss of the main storyline, you will unlock the last crystarium stage. You also might hit the cap there is a 999,000 cap on CP, if you reach it you won't gain anymore for that character, so make sure you don't hit it. I personally haven't gotten that far yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

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  2. i had the same problem till i found out the Ci'eth missions can be replayed, they take me about 13-30 secs to complete for 3990CP everytime

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  3. A great way to get CP and Gil is replaying mission 24 in the tower : 6k CP and Gils in less than a minute.

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